tagRomanceVisiting Kitty

Visiting Kitty


This adventure is set in my current world and life. It flows as a natural progression of what I desire for myself.

It is categorized in "romance" because this is less about true BDSM and more about the uniquely sensual D/s relationship that I have with Daddy.

Everything that happens is available to happen if nothing in life changed from the way it exists right now. Practical Creativity.


..incoming text..

J: Are you free tonight?

Me: Yes

J: Will you be home by 7?

Me: Yes

J: Then you'll have an hour to ready yourself before I arrive at 8.

Me: Yes, Sir.

J: Wear something red and your leg warmers. No bra. I want to see your nipples through your shirt when I get there.

Me: Yes, Sir.

J: See you at 8.

+ + +

I get in from work at a luxury store Beverly Hills at 6:45pm. I put down my backpack and change out of my suit, hanging up each piece of the slim, well tailored black garments in my large closet. I open my dresser drawer to find our favorite short red dress. It is American Apparel, just a short thin cotton dress with spaghetti straps. You love to see my butt and legs in it and I love when you slowly slip down the straps over my shoulders, one at a time, teasing me.

My body is freshly shaved from yesterday's marathon session and it is easy for me to just hop in the shower to wash away the day and clean my pussy and ass. As I turn on the water, I remember I will need to clean inside my ass so I take to the toilet and make sure the area is clear. While I am on the toilet, I let the shower water warm up and get hot. Stepping into the tub, I luxuriate in the feeling of the warm water on my naked body. I know that You would love to see me right now.

When I am thoroughly scrubbed, I turn off the water and pat myself dry with a fuzzy green towel. I check my phone which reads 7:20pm. In the remaining 40 minutes before you arrive I blow dry my hair and apply light make up. It is easy to get distracted by my naked form in the mirror but I stay focused and get it all done. I stay nude until just before doing my makeup. I throw on the dress and leg warmers and I am just putting on the last strokes of mascara when I hear a gentle tap at the door. You are here!

You have a set of keys so the knock is a signal to get in position, not a request to be let in. I run lightly over to the place you'll be expecting me and I take your favorite submissive posture. I am in a seated position, with my right leg bent at the knee and folded towards my left side like "pidgeon" pose in my yoga classes. My left leg is bent and tucked behind me. My palms face up, resting on my thighs and my gaze is just above the floor. It is part of our ritual of greeting and acknowledging each other's private selves.

The door opens and you walk in, handsome and well dressed as always. You say "Hello dear," and "You look lovely. Come and say hello." So I crawl over to your feet and lean down to give your feet a kiss. When I bend like that you can see my ass and you give it a pat. Your hand brushes by my soft pussy which sends a light shockwave through my body.

I sit back and wait for your cue to rise to my knees. The gesture is subtle, just a flick of the hand. When I see it, I immediately rise and place my face turned sideways near your crotch. You hold my head tenderly, stroking my soft hair as you press my face into your semi hard cock. I can feel it begin to take on more heat and size as I press into it and this ritual succeeds yet again in revving me up sexually as I easily fantasize about your warm cock inside my hungry, willing mouth.

Our greeting ritual complete, you grab a nipple lightly and pull me upwards. I stand and you look approvingly at my hard nipples poking through my cotton dress. As I make eye contact for the first time, you lean in and give me a big kiss. Still holding my nipple, you pinch it slightly, eliciting a moan from me. I am clay in your hands.

That night we have a quick dinner of eggs, vegetables and rice. I have asked to sit and eat on the floor by your feet, and you agree but on the condition that I eat with my mouth only. I'm not allowed to use my hands and I must be careful not to spill any food on the floor and waste it. As much as you like my company in a traditional table setting, you like it when I eat on the floor because we arrange the plate so that when I'm sitting up I can put my head in your lap but when I lean over to take a bite you can see my pussy and ass, pussy moist with arousal. We eat slowly, talking and laughing about our days. A couple of times during the meal you give me a soft kick on my butt. Like a mallet softly striking a drum, the sensation sends a huge wave of love vibrations through my body.

After dinner we decide to watch an episode of House of Cards. I sit in your lap and you hold me tight with one arm. The other is supporting me from below, two fingers deep into my pussy. You decide I've been a good girl deserving of a reward, so when the episode is over you command me to get on my knees. I'm more than happy to oblige because I know what usually happens next and I'm not wrong this time either. This is a special treat, though, so once I am out of your lap and ready on my knees, you direct me to crawl, slowly, in a slave crawl, over to the bedside table. I didn't notice it, but earlier in the night you had slipped a present into the drawer where I keep my vibrator. When I open the drawer, I am pleasantly shocked to see a large, thick, flesh colored dildo. You instruct me to pick it up in my mouth and bring it over to you by crawling kitty style. You send me back over to the drawer to get my vibrator and I bring it to you the same as I did the dildo. I happily deposit the vibrator into your lap and my "tail" nearly wags when you ask me to take forearms and knees to ground. You put the dildo upright on the floor near my face and tell me to wet it with my tongue while you finger my juicy pussy and prepare her for the big dildo about to go in. I am vibrating with excitement.

You tell me to take the whole dildo in my mouth and you enjoy seeing me take as much in as I can. It reminds you of being buried to the hilt in my throat and you get anxious to be there once more so you take the dildo right from out of my mouth and in one smooth motion insert it gradually into my tight pussy. I am beside myself already when you pull out a short rope from your bag and tie a quick harness around my pelvis to hold the dildo in place.

