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Visiting April

byIrish Moss©

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn't be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don't expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


April and I had been close friends through our last two years in college, often studying together since we were in the same major and almost all the same classes, but nothing beyond friendship had ever occurred between us. After graduating, she'd been hired on at the company in Manhattan where she'd been interning, so she found an apartment on the upper west side with a couple of roommates. I headed back to New Jersey and crashed with my parents until I had a job that produced enough of an income to rent an apartment with my buddy, Rob. Once she and her roommates had been settled in for a while, April invited Rob and me to a party at her apartment one Saturday night, with the option to crash instead of worrying about making a train home before NJ Transit ceased operations for the night. Unfortunately, Rob was out of town that weekend, so I headed up by myself, planning to take up her offer to stay the night.

It ended up being a fun night and the male to female ratio was skewed heavily in favor of the few men that were in attendance. I did my share of flirting but, when the night wound down, I was laying alone on a futon in April's bedroom. I hadn't drank as much as I'd thought I might and April didn't seem to be even remotely out of it as we chatted after turning out the light.

"We've never slept in the same room before, have we?" she asked at one point.

"Unless we both dozed off in class at the same time," I replied.

"I hope I can control myself," she joked, "and you don't find me slipping under the covers with you."

"Is there really any reason we need to control ourselves now that we're out of school?" I asked, wondering how serious she was.

"Well, I don't want to assume that you'd be into it if I did show up under your covers," she replied.

Based on that, I decided to just go for broke. I got up and climbed into bed with her.

"Assume I'd be into it," I said and pressed my lips against hers. My cock immediately began to grow as her tongue slipped quickly into my mouth.

I'd definitely thought about April in that way before. She was a petite Filipina with a tight body, small, perky tits and a sweet ass. We'd just always been nothing more than friends. There were plenty of willing women around during college so I didn't have to risk our friendship in order to experience a hot body. Now that we were out of school and didn't see each other that often, it seemed silly not to try getting physical at least once if we were both into it. She was lying on her back, so as we made out my hand went right to her tits, which were unrestrained beneath her nightshirt. Her nipples were rigid so I gently caressed them through the thin material. The only way to get my hands on the bare flesh of her tits would be by sliding my hand up from the bottom of her nightshirt but, when I reached down for that purpose, my hand ended up on her pussy instead.

She wasn't wearing anything under her nightshirt so, when I was seeking out the hem, I found her trim bush instead. She spread her legs as I ran my fingertips through it and my finger was immediately between her lips, feeling the abundant moisture that was collecting there. I ran my finger up and down between her lips before slipping it inside her, finding her pussy very wet and quite snug. My cock was ready to burst through the shorts I was wearing but she hadn't reached for it yet, which was probably good because I might have immediately exploded into her hand. I was perfectly content with making out and trying to make her cum so that I wouldn't leave her unsatisfied if I did blow my load sooner than I wanted.

She was moaning into my mouth and rocking her hips as I alternately fingered her pussy and stroked her clit, spreading her lubrication over it. I don't know if she was just really horny in general, if it was just that night or if it was just because I happened to be in her room. Ultimately, it didn't really matter but, if I was able to get her off, I was more than happy to do so. I could feel her starting to tense up more and more the longer I worked on her pussy so I assumed that she was approaching an orgasm and I hoped it would be both satisfying and intensely pleasurable. I just tried to be consistent, preferring to draw out the pleasure she was experiencing rather than try too hard to make it more intense. Since she was obviously quite responsive to the way I was proceeding, I figured it was a good idea to just stick with it.

She pulled her mouth from mine suddenly to let out a cry as her entire body started to shake and twitch. Again, I just kept up what I was doing, though now without kissing her as I did so. She pressed her face against my neck to stifle her moaning as she came, which she did for a good long time. When her shaking tapered off to some random twitches and she loosened her grip on me, I continued to lightly stroke her clit until she let out a long sigh. As she lay there recovering, I brought my finger up to my mouth and tasted her nectar, which immediately made me want to go down on her. I started to kiss her neck while fondling her tits through her nightshirt again then reached down to pull the hem of her nightshirt up. I moved down to kneel beside her and slid her nightshirt up as she raised her ass to allow me to move it up higher. Once her tits were exposed, I leaned over to lick and suck her hard nipples while moving to kneel between her legs. I'm not sure if she was expecting me to slip my cock into her at that point but, if she did, I surprised her by kissing my way down from her tits, over her ribs and stomach, until I was lying between her legs kissing around her pussy.

My eyes had adjusted to the dark enough at that point and, given also that it never gets completely dark outside in Manhattan, I could see the contrast of April's dark, trim bush against her skin. My cock was still achingly hard but I knew I could make her cum again by eating her pussy and, to be totally honest, I wanted to eat her pussy for my own fulfillment as well. I ran my tongue up her slit, slurping up her juices as she let out another fairly loud moan. I lapped at her pussy, causing her to writhe as she attempted to squelch the additional moans that were trying to escape. She reached down and gripped my head, humping her pussy toward my face as I ate her. Eventually, I slipped a finger into her and focused my licking on her clit, causing her to suck in her breath and start tensing up more and more.

