tagErotic CouplingsVisiting Heaven

Visiting Heaven


A peal of thunder shook me awake and I had to take several moments to remember where I was. Thoughts of earlier that evening came flooding back, and I instinctively reached out to my left to see if what was in my mind a dream, or if it really happened...

I felt the silky smoothness of her upper thigh, and realized with undisguised relief that this was indeed reality. Michelle was still here, laying next to me in this king-sized bed. I looked over to the balcony and the room lit up with another round of lightening. The winds were whipping the heavy curtains about, and the handle used to slide them open and closed was banging against the door jamb.

I got up carefully so as not to wake her up, and padded over to the balcony and closed the sliding doors. The room became very quiet, and I gazed over at Michelle to make sure she was still sleeping. A glance at the clock told me that it was 3:30 a.m., but I was wide awake. On a whim, I groped for a lighter and lit the two pillar candles that sat in sconces on each side of the headboard of the bed. The flickering candlelight cast mischievous shadows on the walls, but I didn't notice. My thoughts and eyes were glued on that very special woman who lay there, sleeping. The sheets were draped across her chest but I could easily make out her round, sweet breasts as her chest rose and fell with each breath. She lay on her back, with her head off to the left.

I recalled the events of earlier...the meeting, the dinner, the conversation...all the while, I couldn't believe that we were finally together (albeit for only a short time). Every passing moment brought growth to the strength of feelings that I had for her. I was at the point now that even being here with her wasn't enough. I felt so inadequate in comparison to the level of love and respect that I felt for her...

I carefully crawled back into bed, and gently snuggled up against her. I propped my head up with my left arm, and slowly pulled down the sheet so I could once again gaze at her amazing body. I began to lightly trace my finger along the length of her leg, starting at the ankle, and going all the way to her hip. She stirred slightly once or twice, and tried to brush what she probably thought was an insect off of her leg. I smiled and moved a bit closer to her, taking in her scent. I nuzzled her exposed neck and gave her light, soft kisses. The passion that came so easily when I was with Michelle once again blazed forth as I became rock-hard once more. I started to suck and lick her neck now, my fingers moved from her leg to her chest. I sucked a bit harder as I traced the outlines of her aereolas. I could see that her nipples stood erect in the cool room air, begging to be played with. Michelle let out a small moan, but didn't wake up...

I wanted so much to be with her forever...it made me profoundly sad that this would be the only time that we would share together. I felt whole and complete when I was with her, not a negative or bad thought ever entered my mind. Faced with either feeling sorry for myself or trying to show Michelle what my words couldn't express, I chose the latter...

I carefully scooted down so that my head was even with her crotch, then I eased myself down in between her legs. I gently spread them apart, then moved my face in. I stuck out my tongue and gave her one lick, I pressed just hard enough to slip between her pussy lips. I couldn't believe how wet she was! I looked up at her face and saw her beaming at me with a playful grin on her face...I had awakened her after all!

She coaxed me up and told me to face the other way, so that my crotch was over her face and her crotch was below mine. I felt her soft touch as she took my throbbing cock in her hand and begane to lightly stroke me. I dropped my head and began to tease her pussy with my tongue. I loved her taste...I nibbled on her soft flesh and caresses her clit while I slipped a finger up her and gently stroked the upper edge...my body shuddered when she took me in her soft, sweet mouth. The sensation was incredible...I loved how she licked and teased me...I could feel her tongue tickle my head and run down my shaft as she stroked me...I have never felt such pleasure before.

I bore down a bit harder on her cunt, increasing the rhythm and pressure on her clit. I kept tickling her insides with my finger, swirling it around and reaching in deep. I could feel an orgasm build in my groin, but I didn't want to come yet. I felt Michelle tense up a bit too...she was close as well. I lifted my head up and was ready to change positions when I felt her take me deep down her throat...my skin tingled as indescribable pleasure washed over me. I quickly pulled out of her mouth and heard her giggle at her little prank...

I moved on top of her and took her in my arms. I found her mouth and savored the kiss...I loved how her mouth felt after she had been sucking on me. It was so warm and pliant...and inviting. I probed her throat with my tongue, all of my senses were focused on the wonderful sensations that she gave me. I really really loved her...

I moved back to her neck and hungrily began to suck. I found a particularly inviting spot and really sucked hard. At the same time, I rolled her nipples with my fingers and kneaded her fantastic tits. I grabbed my cock and slipped it inside far enough so that just my head was enveloped. I rotated my hips around and around, working my cock all about the opening of her sweet pussy. I moved in closer and lay directly on top of her...

Our eyes met as I thrust all the way in. I pressed hard against her pubic bone, and ground my hips into her. She grabbed my ass and encouraged and directed me...the tempo built up and I began to lick her neck ears and face...I grabbed her hand and pulled it to my face, taking her fingers into my mouth one-by-one...I sucked on them and kissed them...we were really into it now...I began to sweat and I could make out little drops as they fell on her glistening skin. Our bodies moved as one, writhing in passion as the pleasures grew by leaps and bounds...

I was again close to coming...I could feel my cock as it became engorged with yet more blood...Michelle's head was tilted way back and I latched onto her exposed throat with my mouth...I could feel her body tighten, her muscles contract...we were both close now. A few more thrusts and I surrendered to the passion that she had lit up within me...at the same time, I could feel her body surrender as well...her pussy contracting at the same time as my ejaculations...

I buried my head into her chest and held her dearly as we gasped for breath...after a few minutes, I lifted my head back up and gently moved the sweaty hair that stuck to her face and forehead. We gazed into each other's eyes and smiled...words were no longer needed to express our feelings for each other. We had just visited Heaven.

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