tagRomanceViva La Revolution!

Viva La Revolution!


It's 1916 and I'm in Northern Mexico with the U.S Army as it chases Pancho Villa. I'm aware that Villa is a little larger than life. He was an outlaw, guilty of murder and many lesser crimes, and then joined the successful revolution and became both a hero and pretty much the ruler of most of northern Mexico. In fact, his name isn't even Pancho or Villa, he just decided to be called that, which adds to his interest for most people. But then, during some additional insurrections after the new government failed, he raided some towns across the border, in the U.S. So, General Pershing is leading a force to punish him. I'm along as a reporter. My newspaper, in Philadelphia, sent me because I was young and dispensable but also because I could take photographs and I spoke some Spanish.

The U.S. doesn't catch him but I actually meet him. The U.S. goes home and I stay because our readers are very interested in Villa. I have to admit, I'm staying rather reluctantly. This place is a mess. To begin with, most people live the same way they did a hundred years ago. Maybe even longer ago. Its dirty. I mean unclean. The people, the streets, the buildings, everything. Small towns have no sewer systems. The water is always unsafe. Public transportation almost doesn't exist. Public accommodation for strangers like me almost doesn't exist. There are a few hotels in larger towns but over most of the land, you have to try and find families that will let you stay with them. In fact, to do anything here you have to figure out ways on your own to accomplish anything. A government doesn't exist, essentially. The only way I'm able to stay is that Villa has decided that I can. Maybe even has decided that I should stay. I think he would like to add to his fame and my stories might help. Since he's essentially the ruler here right now, he can make things happen.

What this means is, I can get access to various places. I can travel to places (as long as its o.k. with him). I can find places to stay. Because he just issues some orders and everyone falls into line and obeys. But I already know I won't stay long. I'm always dirty. It's very difficult to arrange a bath. I have bites all over me. Some from flying insects, some from whatever is living in the beds that I've been provided. I can't get any more photographic plates so when I finish with what I have, I'll try and get to Chihuahua and the only train North to the U.S.

Right now, I'm living in a large hacienda. That's the main house of a ranch, with several other buildings creating a complex. I have no idea who owns it. Or used to own it. Villa has been taking big ranches and giving pieces of them to peasants. It's full of people that Villa has decided to house, for whatever variety of reasons. I've been in others before. It's his country, he does as he pleases. Fortunately, he's always been good to me, even friendly. Regardless of all the truly evil things I've heard about him, hes a very appealing character.

I have a room. Well, actually, I have a space off a hallway that has a carpet hanging off the ceiling to create what's almost a room. Next door to me, in an actual room but with a window into my area which almost makes me a room mate, is an older lady. I've talked with her and gather that she was wealthy and had a husband. Perhaps she's still wealthy and perhaps not, perhaps she still has a husband and perhaps not. She's not really that old, probably forties. Maybe early fifties. And she's not unattractive. A little plump but in pretty good shape. Was probably a beauty twenty or thirty years ago.

She has a friend that spends many nights with her. The two wouldn't seem to fit. He's probably late twenties. Truly a perfect body, the kind I've seen on negroes working the docks in Philadelphia. It's like you can see every muscle on his body. He may even be part negro, he's a little darker than most Mexicans that I see. But its hard to tell. Nice looking guy, too. Named Luis.

Night after night I hear the sounds of sex from her room. I've begun to interpret them. The first slurping sounds are her, Dona Alvarez, sucking his cock. She enjoys it, smacks her lips a lot. The next set of slurping noises is Luis eating her. She really enjoys that. She almost screams as she orgasms over and over. The next bunch of grunts and moans are them fucking. They do that a lot. She must be almost insatiable and he must be darn near a satyr, able to last and last.

I'm quite sure that he is either being paid, or, thinks he's going to be paid. Because he is also with another woman on occasion. Now, this other one, Delores, is one to write home about. She is absolutely beautiful. Tall and slim with a perfect face. She's a mystery to me. She's the type that should have a wealthy husband. I mean, any male in the world would want her. So why is she sleeping with Luis on the nights he's not with the older Dona Alvarez? And why, with her available, would Luis ever choose to go instead to the older, much less attractive woman? There's a lot I dont know.

