tagNovels and NovellasVivian Laaning Ch. 32

Vivian Laaning Ch. 32


The initial oral sex activity proved to be the ice breaker for the farewell fuck weekend at the Crowne Plaza. Since Vivian was the instigator of this weekend, she felt incumbent to take the role as the mistress of ceremony of this farewell fuck orgy. No one complained as her ideas turned out to be satisfactory to all of them.

Accordingly, as all five of them were starting to recover their libido from the sensational blow jobs administrated by the sisters, and simultaneously from the muff dive of Erica by Rod, Vivian suggested that:

"It goes without saying that with Erica and I teaming up with you three hunks, there are infinite variety of sexual situations we can indulge in. There is also a potential risk of friction if one is not doing exactly what one wants to do at the moment.

"What we just finished is a good example of what I mean. I trust I can speak for Erica as well, in that when we got on the bed we were ready for anything sexual. So you gentleman chose on your own whether instinctively or by quick agreement what to do with us. And it seems like there are no complaints."

The three black studs, nodded in affirmation as Vivian continued:

"However I think you can see that unpleasantness could arise if say one of you wants to fuck me at the same time as someone else does. And of course such situation would get only worse if I voice a preference, especially if it's unasked. So to avoid these potential jealousies which could ruin the enjoyment of this weekend, I suggest we engage in simple games such as spin the bottle or flipping a coin. The results of such game would determine the role each of us is to perform. Since the result is arbitrary no one has cause to gripe if being deprived of a special desire of the moment.

"Now in anticipating this weekend, I've formulated some situations that we could play out. I can guarantee that if we get through them all, then all three of you gentlemen will have fucked both Erica and I in our cunts and in our ass holes. Erica and I have invented a buttery sperm conclusion when indulging in such latter instances. And of course we will give each of you blow jobs, so that each of you will 've had at least a full around the world completion with each of us. Of course you will have muff dived us as well."

"What is buttery sperm?" asked Khalil, and Vivian answered:

"Don't be impatient Khalil you'll find out in due course. We do have

all weekend you know." Everyone snickered knowingly, as Vivian continued her outline:

"So in between our sessions as you wonderful black studs recover your stamina, I'll suggest the next activity. For absolute enjoyment there must be unanimous agreement to participate or we'll try another scenario. Also I do not mean to be a dictator on this, if during the rest period one of you has a suggestion or desire of a scenario by all means mention it and we can vote on it as well."

All of them agreed saying:

"All right Vivian! What do you have in mind?"

"My first proposed scenario has Erica and I lying side by side facing each other. Two of you on your sides will be fucking us from behind. And the one of you left will also be on his side, lying between us girls. That way one of us girls will be able to provide a blow job while the other will be doing wonderful things with her tongue on his ass hole.

"To keep the assignments neutral and free of personal bias, I propose that you three guys flip coins until you achieve a two to one result; which of course might occur on the very first toss. Incidently, I've procured beforehand three new commemorative Wisconsin quarters which you can use, and you'll find them in the dish on top of the dresser over there."

At this point Nigel, fascinated by Vivian's preparations, exclaimed:

"Wow, Vivian you sure have put some great thought and effort in preparing for this weekend! But then I shouldn't be surprised considering your organization of your Messalina weekend."

"Yes well thank you Nigel for that. In any case should you be the one that gets the oral sex, Erica will be sucking your cock; as I've already had that pleasure. Likewise If Khalil is the one then, I shall be sucking his cock."

Rod asked:

"So what is the situation, should be the one to be pleasured orally by you two?"

Vivian answered:

"In that case Erica and I will play rock, scissors, paper, and whoever wins will have her choice whether to suck your cock or do loving things on your anus.

"As for the two of you who will be fucking us, you will toss coins to determine the partnership. It goes without saying that if the result of the toss is the same you will continue tossing until you have a competing result. There will be no choice winner, as the one who tosses 'heads' will be fucking me, and the one who tosses 'tails' gets Erica.

"So what do you all say? Shall we continue as I propose?"

The others agreed and voiced their approval enthusiastically. The three black studs grabbed the designated coins and commenced their tosses. All three of them tossed 'heads' first but on the second toss only Rod tossed 'heads' while the other two tossed 'tails'. On the next toss Khalil tossed heads, while Nigel's flip was 'tails'. In the ensuing rock, scissors, paper game, Erica's rock crushed Vivian's scissors.

To the surprise of the rest of them, Erica announced that her choice would be to lick Rod's ass in conjunction with the oral sex play. When asked, especially by Rod, why her choice she replied:

"I've had my share of plenty of cocks to suck and tea bag. But I've rarely had the opportunity to lick away an ass hole. In fact, excepting my husband, I've only licked female asses so far, so I'm not going to let this opportunity slip away."

