Visiting Niece Ch. 01


She had moved her hands up and cupped her breasts from underneath. She brought them forward to her nipples which she squeezed making them grow hard. "See, this is how it looked for the photos that didn't make it into the web site. I like it when my nipples get hard, it feels so good. What do you think Uncle Pete?"

I didn't know what to say, I thought I wanted to jump up and grab my niece and fuck her right then and there, but of course I didn't say that. "I think you're very beautiful but maybe this is not so appropriate for an uncle and niece." Wow, I even impressed myself actually saying the right thing.

Rebecca acted like she didn't even hear my comment. She just stood there and said, "Here, I will give you a few poses, you can tell me which one you like the best." She turned sideways to me, and arched her back as far as she could while pushing her ass back, she then brought her arms up over her head and arched them back also. You can imagine the effect this has on her young firm tits as they where pushed out in front of her giving me a perfect profile. She held that for about 30 seconds as she turned and looked at me smiling. "That's one" she said.

Next, facing the same way, she bent over at the hips, keeping her legs perfectly straight, but still arching her back so her head was higher than her ass. The material of the baby doll draped down of course masking the shape of her body, however her tits were still prominent. She sensed this and brought her hands up under her tits which pulled the material tight against the hanging flesh. I could see one of her breasts perfectly, including the hard nipple and the dark circles of her aureoles. "That's number two" she piped as she stood and turned away from me.

This time she stood with her feet apart, maybe 15 inches or so. She turned her head smiling at me, looking over her left shoulder. She brought her left hand down and placed it on her ass cheek and pulled the material up far enough to expose one cheek of her ass in it's entirety. I could now see the thin piece of thong material as it went along the crack. You could see a slight darkening of the skin around her butt hole where that white material passed over it to quickly disappear between her spread thighs. "And that's number three. Which is your favorite Uncle Pete? I know they're a bit hotter than the ones on-line but it's not like anyone but you will ever see them."

She had turned to face me full on. Her feet were still apart, which looked really hot in the high heeled slippers she was wearing and her hands where on her hips, which pulled the negligee material up even more, enough so I could get a good look at the bottom of her pussy mound, covered by a thin piece of white silk. "Okay, now you have to judge Uncle, which pose was the best?"

I sat there not knowing what to say, or what would be remotely appropriate. My cock was hurting it was so fucking hard, and if my belt wasn't in the way I'm sure it would be peeking out the top of my pants.

"They were all great," I finally said, "but I'm still not sure if this is very appropriate" My male instinct was to grab her and fuck her hard, but my uncle instinct was still in play, surprisingly.

"Don't be silly Uncle Pete, I don't think this in inappropriate at all, it's not like we are strangers after all". She replied as if modeling sexy lingerie for you uncle was perfectly normal. "I think this wine has started to go to my head anyway, maybe I should go and get some sleep". She turned to leave and then remembered and came back and bent over me to give me a kiss goodnight. I couldn't help but look down the front of the negligee and gaze at her well formed tits capped by those hard dark brown aureola and nipples.

I felt her lips on my cheek as she said goodnight. She stood and strolled out of the room, her ass moving back and forth in a most inviting manner. I heard the door to her room close and after a few minutes of noises in the bathroom and such, there was finally silence. My head was spinning and my cock was aching. I got up and closed the door to my den and went back to my computer while I loosened my belt and pulled my zipper down. As I sat I reached in and pulled my hard cock out through the opening in my boxers and gave it a much needed squeeze.

It felt so good to feel my hard cock in my hand as I jacked it slowly trying to decide if my niece was just too innocent for her own good, or just being a cock tease. At the moment it didn't really matter though. I reached over and started moving the mouse around and clicking through all the pictures of my niece plus some of the other models. Although I left the monitor showing one of her full on bra shots, my mind kept falling back to her cupping her tits and stimulating her nipples to hardness right in front of my eyes. It really didn't take long for me to blow a powerful load of come all over my desk and shirt and hand. Finally relief from the tension that had been building from the moment I had first seen her at the airport.

I sat back in my office chair and replayed the events of the day. I had never expected that within 18 hours of waking up I would be sitting here with the mixed emotions of feeling guilty about just jacking off to images of my niece while thinking about what the next three months would bring and if I would get to fulfill the undeniable urge to fuck her brains out. I couldn't help but think that her plan was to seduce me all along even though I was older and her uncle. However, by the time I cleaned up my mess and headed off to bed, I had pretty much convinced myself that my niece's actions were the direct result of the wine I had served her.

I tossed and turned all night wondering what this all meant and what would happen next. Every time I thought about my niece dressed the way she was in the negligee my cock would get stiff and I would rub it of course. This would make me feel guilty at the same time because of the moral conflict I found myself in. I kept thinking about what would happen tomorrow and how I would deal with my niece if she continued her advances. I eventually fell into a restless sleep where my dreams featured my sister telling me how secure she felt because she could trust me to take care of her precious daughter.

With the dream of my sister reenforcing my guilt I finally woke up, with my cock as hard as it was last night. I got up and hit the shower hoping to wash away my guilt, which it didn't. I wasn't really sure if I was looking forward to the rest of the day, or my nieces visit. It seemed like the classic conflict of a man's sexual drive versus his conscience. I wondered what the day would bring and which would win out, my cock or my brain.

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