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Visual Aid


I shared my frustration with Kara. "I just can't find the right stuff to use. Porn is so unreal and all the other publications are so dry that they would put him to sleep."

I had been trying to find some printed material to use when I got together with Jeff to explain sex to him. Jeff lived a few doors away with his over protective mother. Jeff's dad passed away when he was eight and his mother really smothered him after that. I kind of adopted him as he was growing up. We had gone to ball games, attended some school functions with him and he did some yard work for us.

Jeff will be starting college this fall. I was a little shocked when he asked me if I would answer a few questions he had about women and sex. I figured an eighteen year old would already know this stuff. Jeff revealed that when he asked his mom things, she seemed embarrassed and always changed the subject.

Kara asked, "What are you trying to find?"

I replied, "I am just looking for some things that will help get the message across. Jeff told me he has never even seen a woman naked before, except in Playboy. His mom has been so protective of him since Jerry passed. But I think she has gone too far. Jeff told me he wants to be ready for when he meets someone in college. So, I wanted to find some information for him that was not so boring and clinical."

Kara said, "So what you need is a visual aid."


"What about me?"

I looked her in the eyes. "What do you mean?"

Kara sighed. "Well, you need a visual aid to explain what you are telling him. I could serve as your visual aid."

"Are you telling me that you would be willing to be naked while I pointed out the parts of your body and explained all about sex?"

Kara said, "You are the one that said you wanted him to be ready. What better way than for him to have already seen the sexual parts of a woman's body?"

I didn't say a thing as I pondered what she had said. It did make sense but than again, did I want my wife naked in front of Jeff as I explained sex to him?

I finally replied, "That would solve my problem. Are you sure about this?"

Kara said, "Sure, why not."

I called Jeff and told him to come over Saturday afternoon. After a late lunch, we moved into the living room. I sat in the recliner and both Kara and Jeff sat on the couch. He seemed a little confused as to why Kara had joined us.

I began. "Jeff, there is a lot for you to take in today. I don't want you to be shy or embarrassed about what we talk about. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask them. Agreed?"

Jeff nodded.

I continued. "Now, I am sure that you are aware of how your body reacts when you become sexually excited. That may happen here today so don't worry about it. A question for you, have you ever masturbated? Do you know what happens when you orgasm?"

Jeff blushed as he looked towards Kara. She smiled and said, "Don't be embarrassed, most everyone does."

Jeff turned back to me. "Yes."

I replied, "Okay. I can see you are confused as to why Kara is here with us. We decided that the best way for you to learn about a woman's body is to explore one. Kara wants to help you learn all you can today. She will be here to answer any questions you have, also. Shall we start?"

Jeff said. "Okay."

I began. "Let's start with the breasts." Kara reached down and pulled her tee shirt over her head. Jeff's eyes widened as he looked at her boobs. I explained how sensitive they are and told him how the nipples would become erect when fondled. Moving over to Kara, I began to caress her nipples and flicked them with my tongue. Jeff watched as I explained how the nipples are tender and they must be handled both firmly and gently. After a few minutes, I asked him, "Would you like to try? Kara will let you know if you are too rough or not rough enough."

Jeff reached over and took her boobs in his hand. Kara put her hands on his and directed his finger and thumbs to her nipples. "Squeeze gently and roll them between your fingers." As he did, her nipples hardened. Kara said, "Now, put your mouth on them and suck gently while running your tongue against them."

I watched as Jeff bent over and began to suck her breasts. Kara held his head as she purred, "Nice, just a bit harder." Jeff switched between both her breasts and soon had both nipples hard as he sucked on them.

I said, "Let's move on." Jeff pulled off her breasts and sat back on the couch. A glance at his crotch confirmed that he was excited. I noticed that Kara was also looking at the bulge in his pants. Jeff wiggled in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure on his cock.

Kara said, "Jeff, you might be a little more comfortable if you took off your shirt and those tight jeans." Jeff looked at me.

I said, "You do need to be comfortable." Jeff took off his shirt and stood to remove his pants. His hard cock poked at his briefs as his jeans slid to the floor. Kara stood and began to unbutton her shorts. Looking at me, she said, "You should be comfortable as well."

I nodded and began to undress. I figured what the hell as I went so far as to get completely naked. My cock was hard from watching Jeff sucking her tits.

Jeff and I both looked on as Kara finished removing her shorts. Naked, she sat back down on the couch. Jeff was watching every move she made, staring at her trimmed pussy.

I said, "Now, let's talk about a woman's pussy." I went through my little speech as Kara laid back on the couch. She spread her legs slightly so Jeff could see her pussy. Kara dragged a finger against her slit. She said, "Jeff, give me your hand so I can show you how a woman like to get fingered."

