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Visitors at Home


This event happened during my many year quest to turn my quiet shy schoolteacher wife into an exhibitionist slut.

Sam knew that I really wanted to show her off in person to some other men, but she couldn't quite bring herself to say that she'd be willing to do it. (At least at this stage of life.) Since she's always been willing to do whatever I ask in the middle of things I figured that the only way I could break down this reluctance was to surprise her and see what happens.

One evening as we were sitting on the couch watching TV, and since it was nice and warm the front door was wide open to let in some fresh air through the screen door. I had it all arranged for a couple of guys from work to drop by that night. I had told them that maybe they'd get to see something special, but that was about all they knew.

They hadn't ever been over to the house before, so Sam didn't know them. They also were a couple of the guys that had seen her nude photos so they were very interested in meeting her. I had hoped that more than that would happen this night.

Anyhow it was about 10:30 and we'd been watching a movie while I played with her titties and rubbed her pussy. She was getting quite cozy, comfortable, and turned on by then. She was wearing a little outfit that was really sheer lace in the back, but covered up the "essentials" on the front side with little strips of pink satin, of course I had unbuttoned it to play with her tits. When the knock came on the door came I simply said "come in" and in walked a couple of guys that she didn't know.

Since the front door was between where we were on the couch, and the safety of running to the bedroom all she could do was quickly button up and try not to be too embarrassed. She didn't want to get up because then she'd show her "almost" bare ass to them, so she put a pillow in her lap and stayed on the corner of the couch trying not to blush too much. I jumped up and offered them something to drink and asked them to sit down, which they did right across from Sam. I could tell that they were somewhat surprised and embarrassed but also very curious. Sam was also embarrassed by this as it was the first time strangers had seen her up close dressed in such sheer lingerie.

She decided to stay sitting on the couch, under the pillow, as it almost covered her up. I think it helped that we'd already had a couple glasses of wine and had been playing on the couch as she was quite relaxed and a bit turned on by the time they arrived.

Anyhow, after I'd brought them a drink we all sat down and chatted a little bit while watching TV like nothing was out of the ordinary. Sam didn't know these guys at all, which I think helped things a little bit. After about 15-20 minutes I offered them another drink and grabbing Sam by the hand basically said "let's go get it" when we walked to the kitchen they had a nice view of her sheer lace covered ass. I could tell she was getting a little bit upset, because she usually doesn't say much during those times. While we were in the kitchen I rubbed her body some and asked if I could "show her off" to them? Her only words were, "you're already doing that aren't you?" I took that as an agreement to go ahead, and began telling her great she looked and how much I appreciated what she was going to do for me.

We got them something to drink, went back in the living room, and after we were sitting back on the couch a few minutes I took her pillow away from her and tossed it on the floor. By now they'd been in the house almost an hour so I decided that it was now or never and I began to unbutton her top. She was sitting beside me, so it was easy to undo the three buttons. I left it like that for awhile, so she was showing the inner curve of each breast in the open part, and the satin strips had moved aside so her nipples were visible through the lace. Eventually I opened it up to show them her titties.

One of the guys was getting embarrassed, but it looked like both of them were getting turned on as I rubbed her tits and pulled on her nipples. Her tits were completely exposed now, to two men that she didn't know, who were sitting just a few feet away in our own living room.

By now she'd resigned herself to whatever was going on, and as she often does she just shuts her eyes and tilts her head back to let me do whatever I want. I kept on rubbing her tits and pulling her nipples and even though she felt uncomfortable about being exposed her nipples still got quite hard. After a few more minutes I thought that I might as well try my luck so I reached under her to slide her panties off. I really didn't think that she would let me do that, but she must have decided to let me have whatever I wanted, as she quietly just lifted her hips off the couch.

Now she was sitting completely nude, totally exposed, just a few feet from a couple of strange men. I tried to play with her pussy a little but she didn't want to spread her legs right away. After a few more minutes I did manage to open them up a little bit and get a couple fingers in her cunt. I rubbed her clit for awhile and fingered her cunt while they watched intently.

Since she had her eyes tightly closed she couldn't really tell what was happening in the room. But they were eagerly trying to see all they could. I think they would have jumped across the room, and jumped on her, if I would have waved them over. But I didn't want to press my luck any farther than I already had so after a few more minutes I told them it was time to leave.

Sam was pretty quiet after they left, but not mad enough to keep from having sex. As we talked about it she agreed that she hadn't said no to anything that I had asked or done, but then she added that she didn't think it would matter if she had. She finally told me that had she thought I was going to make her "have sex" with them so that had made her more uncomfortable.

Once again I told her how beautiful she looked, thanked her for her willingness to make me happy, and remarked about how happy she'd made these two guys also. I asked her how soon she'd be willing to try it again, but she didn't really answer. When I remarked that I still wanted to keep showing her off to others she commented that "she knew that" and would "do her best to try to make me happy."

The idea was so strong about the possibility that she''d have gone through with fucking them if I would have asked that I couldn't get it out of my mind. It was at that point in life that I decided I somehow wanted to see her getting fucked by other men. I knew it would be awhile for it to work out, but I was sure it would happen sometime.

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