tagErotic CouplingsVisiting Me in My Office

Visiting Me in My Office


This story was written by two people (my cyber lover and I) living half a world apart over period of few days, several years ago. Each of us wrote little bit then the other continued and so forth. I have lost contact with her now and I miss her immensely.

Unfortunately, it was written in other language than English (our native language) and I find it really hard translating it to proper English. So please excuse me if it is not always 100%.


I am entering large room full of sun. The room is furnished in rather sober, but effective and modern way. Lady sitting behind big writing desks nods only and by pressing button on the desks announces you that I am here. She smiles and tells me to enter your room. I am opening massive, soundproof door and entering.

Now I am in your office. It is large and very nicely furnished. I see simple furniture in the style of Art Deco in perfect harmony with modern computing technology. I stop in the middle of the room. You sit behind the desk, slightly sideways towards me. "Sit down please, I won't be long." Perhaps you did not even notice me. You do not pay me any attention and concentrate on things on huge LCD monitor in front of you. I am sitting down in comfortable armchair. Sitting against tall windows covered with partly closed vertical blinds, my body is covered in strips of light and shade. The light does not bother my eyes that my whole face is covered by black veil attached to elegant black hat. Putting my handbag next to my feet in black stilettos, I cross my legs comfortably. Your inattentiveness lasts some time by now and I am becoming lightly drugged by the play of light and shade on my body.

I am making myself even more comfortable, sliding deeper into the armchair, my head resting on the back of the armchair. I am slowly unbuttoning my tailored black jacket. After a while, my skin is covered only in the red satin of my corset that tightly holds my breasts, tummy and hips. I notice movement from your desk. You turn your head towards me and want to say something. Your mouth dries out and you just stare at me. That encourages me. I sink even more into the armchair and pull my tight skirt with longs slit on side higher, offering you glimpse of lacy garter holding my black stockings covering my firm tights and slim calves.

I lift my right leg and slowly move it on top of your desk. Then I do the same with the left leg and end sitting against you with my legs wide apart. There is just your desk between the two of us now. Without a move, you measure me with your sight. I can hear your breath. Your body trembles slightly, but otherwise you look absolutely untouched. But your hands squeezing handles of your comfortable chair are giving you out. Slowly, my palms are starting to move from my neck down. Very slowly, I move them towards my breasts, my nipples hardening under the tight grip of corset. I stop on my belly, hook fingers behind my skirt, skilfully open it and take it off my body. Now I am lightly stroking my hips and then run my red fingernails over exposed part of skin on my thighs. My mouth opens just a bit and my tongue waters my perfect lips. I wear bright red lipstick. My lips are soft, velvet like, vulgar and asking to be kissed. All the time, I am watching you through the veil. You can see only shine of my eyes. I am mesmerising you with my eyes like an asp paralysing its victim. I know I have full control over you.

My fingers are resting in between my legs, softly touching soft fabric covering entrance to my already wet love tunnel. Pulling the fabric to one side, I let you see what my own touches do to my body. My fingers are immediately wet from juices flowing from my freshly shaved pussy. Suddenly, you stand up and slowly walk around the desk towards me. Your hands reach my face and ever slowly, you lift my veil to have a look at my face. Your fingers pat my face and a tip of your thumb glides over my lips. The red lipstick sticks on your thumb.


Even though that the purpose of your visit is clear to me from the very first moment and big bulge on my perfectly tailored pants shows that, I make few steps back from you and with pretence of professionalism, I ask you "what can I do for you, Madam?" However, I am not waiting for you answer and am returning back to you. My right hand takes your chin, and bending your head backwards, my lips are nearing yours. Suddenly, our lips are locked in passionate kiss, our tongues exploring each other's mouth. My left hands weights your perfect, pear shaped breasts. Without hesitation, my hand slides under the fabric of the corset and I take your nipple between my fingers and rub it a little bit. Your tongue darts into my mouth in response to my stimulation. My right hand leaves your chin and not long after I feel wetness of your panties. I slowly and gently rub your pussy through the fabric, knowing that this type of stimulation makes you even hornier. I can feel your pussy opening and asking for more attention.