I should also add, before you get to thinking otherwise, that we're all dirty. Its a dirty place. A desert. Very little water. Lots of dust and wind to blow it around. Even a bath a week is a luxury. I'm sure the others do as I do and try and wash as much as possible with what water we can get. But I know I'm dirty so I know they have to be, too. We all smell a bit, too. Even the beautiful one. Delores.

Well, I've got a lot of information. I've written most of it down, have notes covering the rest. I've covered a few battles. I've even managed to send a couple stories and some photos back to Philadelphia although I have to cross my fingers and hope they got there. In the meantime, I'm stuck here until I can convince Villa that I need to be elsewhere. It may be days or weeks. I assume the others are in the same boat. We've all become acquainted. Even slightly towards friendly as you must do when you're all stuck together. We talk a little but nobody opens up much.

Then early evening, right after dinner, Delores comes to me. All our talk is in Spanish but I'll put it in English for this story. "Roberto," she says, sort of a Roe -bairt-oh as she pronounces it, "would you like a real bath?"

Would I? Of course. But why is she suggesting this? "Yes, I would," I tell her.

She smiles. "I've managed to obtain a cask of water. It's not enough for a true bath. But it's enough for both of us if you'd like." She has a real room. And I follow her there. She does have a cask of water and a fairly large, shallow basin. She asks me to take off my clothes and stand in the basin and she'll wash me. While I comply, she disrobes also, so we're both nude. Her body is even better than I had ever imagined. Her face is beautiful, of course. She's tall and slim and her breasts are almost too much for her body. And they're firm with no sag. She must be younger than I thought. I would have imagined her into her thirties but perhaps she's just into her twenties with breasts like that.

She starts washing me, with the water running off me into the basin. She uses soap and she's thorough. She spends a fair amount of time on my cock, telling me how magnificent it is. Her term - magnificent. I mean, I'm healthy and just twenty-four, so I'm in good shape but my cock wouldn't win any prizes. I've seen other guys and I consider myself average. Well, my ego might want to say just a tad above average. But if Delores likes it, that's fine with me. Then she rinses me and it's her turn.

I love washing her, feeling her body. She's light brown all over, darker on her face and arms from the sun. I get to feel those perfect breasts, play with her nipples that get very hard. Then her lovely ass, full and firm. Her legs are perfect, muscular but slim. Then her groin. Hairy. Dark, kinky, pubic hair. She lifts a leg, puts her calf on my shoulder, rests her hand on my head, so I can wash her. I reach into her pink interior a little, rinse her. I keep telling her how beautiful she is, what a perfect body she has. As I'm washing her pussy she asks me if I like that part of her. I tell her that I certainly do. She wants to know If I'd like to taste her there. I tell her that most certainly, I want to. She just smiles and lifts her leg off me and stands erect again.

She tells me she needs her hair washed also. She kneels on the floor and bends to get her head and hair over the basin. I pour some water over her hair to get it wet. She has some liquid soap available and I wash her hair and then use water to rinse it . By now, the basin is full. She uses a cloth like a towel and dries her hair and then wraps it, like a turban. Then she leads me, both of us naked, to the bed. "I'll taste you first," she says. "Your cock looks delicious". She sits next to me and bends over me and goes to work. Obviously she's done this before because it couldn't be better. It's almost as if she was a professional at it, she's so good. I think she actually does like it. When I shoot off into her mouth, she swallows and keeps her lips milking me until I'm completely drained. She looks up at me, smiling, "You're even more delicious than I hoped," she tells me and then moves up to lay next to me.

I lean over her and kiss her. She puts her arms up around me and kisses back. It's lovely. I then start working down her body, feeling and licking and sucking on her large breasts. I'm not horribly experienced and this is definitely the best body I've ever had sex wth. I finally kiss down across her stomach and get between her legs. I use my hands to push her hair back and spread her open a little. She bends her legs and moves her knees way up, moving her pussy up more for me, and I lean in and get my tongue into her. This is heaven. She truly is delicious and I tell her so. I lick and suck and then move up a little to get at her clit and start pushing it around a little with my tongue. Its only the second clit I've ever seen, felt, tasted, and its larger than the first one. It's like a small finger. Then I work back and forth, into her vagina, back onto her clit. She tells me to use my fingers, so I slide two of them into her and concentrate my mouth on her clit. It takes a little while but she gets juicier and juicier and her hips start jumping a little and soon shes into a good orgasm. I pull my fingers out of her and try to suck her whole pussy into my mouth.

