tagLetters & TranscriptsViva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas


Scott: "I first met Melissa about three months ago on Yahoo 360. You know how these things go. You click one page and then another and then your eye catches someone else's avatar and you end up clicking that. Well, somehow I ended up on her page. Her avatar showed a very attractive woman, with incredible eyes. I assumed it was a real picture. She said she was in her 20s and her page gave some other general information. I sent her a quick message. She must have been online because she responded soon after, and our connection started."

Melissa: "I remember getting Scott's first message. He uses his picture as his avatar and I think he looked really cute. I like guys with goatees and he used his real picture. Always a plus. I responded to his comment and we flirted a bit that first day. He sent an invite and I accepted it."

Scott: "We started off innocently enough, flirting on each other's pages. When there was clearly a little interest shown on her end, the flirting progressed to messages and then onto IM. We seemed to really click and while there was always a fair amount of sexual flirtation going on in our chat, we were able to talk about so much more."

Melissa: "Whenever I got onto my 360, I usually had a comment or a message from Scott. It was always cute seeing his face there and whatever 'wise-ass' thing he had to say. He usually made me smile and I enjoyed flirting with him. I guess I never hid my IM address so one day, out of the blue, I got an IM from Scott. I wasn't going to answer it at first, ... oh hell, who am I kidding? We started talking on IM and he was very cute and funny. Plus, he was pretty respectful, even in his flirting. I have IMed with some other guys and all they wanted to do was cyber right away. Can you tell I'm rolling my eyes here?"

Scott: "When people think about 360 friends, that is what Melissa became to me. It quickly reached the point where I would look forward to seeing the little message show up at the bottom of my screen that Melissa signed onto IM. I also felt a charge when she left a comment on my page. Melissa made it clear that she felt the very same way about me. I guess that means we had a crush on each other."

Melissa: "I think that Scott became a pretty good friend of mine very early. I really enjoyed talking to him. He was cute and funny. It was pretty clear that he got a lot of attention on his 360 from other women, but it seemed that he definitely devoted some time to me, particularly when I was online. He told me that he stalked my page to see if I was commenting. He's so cute sometimes."

Scott: "About a month ago, I spoke to her on the phone. It was better than I expected. There was really no awkwardness at all, as can happen sometimes when people who are used to chatting on IM start talking on the phone. Rather, it was just a natural conversation, and none of the flirtation between us was lost. She had a very sexy voice. We ended up talking for at least 2 hours, just laughing and flirting with each other. This quickly became a daily ritual. Thank God we spoke at night or my cell phone bill would have been outrageous."

Melissa: "I had heard Scott's voice before. He had one of those 'snapvine' things on his blog. I never left him a message though. His voice was a little different than I expected. He told me he was nearly 6'4. And I assumed his voice would be very low. It wasn't, but it was pretty sexy. I remember talking to him on the phone that first time. I thought all he wanted to do was phone-bone me, but he didn't even try. Bastard. Only joking. We spent a lot of time talking on the phone, pretty much daily. Things would get a little hot, and yes, we did eventually have phone-sex. He really was able to turn me on."

Scott: "I won't say that we didn't get a little sexual on the phone also, because after a few days, we did. Blush! To me, phone sex is the next greatest thing to actual sex. To hear Melissa on the line, getting excited and turning me on, and to reach climax together is... well, lets just sit back and tip our caps to Alexander Graham Bell for his wonderful invention. I'm sure he didn't know that the telephone would be used for that, but honestly, with respect to the telephone, the only thing better than phone sex would be hearing you won $100 million bucks, right?"

Melissa: "Well, what can I say about the first time we had phone sex? It was actually so much better than I expected. I guess I like him. Don't tell him, okay? His voice was just really able to get me going so well, you know?" And to hear him get excited on the phone? Well, it just put me over the edge. I really like hearing him. I couldn't stop thinking about it for the next day and it made me really wet."

Scott: "We first talked about meeting about 10 days ago. I was ready to meet her that night. But, things being what they may, we decided to wait a week or so to let her workload lighten up. We also decided that rather than meet in either of our hometowns, we would meet in a different location. This was because if it didn't necessarily work out, it would be more of a vacation for the both of us and a bit safer than allowing a "somewhat" stranger into your home."

