tagIncest/TabooVisiting Sis Ch. 10

Visiting Sis Ch. 10


Shannin went upstairs to shower as Stacy and I quickly worked around the pool area, putting things away for the evening. Stacy made an effort to stay close to me as we worked. She would bump into me as she walked by and she would step in front of me as I walked by. As I finished putting the chair pads back in the storage shed, I saw Stacy take the remaining drink glasses into the kitchen. I closed up the shed and headed into the house. Stacy was standing at the sink, washing the glasses. I could hear the water running upstairs as Shannin took her shower.

Stacy had shocked me earlier by grabbing my cock so I wanted to shock her. Maybe the Long Island Teas had gotten to me but I quietly walked up behind her, grabbed her hips and shoved my groin into her ass, pressing her body against the cabinet in front of the sink. She struggled for a brief moment but then relaxed in submission. I released my grip on her hips and cupped both of her tits as I ground my swollen cock against her bare cheeks. I leaned forward, kissed the back of her neck and softly whispered into her ear, "I found your toys while looking for bed sheets this morning. They looked pretty small. Are you sure you'd be able to handle a hard stiff cock as long and thick as mine?"

Stacy didn't resist she just relaxed a bit and I heard her say, "I'm not sure but I'd really love to try."

I thought for a moment then decided to push her a little more. I slipped my finger tips under her bikini top and covered both of her ample breasts with my warm hands. I felt her nipples harden as I kissed the back of her ear in the same manner that drives Shannin crazy. Again I whispered into her ear, saying, "I heard you using a vibrator last night after the movie. Did you cum?" She nodded her head. I continued, "Were you thinking of me?"

Stacy relaxed a little more, resting back against me and I heard her quietly say, "Yes."

To emphasize my next question, I ground my hard cock firmly against her ass and asked, "And later when you heard me shoving this hard cock deep into your sweet little sisters hot sexy body, were you plunging that tiny dildo into your own wet pussy wishing I was with you instead?" This time she didn't reply, she just quietly nodded her head.

I leaned back a little bit so that I wasn't pressing Stacy against the counter. I loosened my grip on her tits and lowered my arms. I kept one arm wrapped around her mid section pulling her body tight against mine. I was rock hard having felt her hot firm body against mine while hearing her reveal her secret fantasies. The top half of my engorged cock had slipped out of the confines of the tiny suit. Her firm warm naked cheeks felt amazing against my shaft as I slowly started to dry hump against the g-string of her thong.

I let my other hand slip down her flat sexy muscular stomach and paused at the top of her bikini bottoms. I pressed my finger against her hot firm skin and dipped my hand beneath the front panel. Her pussy felt hairless and smooth. She too must have gotten a wax job today. She took a deep breath as I pressed the palm of my hand against her pubic bone while my index finger delicately pressed against her hairless slit. I pushed my hand down a little further and stopped when I felt what I was looking for. The bottom of her pussy was soft, hot and absolutely dripping wet.

I hooked my finger around and pulled it up into her opening. She hissed as she inhaled through her clenched teeth. Her legs started to buckle and I held her tight against me. I pulled my finger out and then pushed it back in near the bottom of her slit. Stacy was wet enough that I could feel her juice drip down my finger. With my hand well lubricated with her juices, I slipped two fingers into her tight pussy. Stacy was breathing hard when I heard the water upstairs shut-off. I that knew we didn't have enough time to go any further.

I pulled my hand out of her bikini bottoms and lifted my fingers up toward her face. My hand passed her lips as she followed it over her shoulder to my waiting mouth. I put my wet juicy fingers into my mouth and closed my eyes. Her pussy tasted so sweet. I wanted to drop to my knees and go right for the source but knew it would be best to wait. I opened my eyes and looked directly at Stacy. I removed my fingers and said, "Mmm. Tastes just like the vibrator that I found in the table next to the bed in the guest room this morning. You know the one that you hid under those sexy purple panties you were wearing last night." Stacy's mouth dropped open. I just smiled, stepped back and left her standing there in the kitchen. As I walked up the stairs, I adjusted my package back into the small swimsuit.

Shannin was out of the shower and putting lotion on her sleek legs when I walked into the bedroom. She stepped up to me and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a deep passionate kiss. She asked how I liked my new swim suit. I explained that I really liked it but that it probably wouldn't be too appropriate in a public setting and she agreed, saying the same thing about hers. She gave me a quick kiss and asked me to turn around one more time for her.

