tagIncest/TabooVisiting Aunt Alexis

Visiting Aunt Alexis


"For fuck's sake, mother," Noelle cried, stamping her foot in exasperation, "I'm not a child; I can take care of myself while you're gone."

"We'll be gone for three months, dear," Mariah Templeton replied, a hint of exasperation in her voice. "The idea of your being alone here in this big house for that length of time is not acceptable. I would be sick with worry and unable to enjoy myself."

"Don't go all drama on me, mother," Noelle replied. "I'm nineteen; I'm going to the university in the fall, why can't I stay here alone. I'm not going to give wild parties or anything."

She had been looking forward to she and David fucking in her parents big bed, but she wasn't about to say that.

"I have already talked with Alexis about this and she said it would be just fine if you stayed with her," Mariah continued. "She said she's looking forward to showing you the city. Carry on if you will, but this discussion is over."

Noelle left her parent's bedroom and walked back to her own, seething. She hadn't seen her Aunt Alexis since she was a gawky pre-adolescent and was not happy about spending her summer with her. She remembered her Aunt as a pretty woman with a musical laugh who smoked expensive Turkish cigarettes in a holder and was as unlike her prim and proper mother as a fish is to a turtle. It was difficult to imagine they were sisters.

Why her parents chose to tour Europe at this time anyway was a mystery. Probably her father had swung one of his 'deals' with the overseas branches of his company so they could stay in corporate quarters rent free instead of in hotels. Regardless, her summer was effectively ruined and that apparently was that.


Alexis McWilliams, damp from the shower, dried her hair as she admired her naked self in the mirror. "Not bad for an old broad," she said aloud. Her tits, tummy and ass were still firm and the appearance of her skin gave few hints that she was fifty years of age. She had quit smoking and her regimen of healthy eating and exercise had held her in good stead over the years as her many lovers of both sexes could testify to.

Being a free spirit and an independent businesswoman specializing in ladies undergarments and sleepwear, she had never considered settling down to raise a family as her sister had. How terribly boring was that, really.

She was, however, looking forward to having her niece visit her. As she remembered, the girl was all arms and legs, with no figure to speak of and rather shy. She would take the poor creature in hand and do what she could to glamourize her before she went off to college. Between that and showing her the sights, Alexis just knew this was going to be fun.


Noelle wrestled her laptop and suitcase from the overhead luggage bin and filed off the plane with the other passengers. She was excited about her visit in spite of her disappointment about her summer's exile. San Francisco from the air was beautifully laid out along the Bay with the Golden Gate Bridge shining redly in the noonday sun.

Reaching the terminal, she suddenly realized she didn't know exactly what her aunt looked like; it had been so many years since she'd seen her.


Waiting at the arrival gates, Alexis was having the same revelation. She had seen photographs of Noelle, but they were years old, how would she recognize her? Then she saw an attractive young woman with stylishly cut chestnut hair walking toward her with a quizzical look on her face. There was something about her eyes and the set of her mouth; why it must be Noelle and she was all grown up.

Noelle saw a tall older woman with a trim figure in a blouse, skirt and heels carrying a large Gucci purse looking expectantly at her and realized it must be her aunt. She was beautiful and looked nothing like her mother who had not aged gracefully.

"Aunt Alexis?"


They hugged and then stood back, holding hands and looking at each other, smiling broadly.

"My, what a beautiful young woman you have become," Alexis said. "It's such a pleasure to see you again."

"You look great, Aunt Alexis," Noelle replied, suddenly feeling embarrassed at being dressed so casually in a t-shirt and jeans to meet her well-dressed aunt. To the crowds hurrying by, the women's familial resemblance was unmistakable; the appeared to be sisters rather than Aunt and Niece.

"Come along, my dear," Alexis said, "I have a car waiting. You must be tired after your trip. Did you fly first class? I wouldn't be caught dead in coach. All those people crowded in like cattle. Ugh!"

"I flew coach." Noelle said, practically trotting to keep up with her Aunt's brisk strides.

"Tsk, my dear sister was always the frugal sort," Alexis snorted. "Before we go to my loft, we must stop at my favorite boutique and get you some decent clothes. We can't have you running about looking as if you clean offices for a living."

