tagIncest/TabooVisiting Aunt Aimee Ch. 02

Visiting Aunt Aimee Ch. 02


It was after eleven when Kyle and Caitlyn finally left the motel and picked up the SUV. They paid with their mother's charge card. Pulling out of the gas station, they drove to the restaurant and bought two coffees, to go, four bottles of water and a bunch of twinkies, cupcakes. and ding dongs. Not the best breakfast but it was fast and easy. By the time they were on the road again, headed for Aimee's, it was eleven-thirty.

"You know that mom is going to kill us," Caitlyn said as she opened a package of cupcakes.

"Why would she do that?" Kyle wanted to know.

"Well, weren't we supposed to be at Aunt Aimee's by noon?" Caitlyn asked. "we're not going to make it."

"We tell mom that it took longer to get the car back," Kyle said, "How is she going to know?"

"I don't know," Caitlyn said. "but it seems she always does, somehow."

They rode in silence for the next few miles, sipping coffee and eating breakfast cakes and listening to the radio.

"Maybe you should call her and let her know we're going to be late," Caitlyn told her brother.

"Good idea," said Kyle as he handed Caitlyn his phone, "You do it."

Caitlyn looked surprised, then angry and finally resigned. "Thanks a lot, big brother," she said, pushing the "send" button.

She told her mother the car took longer than expected to be fixed. She said they were on their way and everything was fine. Her mother said she would call Aimee and inform her of what was happening. "I still want to hear from you when you get there," her mother added.

"I'll call the second we walk in the door," Caitlyn promised. They broke the connection and Caitlyn gave the phone back to Kyle.

"I love our mother, dearly," Caitlyn said, "But she can be such a pain."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Kyle agreed.

They rode in silence, except for the rock music on the radio. After fifteen minutes Caitlyn asked, "Do you want to fuck her?"

Kyle looked at his sister and asked, "Who?"

"Aunt Aimee," Caitlyn said, "Do you want fuck Aunt Aimee?"

"Yeah," Kyle answered with a small smile, "ever since I began thinking about fucking I've thought about fucking Aunt Aimee. She's not really pretty but she's just so---I don't know---sexy."

"I know," Caitlyn said.

Actually,Aimee was pretty, but very plain. She was thirty seven years old, five feet, eight inches tall and very slender, almost skinny. She had long,dark,flat hair and a pretty but plain face. She did not use make up and she usually dressed in sandals, levis and tank tops.

Her breasts were tiny, almost flat, her ass, small and tight her legs long and thin. But there was something about her that attracted men, and women. It was almost as though she wore a sign that read: "I love sex." She did love sex and it somehow showed.

"You're not jealous are you?" Kyle asked.

"Of course not," Caitlyn said, "at least,not the way you think I am."

"What does that mean?' Kyle asked.

"I want to fuck her, too."

Totally surprised by that information, Kyle asked, "When did you become a lesbian?"

"I'm not a lesbian," Caitlyn said, "if I were, last night and this morning would have never happened. But I think I am bi-sexual. I've never been with another girl but I really want to do it with Aunt Aimee. She is sexy."

"Maybe we can both fuck her," Kyle said.

"Yeah," Caitlyn replied, "Maybe we can both fuck her together, at the same time." She moved closer to her brother, reached over the console that separated them, and put her hand between Kyle's legs. "Is there some place you can get a condom so you can fuck me? I'm so horny my shorts are damp."

"We just passed a sign that said there's a rest area in fifty miles," Kyle told his sister, "We'll stop in the next town and I'll find a drug store and buy some condoms then we can stop at the rest area and I'll fuck you silly."

"Promise?" Caitlyn asked, smiling as she rubbed her brother's hardening penis.

Twenty minutes later, with a 10 pack of condoms on the console between the front seats, Kyle and Caitlyn were back on the highway, headed for the rest area.

"How much further?" Caitlyn wanted to know.

"A little more than thirty miles," Kyle answered.

"I am so turned on," Caitlyn told her brother, "I feel like taking off my clothes and playing with myself."

"Go ahead," Kyle told her, "there's hardly any traffic and we're going seventy miles an hour. Its not like anyone will see you."

"What if we get stopped?" Caitlyn asked.

"We're not going to get stopped," Kyle assured her, "come on, Cait, don't chicken out now. I love seeing you naked."

