tagIncest/TabooVivian in the Shower

Vivian in the Shower


The sound of the shower running immediately got my attention, it could only mean one thing, Vivian, beautiful, soapy, and naked. My cock hardened slightly at just the thought of her trim young body under the water, innocently soaping her breasts, the suds running down her flat stomach and into her thatch of blonde pubic hair.

I walked quietly to the bathroom door and listened closely. I could hear her sweet voice humming to herself. I slowly turned the knob on the door and pushed it open. Hot steamy air poured out as I silently let myself in and pulled the door closed.

Through the steam I could see her gorgeous body behind the clear glass door of the shower. She was facing the spray with her face uplifted. The gentle curve of her hip led my eye down to the long leanness of her leg. The side of one full breast tilted upward at the tip and capped with a large hardened nipple was clearly visible.

I absently ran my hand over my boxers caressing my dick softly. As I watched she poured body wash on a pouf and lathered it up. She then closed her eyes and began running the soapy thing over her tanned body. She rubbed it over her breasts in a slow circular motion gently cupping each one with her free hand. I was awestruck when she flicked at each nipple a couple of times and tweaked one between her thumb and finger.

She then ran the pouf down her stomach and over her thighs bending at the waist to reach the rest of her legs. Her tits swung slightly as she washed her calves and feet. She then straightened and reached her arm back over her shoulder to swipe across her back. She let the pouf drop and ran her hands over her body under the water to rinse.

When she reached the veer between her legs she slowly ran her fingers over her pussy up and down over her slit. Her hips moved slightly and it was obvious that she was enjoying this. My cock was now sticking though the fly of my boxers hard and pulsating. My hand stroked it firmly and slowly. Up over the shaft and around the head and then back down.

I knew that I no longer wanted to just watch this gorgeous display. I quickly slid out of my shorts and pulled open the door. Vivian jumped and snatched her hand away from her now pouting pussy lips. "What are you doing in here?" She asked sharply eying my hard on.

"This" I said and captured her lips with mine. The water was hot and tasting it on her made my dick jump. She giggled throatily and wrapped her long slender fingers around my rod. Her hand began pumping up and down my shaft causing my hips to surge toward her. "Oh God," I breathed as she lowered herself to her knees and took the full length of me into her beautiful mouth.

She began sucking and licking my dick expertly, letting her tongue roll around the head and flick firmly at the tip. She pressed the tip of her tongue against the hole at the top of my prick and gently moved it side to side. My fingers tangled in her hair and I pulled her face to me so that her mouth was completely filled with my hot meat.

Faster and harder she sucked until I knew that I was about to cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to stand up. Knowing exactly what I wanted, she stood up and turned around so that her delectable ass was facing me. She bent slightly at the waist and placed her hands against the wall.

Her kitty was pink and the lips were swollen with lust. The water that ran in rivulets down her back glistened over her puckered asshole . I took my cock in hand and ran it over her lips and along her slick slit. I gently pushed against her tight hole and gasped when the head of me entered her heat. She pushed back against me and all at once my prick was engulfed in her tight twat.

I reached down and grabbed her hips in both hands and began fucking her fast and hard. She was so hot and tight that I knew I wouldn't last long. I reached around and grabbed her breasts pinching the nipples almost painfully while I took her from behind. She was moaning and bucking back against me faster and harder. "Fuck!" she yelled and I felt her pussy clamp down on me like a vise as her orgasm gripped her.

I pulled almost completely out of her love tunnel and then slammed back in. Her head smacked against the shower but I was too far gone to notice. I could feel the sperm building up in my balls. I began fucking her furiously and pulled out of her right as my cock exploded rope after rope of man juice onto her tight ass. I rubbed my dick against her until all traces of cum were gone.

"Turn around and get cleaned up," I ordered and stepped out of the steamy shower. Vivian did as she was told, but then she always did, she didn't want me to let anyone know our little secret. You see Vivian is married to my Dad and if he found out that I was tagging his pretty new trophy wife she would be gone.

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