Melissa: "When Scott first suggested meeting, I was a bit nervous. But, then I thought, why not? I only live once. Granted, he could be an axe murderer in disguise, but I really didn't think so. And when he suggested meeting somewhere other than meeting me here, or me flying to him, well, that sounded like a perfect plan to me."

Scott: "When we both decided that meeting would be cool, we started to throw out a couple of options of where to meet, when it hit me. Why not Vegas? Vegas is supposed to be so much fun and there is so much to do. Melissa actually agreed on the spot. We would meet there this (past) weekend. It was kind of cute, we were online together, and on the phone together, booking our airline tickets and planning our mini-vacation together. I suggested we stay at the Bellagio. It is supposed to be beautiful. It is centrally located on the Strip as well. I know it is a bit pricy, but I was hoping that Melissa would be okay with it. I even suggested two different rooms, as I didn't want her to feel pressure of doing something just because we were meeting up."

Melissa: "Vegas was such a great idea. I haven't been in awhile and Scott actually said he had never been there. So I thought it would be fun. When he suggested the Bellagio, I knew Scott had some taste. That Casino is gorgeous. I have never stayed there, but I have been there a few times. The clubs are fantastic. Scott was so cute when he suggested on two separate rooms at the hotel. Such a gentleman. I told him to forget that – I wanted one room and one big king-sized bed. For some reason, he agreed right away – Some Gentleman!"

Scott: "I couldn't wait for the weekend. The days at work seemed to drag on forever. But finally, the day came for me to meet Melissa in person. For once, there were no problems with the airlines, and my plane actually took off (close to) on time and I arrived in Vegas at noon. I knew Melissa would not be in until later in the day and we had agreed that I was going to meet her at the Hotel. She was being a good girl and working most of the day before coming to town.

I jumped into a cab (eventually) and my eyes were huge as I drove down the Strip for the first time. The Casinos were gigantic. It was so cool. I was so excited to be in Vegas and to be here to meet Melissa. I saw the Bellagio in the distance. It is actually not nearly as big as some of the other casinos, but wow, it just looked so nice. I saw the famous fountains doing their dance and I felt as cool as George Clooney in Oceans 11.

The cab pulled up and a valet opened my door for me. I got out and walked into the Casino. I had heard about the lobby and all the glass blown flowers by Dale Chihuly. But in person, it is truly breathtaking. I went to check-in and I decided to surprise Melissa by getting us an upgraded room, one facing the fountains and on a high floor. It was a bit extra, but hey, money is only money, right? I went upstairs to put my clothes away (and hog up all the good hangars).

The room was actually really big. Like bigger than some apartments I lived in when I used to live in NYC. It was also really nicely decorated. It had an entrance foyer, lined with beautiful marble. The walls and bed were done in nice soothing earth tones. There were plenty of sitting chairs. The bathroom was gigantic as well. It had a separate shower from the tub and the tub was huge! I couldn't help but wonder if Melissa and I would be making use of that at all. I crossed the room, depositing my suitcase near the bed, and opened the curtains.

Wow – Vegas was right in front of me. The Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino was staring at me. The fountains were right there. The Strip was right in front of me. I knew that as fantastic as this looked right now, at nighttime, it would be even better with all the lights. And in the immortal words of Double Down Trent, 'Vegas Baby'!"

Melissa: "I decided to work until 2:00 and then catch my flight. I know Scott was going to get there before me, but that's okay. Let him wait. But, damn, the time really dragged that morning and I couldn't wait to get to the airport. Even though the weather was not really nice, pretty rainy most of the day, my flight actually left on time and I arrived in Vegas just after 7:00 p.m. I had to check my bags because of the darned restrictions. As I got off the escalator and walked towards my baggage claim, I saw Scott waiting for me, with a little sign that said Melissa on it. He also had some flowers. OMG – I was so surprised to see him. I thought he was going to meet me at the hotel and I was so not ready for this. I self-consciously fixed my hair a little and walked up to him, smiling. He was grinning at me like the Cheshire Cat."

