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Visiting Youth


They caught my attention about half a block away, walking toward me as I waited at the bus stop. Young, very white, casually dressed with backpacks, obviously European tourists exploring Miami Beach on the cheap. They arrived at the bus stop and inquired which bus to take to North Beach where they were to get a room at a relatively cheap hotel.

My guess was right, Jean and Michelle were college students from France, touring as so many young Europeans do, staying at cheap hotels or hostels. Shades of my youth, as I am of the "Hippie" generation that traveled such a casual route when I was their age.

Both were wearing faded, cut-off jeans and sandals, the same as myself, giving us the appearance of a family of free spirits spanning the generations. Jean was shirtless, his white hairless chest showing the pink beginnings of too much sun. Michelle was wearing a short tank-top, exposing her slim, flat abdomen and the small ring hanging on the edge of her navel. The tank-top also revealed Michelle's curly fine underarm hair as she raised her arm to wipe the sweat off her forehead. Both were exuding a discernible underarm odor, even out here in the ocean breeze. It was a fragrant reminder that some young people were still into the natural realities of our bodies instead of the sterile, odorless or perfumed American values.

As we talked at the bus stop and during the bus trip to North Beach, I really enjoyed connecting with images of my own youth, backpacking around the country, crashing with strangers who became brothers and sisters in our extended family. I suggested to Jean and Michelle that they could sleep on the floor at my place and save the expense of a hotel. By now, they had sized me up as a kindred spirit and were grateful for the offer.

My apartment is small, a one room efficiency with a mattress on the floor. But, by the standards of crash pads of my youth, the three of us wouldn't even be crowded. Jean and Michelle seemed to really feel at home as they threw down their packs and unrolled their sleeping bags. I immediately got rid of my shirt upon entering the apartment. Michelle, seeing that both Jean and I were comfortably shirtless, removed her tank-top as well. It was such a natural, unselfconscious movement that I hardly noticed, although I detected that they were studying me for any reaction. I suppose they've been exposed to the puritanical values of most Americans.

My decor should have sent the message that I am not of the puritanical mindset. Being a nudist and a photographer, my walls are filled with nude studies, some of them quite erotic in style. It was a very pleasant afternoon as we went to the supermarket, came back and fixed supper, all the while relating our various travel tales of Europe, Asia and America. By early evening we were all comfortably nude, looking at nude and erotic art books from my library and finishing off the wine from dinner.

Jean and Michelle were discussing a photo in Mapplethorpe's Black Book, and as I leaned over their backs to see, I noticed an increase in the underarm odors, especially near Jean. I also noticed his penis was slightly turgid, the glans just showing at the tip of his foreskin. What to do now? My young guests were obviously getting amorous, but what should an older third wheel do? I didn't particularly care to go wander the streets while they consummated their lust. Perhaps they could make out under a blanket while I amused myself across the room. Perhaps Jean's erection would just subside and we could continue with our small talk.

I glanced back at Jean's penis. It was still hard, the head was now half protruding from the foreskin. By now, of course, my own penis was betraying my feelings and as Michelle turned her head to say something she noticed it. Surprisingly, she showed no surprise and didn't react in any way, just returned her attention to the photo as she and Jean had a brief conversation in French. Jean then asked me if it would be alright for them to make love in my apartment.

Were they asking for themselves or was this an invite? Maybe they were so uninhibited that they wouldn't mind if I watched. I offered to take a book and some cushions and stay in the bathroom if they wanted a moment of privacy, but Michelle said they couldn't impose on me. Besides, she said that she and Jean have had third persons share their love before, either a man or a woman, since they both could make love to either.

Where to begin? I've been in group sex before and know that eventually in the height of ecstasy two people inevitably pair. I said I would love to share in their lovemaking, and offered to give each of them a full body massage before having sex. Massaging sex partners is one of my joys, as it affords me a complete exploration of their body, while they are receiving pleasurable sensations from my hands.

I got a small bowl of heated oil and placed it by the mattress. A couple of candles and a Sade disc in the stereo set the mood as Michelle lay face down on the mattress. Jean sat at her head as I straddled her legs and began working the muscles of her back. Jean continued the strokes to her back as I moved to her feet and legs. She had cute feet, little round orbs of toes aligned in a curve along the edge of her foot. I rolled each little berry of a toe between thumb and forefinger and was sorely tempted to squeeze them with my lips and tongue.

With long effleurage strokes up her legs, my hands would glide over her butt and back down the hip. Each time the inner hand would slide ever more into the cleavage of her butt and I could clearly see the wrinkled sphincters of her anus and smell the aroma of her ani glands wafting up on the warm air.

When she turned over, I continued the long strokes on her upper leg, while Jean stroked her breasts and nipples. As my hand on the inner thigh slid up over her pelvis, it would brush the hairs in the crease between her leg and labia. After this teasing touch of both inner thighs, I spread her labia with both thumbs and bent over to massage her clit with my tongue. Mixed with the cumin fragrance of her labia was the slightest whiff of smegma from her clit as I pushed the hood back with my tongue.

