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Visiting Kim


I had been looking forward to seeing Kim for more years than I cared to remember. We had been very good friends on the net for a couple of years and then we seemed to drift apart and talked less and less, just sending cards at the holidays. Fortunately, we both ended up at the computer at the same time again one night and evidently she sensed I was there. I was very glad she sent that "Hello" and I was very glad I answered it. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed talking to her, thinking about her, and hoping to get to meet her. That was all about to come together.

Her instructions on how to get to the house were flawless. Not a missed turn, no hesitation of confusion anywhere from the airport. I drove up into the yard, hopefully when she was expecting me. I thought she would be at the door waiting, or, maybe since the weather was so nice, she'd be on the porch and would come out into the yard as soon as I got out of the car. I stopped, shut off the engine, and waited a second. No Kim. Hmmmmmm Maybe I'm just early and she wasn't watching just yet, so I got out of the car and closed the door, hard enough to make a little noise, but not hard enough for it to sound like I was slamming it. Still no Kim. I started for the door when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, at the back of the house. I watched as a horse slowly began to appear, sauntering slowly out into view. It was very quickly apparent that there was a rider on the horse and it was immediately apparent that the rider had long, brown hair...and nothing else. I had told Kim that I often thought of her riding her horse in the nude, ala Lady Godiva. She had just laughed, but she obviously had remembered. I was now hoping that my smile was big enough to make her little stunt worthwhile. It certainly was to me. I knew what she looked like from pictures and DID often fantasize about her naked, both on horseback and off, but the pictures and those in my mind did not do her justice. She was gorgeous, and not just because she was naked. Her hair flowed down around in front, just long enough to hide her nipples, but not long enough that her ample breasts were completely hidden.

They didn't remain completely hidden for long. As her horse increased her pace a bit Kim's hair began to sway gently from side to side, momentarily revealing the side of first one breast and then the other. Her hair caught a little on her nipples, telling me that they were erect and making me gauge whether she was cold (most likely not, because it was a warm day already) or if the smile on her face that matched mine was simply another part of her body that was happy to see me. I chose the latter explanation because I liked it better. And the closer she got to me, the better I liked it.

As she reined up right next to me I was confronted with a beautiful, smooth left leg, right at kissing height. I was already in motion to take advantage of that perfect height when she reached down and took my chin in her hand and both pulled me toward her and bent over at the same time and started to kiss me, without a word. I say started because it went on and on, neither of us wanting to break it off. So we didn't. Kim leaned over further and I could feel her tongue beginning to probe between my lips and my tongue ready to defend its territory. This was going to be a fun struggle. As she leaned I could feel her begin to slide slowly off her horse, toward my arms that were reaching up for her. She seemed not care that she was falling off her horse but I still didn't want to stop kissing her, didn't want her to fall, but DID want her to continue heading toward my arms. I wanted to make sure I was catching her so I moved my right arm to her leg and slid it up the outside of her leg. Her skin was so very smooth and soft to the touch and my hand continued on its very enjoyable journey up her leg until I felt my fingers meet and even softer, supple part of her and the side of my hand came in contact with her horse at the same time. I now had my left arm around this gorgeous woman's back, my right arm along her leg and my right hand doing its best to cup half of what I knew was a very lovely ass. And she continued to slide off the horse, right into me. Not releasing my hold on her sweet ass for a second she fell/slid/dismounted so that she never touched the ground but wrapped her legs around me and pulled herself in close. All this and she never broke off our first kiss.

Carrying her to the house was not difficult. I now had hold of her with both hands full of her luscious ass and her arms around my neck. I was hoping to get her to the house before she became too slippery to hold onto. I could tell she was wet and I planned to keep her that way. It would have been difficult to walk to the house like this, continue kissing her, and not bang teeth together so we reluctantly broke our kiss. This at least allowed me to say to her, "Kim, I've waited so long for this and I want you so bad." She just continued to nibble on my ear and growl out, "I want you dressed just like I am and I want that now!"

We got to the door and she reached around to open the door. I carried her inside and she told me to put her down because she couldn't undress me if I was holding her like that. What a dilemma! I wanted to hold on to her forever but I also wanted no cloth or anything else between us. I wanted to feel her skin on mine, head to toe.