Then she's pulling my hair to get me away and I move up over her. She reaches down and feels my cock and gives me a big smile as she realizes I'm hard again and helps aim it into her. I give a push and slide part way in. It's all so lubricated and smooth and tight, I fit in easily, slowly pushing all the way into her. We fuck. I start slow and she starts pushing back, speeding me up. We end up slamming into one another as hard and as fast as possible. Fortunately I last through another of her orgasms and then on her next, I ejaculate, too. There is no doubt that its the best sex ever and I tell her so. She makes no move to get rid of me so I roll off to the side.

"Delores, I loved that. I'd love to do it over and over. I hope you liked it." She tells me that she definitely did. "But why me?" I ask her. "I know that Luis has been with you. Why not him? Why me?"

"I'm angry with him. He's a beautiful man. A beautiful body, a magnificent cock. When I saw him, I had to have him. We were together. Now, he's fucking that old lady. He's eating her. I thought I was special and that he only ate me. Now he's eating her ancient cunt. It's an insult. So I want to get even. But now that I have, I want you some more. Youre very good, Roberto, I can tell you truly like tasting me."

"I do. I could spend hours tasting you."

She smiles, "Don't make promises you don't want to keep. I would enjoy that."

"So would I," I tell her and then kiss her and hold her breast. I then kiss her neck, her shoulder.

"Just a minute," she says. She surprises me by pulling away and getting off the bed. She gets a wash cloth we were using and squats a little and wipes her pussy thoroughly. Then she comes back to the bed and lays down where she was before. "Now," she tells me, "Start over".

I do, I kiss her again and kiss down to her breasts. I spend time on each breast, licking and sucking on the nipples, and then on down her body. As I get down between her legs she reaches up behind her and grabs two pillows and moves them down her body. She uses her legs to lift her butt up and slides the pillows under her ass as she spreads her legs wide. I lean into her, spreading her open and pushing the hair away and get my tongue into her again. I purposely avoid using my fingers to fuck her and getting her to orgasm quickly. I want to just lick and taste her as I promised. I do what I've read about, spell out the alphabet with my tongue as far into her as I can get it, then lick and suck on her clit. Then back into her vagina again with my tongue. I know I don't last for hours but I get her to two more orgasms. It's longer than I've ever done it before and I hope it's longer than anyone else has ever done her before. Then I slide up over her, push into her and we start fucking again.

I spend the night. As we talk from time to time, I mention to her that shes so beautiful, she should be married to some rich man. She smiles and tells me that rich men dont marry girls like her, they keep them as mistresses. In fact she was a rich mans' mistress until he decided to stand up against Villa and died. She plans to again become a rich mans' mistress when things settle down a little and men can become rich again. She says the reason she's here is, she fucked Pancho so he's looking out for her, may come and take her somewhere some time. In the meantime, she's just enjoying herself. She likes Luis, he has a good body. But she likes me even more because I'm so good to her. After another fuck in the morning before we both get dressed and go for breakfast, she says she has thought about it and will arrange a present for me.

I never get with Delores again. The day after we had sex, someone comes for her and she goes away. I hope to better things. I do get moved into her room, though, so I don't have to listen to Luis and Dona Alvarez.

Two days later a girl that is as beautiful as Delores shows up. Someone around northern Mexico has a great set of genes to produce girls like this. Her name is Juanita and she asks for me.

"Roe-bairt-oh?" she asks "Yes," I tell her. I'm amazed. She could be Delores five years ago. Tall and slim, beautiful face,

She gives me a big grin. "You're even better than Delores said," she tells me. "Which room is yours?" I lead her and show her and she comes in and sets her bag down. I realize that bag probably contains everything she owns. She grins again. "This is fine, she says, I'll like it here, I think."

"You're staying here?"

"Yes. I'm Juanita, Delores's sister. She sent me. She said you'd be the best man for me to be with. You'd treat me well."

"You're going to sleep with me?"

"Yes, if you'll let me. Every girl needs a man. I should be safer with you than almost anyone." Her smile gets bigger and her eyes glisten, "And I think Ill like it more, too."

"Juanita. You're absolutely gorgeous. Maybe even more beautiful than Delores. I had the greatest sex of my life with your sister. So I'm sure that sex with you would be terrific. But this isn't normal for me. I'm not used to having a beautiful woman walk into my life. Do you realize that I'm American? I'll leave here in a fairly short time, perhaps days but no more than a few weeks."

