tagNovels and NovellasVivian Laaning Ch. 09

Vivian Laaning Ch. 09


During the drive to the hotel in Lydiaville, Vivian had deep throated Luke's cock sufficiently and often enough to precipitate a copious amount of his sperm to erupt and fill her mouth. She was able to gulp down most of it but a tiny amount did escape her lips and drip down her chin as she raised her head. She let out a ladylike burp and declared:

"Wow Luke! That was a huge shit load of cum you shot. Not that I'm that surprised. As soon as I saw you I knew you would be man enough for me!"

Wiped out by his climax, Luke could only manage a wan smile and replied, "I'm gratified that I've met your expectations and I can assure you that you're no disappointment to me either."

"Oh goody! That's a relief to hear. Makes me believe that the natural consequences of you seeing all of my nakedness will be worth our early exit from my sister's wedding reception. By the way you need not worry about the possibility of the ultimate consequences as I'm on the Pill."

"I guess that saves me the expense of procuring some condoms from the hotel's vending machine. Mind you if you did get pregnant I would probably not be adverse to follow your brother-in-law's example when confronted by such a result."

"Yes my sister was a little remiss in her protection regimen. But my how..."

At this point Vivian had moved as close to Luke as she could manage, and caressed the back of his head as she stuck her very wet tongue into his ear and swirled it around. And she continued:

"...sweet and gallant are your words and thoughts Luke baby. I'm certain I'm going to be a lucky girl to enjoy that wonderful cock of yours in my now very wet pussy. And if we have time you can poke that cock into my bummy as well. I'd love that just as well."

At this point, Luke was grateful that he had just pulled into his spot in the parking lot of the hotel. Otherwise he would have most likely driven the car off the road as a result of her wanton behavior. As it was, he was just barely able to keep driving safely when he was ejaculating.

Given his previous experience with Erica, perhaps Luke should not have been surprised to find Vivian so sexual. Nevertheless, he was aware that she had just recently lost her virginity, and so he was totally astonished at how lusty, and direct that she had already become. He had never, and he had more than his share, had a female more sexually aggressive than Vivian.

That is not to say that he was dismayed by her immodesty like Ray Gainer had been. Instead he now anticipated a very hot night beyond anything he had imagined when he accepted to attend his friend's wedding and be the best man. He had been thinking of taking a date to the wedding reception but was persuaded to accept Vivian as his date instead. It's beginning to look like it was possibly one of the most fortuitous twist of fate in his life!

Luke returned his exposed penis back into his trousers and got out of the car to escort Vivian to the hotel. Actually as Vivian successfully emerged from her car seat, he became more agitated and excited to get to the room. So he seized her wrist compelling her to run along with him to avoid falling down as he raced to the hotel lobby. Once there he snarled at the desk clerk:

"Throw me the keys to room 301, and book the Harbishers when they do show up to another room. If they protest offer them a price discount."

The desk clerk did as ordered, but when she spotted Vivian she gasped in shock. The desk clerk turned out to be Erin Falconbridge, who had been Vivian's History and English Literature teacher during that brief time last year at school before Vivian became stricken with mononucleosis. Ms Falconbridge was obviously going to be her teacher for her necessary repeat year, commencing after this holiday weekend. Ms Falconbridge had taken the summer job at the hotel to supplement her meager teacher's salary.

Vivian had been busy using her tongue to capture an errant drop of cum which had not yet dried on her chin and it was irritating her. As she successfully slurped the cum into her mouth she just then noticed the identity of the desk clerk, and she turned crimson. She reacted with a wan smile but as she was grabbed by Luke again who was almost dragging her to the elevator, Vivian winked saucily, and waived goodbye to Ms Falconbridge. No words were exchanged between the women.

Keeping to herself for the moment the fact that the desk clerk was one of her teachers, Vivian was intrigued by Luke's action to bump one of the guests to make room for their tryst. So in the elevator she queried:

"If there is a reasonable room available for the Harbishers why go to the trouble of bumping them and avoid any possible hassle for the desk clerk to straighten out?"

"Ah my lovely Vivian! Remember why I disdained the room in your barn? You deserve to be treated like a princess; not just a common farm girl!"