In the meantime, your hands skilfully undo my tie and my shirty is forcefully open, buttons flowing all over the room. Your bloodlike red fingers scratch my chest, leaving red marks. Knowing how sensitive my own nipples are, you take one between fingers and squeeze and pull on it. My moan is lost in our never ending kiss. Our mouths are fighting between each other. You bite my lips, I bite yours, causing each other moments of painful pleasure followed by more of passionate kissing.

At the moment when your hands reach zipper of my pants and my painfully hard manhood, my own fingers touch your pussy directly for the first time. I cannot believe how wet you are. My fingers are tracing your pussy lips from bottom to the top, finding very hard and swollen clitoris. I take it between my fingers and gently stroke it. At the same moment, you pull my pants together with my jocks down to my knees and my suddenly free penis springs towards you. Drops of pre-cum appear immediately at the top of it. You take it to you hand and roughly stroke it two or three times. No, that would not work -- I would cum too soon. I pull from you and kneel in front of you.

Moving your lacy panties aside I plunge my mouth to your pussy to taste you for the first time. You taste fantastically and smell even better. The panties are in a way. With your help, I pull them off and throw them on the floor. Kneeling between your legs, your glistening pussy just in front of my eyes, I do not wait and start enjoying it. Kissing and licking between your tights just above your stockings, I am slowly moving towards your pussy, smelling that wonderful scent of horny woman. My tongue traces slowly each lip, and then I plunge it between them and lap that fantastic taste of your flowing juices. For a moment, I lift myself and with another passionate kiss let you to taste your own juices from my lips while my fingers are opening your pussy and stroking your clit.

Kneeling back between your legs, I am starting earnestly eating your snatch. Your hips are coming forward encouraging me to eat more and indicating growing passion in your body. Your tights are holding my head between your legs now and one hand is pushing me closer and closer. The other hand is searching for my nipples. I am taking your swollen clit between my lips, sucking it in and biting so gently. You moan, push against my mouth and your body trembles in coming orgasm. Your tights are crushing my head while I am fervently eating your cunt. Suddenly, for a brief moment, your tight grip eases and you explode in orgasm, again crushing my head with your tights. My mouth is flooded with juices and I hardly manage to swallow all of it. I know this is your first of many orgasms for today.

When your orgasm subdues a bit, I stand up, sitting on the edge of the desk between your wide open legs. My shirt is torn to pieces, my chest is adorned by several red marks. My pants and jocks tangled around my ankles prevent me from making faster moves. My dick is sticking in front of my body, pre-cum flowing out of it. I look at you and seeing your smile, I ask "what was it we were discussing, madam? What can I do for you? Or did you actually come to offer me your services?"


"Or did you come to offer me your services?" I repeat after you scornfully. "Services? Oh no, but perhaps earnings from investment, mister director," I continue sternly. You continue standing in front of me provocatively with your pride standing hard and high, dripping with pre-cum. I lift my leg and push the heel of my stilettos to your groin. Your lips make grimace and then you say, "I deal with my investment as I want, not as someone else wants..." With that you take me gently but strongly, lift me from the armchair and sit me on the desk. Leaning back I support myself on my elbows. I am teasing you by pulling from you and squeezing my legs together. You take me under my knees and forcefully open my legs again and at the same moment pull me back to the edge of the desk towards your hips and your hard dick.

My hands impulsively clean all the papers from your desk, letting them to fall on the floor all around it. You take my buttocks, lift me up and then lower me on your hard cock. One of my legs is now around your waist, the other on your shoulder. You start moving inside of my pussy. Slowly first, but moans of my pleasure encourage you to fuck me harder and faster. I am laying in front of you, my hands on the desk my long hair falling down on the other side of the desk. The desk shakes with each of your thrusts and I am starting to scream in building pleasure. I am lifting myself a bit, supporting myself with my hands. My feet hooked behind your back I am helping you to fuck me even harder. You are pulling my nipples and playing with my breasts. One of my hands finds your full balls and squeezes them.

