tagGroup SexViva Las Vegas Ch. 01

Viva Las Vegas Ch. 01


This story is 100% true. Names have been changed and some of the more boring stuff have been left out...but all true


Sitting in a cab riding the 2.5 miles to my destination I keep babbling about things that make no sense and certainly don't matter. Seeing the street lights of Vegas whip past as the cabbie is talking of basketball games and bets I can't help but think of what I am about to do.

Not even a week before my boyfriend James and I had decided to attend a swingers club. This particular night was "Hot Tub Party" night. The dress code we were told is bathing suits or less. I have my "BYOB" of gin in a bag with a combination lock, bathing suit top and a sarong. As excited as I am I can't help but think that maybe we shouldn't be doing this. At 5'3" and 200 pounds I am certainly not the super model type. On the flip side my boyfriend is 5'10" 135 and as an active duty military man ripped as hell! That wash board stomach and the muscle definition that comes from running daily and doing 50+ pull ups a day makes me nervous. Nervous that people will wonder, why is he with her??

We pull up to the club and the cab driver takes us in and introduces us. We pay our fdonation and get a tour of the place; bar, orgy room, private rooms, hot tub, group shower, 'chair' room, locker room. It all flies by as a blur. My insides are as jittery as if I had downed 10 cups of coffee on an empty stomach. We're left in the locker room and I change into my swimsuit top and the sarong. No underwear, no shoes. The brown halter top barely holds my DDD breasts in and the sarong is simply knotted at my hip allowing anyone in the club to see from hip to toe whenever I walk. We sit at a bar near the pool tables sipping our gin and tonic waiting to see what will happen. Everyone is friendly, but dressed. I feel a little self conscious in my lack of clothing as James decided to leave his clothes on for the moment as he didn't bring any form of bathing suit, opting for the "less". Some regulars shooting pool inform us that on Sundays during the football season dress code is not enforced until after the game.

We decide to sit in the hot tub to wait. We strip down and sink into the hot bubbly cauldron and look around. Couples of all ages, shapes, and races are relaxing in the water and talking. I lean my head back in the water and feel a trembling in my stomach as I realize that I've done it. I'm sitting naked in a hot tub in public. The steam from the tub causes my face to flush and after only about 5 minutes I sit up on the edge of the tub. I feel the cool air hit my wet skin. I lean back on my hands and realize that my entire body is on display.

I look to my left and see a large black man in his early 30's looking my way. He stands up in the tub and leans towards me. I hold my breath...he comes closer, I can barely breathe. Then he says, "excuse me, I'm trying to see the score". I start laughing and all tension in my body dissipates. I lean back further and look to my right. There is a large screen tv with a ball game playing. He looks at the score and settles back down. I start a friendly banter, and my boyfriend now sitting between my legs in the tub joins in. We learn that his name is Vance. He come to this club as a single man on a regular basis. We discuss the military, swing clubs in general, this one in particular, comedians, anything that comes to mind. We all excuse ourselves to get another drink.

When we return to the hot tub there are only 2 people left in the tub. I settle in on the side again and with James between my legs, he starts kissing up my thighs. He slowly keeps travelling up until his tongue reaches my vaginal lips. He reaches up and gently pulls them open. For a few seconds I am fully exposed to the other people in the room. I have a huge grin on my face that betrays how I feel only by the trembling that I can't control. He dips his head down and drags his tongue up my clit. My hand goes to his head and I can't help but press myself into his mouth. I put my head back and start moaning and his tongue continues to work me into a frenzy. I feel my uterus starting to contract and my pussy swell up. My nipples harden and my breathing gets faster and faster and faster. I cum all over his face while I press it into me. I slide into the tub and look around. There are a few more people in the room now and a few have their dicks out stroking them while watching me cum. I sink down lower and while slightly blushing I keep the show going. I push him up and slide his dick into my mouth. I feel my eyes close and I wrap my lips around the tip of his dick. I suck the stiff member into my mouth and twirl my tongue around the shaft as it slowly fills my mouth. I release all pressure and his penis leaves my mouth. My lips catch on the ridge and I start sucking again. I feel him getting even harder as my tongue and lips draw him in over and over. My hands are on his balls feeling the hair tickle my fingers and his testicles tightening up as he's getting even more excited than when we started.

He sits back down onto the seat in the hot tub and pulls me onto his lap facing him. I lift my face to kiss him and realize his face is literally dripping with my juices. My breath catches and I start to suck and lick the wetness off his rough face. The stubble scratches my tongue and cheeks and with each scrape I feel the muscles in my pussy contract. I have my hands on either side of his face and am full out sucking pussy juice off his chin when he guides his hard dick into me. I continue to lick and suck and kiss as he simply moves his legs open and then together again. The water carries me up and down his dick and before long I feel the build up again. I feel my nipples stiffening even more than they have been already, the muscles inside of me starting to twitch and my head drops back as another orgasm overtakes me. I drop my forehead to his shoulder and rest for a second. When I look up a man is sitting in a chair watching me cum. I pull myself out of the tub and we go to get another drink. We meet up with Vance at the bar and I let him know that as soon as I get my drink we will be glad to go into a room with him.

We grab our drinks and follow him back behind the locker rooms. We go into a dimly lit room and I lay naked on the bed. James comes up and starts kissing me with his hand inside of me. I reach over grip Vance's dick in my hand, then reach down to grab my boyfriends as well. I take turns sucking on them until James' hands grab my hips and pull me up onto my knees. He bends me over and rams his dick into my dripping pussy. My lips goes around Vance's dick and with each thrust I gag a little on the huge black dick that is in my mouth. Again they move me around onto my back and Vance slides his dick into me. I start screaming and clawing his back as I cum again and again and again around his thick dick. James gets up and opens the door which makes it an open invitation to all in the club to come inside. He comes back up onto the bed and I start sucking on him again. To my right an even larger black man has his dick out and I grab it. I am being rammed by a thick dick, I am sucking on my boyfriends dick, and I have an even thicker, longer one in my right hand. I hear the men talking over me and suddenly Vance is pulling out of me and the second man is climbing onto the bed. He slowly slides into me and I feel as if I will be ripped in half. Once he is fully inside, he rams into me even further as I'm screaming; partially in pain, but mostly from the orgasms that are tearing through my body. Suddenly he starts thrusting even harder and deeper and I feel his dick convulse as he squirts.

He rolls off of me and I curl up on my side. My forehead rests on James' thigh and I try to breathe. I hear him ask me if I am ok and I shake my head yes. "I just need a little break is all" I say and I hear men start to shuffle out of the room. When everyone is gone I look up and look into the beautiful eyes of my other half. I say, "I love you" and he kisses me with all the affection I've come to know and expect. On rubbery legs I stand up and grab my sarong. I knot it around my waist and leave the room with my drink. James walks behind me with a guiding hand on my back. As I walk out everyone in club looks at me and I know they heard my screams. I sit down and take a long drink. This is going to be a long, rough night I think to myself as I wave over yet another man to our table.

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