Getting together was the hardest part. After an hour's worth of miscommunication, we finally managed to get close enough to meet. We'd get to see each other for the first time in the lobby of the Hilton. I couldn't wait. We'd talked each other into a hormonal frenzy in anticipation of this first contact, not knowing how far we would go, but yearning to find out.

And so I walked over there. It wasn't very far, just a short jaunt. This was going to be it. Something so thoroughly out of character it wasn't even funny. I was about to have a rendezvous on the down low. And what did I care? My wife was busy banging a cop, and his wife, probably at that very moment, back in Michigan!

My pulse quickened in anticipation as I walked through the casino to get to the lobby. Then I saw her, my friend Selene. I knew her in an instant, even from 3 years of absence and from behind. She's got a petite frame, about 5'8", with these wonderful curves…nice legs, womanly hips, a flat little tummy, ample breasts, and the most fantastic shoulders…all topped off with a face that ain't supermodel…it's more like Pagan Goddess.

I walked up behind her, catching her attention. That first embrace, that first kiss, right in the lobby, damn near made my heart stop. By unspoken concensus, we turned as one to go to the car waiting in the parking lot. We caught up with each other a bit on the way, talking as old friends will, trying to ignore the electric tension between us. A tension like gravity, pulling us insatiably toward sin.

I don't remember the walk to the car, I just remember getting in, watching her drive, watching her talk. I reached out and touched her shoulder, letting my fingers trail down to her wrist, then back up to her throat. I was rewarded by her shudder of pleasure and anticipation.

I also don't remember the walk to her hotel room…but I do remember stopping, facing her, gazing into her eyes…and realizing where this was going in a hurry. We kissed hungrily, as if desperate to taste each other's soul. Her fingers danced down the buttons of my shirt, and she slipped it off of me. It made a wonderful sound hitting the floor, the sound of the gates swinging open to the Garden of Delights…

I wasted no time pulling her dress over her head, observing what a lovely sight it was in a pile on the floor, revealing a temple of flesh as she stood before me in only her panties. At this point, I was intoxicated with lust, and let my mouth wander down the side of her neck, reaching further down, lingering on her collarbone. She arched her back, presenting her lovely breasts to me, and I didn't deny her desire. I grasped one in hand, the other in my lips, letting my tongue dance across her rapidly tightening nipple.

I knelt before her, breathing deep of her scent, before pulling the panties down to her feet. She laid back upon the bed, her beauty laid out as an altar that I must worship. Quickly I disrobed, joining her on the bed. I continued to praise her with my lips and tongue, and it wasn't long at all before I was tasting Osun's honey, the nectar that defines raw female power.

I explored her fully with my mouth, letting my tongue dance across and stroke her clit. I was not moving until she came, which didn't take long at all, and it was marvelous when she did.

She screamed out her pleasure, thrashing on the bed.

I crawled up the mattress to her, holding her close to me. She didn't allow me to linger in the afterglow for long, however, pushing me down by my shoulders and kissing me deeply. She kissed her way down my body, taking my hard member in her hand. In seconds, she engulfed me in her perfect mouth in a way that only she can, swallowing all seven inches of me and letting her tongue push against the base of my cock. I was in heaven. It was unfortunate for me, then, that my brain intervened at that very moment, stealing the stiffness from my rod. Happily, though, Selene is a very understanding woman, and knew better than to take it personally. She knew what was wrong immediately, and just favored me with a grin as she curled up into a very comfortable cuddle.

We talked for a while, just reveling in the sense of touch, of our two bodies comfortably entwined. We discussed dinner plans, and after-dinner plans. I confessed that I would need some wine and maybe something a bit stiffer to get rid of the inhibitions I saddle myself with. And really, what man hasn't been there at least once?

Dinner plans were difficult to make, as we couldn't keep our hands and mouths off of each other, alternating between making out like teenagers and browsing through the tourism guide to restaurants. After a time, she lay on her stomach, legs slightly apart, and I lay next to her, both of us trying to decide on dinner. We had discussed the possibility of not actually making love this time together, just keeping things oral out of respect for our spouses. My mind flashed to my own wife, and how hot she is when fucking, and the fact that she was fucking my friend the cop. Then I looked again at Selene, perfectly laid out beside me, and I was once again overcome by my lust. In a moment I was atop her, my length poised at the entrance of her sex.

"Yeesssss," she breathed, "just once. Just a little, just so we know…" There was no way to resist. I entered her slowly, taking supreme pleasure in each inch of entry, in every nerve coming alive. I buried myself to the hilt, my hands grasping her hands, holding them down on the mattress. Slowly I withdrew and reentered, reveling in her soft moan of pleasure. I wiggled my hips side to side, down and up, enjoying each sensation. Before long I was fucking her slowly, my breath coming in ragged gasps as I wrestled to keep control. It was a supreme effort of self control and self denial to pull myself out of her after about 10 minutes, and unless I'm mistaken one more of her orgasms, moving to the other side of the bed. It wasn't time to finish this…yet.

And so, we decided on dinner, and dressed ourselves, however reluctantly. We went to a very nice place for some steak and wine. Got a nice corner table…with a very low hanging tablecloth. We talked and ate, and talked more, every now and then sharing a very naughty touch underneath the tablecloth, just to tease each other all the more. We decided to go out for some drinks, in the same casino.

Maybe it was the wine and cocktails, maybe it was Selene, maybe it was me letting go. But I felt so free. I decided that "proper behaviour" would no longer apply. I placed a hand on Selene's thigh as we sat at the well-lit bar, and as I took a drink, let my hand wander higher. In a matter of moments I had my hand well under her skirt, and a knuckle driven against her clit, as the bartender poured another drink. It was as if her body was my personal playground, and by her invitation at that. It was a pure joy to watch her eyes glass over in pleasure, her mouth slightly open, as she wiggled against my hand…I felt powerful, invulnerable, yet also completely under her spell.

After a couple of drinks, we could wait no longer. We made a beeline for the car, ready to get back to the hotel room. As we reached the car, I grasped her hips, spinning her roughly around, and pressed her against her car as I kissed her passionately. I released her just as abruptly, and she flushed slightly with excitement. I knew my inhibitions were sufficiently incapacitated to fully enjoy the rest of the night.

The night blends together into a magical montage of erotic images after getting to the room. I remember laying her down and entering her on the bed, making love passionately, both of us screaming as we came. I remember going down on her again, and surprising us both by being ready again soon after. My favorite image of the night, though, was bending her over the dresser in front of the mirror, watching her watching me, watching myself enter her, taking things so very slowly. I remember falling backwards onto the bed to continue with her straddling me, calling out as she brought me to the bliss of orgasm. I remember my reluctance to leave…it was as if we killed a small portion of our lives.

Good thing there are more trips in the future…

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