With that, you make one last full stroke and I feel stream after stream of your cum filling my pussy. You have had so much for me that it is overflowing, gushing out on my tights and belly. I collect it with my fingers and spread it all over my breasts. Then I move one finger to your mouth and let you taste it. Stream of sweat is flowing down your face. You relax a bit after the orgasm and your dick slips out of my cunt. I push you back and you sit down into the armchair. I am straddling you now, sliding myself from your knees towards your still nearly fully erect dick. My cunt is longing for more. I take you to my mouth for a moment to help you gain back your full hardness.


You do not have to do much to get me back to full readiness. This time my hips are moving forwards you, pushing deep into your mouth. Closing my eyes, I am enjoying the feeling of your lips on my hard dick. As only you can do, you deep throat me and it doesn't take long for me to be moaning again. Your hands are massaging my balls while your mouth and tongue pleasure my dick. Bringing me skilfully on the edge of another orgasm, you leave me suddenly.

I moan disappointingly. It does not take long though, and my dick again completely disappears in your mouth, the tip deep in your throat. I wonder how you actually can take me so deep. I am sure that I would be gagging should I have something that long and thick in my mouth. I am stroking your hair with one of my hand while the other one searches for your breast. Your breasts, released from the hold of corset now, are bouncing from your chest and are hitting my thighs with each move of your mouth up and down on my dick. I am massaging your breast, giving particular attention to your nipple, squeezing and pulling it rather harshly, but it seems you do not mind that. You are starting to moan again too and I can feel another orgasm building in my loins. You do not stop this time and I start gushing into your mouth. You try to swallow it all, but it is too much and some of it flows on my balls and then on the black leather of the chair.

You won't let my dick to get soft. Your tongue is licking the head and you try to stick the tip into the opening. Your fingers are massaging my shaft and balls and I am in no time hard as a rock again. Your mouth leaves my dick and in a moment, you are sitting on me, my dick deep in your cunt. Your cunt swallows my dick completely and you start riding on it. I take one of the nipples into my mouth, first just sucking on it, later biting it firmly, and increasing your pleasure. My hands under your buttocks are helping you riding on my hard pole. My fingers are reaching your pink pucker circling around for a moment. Your moans indicate that you do not mind me paying attention to this part of your body, so I straighten one of my fingers. With your next move down on my dick, finger enters your anus. It enters it without any resistance and with each your thrust on my dick is entering your asshole deeper and deeper.

You are riding on me in systematic, slow and deep rhythm, always nearly letting my dick slip out of your cunt and then swallowing it completely again. Suddenly you start struggling for your breath and start shuddering in another huge orgasm. Your long fingernails dig deep into my back and then scratch it painfully. Then you stop, moving slightly up and down, my dick deep in your cunt, my finger deep in your ass. You are just shuddering, moaning and screaming with orgasm, your pussy muscles squeezing my dick like a vice. If I did not cum twice already, I am sure I would fill you again. However, I can hold myself for now and save more cum for later. Perhaps for your ass... You start coming back from your orgasm. We kiss passionately and then look at each other...

"How about something to drink and eat? Or do we continue and fill the last hole with my hot spunk?"


You can see how tired I am from previous orgasms and that I would not enjoy it as much as I could right now. You stand up and walk towards large cabinet in the wall, opening bar and fridge. As if you knew, you have there everything that we need. You pull out bottle of red wine and some food. We move to the comfortable sofa and armchairs around coffee table and big LCD TV in the corner of the room. We sit opposite each other. I do not do anything. You make food for me and feed me. You take cold cherries from the container and teasingly put them on a tip of my tongue. But before that, you lick them. You pour bit of wine to the glass, but do not hand it to me. You drink deeply and then let me drink from your own mouth. Little bit escapes our mouths and stream of dark red wine flows on my neck, my chest, and breasts and slowly towards my snatch.

That gives you an idea. Slowly you put the bottle between my collarbones and let stream of wine flow down by body. The cold wine feels very nice on my hot skin. You look at my hard nipples that start to harden even more and are getting darker. You bend and start playing with my breasts with your hands, mouth, teeth and your tongue. It is hard to resist the new wave of coming pleasure. To help, my fingers find my wine soaked pussy and start playing with my clitoris. My head falls back on the backrest of the sofa.