Caitlyn raised up from the seat as she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. She pushed them down to the floor and pulled her feet free of the material. Sitting straight, she crossed her arms in front of her body, caught the bottom of her tank top in her fingers then, in one motion, pulled her top up and off. She leaned forward and unhooked her bra, dropping it on the floor with her top and shorts. Finally, raising her rear end again, she slid her thong down her legs.

A delicious wave of naughtiness washed over her as she sat in the front seat, next to her brother, completely naked. "How's this?" she asked.

"Fantastic," Kyle said. Caitlyn raised her left foot to the seat and turned slightly towards her brother, fully exposing her shaved pussy. Kyle reached over with his right hand and cupped her left breast. His fingers sunk into the warm mound of firm flesh and he could feel her hardened nipple pushing against the palm of his hand. He moved his hand down and put his finger in the hot, wet slit between her legs.

"Ooohhh, yessss, do that," Caitlyn said, as Kyle rubbed her clitoris, "that feels really good."

His prick was demanding attention. It was so hard it almost hurt. "If I take my shorts off," Kyle asked, "will you suck on my cock."

"Sure I will," Caitlyn agreed, putting her foot back on the floor and moving closer to Kyle, "but how..."

"Take the wheel," Kyle told his sister. He set the cruise-control at sixty eight and while his sister held the wheel steady, Kyle lifted his ass up and pushed his running shorts down to the floor.

"I can't reach," Caitlyn said, leaning over the console.

"Kneel on the seat," Kyle told her as he moved his seat back.

Kneeling on the passenger seat, Caitlyn leaned over the console and lowered her head. Kyle gasped as the warmth of his sister's mouth surrounded his hard cock. She licked the head then sucked it gently. She slid her lips over the vein, down to the base and back to the head. Pleased by her brother's reaction, she did it again, and again. Reaching the top, Caitlyn plunged her mouth down on the turgid pole, jamming the tip against the back of her mouth.

"Oh, god," Kyle moaned, as his cock slid completely into Caitlyn's warm, moist mouth. It took all the concentration he could muster to keep from going off the road but it was more than worth it.

His sister pulled back, gagging, but as soon as she caught her breadth, she went down on the long, thick tool again.

She pulled back a second time and continued sucking and licking her brother's cock, slowly, gently, and all the time massaging his balls.

When they finally reached the rest area, Caitlyn still had her brother's cock in her mouth. The parking lot was crowded but there was a second parking area at the back, for trucks. Caitlyn raised her head as Kyle drove the SUV to the truck lot and parked away from the other vehicles.

As Kyle backed into a parking space, Caitlyn ripped open the condom package. "Come around on my side," she told him.

"It's a good thing I backed in," Kyle thought as he opened his door and got out of the SUV. Confident that they were far enough away not to be seen by the other drivers, he walked around the back of the vehicle, wearing only his muscle-man T shirt.

His naked sister was standing behind the open car door. Kyle stopped in front of her and she immediately rolled the condom onto his cock. "I don't think," she said, sliding the latex tube in place, "I ever wanted to fuck as much as I do now."

"Me, too," Kyle said, making sure the condom was on right as his sister turned around and leaned forward against the seat.

Kyle slipped his arms around Caitlyn, putting his hands on her breasts as she reached back between her legs and guided his cock into her pussy. It was tight but so wet that his big cock slid in easily. Once in, the walls of Caitlyn's vagina seemed to wrap around the thick shaft that filled it, gripping the hard pole as it slid back and forth through the slick channel. "Ohmygod," Kyle groaned as he pumped his cock in and out of his sister's belly, "ohFUCKthatsgood."

Caitlyn stood with her head on her arms, resting on the passenger seat, groaning, gasping, almost chanting as the huge member filled her, pulled back, then filled her again, completely.

She came first, screaming incoherently as fireworks, cannons, bombs went off inside her, filling her with pleasure, ecstasy, sensations she had never known that intensely before. A few seconds later she felt her brother's cock slide completely into her, heard him gasping as his body twitched and his erection jerked.

Still breathing heavily,Kyle walked around to the driver's side. Standing behind the open door, he put his shorts back on then climbed behind the wheel. Caitlyn, smiling dreamily, remained naked as they resumed their journey to Aunt Aimee's house.

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