tagFetishVisiting Sis Ch. 05

Visiting Sis Ch. 05


If you haven't read the first four chapters, please skim through them to set up this part of the story. I plan to make several additions to this story in the next few weeks. My relationship with Shannin gets stronger and my relationship with Stacy gets stranger. Please keep reading and provide feedback. Orion2012.

Saturday morning I woke up alone. I looked for Shannin in the bathroom and found it empty so I figured that she was already down in the kitchen with Stacy, sipping coffee and chatting; probably about me. I put on only a pair of running shorts and went down for a hot cup of coffee. The kitchen was empty and I found a note on the counter. The note, in Shannin's hand writing, stated that they went shopping and expected to return before lunch. Just below Shannin's note, Stacy had written, "If you feel like cleaning up your mess from last night, the bed sheets are in the dresser." She signed it with a smiley face.

I was somewhat embarrassed but thought about it for a minute and decided that I wasn't exactly sure what Stacy knew. Maybe Shannin figured out that I had fucked her while she was asleep, waking up this morning with my cum smeared all over her pussy and thighs and she told Stacy about the discovery or Stacy just heard the bed squeaking while Shannin and I fucked on the floor, thinking that we were on the bed. Either way, I felt it best to change the sheets and let it all play out when they return to the house later in the morning.

Upon walking back into the bedroom, I noticed that there were actually three dressers. I really hadn't counted them until now. I was not sure which dresser the bed sheets were in so I just started to look through the drawers of the one closest to the door. In the first dresser, I found mostly winter clothes. In the second dresser I found lingerie and spandex workout clothes. Out of curiosity, I snooped around the lingerie drawer a little bit, finding all kinds of sexy panty and bra sets, teddies and a few long gowns. Apparently, since she had lost all of her weight, Stacy had spent some serious cash on things that made her feel sexy. She had a body to be proud of and I would really like to see her wearing some of the items in that I found in the drawer.

At the bottom of the drawer, tucked under the teddies and long gowns, I found a couple of vibrators. They were both about six inches long and about an inch diameter. I recalled the night before when I was standing outside of her bedroom door, listening. I wondered what vibrator she had been using. It couldn't have been one of these unless she put it back while I was asleep. I closed the drawer and walked down to the guest room. I opened up the drawer of the bedside table and spotted the small pair of purple panties that she was wearing when we went to bed last evening. I picked them up and found another vibrator underneath. This vibrating toy was about seven inches long and about an inch thick.

My cock twitched a little when I realized that this vibrator was buried deep inside of her hot body just a few hours earlier. I wondered if she had a chance to wash it since last evening. I raised the plastic toy to my nose and sniffed. I could smell her scent. It was similar to Shannin's, only a little sweeter. Shannin had a pleasant, musky smell. I grabbed the panties and also put them to my nose. It was the same smell, only a little stronger. By now, my cock was at full attention.

I looked around the room, knowing they were going to be gone for a couple of more hours but I didn't want any unpleasant surprises. When I was satisfied that I was alone, I put the dildo up to my nose once more. I took another sniff then opened my mouth. I pushed the toy into my mouth and for the first time, tasted Stacy's pussy. The taste was similar to her smell, a little sweeter than Shannin's. It was pleasant and exciting. I knew that I would never turn down an opportunity to taste the real thing and if I ever got the chance, I'd be sure to make it last a long time.

Reluctantly, I put the vibrator back into the drawer and covered it with the panties, trying to make it look like I found it. I closed the drawer and went back to the bedroom to look for the bed sheets. As I passed the mirror, I noticed the nice tent my cock made under the nylon running shorts. I thought to myself that I needed a swim as soon as the sheets were changed. I made quick business of the sheets and in no time I was plunging head first into the cool clear water of the pool.

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