tagIncest/TabooVisiting Sis Ch. 12

Visiting Sis Ch. 12


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Visiting Sis Ch 12

When we got back to Stacy's house, Shannin and I couldn't get her to wake up. I wasn't sure if she was really passed out or if she was just faking. We had to pull her from the back seat of the car and I carried her up the steps to the house. Shannin wasn't much help because she was stumbling too; trying to hold onto me for support. Once inside, I told Shannin to wait in the living room and I would be back down after carrying Stacy up to her room. Shannin didn't listen to me and followed me to the stairway. I heard her stumbling up the stairs behind me. At least she had the handrail to keep from falling.

I managed to get her sister up the stairs and into the guest bedroom. I placed Stacy on the bed and turned around expecting to see Shannin there to help me finish putting her to bed. Instead, I heard her continue to stumble down the hallway towards the bedroom. I looked into the hall and saw her entering the master bedroom. She turned around, looked at me, smiled and in a somewhat drunken state said, "Make sure she's comfortable. Cover her up so she doesn't get cold. I'll be here waiting for you to come and fuck me... I mean tuck me in, too." She winked at me as she said this. I smiled, winked and nodded my head in agreement.

I didn't turn on the room light because the moon was full and casting quite a bit of light through the windows. Stacy was lying on the bed. She was on her back and her skirt had slid up to her waist, providing me with an amazing view of her panty covered pussy. Her panties were a yellow color that matched her halter top. My cock stirred as I took a moment and gazed upon this amazing woman spread out before me. In the dim light, I could see a dark wet spot in the crotch of the bright yellow material. I poked my head through the doorway into the hall, to see if Shannin was looking for me. Thankfully, she wasn't.

Stacy was lying across the bed so I grabbed her feet and pulled her around so they were at the foot of the bed. She was on top of the bed covers so I pushed her away from me and pulled the covers back. Next, I pulled her towards me and leaned over her body, pulling the remainder of the covers down, exposing the bed sheets. Just when I thought I was finished, I felt a hand press against my cock. I looked down to see Stacy was awake and rubbing the front of my pants. She smiled at me and wrapped her arm around my waist, pushing her face against my growing bulge. She put her mouth against me and I could feel her hot breath through my pants. She released me and started to giggle.

I stepped away for a moment, looked down the hallway and saw no sign of Shannin. I returned to Stacy's bedside and leaned down to pull the sheet up over her body. She pushed my hands back down, blocking my efforts. She tried to sit up and said, "I need to take my clothes off. I want to sleep naked tonight."

I thought that getting undressed was something that she could handle on her own so I said, "I'll leave you to do that yourself."

I turned around to leave the room when Stacy pouted and said, "No. Please stay here and help me. I'm really drunk and don't know what I'm doing." As she was saying this I could see in the bright moonlight that she was struggling to remove her top. She fidgeted like a little kid who hadn't quite figured out how to undress. I began to rationalize my actions thinking that she was really drunk and probably wouldn't remember anything in the morning. Once again, I quickly glanced down the hall to see if Shannin may be coming to check on me, but there was no sign of her.

I took a deep breath and turned around. By now, Stacy had her top up over her head but the spaghetti straps were tangled in her arms. Her beautiful boobs were fully exposed reflecting the moonlight. The sight was amazing. They looked so much like Shannin's that I almost knew how they tasted. I didn't want to get busted so I immediately jumped to the task at hand. I grabbed her top and delicately untangled it from her arms. Next, she lay back on the bed, lifted her hips and looked at me. I bent over, hooked my fingers into the waist band of her skirt and pulled. I was careful to not pull down her panties figuring Stacy would be satisfied sleeping topless.

I pulled the skirt down her amazing, muscular legs and when I got to her feet, she lowered her butt to the bed and lifted her legs. This allowed me to be able to finish pulling her skirt from her legs. I tossed the skirt into the corner. I reached down to pull the sheet up over Stacy when she again protested. I looked into here smiling face and in a wicked voice she said, "Not done yet." As she said this, she lowered her hand to her flat stomach. I watched her hand as it gracefully slipped down to her yellow satin panties. Stacy cupped her hand over her mound and said, "These need to go, too." She knew she had me. I was entranced by the sight. Stacy was using her fingers to push the yellow satin deep into her wet pussy. Her musky smell began to fill the room as she continued to get herself aroused.