When I got half way around she put her hands on my shoulders and she told me to stand still. I felt her hands rub up and down my bare ass cheeks. I felt her hot naked body press against mine as I stood there. Shannin moved around beside me and I felt her finger slip up and down the thin strap dividing my cheeks. She leaned forward and gently kissed me on the side of the face as she caressed my crack. Shannin put her mouth to my ear and whispered, "I got so hot putting my finger inside of you today. I was surprised to cum so quickly and so hard. I don't know what came over me. I've never done anything like that before."

I quietly confided in Shannin that I too enjoyed the new experience. I was suddenly overcome with an impulse to spin around, face her and finally confess my eternal love to her face, but before I could react she reached around and grabbed my stiff cock with one hand while pressing her finger against my tight little hole. I thought about stepping away and completing my thoughts of confessing my love but once again I hesitated. Besides, it's difficult to step away from a woman who's holding your manhood.

Shannin's hands were warm and soft from putting on the lotion. I closed my eyes to enjoy the nice hand job she was giving me when she once again put her hot little mouth up to my ear and said, "Can I jump back into the shower with you? It looks like I need to take care of this monster one more time before we go out." I just smiled and we both walked towards the bathroom.

Shannin started the water while I stepped out of my swim suit. She held the shower curtain back, motioning for me to enter first. I stepped up into the warm water as she stepped in behind me. I turned around and wrapped my arms around her soft body. Our kiss was hot and passionate. I felt her hands roam all over my body. I lowered my hands and gripped her ass cheeks, pulling her body tight against mine. I stopped kissing her, backed away and kissed her neck and down her chest to her delicious nipples. I dropped to my knees while I grabbed both boobs and pulled them together while kissing and sucking each tit.

Shannin put her fingers under my chin and lifted my face to get my attention. She said, "Don't get me wrong, I really love it when you suck my tits but we don't have very much time right now." She bent forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips then she backed off, looked me directly in the eyes and said, "I want to see what it feels like to have your hard delicious cock shoved up my ass." It was now my turn to be shocked.

Shannin handed me the body lotion. She turned around and told me to make sure that I used plenty. The water started to wash the lotion away so I turned the shower head towards the wall. I squeezed a generous portion of the lotion out into my hand and applied it to my stiff cock. I squeezed out some more into my hand and started to rub it up and down her ass crack. Shannin moaned as I started to press the tip of my index finger into her tight opening. She propped herself against he shower wall with one hand while she started to vigorously rub her pussy with the other. This was one of the most erotic scenes I had ever witnessed.

Shannin started to push back against my hand as my finger slowly slipped further and further into her rectum. Once my finger couldn't go in any further, I just held my hand in place, giving her a chance to get used to the feeling. Shannin started to rock back and forth against my hand. I took the opportunity to apply more lotion and also paused to insert the tip of another finger. She let out a louder gasp as the second tip cleared her muscle ring. Since I was standing beside her, I had a good profile view of her chest. I don't think I had ever seen Shannin's nipples so hard.

After a few minutes I thought that she seemed used to having two fingers buried deep in her backside, I asked if she was ready for the third finger. She moaned and nodded an affirmative. I applied more lotion to her crack and slid both fingers from her body. I cupped my fingers around and pressed all three against her ass hole. There was some hesitation at first but when she relaxed, her body quickly accepted three of my fingers.

I could see her other hand, massaging her mound as I played with her ass. Her pace was increasing and I knew that she would soon be cumming. With my free hand, I reached up and pinched one of her rock hard nipples. As soon as I applied some pressure, the flood gates opened up and she came violently. Shannin's body shook and convulsed while I had one hand partially in her ass and the other pinching her hard nipple. I did my best to hold her up while her body shook. Her ass had clamped down on my fingers as she came. I could hardly wait to feel this velvety smooth vice grip clamping down onto my cock.

After a few moments, Shannin slowly started to rock back and forth against my hand. Her breathing was still labored but she looked up at me and said, "Get behind me and push that beautiful hard cock into me before I pass out." When I pulled my fingers out of her ass, she said, "Wait one second." She reached outside of the shower and grabbed two small towels. She put one on the floor of the shower and handed the other to me. On very wobbly legs, she lowered herself to the floor of the tub and planted her knees on the towel. She bent forward and pressed her hands against the edge of the tub.