Everyone laughed at Erica's explanation, and it was the only reference to her husband Erica made throughout the weekend. Khalil could not help but playfully observe:

"My God Erica, you surely advertise yourself as a complete skank, or as we black brothers would call a 'hoe'."

Not offended at all, Erica, merely replied:

"Yes, I believe that is my reputation and the general consensus back home. So I surely hate to disappoint those who think meanly of me."

The three black studs were somewhat chagrined by Erica's remark since in essence their initial impression of her was that she was a slut. However by the same token they could see that she was no bimbo or scatterbrained as was made clear by her conversations and speech pattern at dinner. So Rod, who was becoming increasingly intrigued by Erica, volunteered:

"Liking sex and in particular liking doing things sexually which others may think are depraved, is no sin if in the doing provides pleasure to both participants. Your explanation, Erica, has made me realize that I haven't licked any women's ass. So..."

With that said Rod moved to the bed, and with his brute strength, he was able to easily flip Erica onto her stomach. Then sprawling over her, he spread her ass cheeks apart to commence a surprise anilingus. At first Erica giggled at the ticklish sensation from Rod's initial tongue action. But she was soon sighing and breathing heavily as sheer pleasure was overwhelming her. She was involuntarily kicking her feet in ecstatic reaction. And she climaxed! Everyone was fully aware of her quick orgasm. Unnoticed was the fact Rod had also ejaculated, and stained the bed sheet in the process.

This prompted Vivian to say:

"Hey you guys! This is an orgy not a private sex show. Do you mind at all if we proceed as planned?"

Having recovered her breath from her orgasm, Erica then mimicked her sister's husky sultry voice:

"Oh yes I'm good for more. Don't blame me. I surely wasn't responsible for the delay."

For Rod, the eroticism of ass licking Erica was responsible for establishing a personal record of having two consecutive semen discharges without any physical stimuli applied to his penis in either case. As he got on his knees he held up both hands in a mock signal of surrender. He said:

"My bad! Yes I was the villain to cause a slight delay in our planned proceedings. However as it has been already said we have the whole weekend before us. So I trust that you were not too put out before starting on Vivian's suggestion."

The others all snickered and then everyone got into their assigned positions. As planned Rod slipped in between Erica and Vivian, who were facing each other. As Vivian was about to take Rod's cock into her mouth, she noticed the remnants of his sperm lingering on his cock head. And so she exclaimed while unable to resist a pun:

"Oh my Rod! You've been so thoughtful to provide me with a tasty rod to savor. What more could a girl ask for?"

She then deep throated him completely to the surprise of Rod. No female before had taken in her mouth the whole length of his cock. Rod mused in his mind that all kinds of personal sexual records were bound to be set with these Wisconsin sisters. At this point he knew that this weekend will not ever be forgotten.

Vivian tilted her head to cause Rod to incline more towards her. This manouevre provided Erica with easier full access to his ass. Erica did not waste the opportunity as she parted his ass cheeks for a sensational thorough ass licking.

Meanwhile, Khalil took his place behind Vivian, who lifted her outside leg to provide easy access for his cock to enter her cunt. Once inside, Vivian curled her leg backwards to facilitate his penetration better. Nigel got behind Erica and similar to Khalil he began fucking the older sister. Both men reached their outside arms around to touch and manhandle their partner's breasts. With their inside arms they use to caress their partner's hair.

Vivian's blow job on Rod's cock consisted of a series of prolonged deep throatings, which was driving Rod squirrely. What was truly mind blowing for him, though, was Erica's oral job on his anus. Erica was grunting and moaning without cession as she was merrily licking along the crack of his ass in addition to his ass hole. Once his anus gaped ever so slightly, Erica did not miss the opportunity as she stuck her tongue inside him. She was able to tongue fuck his ass so intensely that he was so soon a goner.

Luckily for Vivian, her lips were around his cock head only, as soon as he started spurting. And did he ever spurt! He blasted load after load of copious amount of cum into her throat. Vivian was able to take it all in without choking, although just a little spilled out of her mouth. Erica was apparently unaware of his climax as she continued her oral sex on his ass.

With the completion of his ejaculation, Erica's continued ass licking was starting to become painful to his senses. He felt like a dull knife was scraping his spine. Thus, to escape this negative side effect, he caused removal of his cock from Vivian's mouth. He then scooted towards the headboard, and sitting up, rested his back against it. That way he was a spectator to the conclusion of this scenario.