Once again, my mind told me that she probably wouldn't remember much. I just hoped that Shannin wouldn't come in here tomorrow morning, seeing Stacy naked in bed, thinking that this was how I put her to bed. I continued to watch Stacy as her hand slithered beneath her panties. I could hear her fingers slipping in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Now, under her spell, I obediently bent over and hooked my fingers into the waist band as she raised her hips. Stacy over exaggerated the extent to which she lifted her hips off the bed, bringing her moist sweet smelling pussy up to my face, actually bumping my nose. I immediately resisted the urge to lower my body to the bed with hers and start devouring her pussy. I pulled the panties down her sexy legs and off her feet.

Stacy's naked body looked incredible in the moonlight. Her juices glistened as her fingers appeared and the disappeared inside her body. Any man would be grateful to be with this fantastic woman, let alone just to get a glimpse of her. This time, she reluctantly let me cover her with the sheet. As I turned to go, she said one word, "blanket". I grabbed the blanket from the chest at the foot of her bed, unfolded it and laid it over her. I heard a faint, "hmm" as I watched her hand move beneath the covers.

Again I turned to leave, to go down the hall and have my way with this little vixen's horny sister, when I heard a single, soft word, "Kiss?"

I knew my resolve was thin as a thread and it would go too far if I actually kissed her again, so I bent over the bed and moved to place a kiss on her forehead. As my lips touched her skin, Stacy grabbed me around the neck and held me down. She tipped her head up and put her mouth to mine. I struggled a little bit, trying to get away. I felt her mouth open. Her hot breath entered my mouth and then I felt her wet slippery tongue slide into my mouth and brush up against my own tongue. As badly as I wanted Shannin, I knew that I also wanted Stacy. I gave in for a moment to the animal lust that she had unleashed and returned her passionate kiss. While our mouths were locked together, Stacy pulled her dripping fingers from beneath the covers and pushed them into my mouth. She continued to kiss me as I tasted the pussy juice on her fingers. Our tongues swirled around her finger as her body squirmed beneath me.

I broke off the kiss and took a deep breath. Our eyes locked in the dim moonlit room. I knew if this went any further, Shannin would most certainly walk in on us. Stacy saw it in my eyes and just before I pulled back to stand up, she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face to her chest. With a raspy voice I heard Stacy whisper, "Come on baby, suck my tits." Then I heard her moan as I opened my mouth to taste her sweet supple breasts. Her nipple hardened in my mouth as I gently sucked and nibbled her tit. With both hands still on my head, she directed me to her other breast as I devoured it too.

We were both breathing hard as she pulled my face away from her tits. She pulled my face to hers and once again, pushed her mouth to mine. Our kiss was like the first; hot, wet and hungry. This woman had me as hot as white molten steel. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to be with both women. My weekend had gotten insane. After a moment, Stacy reluctantly broke off the kiss and quietly whispered, "Thanks for tucking me in tonight. Now go down the hall and stuff my sister with that juicy fat cock, fuck her silly and then fill her body with your cum." With that she gave me a quick peck on the lips and rolled over.

I walked down the hall and into the bedroom where Shannin was waiting. She was lying on the bed, on her back. Her arms were extended out over her head. My cock hardened at the sight. Shannin's sun dress was off and she was only wearing her panties. In the bright moonlight, I could see that her nipples were rock hard. I stepped up to the bed as I was taking my shirt off. I looked down to see that Shannin was asleep. I took off my pants and underwear and climbed up on the bed, next to this amazing goddess of my desires.

I put my lips to hers to give her a kiss and there was no response. I put a hand on one of her breasts and still got no response. As my hand slipped down her stomach, I leaned forward and put my lips against one of her hard nipples. I stuck my tongue out and slid it around the areola. I cupped her pussy as I pressed my palm against her clit. As I did this, I gently started to suck her nipple.

Slowly I started to rub her panty against her pussy lips. The material was wet and slipped easily beneath my finger tips. I continued to monitor Shannin's response but she did not stir. I slipped my finger beneath her panties and ran my index finger up and down her soft wet lips. I got my finger wet using her juices and pushed my hand down further, pressing my finger tip against her tight little butt hole with still, no response. I didn't think that she was this drunk.