She helped with that. My loafers came off easily and she jumped at my belt. I was unbuttoning my shirt and she already had my pants down for me to step out of. As I took the shirt off she had my briefs down, releasing my cock for her first look. She looked up at me with an approving look and licked my very sensitive head. I had started getting hard when she first came into view outside and then the kiss and carrying her very naked body inside and finished that job. I was hard and she had both hands around my cock and the head in her mouth. She sucked gently at first and then raked her teeth back over it as she pulled back and set it free again. That almost put me over the edge and I told her so. She just smiled, stood up, and grabbed me by my convenient carrying handle and led me down the hall to the bedroom. I didn't dare let her suck me anymore because I would be cumming in her mouth in no time if she did. I nudged her backwards to the bed, sat her down on it, and then pulled both of her legs up in the air. She flopped back on the bed and I had the best view of the sweetest pussy I could ever want. I resisted the urge to plunge into it and instead began kissing the inside of her thighs, first one and then the other, back and forth, slowly working my way up to her glistening slit. She was moaning as I got closer so I just lightly licked her slit, finding it very wet and tasting wonderfully of Kim. As my tongue touched her clit she shuddered and I smiled. I continued to lick and suck on her sweetness, loving the feel of her bucking against my mouth when I sucked her clit into it and played with it with my tongue.

I could only take so much of this myself and soon knew I needed to be inside her. Pushing her farther onto the bed I kissed my way up to her tits and sucked on each nipple, lightly biting each one, eliciting a moan each time. By now I am so hard it hurts and my cock is leaking pre-cum. I snuggled up to the lips I enjoyed such a long first kiss on and as I lowered my mouth to hers I lowered my cock to her other lips. She was so wet, so ready, so wanting. I slipped in slowly, deliberately, and thoroughly. I sank all the way to the bottom of her juicy pussy and then stopped. This is where I want to be, this is where I want to stay. Kissing Kim while pinning her to the mattress is perfect. She wraps her legs around me to pull me in further and begins to suck on my tongue to pull it in further. She wants me totally inside her and that is where I belong, completely immersed in her. I could stay this way for a long time, but Kim has other ideas. She begins a rhythm that I quickly match. I am close but I want to make her cum again and I want to cum with her so I hold off. Her breathing becomes ragged and I enjoy watching her face as her orgasm builds. She doesn't take long, which is good because watching her keeps me from lasting much longer. I feel her stiffen underneath me and that is too much. I start cumming and I cum hard, filling her sweet hot pussy with my cum. I can't remember when I've cum that hard before. She has drained my balls completely....and that feels wonderful because my cock is still buried in her.

I roll carefully on my side, very carefully because I don't want to fall out of her pussy until it just isn't possible to stay in any longer. Now we can kiss some more and if I'm lucky, her kisses will make me hard again and I won't come out for hours.