"But I like wearing jeans..." Noelle began as they swept through the sliding doors of the terminal and onto the sidewalk. As they emerged, a shiny black sedan pulled up and a man in chauffeur's livery emerged and opened the back door for them. Once they were settled in the soft leather seats, the man swung the car smoothly into the airport traffic and from there onto the freeway into the city.

Noelle only half listened to her Aunt's stream of conversation as she was so interested in the city. So many buildings, so many people; it was scary and thrilling at the same time. Weaving through the heavy traffic, the car finally stopped before an almost featureless storefront of black marble with two large smoked glass doors and four small show windows each displaying one dressed mannequin. Small gold letters in Cursive script recessed into the marble by each door read simply 'Le Boutique'.

Once inside, Noelle was surprised to see an expanse of soft carpeting, sofas, chairs and tables grouped about, vases of freshly cut flowers everywhere and soft music playing. Where were the clothes racks? Where were the sales people?

"Ms. Van Hougen," said a musical voice, "How wonderful to see you again."

Noelle turned to see a stylishly dressed young woman striding forward to greet them, her face wreathed in a smile.

"Cynthia, how marvelous it is to see you," Alexis replied. The women hugged and brushed each other's cheeks with their lips.

"And who is this pretty young lady," Cynthia continued, "Your sister?"

Alexis laughed, "You're close. She's my niece. Noelle, this is Cynthia, Cynthia this is Noelle. Darling, what this woman knows about fashion is nothing short of remarkable. She is always aware of the latest trends."

Cynthia smiled "You flatter me, Alexis." She turned to Noelle "Your aunt is one of my best customers. We also carry several lines of her undergarments and sleepwear. Now what can I help you ladies with this afternoon?"

"My niece is spending the summer with me and will require a suitable wardrobe." Alexis replied. "Some of your latest fashions will do nicely."

"I understand. Please, make yourself comfortable. We will be with you in a minute. Would you ladies care for a beverage? Some wine, perhaps?"

"Two white wines if you please," Alexis said. She guided Noelle to a sofa where they were served by a man in formal dress that uncorked the bottle, offered the cork to Alexis, poured, smiled and withdrew.

For the next two hours, a procession of haughty, leggy women paraded before them wearing the latest summer styles as Cynthia went into detail about the clothes they were modeling. Alexis chose an extensive wardrobe for her niece as Noelle sat silently in awe of what she was experiencing; she was positive she had seen some of the women on the covers of fashion magazines.

The chauffeur loaded the bags and parcels into the sedan's trunk and they were off to Alexis' loft in town. One private elevator ride later, Noelle was ushered into her aunt's home. The living area was enormous, with a high ceiling and a wall of windows overlooking the city. Partitions rising halfway to the ceiling sectioned off the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. Furnished in Danish Modern with lacquered wood floors and ornate throw rugs, the overall effect left Noelle speechless.

"The kitchens over there," Alexis said, "Get something to drink and I'll be back in a minute."

After gawking at the gourmet kitchen of stainless steel, mahogany cabinets and granite countertops, Noelle found a pitcher of lemonade in the refrigerator, poured herself a glass and returned to the living area as Alexis emerged from her bedroom. Noelle gasped in surprise; her aunt was wearing only a gauzy house coat and a thong that barely covered her hairy pussy.

"Ahh, it's such a relief to shed those beastly clothes..." Alexis began until she saw the shocked look on her niece's face, "Oh my, I didn't mean to shock you dear."

"I ... I'm not shocked," Noelle replied. She felt a flush creeping over her face and her mouth was dry as she stared at her aunt's all but naked beauty. "I'm just not used to people being nude around the house."

Alexis laughed heartily and her firm breasts jiggled, "I'm not at all surprised, dear. Your Mother has always was a prude when it came to showing her body. She would never wear a bikini at the beach or any clothing that showed off her boobs."

Noelle giggled, that was Mom alright. She had to beg and plead with her to wear hip huggers, tube tops and short skirts and shorts like her girlfriends did. She was ultimately successful in getting a jeweled stud in her belly button, but Mom drew the line at any tats.

Alexis lay back on a sofa and said "Now we must have a fashion show. Model your new clothes for me."

Noelle gathered up some of the boxes and bags and began walking towards the bedroom when her aunt said "Where are you going? You can change here. It's just us girls, you know."