"Yes, I know you aren't going to stay. And it makes me feel very good that you think I'm as beautiful as Delores because I love my sister. I agree that this isn't normal for me, either. But these arent normal times."

"How old are you?"

"Nineteen. Delores is twenty three."

"Have you ever been with a man? I mean, are you a virgin?"

"No, I'm not a virgin and I have been with a man. Not like I think it will be with you but yes a man has penetrated me before. I wouldn't be here now if my parents hadn't sent me to a convent. A man in my village, an important man, grabbed me and penetrated me. I told my parents and they didn't know what to do. He then did it again so my parents sent me to a convent, where I've been for three years. It closed. Churches are closing all over. The sisters just didn't have money anymore so all of us were sent home."

"And you want to do this? I mean to sleep with me?"

"Oh, yes. Delores said you would be the best for me. I'll learn how good it is."

"What if you get pregnant, with a baby?"

"Yes, that might happen. I would need to go to Chihuahua, where Delores is. She can get that fixed. She's had it done for her. She knows a lot of people. She can find another man for me when you leave."

"This is just weird. But you certainly are beautiful. Have you had anything to eat? Would you like some food?"

It turns out that she is hungry. While she's getting some food, I arrange to get that cask that Delores had filled with water. I figure it worked so well with us, I should try it with Juanita. Besides, I'm dirty and I'm sure she is, having just traveled a long way to get here.

When we get back to the room, I have her take all her clothes off. She is certainly as lovely and desirable as Delores if not more so. The same tall, slim body, good firm butt, shapely legs and oversize breasts topped with a beautiful face. I had her stand in the basin and I wash her. I purposely do everything I can to arouse her. I spend a lot of time on her breasts. When I get to her pussy, I have her do like Delores and put one leg on my shoulder. After washing her thoroughly, I finger her a little, slide a finger into her, then lean in and lick her lips and then her clit. I think it works. She makes some odd noises. Then I stand in the basin and have her wash me. At the very least I want her to know what my cock is so when I put it in her she'll know what is happening. She seems fascinated by it, washes it over and over, feeling it. Probably she just didn't know how but she never kisses it or licks it.

After we dry each other I lay next to her, both of us naked, on the bed. I kiss her and she kisses back slightly. I think this is all new to her. I fondle her breasts, kiss down to them and lick and suck on them and the nipples. She is beginning to moan. I kiss on down but before I move between her legs, I get a couple pillows and have her rise up so I can put them under her butt. I then spread her legs and get my face into her pussy. I do everything I can think of, licking and working my tongue in her vagina, licking and sucking on her clit, She has an orgasm and I keep on working on her until she has another. Then I slide up over her and get my cock aimed into her and start to push in.

Her moans and aahs turn to stifled little screams, a noise with each push forward into her. I take my time. Its probably five or six pushes before I'm completely in. Then I just hold it there, letting her get used to me. I lean down and kiss her. She puts her arms around me and definitely kisses back this time. I start pulling out and pushing in. She starts pushing her hips at me. She may not know what shes doing but she definitely is involved. She wants this.

She's tighter than her sister. My cock moving in her is really getting massaged. I keep pushing in, she keeps pushing back. I start going a little faster. Her noises increase. I can feel her insides grasping me, pulsing against me. She lets out a low scream and her whole body pushes up against me. I can feel juices leaking out around where my cock is pistoning into her. Shes having another orgasm. I just keep on moving in her, getting still faster and harder. She's back to returning my pushes with her hips. She gives a loud exhale, an ugh, each time our bodies slam together. I'm pounding into her as fast and as hard as I can. This is actually an even better fuck than I got from Delores. Juanitas' actions, responses, are all a first time thing. Natural. Maybe Delores's were real, too, but she'd experienced it all so many times before. This is Juanitas' first. At least her first that includes orgasms. Rape isn't sex, its just a physical attack. I can feel my insides getting ready, my cock is actually expanding a little. I start shooting into her. Which must trigger something in her because her insides start really grabbing me, milking me, and shes into a continuous low scream. Whether its partly her juices or just my sperm, I can feel my cock sliding in a much wetter canal. And I push in as far as I can and stop, just hold it in her. Her arms and legs both come up around me. She had been using them as a base to push against, pressing them into the bed.

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