I wasn't sure how to proceed but then I remembered how hot and horny she got when she found out that I had fucked her in her sleep. Shannin was still lying at the foot of the bed, with her feet hanging over the edge so I positioned her up closer to the head of the bed. Next, I pulled her panties off. Once again, I paused a moment to get a good look at this amazing woman, bathed in the soft white moonlight of the evening.

I climbed up onto the bed, lying next to her. Once again, I started to rub her tits. When she didn't respond, I positioned myself between her legs and lowered my face to her pussy. Her aroma was intoxicating. I stuck my tongue out and pressed it against her puffy lips. As my tongue pressed into her body, Shannin slowly spread her legs. She took in a deep breath and then moaned loudly as she exhaled.

I slowly licked Shannin's pussy. Using my fingers, I spread her lips apart. I put my index finger into my mouth and then slipped it into her body. I started to lick her clit as I pushed my fingers further into her. After a few minutes, I could hear her breathing become deeper and her legs started to tighten up. I continued to slip my finger in and out of her pussy while I slipped my other hand up her body and started to massage her tits. I felt her arch her back as my fingers pinched her nipples. Her pussy became really wet and her juices dripped down my chin. Just when Shannin was ready to cum, I pulled my index finger from her dripping wet pussy and placed it at her anal entrance. Just as my finger tip slipped into her body, she tensed up and shook with an orgasm. Shannin shook and bucked as the orgasm rolled over her body. Her juices were dripping off my hand as her orgasm subsided and her breathing returned to normal. Throughout all of this, Shannin showed no signs of being fully awake.

Although she had given me a fantastic blow job about an hour earlier, my cock was now rock hard and my balls were full, again. I couldn't pass up this opportunity so I pushed my hard cock head against her dripping pussy. I closed my eyes as the head pressed against and then slipped, past the delicate entrance to Shannin's soft wet body. Shannin moaned as my entire cock slowly filled her pussy. Inch by inch I relished the warmth and wetness of her body. When my cock was all of the way inside of her body, I leaned forward and started to suck her amazing tits. The sweet smell of her perfume and the taste of her flavored body lotion was driving me crazy. I knew it wouldn't take me very long so I slowed my pace. I could feel my orgasm start to boil deep inside my body when I suddenly saw movement out of the corner of my eye.

There, standing in the doorway was Stacy. She was naked. One hand was buried deep inside her pussy while the other hand pulled and pinched at her tits. In the moonlight, I could see the lust in her eyes. Our eyes met as I continued to fuck her unconscious sister. With my hand, I signaled for her to come closer. When she stepped up to the bed, I leaned forward and our lips met. Stacy kept fingering her body while I kept slipping my hard cock in and out of her sister.

I broke off the kiss and told her to step back towards the head of the bed. As she did this, I pulled out of Shannin and crawled up her body. On my knees, I straddled her stomach, positioning my cock at her chest. With my right hand, I stroked my cock and I slipped the fingers of my left hand into Stacy's pussy. I leaned forward and put my mouth to her breast. Her nipple hardened under my tongue and it was much more than I could take. A groan escaped my throat as I released my spunk onto Shannin's tits. The first shot hit her left boob directly. I directed the next stream to her right. Stacy leaned forward and grabbed my cock, directing the remaining streams of cum to her stomach and pussy. It was one of the most powerful orgasm that I had ever experienced.

When I regained my senses, I realized that my left hand was still pressed against Stacy's pussy. I continued to wiggle my fingers when her body tensed up and she shook in orgasm. She leaned forward, partially collapsing against me as her orgasm subsided. When our breathing returned to a normal rhythm, she stood up on wobbly legs. Stacy looked down at Shannin, passed out lying on the bed. Stacy looked at me as she reached out and rubbed my cum into her sisters tits. When she finished, she turned around and walked back to her room, leaving me there straddling her sister.

I crawled off of Shannin and then managed to move her around and get her covered up with the sheets. I crawled into bed next to her and our bodies melted together. I lay there for a little while and couldn't seem to get to sleep. My mind was reeling with the events from the past evening. Eventually, I thought that maybe a beer would help me relax. I crawled out of bed, put on some boxers and went downstairs. As I passed Stacy's room, I noticed that the door was closed. I paused to listen and didn't hear anything. I drank a couple of beers while watching television for about an hour, then went upstairs to try to get some sleep. I took the boxers off before climbing back into bed but then thought I should pee as I had just had the beer.