That's the way we passed our first hours together. We kissed for a long time and just as I had hoped, Kim's soft, enveloping body had kept me hard for a long time. We stayed joined until we fell asleep and sometime after that I slipped out but we still stayed entwined. I think we both began waking up about the same time and I finally sensed her moving slowly next to me. Her smooth skin on mine was erotic all by itself but she added to that by beginning a nice, long kiss and gently fondling my balls with one hand. I didn't think I would get hard again that fast, but I did. Her touch and her lips were at first exquisitely gentle and then her breathing changed and became huskier. At the same time her hand became more demanding and moved onto my cock, running the full length of it and then back down to its base. In a second she shifted as if to sit up and straddled me. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her perfectly sized pussy as she sank down on me, completely engulfing me. I was in heaven. I also now have two lovely breasts suspended in front of my mouth, begging to be sucked. I can think of no better way to come fully awake in the morning. Her nipples are hard, like they were yesterday outside when I first got to see them. I thought it might be from the cool air then but there was no cool air now. Just her desire to make love to me and that's just what we were doing. I enjoyed knowing that I could do that to her. Of course, looking at how hard she had made my cock meant that she had done the same thing to me. Watching me disappear into her, and watching the expression on her face when that happened was just wonderful. I began to lick and suck those nipples suspended in front of me and got to listen to her moan. Nibbling on those nipples with my teeth made her moan louder so I continued doing that. I could soon begin to feel her stiffen up and I knew she was going to cum. I stopped nibbling so I could use my mouth on her mouth, so we could be kissing when she came. I didn't leave the nipples unattended, though. My hands also enjoy playing with them and the ample breasts they are attached to. With my hands full of tit, my mouth full of tongue and Kim beginning to squeeze my cock with the muscles in her pussy I was unable to hold back any longer and let my balls pump my sperm deep into her. Her juices mixed so perfectly with mine and washed back out of her all over my cock, running over my balls, giving me the best morning bath imaginable. We had cum together again and now she lay on top of me, flattening those beautiful breasts into my chest and touching as much of her skin to as much of my skin as humanly possible. I love this feeling. I was now holding her ass cheeks with both hands, pulling her down onto me more than gravity alone was, just so I could feel her closer. I spoke quietly into her ear, above a whisper, but only just enough above so she could hear clearly, "Kim, I love you." I don't know what I expected her to do or to say when she heard those words from me. I was sure she had heard them many times before, sometimes truthfully and sometimes because a guy had thought that was the way into her pants. I already knew she wasn't that kind of girl. And I already knew I was in love with her. I meant those words and I guess she could sense that I did because she hugged me tighter and I could feel a few tears fall on my shoulder. No sobs, no convulsive boo-hooing, but tears of happiness. That nearly made me cry because I was so happy making her happy.

Getting out of bed was hard because I didn't want to break contact with Kim's body. I knew I only had so much time with her gentle touch, her smooth, warm skin, and her sweet kisses and I didn't want to waste a second of that time. But, we did want to go at least one other place and we did have to eat.

Kim fixed us some breakfast and we ate more quickly than a similar couple in a movie might. But, then, movie couples get to eat before they film and we had just spent many hours making love or resting after making love, or playing with each other before we made love again. We were hungry so we ate. And it was very good. Simple food, eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee, was what I wanted at that point and Kim can also cook, so I was in heaven again.

After taking care of being famished we slowed our eating a bit and began to talk some. We decided to ride for a while and see what there was to see. I had one place in mind that she had told me about that I wanted to see and I really wanted to see her at it. She had probably forgotten about it because it had been a while since we talked about it, but I hoped I could figure out how to get there without alerting her to the fact that that is where I wanted to go.

We drove along country roads for a while, just taking in the scenery. I thought it was all just beautiful, but Kim wasn't overly impressed because she saw it all the time. I was torn between the beauty outside the windows and the one sitting next to me in the center of the seat, running her hand gently up and down my leg. This was beginning to drive me crazy and she intended that. She knew what it would do to me and it soon did. I have no control over my cock when a beautiful woman begins to play with it, even with clothing in the way. She was making me hard, she knew that, and she was enjoying it. I can't say I wasn't enjoying it, it's just that I had no control of the situation. I was driving and had to concentrate on the road, while she had the luxury of not having to pay attention to anything except trying to distract me. Kim could probably have distracted me from driving simply by being there. Whether or not she talked she would have been a distraction to me. After all, I knew what it was like to make love to her, I knew what it was like to have her reach down, take hold of my cock, and guide it into her soaked pussy with that same hand she was now teasing me with. I couldn't have prevented my cock from getting hard if I wanted to. And, of course, I didn't want to. I like knowing my cock gets hard when Kim touches it, or looks at it, or pretty much does anything with it or to it. She does that to me and I love it. I don't have to have her pussy in front of me to remember what it looks like. I don't have to have her juices running down my chin to remember what she tastes like, and I don't have to be deep inside her to remember what it feels like to be enclosed by her warm, wet pussy. Nor to be able to see the look on her face as she gets close, knowing that when she stiffens and squeezes down on me that I'm going to cum and cum hard, filling her with my seed. No, just remembering what that is like with Kim makes me hard. And she does it to me all the time. So now it became more urgent that I find the place I hoped was just a little further down the road.