"Oh my! I'm gratified to be thought of so highly. So what is there so special about this room that is too good for a mere common farm girl?"

"It is the largest room in the hotel and contains an entertainment center. Among its features it contains a programmed play-list of the smoothest and sexiest music which I daresay you could even say erotic. I trust you'll find that it complements and enhances the enjoyment of the natural consequences of my seeing all of you in the flesh. However, best of all it is the only room that contains a king size bed, which given our size I need not say any more of such benefit."

Vivian gushed, "Oh my that does indeed seem like a room fit for a lustful princess especially a large one."

That last self deprecatory remark was an automatic response influenced by the constant bullying ridiculing her height and her overall body size, that she had endured at school. Of course Luke not knowing about her troubles took no notice as he was pleased with her body and height. Being 6'3" tall himself he found short women too awkward for even simple companionship.

Vivian continued, "I'm now just a little apprehensive that I might fall short of your expectations after going to the trouble of securing this superior room. Are you sure the Harbishers won't protest unduly?"

"Well they're an old couple both in their sixties making their annual visit to their children and grandchildren living in the area. Because their visit coincides with the start of the school year they always stay at the hotel rather then be in the way of the hustle and bustle in their childrens' households.

"Perhaps in the first year that they came maybe the ambience of this room was a deciding factor in booking it, but I suspect that they only pick this room now as a force of habit, and nostalgia as opposed to for any romantic purposes.

"Anyway it is lucky for us they had been delayed in their arrival. They let us know yesterday that they would not likely arrive until near midnight."

As they were entering the room in question, Vivian was truly impressed by its grandeur and could not help but challenge Luke's assessment. She said:

"Oh wow! This does indeed seem like a room fit for a princess. But are you sure that the Harbishers won't object strenuously? After what I would presume would be a strenuous journey for them to get here surely a luxurious romp in a comfortable bed would be the main thing they would be looking forward to. Besides you know that nowadays it is not considered that sixty years of age isw old. In fact I believe the consensus is that sixty is now the new forty."

"You probably have a point Vivian. But if the Harbishers do indeed object, I'm quite confident that Erin is capable of handling the situation."

Vivian admitted, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure Ms Falconbridge has that kind of diplomacy and skill needed to soothe the Harbishers' negative feeling of being put out."

"Oh you know Erin, do you?"

Vivian sheepishly replied, "Why yes she is one of my teachers at Arthur MacArthur High School. And she has a very good reputation amongst the students."

"Oh my God. You're a high school student, Vivian. I had no idea that I was robbing the cradle."

"Oh pshaw! I know you're not much older than my sister. You may know that I'm full eighteen years of age so I'm legally an adult. And I'm definitely no longer a novice at sex. And I'm sure you won't mistake me for a child and recognize my womanly stature by now seeing all of me in the flesh. Ta! Ta!"

Up to this point Luke had not noticed that Vivian had been furtively and methodically divesting herself of the accessories of her clothing. As noted she had unhooked her bra in the car even before she had commenced her blow job. She removed it and her panties and left them in the car during the time he was busy exiting the vehicle. In the elevator she had unfastened the back of her dress and her garter belt so that when they entered the room she was able to shuck her remaining underclothes.

Thus by the time she started the last sentence all she had to do was slip her dress off her body, letting it drop to the floor. Her "Ta! Ta!" utterance coincided with her stepping out of her dress puddled at her ankles. She raised both hands up in the air. She made a slow complete three hundred and sixty degree turn to reveal her complete nudity, with the exception of her full thigh high nylon stockings which she had not managed to remove.

Luke's penis automatically stiffened, and pressed tent like against his pants. Luke's eyes bulged as he gasped marveling at Vivian's enticing female body. Her naked body was simply gorgeous to his heterosexual male oriented mind. He actually applauded while she pirouetted in displaying herself. He stated the obvious:

"Oh yes! Yes! Vivian you are indeed a woman and not to be confused for a mere school girl. You are simply gorgeous."

Vivian beamed a sunshine smile as she said:

"Thank you kind sir for the compliment. I see that you are quite happy to finally see all of me in the flesh. I bet though that you might even be happier if you reveal all of your flesh. I believe if you do that, then the natural consequences we've both have been looking forward to will be sure to follow somewhat shortly."