While standing in the dark pissing, the door opened up. I heard Shannin step into the bathroom and then she closed the door. She walked up behind me as I continued to piss. Next, I felt her push her naked body up against me. Her body was so warm and soft. She wrapped her arms around me and grabbed my cock. I wasn't finished and she whispered that she wanted to hold it while I pissed. So I let her. I stood there while my bladder found relief. The feel of her warm body against mine was incredible. I could feel her hard nipples as she pressed her chest into my back. My stream weakened then stopped. I heard her whisper the single word, "Shake". As she gently shook my flaccid cock.

I just stood there as Shannin let go of my cock and hugged me from behind. I heard her breathing heavy and thought she may be up for more. I was now a little tired but decided that I couldn't leave her wanting. When I felt her arms relax, I turned her around and grabbed her by the face with both hands and put my lips to hers. Shannin attacked my mouth by shoving her tongue deep into mine and pulled my body close to hers. We continued to stand in the bathroom, embraced in a passionate kiss. I could feel the heat radiating off of her naked body. I couldn't believe the passion in this woman. I broke off the kiss and whispered, "Let's go back to bed".

She said, "No. I want it right here, right now. But first..."

Shannin knelt down and in the dark I could feel her hot wet mouth as it engulfed my hard member.

After a minute, she stood back up, gave me another hot wet French kiss and whispered into my ear, "Now bend me over the counter and fuck me from behind, but be quiet, I thought I heard Stacy moving around." I wasn't about to tell her that Stacy knows we're having sex.

In the darkness, I watched her silhouette as she turned around and bent forward, placing both hands on the bathroom counter. I felt her push back with her ass against my cock. Next, I felt her hand grab my wet shaft and place it against her swollen hot pussy lips. I pushed forward slightly to feel my cock head slip into her warm, wet inviting body. We both gasped when I stopped, pressed my stomach against her ass cheeks and sunk my stiff rod as far into her womb as it would penetrate. We stood there, frozen in time. After a moment or two, she gasped, "Please go slow but fuck me hard."

I grabbed Shannin's hips as she placed both hands on the bathroom counter. All I could hear was our own deep breathing, the sound of our two bodies slapping together and the wet sloppy sound of her dripping pussy accepting my stiff cock over and over again. I could tell Shannin was close to cumming. She started to stand up straighter, arching her back changing the angle of my penetration. At this time I let go of her hips and reached around to grab her tits. She really likes to have her nipples pinched while she cums.

Before placing my hands on her chest, I put both of my hands up to her mouth so that she could suck on my fingers. This really gets her going. I lowered my wet hands to her chest and grabbed her firm, massive boobs. As I grabbed her tits, I leaned forward to whisper into her ear. I shifted my weight, pushing against her and pushed my mouth as close to the back of her ear as I could get. I took a deep breath and worked up as much courage as I could possibly muster. I had decided at that moment, I needed to just blurt it out. I opened my mouth and clearly but slowly whispered, "Shannin. I love you." I felt her body tense up and she just froze. I continued to slowly slip my cock in and out of her body. Our breathing filled the small bathroom. I knew I had messed up. It was too soon to be saying the "L" word but I couldn't help it. I actually wanted to spend the rest of my life with this amazing person. I guess I'm lucky that I didn't propose marriage right then and there.

It was evident that I had shocked her. Shannin was clearly not responding to my body the way she had before I spoke. We stopped fucking and I just stood there holding her in my arms. Thoughts blasted through my head, trying to find excuses or some other way out of this. At first I thought she may not have heard me, but then why did her body tense up? I knew deep down that she had heard me. Maybe she was having a difficult time processing this new information or maybe for some reason she was just speechless. My gut told me to press on so I spoke again, softly whispering, "Shannin. I've never met anyone like you. I have never felt the way I do when I'm with you, not just while we're having sex. I knew you were special when I first bumped into you at the grocery store and now, I have realized that you are the love of my life. My love for you isn't a physical need but a deep intense desire to please you, to make you happy and to make you feel secure."

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