Scott: "I decided to surprise Melissa by meeting her at the airport. Why not, right? I was here to see her and spend time with her, so might as well start it as soon as possible. I had actually gambled a little in the interim time, and was already up about $300 which was pretty cool also. So, I had this little buzz going on.

While waiting for her flight, I found a little piece of cardboard. I borrowed this other guy's pen and wrote her name on it. I also bought one of those small bouquet of flowers. I know, I'm a total dork. But, I wanted to surprise her, and why not go all the way. When her plane arrived, and I started seeing all the people come down the escalators towards the baggage claim, I actually felt some butterflies in my stomach. Then I saw Melissa. She looked just like her pictures, but even better. She was just minding her own business when she saw me! It was so cute. Watching her hand move to her hair. I couldn't help but grin.

She walked right up to me, smiling and said "Hey Baby" and then she kissed me. My god, her kiss felt so good. Her lips were incredibly soft. The kiss lasted only a few seconds before she pulled away. I said "Hey Baby" right back at her and handed her the flowers. Seeing her smile like that made me know I made the right decision by coming to meet her."

Melissa: "Bonus points – he already earned them by showing up at the airport. And damn, even though he shaved off that goatee, he still looked so good. I couldn't help but kiss him. He deserved that much, right? is kiss was really nice, actually. Not too hard, not too soft... just perfect. Damn, I sound like Goldilocks."

Well, what I mean is that he really kissed me very well. And he's such a tall guy. He wasn't as "big" as I expected, but he is tall. I guess I expected someone a bit fatter, I don't know. Just, he looked really good. I could smell his cologne and it actually turned me on too. Something about men's cologne gets to me. He gave me the flowers and took my hand. We walked hand in hand to get my bag. I think it took like half an hour for the luggage to come, but it felt like nothing. We just talked and it was just so nice to be here in person with him. When my bag arrived, we jumped into a cab and went to the Bellagio.

Scott told me he checked us in already and he gave me a room key. Like I said before, I had been inside the Bellagio before, but I have never stayed there. So, walking in this time felt a little different. Scott had my hand in one hand and was rolling my suitcase with the other. I couldn't help but steal peeks at him as we walked. He really is a good looking guy. We got into the elevator, empty but for us, and Scott clicked one of the higher floors.

He then turned to me again, and just kissed me again, this time with a little more hunger than in the airport. I kissed him back and I felt his arms go around me. We heard a ding and the elevator stopped and we broke our kiss right before the doors opened and some people got on. We got to our floor and Scott opened the door for me. The room – wow. It was beautiful. I went inside and looked around, opening the curtains. Vegas was right there in front of us. It really looked beautiful from up here. I could see the crowds of people gathering in front of the hotel to watch the next fountain show. This was really cool."

Scott: "I watched Melissa go look out the window. The sky was already dark and the lights from the Strip were glowing inside our room. Melissa's hair hung down to about the middle of her back. She was wearing a little black top, tight jeans and these really sexy black boots with a nice 3 inch heel. Her jeans didn't have any back pockets, and it showed off her ass beautifully. As she was looking outside, I could look at her to my heart's desire. She actually bent over a bit to look at something right below us, I guess. Wow. She looked perfect."

Melissa: "It was really funny. As I looked outside at the crowd of people, I could see from the reflection in the window that Scott was looking at me. And I knew exactly where he was looking. Men will be men. I decided to give him a bit of a show so I bent over so that I could 'look' at something happening right below us. Like I couldn't see from my original position? But, a little teasing never hurt anyone. I was really glad that he was looking at me."

Scott: "As I watched her bent over the window, her ass so inviting like that, I felt my cock start to twitch in my pants. I couldn't stop myself. I went up to her and took her hips in my hand, and pressed myself against her. She didn't move an inch as I ground my hard cock against her ass. I know she felt my excitement and she didn't move away. I then took her long hair in my hands and pulled so that she stopped bending over, but still tight against me. I moved her hair to the side of her face, so I could move my lips to her neck."

Melissa: "When Scott came up behind me and put his hands on my hips, it felt good. And then, I felt how hard he was when he started grinding against me. I knew that we were going to be intimate and all, I mean that's why we came here, but I wasn't expecting it so quickly. But, wow, to feel how excited he got at my teasing him a bit was such a turn on. And then when he made me stop bending over and I felt his warm breath on my neck, and he started kissing me, I felt my nipples grow hard immediately and I felt a tingle immediately between my legs. His lips felt so good on my hot skin. I pushed my ass back against his cock, letting him grind up against it."