I lifted her legs up and pushed them back, exposing her entire underside. I ran my nose down the edges of her labia, savoring the apocrine smell. I sniffed around the edges of her anus where the ani glands had made an even more exciting fragrance. By now my mouth was out of control as I sucked the edges of her outer labia and licked inside her. I lost it for a moment, quit thinking about hygiene or anything. I was intoxicated by the natural fragrance of her pubic area and stuck my nose into her vagina and started licking the raspberry surface of her anus, only for a moment before I slid my mouth back up to her clit.

She was very wet and slick as I pushed my two middle fingers into her with my palm up and hooked my fingers upward. Gently massaging inside her as I sucked her clit in and out of my lips, she started to move her hips, then writhed more rhythmically as she softly moaned. The tempo increased with my fingers going in and out of her until she clamped her thighs tightly to my head as her vaginal muscles clamped on the sides of my fingers. Her tension loosened and she lay still on the bed as Jean softly caressed her breasts. I slid my fingers out of her, ending a thoroughly relaxing massage.

As Michelle relaxed on the side of the mattress, I started with Jean's massage. He was not an overly built young man, but had firm muscles that I could knead with some pressure. Massaging his legs and butt was so different to the touch than Michelle. Although they were close in size, his body was so much firmer. I could feel the resilience as I pushed against his tight round ass. When he rolled over onto his back, his erection was sticking strait up. The foreskin, showing protruding bluish veins was straining at the edge of the swollen head. Like myself, he was dripping viscous fluid from the continuous erections we had while we massaged Michelle. There were little wet spots and streaks all over the sheet from our combined leakage.

I massaged the top of his legs around his hard cock, sometimes "inadvertently" letting my arm brush against it just to watch it strain even harder. Finally, just looking at his fine hard member was too much for me to take. I wrapped my fingers around it and gave a gentle squeeze. It withstood my grip as if it were made of wood. I slid the skin back, exposing the soft swollen head and ran my nose behind it along the shaft, savoring the faint fragrance of smegma. Moving my nose further into his crotch I could smell the cumin fragrance of his scrotum as I put my mouth over it and sucked in one ball. Sliding my hand up and down the loose skin on the shaft of his penis, several beads of viscous pre-cum rolled across my knuckles. I wiped it back onto his penis, making it slick and shiny.

I straddled his legs and my balls were laying on top of his. Our cocks were touching, side by side as we faced each other. My hands were on his pecs, squeezing the firm rounded muscle while my thumbs darted across his stiffened nipples. I leaned forward, pressing his and my penis between our abs, our own viscous fluid spreading the surface with a slick lube. I pushed forward, our penises being rubbed between us as we started a rhythmic thrusting that became a fluid sliding as our sweat and pre-cum soaked us. His underarm fragrance was wafting up in the heat as we held hands with our outstretched arms. I lowered my head into his armpit to drown my senses in his fragrance. Impulsively I started licking the fine wet hairs in his pit, savoring the taste of salt on my tongue and lips.

The tempo of our thrusting increased as we slid up and down in the beads of sweat that rolled off us, until the moment that our bodies tensed and we gripped each other's hand tightly and filled the space between us with cum. Exhausted, Jean and I lay there together as our retreating cocks ebbed along our slimy abs. Michelle, who had been watching from the side stroked Jean's sweaty hair then ran her other hand gently down my back as the three of us lay there serene and quiet and satiated.

I reached up for some tissue and wiped the cooling cum from Jean's and my abs. I got up to go piss while Michelle slid close to Jean and they were embraced on my twin sized bed. When I returned they were sleeping, so after admiring their beautiful, naked young bodies for a moment, I covered them with a sheet. Doubling both their sleeping bags and putting it next to my mattress, I wrapped myself in a sheet and soon nodded off beside my two young lovers.

I awakened in the morning light and saw my still sleeping young lovers lying side-by-side on the mattress. Jean was on his back with his morning wood tenting the sheet. My own turgid cock got a little stiffer thinking about it. Michelle awoke and reached over with a familiarity and grabbed his erection, gently sliding the skin back. She threw back the sheet exposing their beautiful young bodies as Jean opened his eyes groggily while Michelle stroked his very stiff cock. They both looked at me, watching them.

Then, as if it was no more than sharing a meal in front of someone else, they started making out, kissing passionately, stroking the others' body, squeezing nipples, fingering her pussy while she stroked his cock. Soon Michelle straddled Jean and slid herself over his cock, holding for just a moment before lifting up and down in rhythmic fluid motion. Jean thrust upward to meet each of her downstrokes and this went on for several minutes as I held my straining cock, occasionally stroking it. Michelle looked over and smiled.

Jean lifted up and turned Michelle over where he was on top of her sliding in and out of her with some force. Michelle pulled her legs back so far her knees were touching her shoulders as Jean rammed his cock in and out of her with increasing tempo. By this time I was stroking my own cock to the same tempo as Jean's thrusts.

I could hear the young lovers breathing increase until they became actual sounds of building ecstasy from Michelle and grunts from Jean. The heavy breathing of my own building orgasm was lost in their increasing moans until both Jean & Michelle let out a scream of climax at the same time I shot cum all over the sheets, some landing on the two lovers but went unnoticed at the time. As they lay there recovering, I quietly got up to go piss, then went to the kitchen and started the coffee.

My two young lovers joined me shortly for coffee and pastries, then started packing up to hit the road again. I walked them to the door and gave each a hug and kiss goodbye. They thanked me for my hospitality and I thanked them for the wonderful evening and morning of intimacy and memories.

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