I was amazed by how snug yet slippery her pussy felt around my finger and knew that it was going to feel heavenly to slip my cock into her. I had zero doubt that, as soon as she'd cum again, we'd be fucking. Even given that knowledge, though, I was in no rush to make her cum; I really was savoring the opportunity to have my face between her thighs, devouring her hot pussy. I was slowly sliding my finger in and out, feeling her already snug pussy becoming even more engorged the longer I ate her. She was tensing up more, too, as she continued to hump her pussy toward my face while gripping my head. I was happy to provide her with so much pleasure and was certain that she would be returning the favor.

Just before she started to cum, she went nearly rigid, arching up off of the bed and letting out a sort of squeak. While I continued what I was doing, she abruptly went limp and started to shake while letting out a low moan. Her orgasm appeared to be long and intense so I didn't let up until she'd gone completely still and I was certain that she'd finished cumming. As I raised my head and slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth, she let out a long, content sigh. When I crawled up next to her, she turned toward me and we were immediately making out again. This time, though, she reached for my tented out shorts and very quickly had my rigid cock extracted. After pumping it briefly, she got up on her knees and slipped out of her nightshirt then yanked my shorts off before straddling me.

She guided my tool to her pussy and eased herself down on it, letting out another moan just as I did. Her snug, slippery pussy felt amazing as it engulfed my tool and, initially, I did nothing more than lie there and relish the sensation with my hands on her smooth waist. As she started to slowly ride me, however, my hands found her tits and caressed the soft flesh and her hard nipples. There had been many times since we'd become friends that I'd fought not to be distracted by her small, perky tits clad in a snug blouse - far too many times to count - so having the opportunity to now fondle and caress them was pretty much a dream come true. Her nipples were thin and very stiff but her tits were soft and smooth and I was savoring the feel of them against my palms as much as I was savoring the feel of her pussy sliding up and down my tool.

She was humping my cock pretty good and hard, having drastically picked up her pace as I'd been distracted by her titties. Not forgetting that her sweet ass was within reach, too, I ran my hands over it as well while pushing up into her. She ended up leaning forward, supporting herself with her hands planted on either side of my head, so I was able to lick and suck her nipples again while my hands remained on her ass. I was also able to push up harder into her each time she rocked back onto my cock. I could feel my orgasm continuing to build up due to the pleasure of fucking her hot, snug pussy but I was pleasantly surprised when she suddenly let out a cry and her body began to shake.

She continued to ride me, but more slowly, as she came and I just kept licking and sucking her hard nipples while caressing her ass. When she'd apparently finished riding out her orgasm, she lowered her mouth to mine and kissed me. We made out for a moment before she started kissing her way down to my neck and chest, moving backwards as my cock slipped out of her. Having a good sense of where this was going, I was not disappointed that my cock was no longer inside her hot, snug pussy because I was pretty confident about where it would soon be. She didn't let me down as she continued kissing her way down my torso while she backed up until her lips were on my tool. Holding the base in her hand and pumping slightly, she engulfed my cock in her mouth and slowly started bobbing up and down on it.

In all the time that I'd thought about April "in that way," surprisingly I really hadn't given much consideration to her sucking my cock. Typically, I was thinking more about seeing her naked, maybe getting my hands on her perky titties and sweet ass, and imagining that her black bush was very well-groomed. Sure, I would have wanted to fuck her if given the opportunity to see her naked and bury my face between her thighs but, for whatever reason, I just hadn't spent much time speculating about how it would feel to have her lips wrapped around my tool. As it turned out, whatever I could have imagined wouldn't have even come close to how pleasurable it was to actually experience her blowing me.

Even though it was still pretty dim and I couldn't clearly get a good view of her as she slid her lips up and down my tool, because it felt so good and because I knew it was her, I don't believe my cock could have been any harder. Since she'd cum three times already, I knew that it was perfectly okay to just relax and enjoy the pleasure that she was providing. I pulled her pillows up under my head then reached down with one hand to run my fingers through her thick, black hair. I wasn't pushing her head down or pushing my cock up into her mouth; I just let her set the pace and savored the continued build-up of my orgasm. She was certainly no slouch when it came to cocksucking and I was grateful for the opportunity to experience her talents.

She managed to draw my pleasure out a bit more than I'd been expecting to be able to hold out, though without making it feel like she was denying me an orgasm. As my cock grew even thicker in anticipation of cumming, she remained focused and, if anything, increased her efforts until I couldn't help but explode into her mouth with a moan. She swallowed my load and continued sucking me off until I was completely spent. By the time she let my cock fall from her mouth, it had started to soften. She crawled up next to me, pressing her naked body against mine.

"Why have we never done this before?" she murmured, sounding both content and sleepy.

"Because we would have found we preferred it to attending class and doing homework, so we would have failed out of school," I replied, kissing her head.

"Yeah, you're probably right," she said and we both dozed off.