Noelle blushed again and her hands trembled as she stripped under the appraising gaze of her aunt. She suddenly felt very warm and terribly shy. "Turn around, dear and let me look at you," Alexis purred, "My, my, you have become a beautiful young woman."

Noelle smiled at the compliment and suddenly felt very bold. Hearing her aunt's sharp intake of breath, she thrust her breasts out proudly and stood up straight as she turned around slowly displaying her charms. She was glad she'd shaved her pussy before she left and her nipples stiffened with excitement.

Alexis' eyes sparkled and she licked her lips at the naked beauty before her. Her firm breasts, long legs, pink nipples and pubes, slim waist and perfect ass reminded her of how she looked when she was Noelle's age. She could feel herself getting wet and the first stirrings of desire made her shiver.

Noelle could see the effect she was having on her aunt and continued her increasingly wanton display. She felt horny and wished David was there to give her a good, hard fucking. Her aunt's thong was growing dark with her juices and it was so sexy to look at.

Alexis smothered her lust with an effort and said "Try on an outfit dear. I want to see how you look." She knew if she didn't break the mood soon, she might do something she'd regret.

Noelle was disappointed at first, wondering if her aunt would make love to her. She had never been with a woman, but some of her friends had and said how wonderful it was. She began trying on her outfits, amazed at how well they fit as if they were made for her. Alexis clapped her hands in glee as Noelle began parading before her like the models at the boutique.

A knock at the door sent Alexis scurrying to her bedroom crying "That would be our dinner. Let them in, dear."

Noelle opened the door and two men and two women marched in wearing chef's whites carrying baskets and covered platters. They set the table for two, served the food, poured the wine, smiled and left without saying a word. 'How odd', Noelle thought, 'They didn't even say hello.'

She said as much to her aunt who emerged wearing a beautifully colored kimono. Alexis laughed, "They probably don't speak English very well and Antoine cautioned them not to speak until spoken to. Let us eat. Try the Coq Au Vin, it is superb."


Noelle thought she had never eaten so much in her entire life; she couldn't help it, the food was delicious and the desserts were to die for. Her aunt maintained a stream of witty anecdotes about her life throughout the meal that had Noelle erupting in fits of giggles, one sending a mouthful of Bordeaux out of her nose. After dinner, Alexis had asked her about her life, so she told her as the woman listened attentively. She even told about how she and her boyfriend were having sex and that she had been keeping it a secret from her parents.

Alexis chuckled, "There's nothing better than a good fucking from a virile, young man to make you feel alive. I never date anyone my own age, you know. They can't attend to my needs properly."

Noelle grinned, nodding her head in assent. Thoughts of David being so far away surfaced abruptly and she felt very sad. She missed him terribly. "What's wrong, dear?" Alexis said, seeing Noelle's change of expression and a tear trickle down her cheek.

"It's nothing ..." Noelle replied and then she began to cry. Alexis hugged her as she wept. "I just miss him so much, Alexis," she wailed, "He's so good to me." Realizing what she'd said, she added "You're good to me too. You're so kind and generous, but well, you know." She smiled sheepishly as she snuggled closer. The feel of Alexis' body against hers made her feel warm and safe and her sobs turned to sniffles.

Alexis held the sobbing girl and let her cry. She knew all too well how it felt to be lonely when she was between lovers and she too had cried on several occasions. Noelle's body was soft and warm against her own and she fought the urge to lift the girls face and plant a burning kiss on those sweet lips.

"You've had quite a day, my dear," Alexis murmured. "You'd better get some rest. I have a day of fun planned for us tomorrow." She helped her niece to her feet, then led her to the guest room and said good night. Noelle's head had barely settled the pillow and she was asleep.


The next three weeks of Noelle's visit were a whirlwind of sightseeing, shopping, expensive restaurants, plays, recitals, parties, night clubbing and long talks about life, love and things in general with Alexis. As the women became closer, they began to touch and caress each other with greater frequency; gentle expressions of the growing affection between them. They began kissing each other good night before retiring to their respective rooms, making them feel warm inside.


"It's such a beautiful day," Alexis said merrily over breakfast, "I think we should go to the beach."

"Oh, that would be fun," Noelle replied. "Let's go shopping for bathing suits."

Alexis grinned "We're going to a very private and secluded beach, dear. You won't need a bathing suit."