Luke broke into a saucy smile himself and he chuckled a reply:

"My dear Vivian you do seem to be spot on in your observations. I would like to start the proceedings with utilizing the advertised entertainment center of this room, and the vaunted music programed selections. The first song should get your juices really starting not that you really aren't there yet."

Accordingly Luke went to the entertainment console and started the music. The first song was Joe Cocker's "You can leave your hat on" as featured in the movie "9 ½ Weeks" starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. Vivian remembered that movie vividly and especially the sexy scene wherein the song was played.

Vivian scooted to the king size bed, and unceremoniously removed the bed covers and dropped them onto the floor. She then sat down on the back edge of the bed, and imitating the actress in the scene started to flirtatiously remove her stockings; her only remaining apparel.

Just like the actress in the movie she threw each stocking at Luke and each throw scored on his head. He chuckled again as each stocking hit its mark, and he quickly undressed as the song played out. When Vivian was totally and absolutely naked she spread her thighs as wide as could and leaned backwards. The resultant sight of her coppery red pubic hair as well as her camel toe like labia lips caused pre cum to dribble out of his penis. He was that thoroughly aroused!

As the song ended, he sunk to his knees to closely face her delicious and very enticing pussy. The next song was "I'll be your baby tonight", sung by Linda Ronstadt. As the first song was a blood stirrer to get the sexual juices flowing; this song evoked an atmosphere of mutual and equal desire assuring that any apprehension of angst or uncertainty for the ensuing love making was misplaced and a needless worry. What was absolutely endearing to Vivian is the fact she knew this song and its lyrics and that fact had a the effect of arousing her libido even further than the previous song.

Luke wrapped his arms around her delectable thighs and stuck his tongue into the core of her vaginal opening. He was rewarded by tasting her female fluids. That taste of her pussy was enhanced by her thoroughly aroused female scent. The smell and taste of Vivian was overpowering and so intoxicating that he almost fainted from absolute pleasure. Luckily for his male pride he was able to remain conscious, as he thoroughly licked, lapped and slurped her labia lips, vaginal walls, clit as well as the area immediately outside of her vulva.

The next music was "Serenade" a classical music piece by Schubert. This music again suited Vivian's mood while she was enjoying Luke's cunnilingus. She leisurely used both hands to caress his hair, and encouraging him to hit all the right spots of arousal. She had wrapped her legs around and her heels planted on his back. Thereby her hips started gyrating as her enthusiasm for the lovemaking was reaching its apex. Suddenly Schubert's music gave way to Van Halen's "You really got me".

The change from the smooth soft classical music of Schubert to the raucous rock music of Van Halen was the perfect transition for Vivian's ongoing reaction to Luke's oral love making. As Schubert's "Serenade" was ending Vivian's orgasm was arriving. The burst of the opening of Van Halen song triggered her climax. She was squirting down there profusely and she was perspiring something fierce. Spontaneously she broke into song and she sang along with a minor change in the lyrics:

"Luke, you really got me now

You got me so I don't know what I'm doin', now

Luke you really got me now

Luke, You got me now so I can fuck all night"

She was waving her hands in sync with the music and her singing. Her body was trembling. When she couldn't sing any more she started panting. When she stopped hyperventilating and caught her breath, she exclaimed:

"Oh wow Luke! That was awesome! And your cock hasn't been in my twat yet! We'll have to remedy that now if not immediately."

As Luke had slumped on the floor, Vivian slithered forward to get her whole body laying on the bed. Then smiling wickedly she crooked her finger and beckoned him to join her on the bed. As the music had stopped, she broke into singing the Linda Ronstadt song:

"Close your eyes - close the door

You don't have to worry any more

I'll be your baby tonight

Shut the light - shut the shade

You don't have to be afraid

I'll be your baby tonight

Well, the mockingbird's gonna sail away

We're gonna forget it

Big old moon's gonna shine like a spoon

We're gonna let it - you won't regret it

Kick your shoes off - do not fear

Bring that bottle over here

I'll be your baby tonight"

Luke had shut off the remote controlling the music so he could her Vivian's singing without competition. As her normal talking voice was very sexy to his ears her singing was enchanting. Her singing was on key and very professional sounding. And his cock became very erect.