You notice my hand and laughing say, "if you can take my thick dick, I am sure you can take this too..." I feel something cold, thick and rather rough touching my pussy lips. Opening my eyes and bending my head to see, the surprise discovery makes me smile. Yes, I love to eat corncobs, but I have never had it in my pussy. You are slowly pushing it past my lips inside my love canal causing me more pleasure. You are slowly fucking me with it and I am feeling another orgasm building in my body. I am writhing and squirming with pleasure. "Take it out and fuck me with that fat dick, please. I want it there."

You do not wait any more and I feel warmth of your hard dick in the opening immediately. I pull you by the hips and at the same moment push my own hips towards yours. In one movement, your dick is buried deep inside my cunt and I am not going to let it out soon. Just few more deep thrusts and I start feeling big spasm deep inside my body. I bite your hand that has been close to my face. My body is shuddering and completely spent I collapse underneath of you. Breathing deeply, I try to recover and relax in your lap. My eyes catch the large TV screen across from us. On it, I can see the two of us, now holding each other tightly. You take the remote control, hit rewind and shortly afterwards you press PLAY button again. "Sit down please, I won't be long." I nearly faint. STOP.


"How dare. This is bit too much," you pretend being upset looking at the screen where I am just starting eating your pussy.

"Didn't you say you would like to have your own TV show? So, I have just given you your first acting lesson. And to avoid any shyness, I have rather not told you anything... I hope you are not upset?" I answer your question apologetically. At the same moment we hear voice of my secretary from the intercom.

"Sir, I know you said no one can disturb you, but I have the minister on the phone and he wants to talk to you urgently..."

"OK, I will take the call," I say and with sad smile walk to my desk. Siting in my chair, I lift the headset and for a while just listen. Then I start talking too.

"Yes minister. All is going according to plans. Actually, right now, the CEO of the company is in my office and we were in the middle of negotiations when your call came through. I think their proposal is good and I think we can reach mutually beneficial agreement in the next few days," you hear me answering.

I am concentrating on the discussion and trying not to get too much disturbed by your body and what you are doing. Suddenly I feel your warm mouth on my now soft dick and hear you whispering something about neglecting you. I put my finger on your mouth, asking you to be quiet. I continue in the discussion while you are quickly and skilfully waking up my dick again. I am starting to have problem keeping my voice composed. You pull me by legs and I slouch in the chair. Then I feel that you take my left ball into your mouth and are sucking on it. I let moan out, luckily I manage to cover the microphone fast enough. I say something to the minister few more times. Then you suddenly start licking around my anus and I nearly ejaculate... Luckily enough, the call is over. I put the receiver back into the cradle and being upset, bark at you "fucking bitch. This could cost me my job? Do you think it was good idea giving me blowjob while speaking to the minister?" and slap you firmly across your face.

"And what do you think? Is it fair to leave horny, show me that you have recorded all of that and then you go and talk to minister?" you appear from under the desk and holding me by my dick and balls are pulling me towards the sofa. Then you suddenly bend over the backrest of the sofa, stick your bum in front of you, spread your cheeks apart and yell, "Come on. I cannot wait any more. Fuck my ass now!"

I take generous load of juices from your pussy and lube your asshole with it. Then I push the head of my hard dick against it and ask you. "Are you really ready for this fat dick in your ass?" You just mumble something and I notice your hand in your cunt. I take it as yes and with one push burry my dick completely in your tight asshole. You yelp with surprise, pain and pleasure at the same moment. But if I try to take it out, you move against and try to get it even deeper. I start pumping your ass. You leave your cunt and hold me by my balls. I roughly take one breast and squeeze your nipple hard. It does not take long for both of us to reach orgasm. I fill your last hole with my hot load and fall on you exhausted.

When we recover little bit, I notice that video is still in play mode, replaying previous scenes. "Madam, we will have to re-take this scene, there was problem with recording equipment," I laughingly suggest.

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