Noelle almost choked on her Eggs Florentine, "You mean we're going to a nude beach? I've never been to one. How can everyone walk around naked like that?"

"This is a member's only beach, guarded and secluded," Alexis replied. "Everyone is discreet, maintains proper decorum and respects another's space. Anyone who acts in an offensive manner is asked to leave and will not be allowed to return. Finish your breakfast dear, while I make some calls."

Wearing only kimonos and beach sandals, the women rode down in the elevator, were met at the door by their car, stopped by Antoine's for a picnic basket and were soon rolling through the gates of the private beach. Noelle had never been naked in public and was frightened. Following Alexis's lead, she hung her kimono in the bathhouse and, carrying the picnic basket, walked with her into the morning sunshine.

It was nothing as she imagined. She saw men, women and children playing in the surf, sunning themselves, talking among themselves, playing volleyball and enjoying the day; all naked as the day they were born.

Alexis took a blanket and towels from an attendant and they found a place to sit on the warm sand. "We need to put on some suntan lotion," Alexis said. "We don't want to get a nasty burn, do we?" She told Noelle to lie on her stomach and began applying lotion to her smooth skin.

Alexis' hands gliding over her was making Noelle wet and she found it difficult to breathe. Her aunt seemed not to notice as she coated the young girl's arms, shoulders and back with lotion, progressing to the globes of her ass, then down her legs. Noelle gasped as Alexis' fingers teasingly brushed her engorged labial lips and said "Turn over dear. I need to do your front."

Alexis' hands quivered as she applied lotion to Noelle's firm breasts and taut stomach. Mews of pleasure escaped the girl's lips as her aunt's hands traveled to her pubic mound, teasingly parting the labial lips with her finger, then down her legs and up again to her inner thighs, across her mound and stomach, finally brushing the stiff nipples with her palms.

Alexis steadied herself as her vision blurred and lust shook her to her very core. Somehow she gained control and said "There, now you can enjoy the sun. It's waterproof so we can go swimming later. Could you put some on me dear?" She lay face down on the blanket, rubbing her hard nipples against the rough fabric as she awaited Noelle's touch.

Noelle arose with an effort and began applying lotion to her aunt's shoulders, arms and back. Her pussy was leaking down her thighs as she reached Alexis' firm ass and muscular legs. She made sure her fingers lingered on Alexis' pussy lips before continuing to her feet. Her aunt then rolled on her back, encouraging her niece to continue her sensual ministrations.

Noelle lovingly caressed Alexis' sensuous body, the excuse of applying lotion all but forgotten in the fog of her desire. She paid special attention to her aunt's breasts, stomach and inner thighs, teasingly brushing Alexis' visibly leaking pussy until her aunt was coated with lotion and trembling with need.

Alexis knew they were perilously close to exhibiting behavior that would result in her being banished from the beach, so she sat up and joined Noelle in staring out at the horizon, the roar of the surf and the cries of children at play having a calming effect on their emotions. Then she stood up and offered her hand to Noelle saying "The water looks so inviting. Let's go swimming."

Noelle clasped her hand eagerly and they ran into the ocean and dove in. For the next hour they played like children; splashing, dunking, wrestling and shrieking with laughter, burning off the sexual tension between them. Then, exhausted, they lay on the blanket and dozed in the sun, their hips and shoulders touching.

By late afternoon, they decided to leave for home. After washing the salt and sand from their bodies, they donned their kimonos and, emerging from the bath house found their car waiting. Alexis called ahead for dinner reservations and soon they were enjoying Italian food at one of Alexis' favorite restaurants.


Arriving at home, they shed their kimonos, sipped a glass of wine and, pleasantly exhausted, they retired to their bedrooms to sleep. Alexis was just drifting off when Noelle's warm body molded to her back and a soft hand gripped her left breast.

"I want to make love, Alexis," Noelle whispered. "I want you to show me everything."

Alexis sat up and said "Is this what you want dear Noelle? There will be no returning to our past relationship, you know."

"I ... I know," was the reply. "I want you to be my lover, not just my aunt. I have never felt this way about a woman before and I want you so much. Please."

Alexis eased the trembling girl back on the bed, arose on her hands and knees over her and began nuzzling and kissing her neck and shoulders loving her throaty moans of pleasure. She kissed her way down to Noelle's breasts and began worrying her thick nipples with her sharp, white teeth.

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