She guided his finger into her wet slit and moaned as she used it to rub her clit. She explained to him the proper pressure and speed to use. Kara released his hand and Jeff continued to finger fuck my wife.

Stopping them, I said, "Okay, now he need to talk about oral sex." I moved over to Kara and dropped between her legs. "It is the same thing you just did with your finger, only using your tongue. Watch." Bending forward, I began to lick at her hole. Finding her clit, I flicked at it and would drive my tongue into her every so often. Kara held my face in her crotch as she pushed against it.

Breaking away, I turned to Jeff. "Want to try?"

I was barely out of the way before he dove to his knees and buried his face against her. Kara directed him on what to do and how to do it. As he lapped at her pussy, she turned to me and gave me a huge smile. Jeff ate her for a few more minutes before Kara pulled his face off her.

Kara grinned. "Now for the other side of oral sex." Jeff stood before her and she reached out to pull off his briefs. She stared at his cock as they slid to the floor. I looked on as she pulled him closer and slipped his dick into her mouth. He almost fell as she engulfed his six inch cock. I moved over and stood next to him as she bobbed on his prick. Kara reached out and took my dick into her hand. She began to switch between the both of us.

Looking over to Jeff, I said, "Feels good, doesn't it?

He smiled, "Hell yeah."

Kara continued to suck us as I said, "The only thing left is fucking. I want you to watch as I fuck her, pay attention to what I do."

We both stepped back. I told him to follow as I led Kara to the bedroom. She fell back onto the bed and I pulled her to the edge. Spreading her legs, I lined up my cock and rubbed the head against her wet slit. Jeff watched as I drove my cock into her. Kara groaned as I slipped in and out of her cunt. "Oh, yeah, fuck me. Fuck me with that hard cock."

Turning to Jeff, I asked, "Think you could do this? Want to give it a try?"

Jeff said, "I do want to try that."

I asked Kara, "Do you want to fuck Jeff? Want to feel that hard young cock in your pussy?"

Kara practically screamed her response. "Yeah, I want Jeff to fuck me, that was my plan when I told you I would be your visual aid. I wanted to suck his hard cock and feel it inside my hole. Get out of the way and let Jeff have a piece of your wife's hot and wet pussy."

I stepped back as I said, "You heard the woman, she wants you to fuck her. Give it to her deep, pound into her cunt. Fuck her hard."

Jeff stood between her spread legs and plunged his erect cock into her pussy. Kara moaned as he drove in and out of her. Picking up from my talk, he asked, "Am I doing it right? Am I giving you the good hard fucking you wanted? Getting deep enough for you? You look like you are enjoying having a young hard dick in your pussy. Like getting fucked by the boy from down the street?"

Kara yelled, "Fuck, you are going to make me come, keep fucking me."

Jeff laughed. "Yeah, I'll fuck you. Fuck you until you come all over my big hard cock."

Kara gasped as she rocketed over the edge into orgasm. Jeff continued to pound her as she came.

Jeff drove harder and faster into her. He said, "Now it is my turn, where do you want me to come?"

Kara moaned, "Come in my pussy, shoot that hot young load deep inside me. I want to feel you spurt in my hole."

Jeff looked at me. I shrugged and said, "You heard the lady."

Jeff turned back to Kara as he continued pounding her. "All right, get ready to get filled with my hot come."

I could tell from the look on his face that he was about to come. Sure enough, he groaned as he said, "Shit, here it comes." He shuddered as he emptied his load into Kara, his hips driving his cock into her with each spurt. They were both sucking in air as they came down from their orgasmic highs. Jeff slowly moved in and out of Kara as he wound down. I glanced down and saw gobs of his come clinging to her pussy lips.

Glancing toward me, Kara raised her eyebrows. Reading her mind, I said, "Right now?"

She smiled and said, "If you don't mind sloppy seconds."

I told Jeff to move aside. He withdrew from Kara as strands of his come clung to his cock. I moved between her legs and slid my erect dick into her, the entry being made easy from the slickness of the come Jeff had deposited in her a minute ago. Her pussy was so slippery and wet, I knew I would not last long. Looking down, I could see that my cock had become coated with Jeff's come. The thought that I was fucking Kara with another man's come in her drove me over the edge. With a grunt, I deposited my own load into her as she again came.

I rolled onto the bed as Kara said she was going to shower. I smiled as I heard her ask Jeff if he wanted to join her. I opened my eyes just long enough to see him follow her into the bathroom.

They joined me in the living room about thirty minutes later. As Jeff got ready to leave, he thanked us for the lesson. I grinned as Kara told him to let us know if he thought he might need any remedial training before he left for college.

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