Luke got onto the bed and slithered along side Vivian. He was caressing her breasts and kissing his hair as she was in full song. When she finished singing they started a deep kiss. They were both on their sides facing each other. His phallus simply entered her vagina seemingly by its own volition. Neither one of them used their hand to aid in the entry.

As soon as Vivian felt his cock penetrate her, as she had both her hands on his back, she flipped themselves over so that he was on top of her fucking her in the missionary position. As soon as she had accomplished this manoeuver she expelled a heavenly blissful sigh. His cock just felt so wonderful as her vaginal muscles adhered to his penis for a very tight fit.

She had lifted her legs upward but lowered them so that her heels were resting on the back of his thighs. This allowed her to move her hips to meet everyone of his thrusts. As their love making continued Vivian was grunting in sync with each thrust. As he increased his pace she was compelled to vocalize:

"Oh yes Luke baby. That feels so good! So fucking good. Keep fucking me! Hard! Harder! Don't stop! Oh yeah! What a cock! Oh yeah you're so good Luke baby! Yeah that's it. Keep fucking me! Don't stop..."

The fucking continued frantically as Vivian was grunting very loudly. Between grunts she gasped heavily. There was no doubt she was in midst of an all consuming sexual euphoria. Luke was mentally gratified by Vivian's reaction as it bolstered his male pride, and self esteem in realizing he was pleasing her, seemingly extremely. Thus, when they both climaxed virtually simultaneously they each literally experienced visions of fireworks and stars bursting.

They separated to lie side by side as they both were hyperventilating from their exertions. They were also drenched in perspiration as they had been very active. When Vivian regained her equilibrium she turned towards Luke and showered his chest with kisses as she proclaimed:

"Oh wow Luke! That was magnificent! Truly awesome! You made my toes curl! I know you need some rest before we continue. But please just let me feast on your manhood. I promise I won't hurt you!"

As Luke was continually astonished by her sexual appetite, but in a pleasant way could only mumble:

"Oh sure Vivian! I can take it! Whatever you want to do, go for it."

With that Vivian positioned her upper body over his chest facing his penis. The rest of her body she curled beside his side. This allowed him hand access to her pussy and he took advantage as he commenced to lazily frigging her. His touches kept her pussy continuously moist, and ready for more cock action.

Vivian had placed her elbow at the side of his body to prop her self up as she gazed at his now limp dick. She reached out to grab his cock and manoeuver it around. She just stared at it, fascinated by its shape and appearance. As Vivian had a brother and of course a father, not to mention seeing lots of bulls and other male animals, she was naturally cognizant of the male appendage. Still seeing and looking at Luke's phallus at such close range, and in this intimate way, was definitely a unique experience for her.

Vivian was stroking his cock leisurely with no variation of pace. Every now and then when she had pulled his foreskin back she licked his cock head. It was a gentle teasing licking as she did not take his cock head into her mouth. She was continuously grunting and gasping but very softly. Her sounds were definitely indicative of her sexual joy and a blind person would have no trouble identifying it as feminine.

Luke's ceaseless fingering of her clit and pussy aided her to reach a highly passionate level. Subsequently whenever Vivian recalled this scene she appreciated the surrealism of the experience, and it remained in her conscience as one of her most magical sexual moment.

His cock naturally hardened but she continued her gentle stroking. Every now and then some pre cum would seep out. This allowed Vivian to enjoy a tasty lick of his male essence. As she continued her singular foreplay her gasps and grunts became more audible.

Apart from manipulating her cunt, Luke was essentially very still. He felt the sensation of her delicate hand stroking of his cock sweep and overwhelm his body. Finally the marvelous feelings took hold of his brain as well so that he commenced breathing very heavily. He recalled Vivian's mention of her toes curling and so now he knew what she was talking about. He definitely was experiencing the same sensation.

Eventually his cock became rock hard. Vivian could sense he could not hold out much longer. So she got up and with her back to him she lowered her body to impale herself completely with his cock. She then leaned backwards so that her back was almost in contact with his front.

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