Being the lucky guy that I am the place I was looking for was not far. I turned off the road onto dirt road that obviously wasn't used very often. That was good. The last thing I wanted was company. I didn't think Kim was into exhibitionism and I wasn't ready to share her with anybody, so we needed to be alone. As the road wandered on we quickly left the sight of anyone on the main road. It wasn't far and the grove of trees loomed ahead, making me smile because I knew it was a lovely place that she would like. I pulled in amongst the trees, keeping the car hidden even from the little path we'd just come in on. I stopped and we both got out of the driver's side of the car. My arms were around her instantly and she hopped up, catching me around the waist with her legs and pulling herself tightly to me. If we had been naked she would have impaled herself on my cock, but we hadn't gotten there yet. I kissed her, holding her tight, probing with my tongue and having the probes returned by hers. I loved sword fighting with her tongue and she loved it, too, because it always leads to something even better.

I walked carefully away from the car balancing her on the front of me. I was headed about 100 yards away, to the gently sloping bank of a stream that had clear, clean water in it and a nice group of rocks jutting out of the water that we could sit or perhaps lay on. I'd managed to pick up a blanket out of the car because I didn't want her sweet ass to have to be on the bare ground when we got where I was taking us. At the edge of the water she saw where we were and loosened her grip enough to drop down off of me, but she was kissing me again and she didn't let that drop. I do love how this girl kisses....constantly, thoroughly, and completely. We spread the blanket on the ground and she immediately began unbuttoning her top. Since she was braless for me, it wasn't long before her luscious breasts were again in view. She looked at me and smiled, then asked if I was not going to join her. I was always ready to join her so I began stripping as well. It appeared the blanket was going to be for our clothing and not for us. As soon as the last article of clothing hit the blanket she took my hand and led me onto the rocks. We walked out to the middle of the stream where there was a flat rock about the size of a kitchen table and she stopped, kissed me, and jumped off the rock into the water right next to it. She told me to come over to the edge and sit down, but not to get in with her. As soon as I did as she asked, I found myself gazing at the top of her head, seeing the head of my cock disappearing into her mouth. That feeling, there in the stream, of her beginning to suck me gently was absolutely marvelous. I leaned back to enjoy her excellent oral skills and felt her hand cup my balls, again gently, while she began to suck more vigorously. I didn't think it was possible, but I swear my cock grew as she ministered to it as I've never been treated before. I was afraid I would cum in her mouth very quickly, but she obviously could feel where I was and squeezed my balls ever so gently, but firmly enough that I could back down away from my orgasm. She smiled when she knew she was successful.

I could only take so much of that, regardless of how good she was, so I asked her to switch places. She ver slowly pulled her mouth off of my dick, tickling its slit with her tongue at the last, and pulled me into the water. I helped her hop up on the rock and sit where I had been sitting. Her pussy was wet with stream water, but soon the glistening was all hers. I had walked my tongue down one leg and into her sweet slot, tasting her yet again, knowing it was her, even if I had been blind. She leaned back as I had done and I licked her labia until they were fully engorged. I licked as deeply into her as my tongue would go and then up, stopping to swirl my tongue on her clit, making her moan. I love that sound coming from her. I could feel her legs stiffen and sucked her clit over the edge. I love her taste when she cums in my mouth. But that was only her first. I climbed out carefully, not wanting to rub the cock she had made huge against the rock, and she shifted to the middle of the rock. I crawled between her beautiful, smooth thighs, as I have before, but this time it was even more special. I kissed her very gently and my cock found its home. She was so wet, so ready for me, so eager for us to make love on this rock in the middle of a stream. I sank in to the hilt, and I heard her catch her breath. She knows how to make me feel wonderful about making love to her. What we have is not just sex, but wonderful love. Inside her, with the water flowing around us, the sun shining on us, was absolutely the place to be. I think I could have stayed there forever, except Kim wanted something from me and slowly began to move her hips into me and then away. I cannot resist her when she starts that and I had to go with her rhythm. Soon, I was lifting nearly out and plunging back inside and she was getter closer to her edge as well. I love watching her face as she cums, watching the pleasure roll over her and it makes me feel great knowing I'm giving her that pleasure. But the price for that is not being able to hold back when she cums with my cock inside her and this time was no different. I began to erupt deep inside her and she pulled me in deeper. My balls pumped and pumped and pumped, emptying in her soft warm cavern and draining the hardness out of my cock at the same time. But, I can still kiss her while my shrinking cock slips quietly out of her. And I do....

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