tagCelebrities & Fan FictionVisiting Gotham Ch. 05

Visiting Gotham Ch. 05


The next morning Dean awoke in his recliner a little sore from not getting a good night sleep among other things that happened the night before. He looked around and saw the couch was empty before he glanced over to the kitchen and saw Selina with a cup of coffee in her hand wearing one of his t-shirts and just her panties. He thought back to last night and how amazing it was.

"Good morning." He said walking into the kitchen after a stretch.

"Good morning yourself." She replied giving him a smile.

"How's Harley doing?"

"She's still asleep, Ivy is in the shower."

"Oh, okay." He said as the bathroom door opened and Ivy came walking out with a towel wrapped around her head and her body.

"Ahh, much better." She said looking refreshed.

"Morning Ivy, well unless anyone else needs to I need to shower and get to work."

"Work? Oh no no no, you don't work anymore." Ivy said in a stern voice.

"What, why?"

"You are under house arrest, we can't have you running away or telling someone we are here."

"I already told you I wouldn't do that!"

"Yeah and I'm such a trusting person, you stay unless you want to be plant food?"

"Okay okay fine, can I still shower at least?"

"Be my guest."

"Thank you, by the way How's Harley doing? Dean asked.

"She slept fine through the night but she is still resting."

"I'm glad."

"Dean, thank you for helping her, it's the only reason I didn't kill you honestly."

"Um, okay, no problem, I guess?" He said before turning to the bathroom.

He walked in and closed the door behind him. He wiped off the mirror and stared at himself for a moment asking himself what he had gotten into. He was still thinking about what Selina said the night before about Harley liking him. He was worried about her as she seemed to be in trough shape when she arrived but still seemed mad at him too.

"This is crazy." He said to himself before he turned the shower on and stepped in.

The warm water hit his face as he washed away the stink of last night and got himself cleaned up. He pondered a lot just standing there as everything going on was a lot to take in. He washed the soap from his face when he heard the door open which surprised him.

"Be out in just a second." He said unsure of who was in there when he heard the cocking of a gun.

"Why don't you take your time!" A voice said from behind him and he slowly turned around and saw Harley in the shower with him naked with her revolver pointed at him.

"Harley, You look better, hope you slept well, want to put the gun down."

"Oh no, we have unfinished business you and I!"

"How so? Last time I saw you you hit me in the head with your hammer, I woke up in the hospital."

"It should have killed you!"

"Then go ahead, shoot me." He said

BANG! the gun went off as the bullet broke the ceramic tile behind him. "Woah woah!" Dean said after making sure he was okay.

"I thought we had something special!"

"Special? You kidnapped me and had your way with me, then you tracked me down to my hotel and had a three way with me and Ivy, then you pretended to be affected by Ivy's drug and fuck me again on that roof top, you could have just taken Batgirl and left but you didn't."

Click! He heard her cock the gun again pointing it right at his head. He could see the anger in her eyes but there was something else there too. He thought maybe he saw a tear start to fall from her eye but it was hard to tell with the water running. He waited for this insane yet sexy woman to basically decide if he lived or died and he was hoping she wouldn't pull that trigger again.

"Fuck!" She said lowering her gun.

"Okay." He said feeling a little dizzy from his nerves being shot moments ago. "So now what?"

"I don't know, didn't have much of a plan."

"Well if you want to get cleaned up I can leave."

"So you fucked Kitty last night huh?"

"Kitty? oh Selina? Um... well."

"I heard you both, sounds like it was a good time."

"It... um..."

"Is that what you do now, meet a girl and then fuck all of her friends?" She said pointing the gun at him again.

"Oh for the love of, Harley what do you want me to say here? She wanted me, hell you were there when Ivy drugged me just so she could fuck me, and then you joined in!"

"I remember, but like I said, what are you gonna do to make it up to me?"

"Make it up? I don't know, whatever you want!"

"Good!" She said stepping forward and pressing her lips to his.

Dean was just as confused as usual since he met her. Her tongue wiggled in his mouth as he wrapped his hands around her waist trying not to touch the bandage on her side. The strangest thing was she still had the gun against the side of his head which made it a little difficult to enjoy himself but he did his best. He slid his right hand around her ass and down her thigh lifting her leg up as he pushed her against the wall still kissing her. He could taste her makeup as it ran off her face revealing her true face underneath. He pulled his lips away and stated at her for a moment. She was hot as hell with her makeup but the woman underneath was gorgeous. He smiled to himself before kissing her again this time working his way down the side of her neck picking her up as she wrapped her legs around him.

He heard a loud clang on the floor as she finally dropped the gun and wrapped her arms around him as his cock slid inside her. Harley let out a moan as she tilted her head back and enjoyed the feeling as he thrust himself in and out of her. The water splashed down on them both making it a little slippery but they did their best to hold on to one another as they continued. His hand slid up around her breasts caressing them gently as she smiled and closed her eye's. He tickled her nipples with his thumbs as she gave out cries of approval. Every now and then she let out a laugh just reminding him of how crazy she was but he didn't care.

This would be the 4th time he had her in his arms. He was starting to feel something but wasn't sure how to process these emotions. He had had feelings for a woman before but this was different because she was a criminal and also a little crazy which really made him even more attracted to her. He knew that was a stupid thought to have but he would fuck her everyday if he could. He looked down and saw red on the tub floor. Her bandage was bleeding through and would need to be patched up again but she didn't seem to even noticed or care at the moment.

"Harley you're bleeding again." he said breaking his lips from hers for a moment.

"Keep going."

"Are you sure, but it looks bad?"

"Shut up and finish the job you fucking pussy!" She said before kissing him again biting his lip a little.

Dean thrust himself a little harder really putting some force behind it. Harley let out a loud moan as her eyes widened enjoying his sudden force. She began to bite her own lip and he could tell she was about to cum. He was also getting close to relieving himself as well and tried to not think about her wound and focus on her. Once his thoughts cleared he could feel the cum boiling ready to burst forward. She yelled as the feeling grew and she wrapped her arms around his head before yelling out her satisfaction seconds before his cock blew inside her. The warm gooey liquid evacuated his balls as he leaned his head back enjoying every second of it while she wiggled and clung to him. She rested her head on his shoulder with her legs still wrapped around his waist like she wasn't ready to release his cock. Her breaths were heavy but she seemed to enjoy his touch as he picked her up still inside her and turned off the shower.

"Okay, lets get you fixed up shall we?" He said sitting her down on the toilet and removing the bandage to see how bad it was.

Only one of the stitches had let go so it wasnt as bad as he expected but he sewed her back up and put a new bandage on her after drying her off.

"There, all better."

"You still owe me you know?" She said looking up at him.

"Oh really?"

"You fucked my friends, so now you have to fuck me until I am satisfied."

"How long is that going to take?"

"How long you got?"

"For you, plenty."

"Don't get all gooey on me stud, maybe while I'm out I'll grab something with batteries and won't need you anymore."

"Well that would suck, but there's always..." he said looking at the door thinking about Ivy and Selina.

"My gun is only a few feet away there pal."

"Listen if you want me to be a one woman guy, then you got it, just stop trying to shoot me."

"I'll tell you what, you can't fuck either one of them again, unless I get to join in."

"That... seems fair."

"Good, I don't want ya having too much fun without me."

"Looking forward to it."

"Ha, I bet you are."

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Please man, we need more!

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Don't leave us hanging

I absolutely love the "'everyman' caught up in unbelievable situation" story type. And you do it well!
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