I awoke just a bit the next morning when she slipped out of bed and out of her room but I was zonked out enough again when she returned that it wasn't until my cock was fully engulfed in her mouth that I registered that she was back. With the morning light sneaking in around the curtains, this time I could see my cock as it disappeared between her lips each time she lowered her head. It was incredibly arousing to watch as my long-time friend repeatedly inhaled my tool. I was able to watch her for a few minutes before she looked up and realized that I was awake. She smiled at me and slid her lips up and down my tool a few more times before crawling up next to me again. We started to make out as I reached for her tits before realizing that she was trying to maneuver me on top of her.

I didn't want to roll over on top of her without first taking a good look at her naked body in the morning light, so I used the excuse of moving her to the middle of the bed as I got up on my knees. I looked down on her small tits and dark, hard nipples as well as her trim, black bush as I moved to kneel between her spread legs, then lowered myself over her, guiding my tool to her hot pussy. We both moaned as I eased myself into her, which was not difficult despite how snug her pussy was because she was so wet. We started making out as I slowly fucked her and she raised her hips to meet each of my incoming thrusts. It did briefly cross my mind that I wished we'd started fucking each other sooner, but that thought was soon pushed aside by the feeling of appreciation that the opportunity did ultimately present itself.

Our slow and sensual lovemaking gradually evolved into more frenetic fucking even though I was consciously trying not to increase my pace. She appeared to be pretty okay with it, though, as she ran her fingernails over my back and ended up bringing her legs up and wrapping them around me. She finally pulled her mouth from mine and let out a moan so I kissed her neck and licked her ear as she expressed herself. Fortunately, her bed was a sturdy one and was neither squeaking nor banging against the wall despite our increasingly frenzied pace. I could feel my orgasm building more quickly the longer I fucked her, in part because her pussy continued to feel better and better. I didn't want to leave her unsatisfied but, based on the previous night, I suspected that it wasn't likely so I just kept fucking her hard and enjoying the pleasure that I was feeling.

When I finally exploded into her with a moan, she gasped and, before I'd finished filling her with my load, she was cumming, too. I continued to fuck her has she came and, once we were both completely spent, I rolled off next to her. We lay there for a couple of minutes just trying to catch our breath.

"Awesome," she finally said, "There's something else I want to do, though. Would you be interested in showering with me?"

The thought of rubbing soapy lather all over her scrumptious body was definitely appealing so I nodded with a huge smile on my face. She slipped into a robe and went out to recon the apartment while I slipped into the shorts I'd been wearing when we'd turned out the lights the previous night. She came back in and reported that all was quiet, so we padded quietly down to the bathroom and locked ourselves in. Before she turned the water on, I helped her out of her robe, once again entranced by her naked body. She turned to hang up her robe and I stared openly at her sweet, naked ass. Turning back, she smiled at my attention, then yanked my shorts down. As I stepped out of them, she fondled my cock, which was no longer as flaccid as it had been moments prior.

We made out briefly before she leaned in to get the shower going while I continued to ogle her hot, naked body. Once the shower was ready, we both stepped in and April grabbed a bottle of shower gel, squeezing a generous amount into our hands. We began to simultaneously lather each other up, each focusing on our favorite parts. By the time we were rinsing ourselves down a little while later, my cock, balls and ass were as squeaky clean as her tits, pussy and ass were. I was also sporting major wood. I was ready to fuck her again right there in the shower, or at least in the bathroom, but she reminded me that her roommates might need to use the bathroom. We shut down the shower and dried each other off pretty quickly so we could get back to her bedroom and commence fucking again.

The apartment was quiet and, as we passed the kitchen, April saw a note on the kitchen counter. The counter was a peninsula with stools that separated the kitchen from the hallway. I stood behind April and read over her shoulder.

"April, ordinarily we might be upset at being denied access to our shared bathroom but, based on what we were hearing last night and this morning, we can't help but be thrilled that at least one of us is not only getting laid, but apparently enjoying it considerably. We went out to get some breakfast so you could enjoy some privacy and be as loud as you want, assuming that you were actually trying to be more reserved last night for our sake. P.S. Please refrain from fucking on the counter after reading this as we eat here. Thanks!"

The last part was in a different handwriting and I'm sure they'd had a good laugh as they wrote the note then slipped quietly out of the apartment. As soon as I finished reading it, I let the towel around my waist drop to the floor and reached around April to loosen hers, as well. Immediately after it dropped, I had my cock nestled between her ass cheeks so she leaned forward, resting her head on the counter, the note still in her hand. I slipped my cock easily into her dripping pussy from behind, taking her by the hips as I fully embedded myself. I started to slowly fuck her, my focus on her ass, though I did notice as she slipped a hand down under herself, presumably to stroke her clit.

Once again, her pussy felt amazing, both incredibly slippery and quite snug. After all of the playing in the shower, I wondered whether I'd be able to last very long but, since I'd already blown a load that morning, I didn't think it would end up being a problem. Plus, April had already made it pretty obvious that it didn't take too much time or effort to make her cum. She hadn't taken it upon herself to stroke her clit the other times we'd fucked, either, so I wasn't sure if this would make her cum even faster but assumed that was the intent so her roommates wouldn't walk in on us before we'd finished. She was also pushing back each time I thrust into her so I was getting nice, deep penetration. I realized that I didn't need to pull her back by the hips so I slipped my hands up to cup her swinging titties.

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