While you're tying the harness, you tell me to start describing your cock and I let loose a flood of words, their intensity magnified by the lust I feel for your cock and the desire I have to feel it inside my mouth. Hearing me describe you in such ways warms your heart and a smile works its way onto your expressive features.

To test if I am horny enough to earn your cock, you insert a finger into my pussy around the dildo to slicken it with my wetness, then you look me in the eye while putting your finger in my mouth. My jaw opens wide and you slip that finger all the way to the back of my relaxed throat and press down on my tongue, opening my mouth even wider. "Do you like having two holes filled with cock, little one?" you ask and I nod yes, keeping eye contact. "Then on your knees, perfect kitty."

You unbuckle your belt and pull out a hard erection. I flick my tongue in horny anticipation but you are more patient than I. "Close your eyes and keep your mouth open wide," you command. I obey, my pussy now throbbing around the dildo inside. You step near my face and reach for my cheek near my jawline, acquainting physically with this imminent fuck-hole. You have such a love and respect for me and it shows most of all in these moments where I am completely exposed for my sexual nature. I love being vulnerable with you - my protector, my love, my King.

You lightly slap my cheeks and again finger my mouth, this time with three fingers and then four. I love feeling your hands stretch and relax my throat cavity and I can feel another wave of hot lust flush through my body.

You remove your fingers and wipe the saliva on them onto my left cheek . Then you stand up straight, caress my open lips with your cock and get a moan out of me when the sensitive skin of my face feels the electric contact of your warm monument. You continue to rub your powerful manhood up and around my cheeks and eyes and chin then remind me to keep my lips open no matter what. "Tongue out," you say , and I do so immediately.

You lean down and give me my favorite reward - you spit into my mouth. Despite how much I want to move my tongue around and savor your saliva, I am an obedient kitty, so I don't move or go to swallow. Happy with me, you slide the underside of your hot cock on my outstretched tongue, tap it up and down and run it along the insides of my lips, teasing me and taking pleasure from the sensations and my obedience.

Just as I feel "right" being submissive and responding to your command, you are exhilarated by my willingness to conform to you and you love to see me doing so well, being so obedient. You know that you control our experience and that you can count on me to bring my compliance and positive nature to enrich your ideas.

I am staying very still, though inside I am burning up with desire for you. You put your cock in my mouth a quarter of the way in and push it into my cheek before snapping it to the side and making that little popping noise. I love when you play with me. You tease around and inside my mouth for another few moments and then you tell me to open my eyes and make love to your cock. I have been patient for so long that I am visibly relieved to hear your words. I spring into action, taking as much of you in my mouth as I can, stroking what I can't with my right hand and applying gentle pressure to your prostate, holding your balls with my left.

My pussy is gushing as I grind around on the dildo and work your cock carefully. My whole body moves with the effort and the pleasure. You put your fingers in my hair and grab hold of the back of my head. A moment later you hand me the vibrator and tell me to start it on slow. You pinch my nipple and caress each breast before holding my head again.

Now you are thrusting inside my mouth shaft and I am grinding myself in ecstasy to your beat. You allow me to turn the vibrator up to medium and I am close to cumming, moaning with pleasure each time you hit the back of my throat. "Wait for me," you say, forbidding me from climaxing. Then you work your way towards your orgasm with your rhythm, my mouth and hands.

I look up at you as your cock slides in and out of my mouth. I have a moment of distraction where I think about my boss seeing me like this, or the public knowing I am so in love with your cock and pleasing you so openly, and then you hit the back of my throat again and I am brought back to my reality. I trust myself to know who I am and I'm not ashamed. I LOVE giving you oral pleasure and you confirm that when I smile up to you, my big eyes twinkling, your long cock buried deep in my mouth. I moan softly, almost in a whimper. I am edging for ten minutes while you take your time fucking my face.

You take short breaks to let me take over, varying the pace and depth of sucking and stroking. Finally you feel the time to release so you slow your strokes and enter me deeply, taking a strong rhythm.

You growl you're about to cum so I release, experiencing my first wave of euphoria with a loud low moan as you hit the back of my throat and hold your cock there. The second and third come as your seed pulses into my belly, far enough back in my throat that there is no need to swallow.

Rejoicing in pleasure, I let your waves of cum paint my insides and once you've calmed, I let the vibrator run while I suck and stroke every last drop of cum from your beautiful cock. When satisfied, I press ever farther forward on your cock and deep throat it to the hilt as it softens and my orgasm dies down. Flush with desire, I am literally sad when you pull out of my mouth. You caress my face, pinch my nipple and take a seat on the chair. I manage to turn off the vibrator though I am dreamily still on my knees, content and floating on endorphins.

You need to unwind for a bit so you have me go to the kitchen and pour you a glass of wine, then get on your lap in cowgirl position, straddling you. You push me forward to see that wet pussy with a dildo still inside. Knowing it will increase my lust to be ignored for a little while, you go open up your laptop and check facebook while I rest patiently, still floating from our experience. I am rewarded with your caresses and spanks and can't help but start to grind sexily on your lap, trying to distract you from the website.

You spank me once, harder than before, and tell me I'm being naughty. "Naughty girls get dry fingers in their asses," you say, inserting your middle finger an inch into my asshole.

"I'll be good, Sir!" I say quickly, jarred from the sensation.

"Good enough to earn a cock in that perfect ass, little lady? Show me..."

All I thought was, "I love my life."


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