Scott. "I was kissing her neck, and nuzzling my face against her, moving to her ears. I gently bit her earlobe and whispered softly "if this is too fast, Baby, I will stop." I immediately started kissing her neck and ear again to try to make her answer more difficult. Her head immediately bent down towards my face, letting me know that she liked what I was doing."

Melissa: "When he whispered that in my ear, I melted. I wanted him so badly and I was so turned on at that moment. There was no way I ever wanted this to stop. I reached around him, behind my back, so I could pull him even more tightly against my ass. I loved feeling his hard cock against me and I just continued to ground my ass against it. It was so exciting."

Scott: "She made her answer to my question so clear. I took her arms in my hands and raised them above her head. Her entire body was now pressed against the window with me tightly against her. I moved my hands back down her body and she kept her arms raised. I grabbed her hips, and pushed my cock against her again. Her ass felt so firm and tight, so incredible, I couldn't wait to have her."

Melissa. "His body was so tight against mine, grinding himself against me. His lips never left my neck or cheek, or my earlobe. And he started whispering in my ear about how he couldn't wait to taste my wet pussy and how he wanted to feel me cum against his hard cock when he fucked me. He whispered that he dreamed of this moment from the first time we talked on the phone. I was so turned on, I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter. I turned to face him and kissed him so hard, my tongue pressing into his mouth, wanting to taste him. I grabbed his face and held him to me as our kiss deepened and grew more ravenous."

Scott: "She started kissing me hard, her tongue pressing into my mouth and exploring everything. It was like she was fucking my mouth were her tongue, deeply, taking it over as if it was hers. I loved feeling her desire for me grow. She let go of my face and moved her hands to my pants. She quickly undid my belt and with a hard tug, sent it flying across the room. She undid my pants and pressed her hand down the front of my boxer briefs, grabbing my hard cock."

Melissa: "His cock was so hard and hot in my hand. I stroked it up and down and heard him moan with desire, even as we kissed. His cock was definitely a good size and just thinking about it being buried deep in my pussy soon was making me wetter and wetter. I continued to stroke it, the skin so soft, but yet so firm. His tongue was now deep in my mouth, exploring every inch, as our kisses deepened in desire and passion."

Scott: "I broke our kiss for a second so that I could look at her. She looked up at me, as she continued to rub her hand up and down my hard cock. I then noticed the window behind us, open to Vegas and all of its lights. I saw people walking the Strip in front of our hotel, watching the fountain show. I saw people at the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino right across the street from us. I didn't care at all. In fact, it made me feel naughtier and sexier and I wanted to let Vegas see our desire for each other. I somehow extracted Melissa's hand from my cock and I kissed her again. I then turned her again, to face the window."

Melissa: "When he turned me to face the window again, I was a little confused. He didn't want me touching his cock? But then he whispered in my ear to look out the window, look at Vegas. I then did as he said and I saw it. Vegas was watching us. The lights of Vegas were all over us and the room. He ground his cock hard against my jeans again, and moved his hands to the bottom of my shirt, and started lifting it up. He whispered that this was just us sharing us and that it didn't matter who saw us. Let them all watch. He raised my shirt over my tits, over my head and threw it to the corner of the room. He immediately cupped my tits and started squeezing them and rolling my nipples between his fingertips, getting them even harder than they were. His naughty whispers in my ear and each kiss on my neck was sending ripples of desire through my body where they seemed to collect in my pussy."

Scott: "Her tits felt so good in my hands. I squeezed them and pressed them against my palms to feel her hard nipples pressing against me. She seemed to be in another world, as I kissed her neck. She was tight against me, and letting me do what I wanted with her. Perfectly pliant in my hands. She seemed to be focused on the world outside the window. I released her breasts and started stroking her body, up and down her sides, before finally coming to her waist. I looked down her body from over her shoulder and deftly unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. She didn't make a move to cover herself up or anything. We really seemed to be in our own private world at this moment. So Fucking SEXY!"

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