I put the towel down on the floor like Shannin had done and knelt behind her. She wanted me to fuck her doggie style. I grabbed the lotion bottle and squeezed more out onto her ass. As I rubbed the greasy lubricant onto her body and dipped a finger or two into her tight ass, a thought came to me. I grabbed my hard cock in one hand and slipped the head up against her pussy lips. Out of reflex, Shannin backed against me and my wet greasy cock slipped all of the way into her sweet pussy. Shannin groaned loudly as she figured out what I did. I gave her pussy a couple of slow pumps then pulled it all of the way out.

I looked down at her beautiful ass and pointed my purple cock head at her little pink opening. Both of us stopped breathing as I pushed my hips forward. Shannin remained frozen as my cock head pressed harder and harder against her tight little hole. She slowly released her breath and started to relax when I saw the head disappear inside of her body. Shannin immediately tensed up and I was treated with the softest, tightest grip on the tip of my cock that I had ever felt. I paused, being as still as possible, not wanting this feeling to end. I was breathing in gasps. Never in my wildest dreams would I think this would feel so good.

After a few moments, Shannin started to press back against me. Her body began to relax and slowly accepted the invasion. I let her set the pace and closely watched as her ass slowly and deliberately devoured my shaft. I could feel Shannin's fingers against the bottom side of my cock as she fingered her own pussy. She was getting ready to cum again and this time I'd get to feel her climax from deep inside her body. I continued to watch as Shannin's body accepted all but about two of my nearly eight inches. If we had the time I would have tried to get four fingers into her ass since that is closer to my cock's thickness.

Shannin took a deep breath, let out a long moan and then she let her body relax. She slowly started to pull forward and I remained still. She let about three inches slide out and then she stopped and slowly started to shove back against me. I remained still as she did this about five or six times. Each time she pushed back against me, my cock sunk deeper and deeper into her rectum. Shannin stopped when she finally felt my stomach press against her ass. We stayed like this for a moment when she once again started to move. This time she looked over her shoulder and said, "Go slow, but please, please, please fuck me." I didn't need any more encouragement. I grabbed her hips and started to slowly rock back and forth, watching my cock slip into and out of her sexy soft ass. Almost immediately, I was on the verge of climaxing so I needed to slow down for just a moment.

I grabbed the bottle of lotion and squeezed more out onto her back. I spread it all over her ass and up her back. I leaned forward, wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her swinging tits holding her warm sexy body close to mine. I continued to move my hips, slowly and tenderly fucking her ass. I knew exactly what she needed to push her over the edge one more time.

I reached up to grab her hair and pulled it back, exposing her tender sensitive neck and ear. Once her neck was visible, I didn't waste any time. I pressed my lips against her hot supple skin, just behind her ear. Then, with both hands I started to massage her chest. I could tell by her breathing that her orgasm was again quickly building. I breathed hard on her neck and softly whispered, "You are so beautiful when you cum. I want to hold you in my arms while you cum. I'm oh so close. Let's enjoy this one together." I gently bit her ear lobe and started to suck on her neck. I pinched her nipples and felt her ass clamp down on my cock. Shannin groaned as she pushed back against me. I wrapped my arms around her mid section and held her tight against me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of having this wild vixen writhe beneath me as I held her in my arms.

It was difficult to do, but I held back for just a moment longer. I took a deep breath and pulled Shannin upright, continuing to hold her against me as I slightly arched my back, pushing my hard cock deeper into her body. A deep groan rose up from my throat as my body tensed up for one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever felt. Shannin squealed loudly as my cock swelled and then exploded, pumping my hot semen deep inside her body. I groaned again and again with each powerful thrust as she accepted the involuntary tremors, jerks and spasms that were wracking my body. My legs and arms started to cramp as I slowly managed to regain control.

Shannin and I were physically spent as we tried to regain our breath in the steadily cooling water. My heart was pounding so hard I knew that Shannin was feeling it against her back. Shannin groaned again as my softening cock slipped from her body. On very wobbly legs, we both stood up and quickly washed each other off. After turning the water off, I put my hands up to Shannin's radiant, wet face and slowly put my lips up to hers. I closed my eyes as we enjoyed a soft kiss. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. Shannin handed me a towel and we both tenderly dried each other off.

I was looking forward to spending another evening with these two beautiful sisters but wasn't sure if my legs would sustain an evening of dancing.

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