Khalil and Nigel continued fucking the sisters until they climaxed. However the most erotic scene for Rod to witness was that in his absence, the two sisters bent forward to bring their heads together. They started unabashedly kissing, and there was no doubt in Rod's mind that they must have been cum swapping in the process.

As soon as Khalil and Nigel had finished, and withdrawn their cock's from the respective pussies, Vivian and Erica stopped kissing. They turned to Rod and once making eye contacted they broke into a wicked smile. They thereupon opened their mouths as wide as possible to display their now empty oral cavities. Then they closed their mouths and winked most saucily at him. Yes they were definitely sluts in his mind, but he did not hold any contempt towards them. Instead he was totally fascinated.

During the rest period they passed a bottle of wine around until it was fully consumed. They then used the empty bottle as a spinner to determine the order and sequence of the next scenario as devised by Vivian. The first spin pointed to Nigel, and he climbed onto the bed standing up resting against the headboard. The next spin had to pick one of the sisters so it was determined that although the bottle was definitely pointing at Khalil, nevertheless it was pointing closer to Erica than to Vivian. Accordingly, Mrs English, mounted the bed, and on her hands and knees lifted her head to start deep throating Nigel. Thus, it became evident to Rod that the Laaning sisters had no aversion to or difficulty in deep throating any of their black pricks.

The last spin pointed to Rod, and he happily climbed on board. On his knees he penetrated Erica's cunt from behind, as he leaned forward on her back to embrace her imposing breasts. There was room enough on the bed to allow, Vivian to get on the bed on her knees to situate behind Rod. With her hands she parted Rod's ass cheeks to commence a tantalizing anilingus. Thus, it became evident to Rod that the Laaning sisters had no aversion to or in fact enjoyed licking their black asses.

Khalil, then standing on the floor behind Vivian started fucking her vagina. Like Rod's actions, he bent forward to manipulate Vivian's luscious boobts.

Vivian, in suggesting this scenario, labeled the activity as the 'train'. Spontaneously, the three black studs began to mimic train sounds. Throughout this sex scene in unison they vocalized:

"Choo! Choo! Choo! Whoo! Whoo! Choo! Choo! Choo! Whoo! Whoo!..."

They kept this patter up throughout until they ejaculated. And once each black stud did climax, he vocally released a sound somewhat like: 'PLOoooosssshh' duplicating the sound of a steam engine unleashing its extraneous steam having come to a full stop in a train station after the conclusion of its journey.

As Vivian and Erica were engaged in oral sex, their mouths were per force restrained verbally, except for the occasional grunt or squeak. Besides that, the girls were continuously giggling at the antics of the three black studs. Not to be outdone though, Vivian, as soon as she sensed Khalil having completed his strokes and hearing his 'PLOoooosssshh' straightened up and cried out:

"Woooo! Woooo! Woooo!"

Erica was busy swallowing Nigel's sperm as she heard his 'PLOoooosssshh', which was shortly followed by Rod's contribution to the steam engine sound, after having finished fucking her. Having heard sister's outcries, Erica felt that she had no option but to complete the entire cacophony. So she opted to try out her version of a steam engine letting off steam. Her effort sounded like:


The girls then settled on their backs, and started laughing uncontrollably. Their laughter was a retroactive reaction to the actual orgasms that swept through their subconscious minds some moments prior. The three black studs high fived each other as they were mighty proud of their performance and overjoyed by the conclusion of the scenario. Everyone in their minds were happy to realize that the weekend marathon orgy was off to a fantastic start.

The beauty of the sisters was most appealing to the three black studs. True Erica was prettier than her sister, but Vivian's looks were truly beguiling in its own way. That probably explains why there was no sibling rivalry or jealousy between them. As Vivian was comfortable in her own skin, she had no problem even in admitting to herself that Erica was a stunning beauty. Likewise, Erica was very cognizant that Vivian was smarter, and more intelligent than her, but by the same token she knew she was not a bimbo or empty-headed. Thus, Erica could hold her own in any conversation with Vivian as the true disparity in their intellect was not all that wide.

For Vivian, this orgy was developing into the success she envisioned once the final set up was arranged. Khalil Ford and Nigel Koeninger were known quality, and Nigel's brother Rod, the unknown quality, had proved to be a most welcome addition. Best of all, it was gratifying that the three black studs were so far quite willing to follow her lead in her suggestions of the various sexual scenarios they all should try.

As for Erica, she reveled in this euphoric ambience. It was just the right tonic she needed to counter the daily despair of her unhappy marriage which was threatening to drive her into melancholy. The three black studs were definitely magnificent specimens of manly virtues. Mind you, truth to tell, she would have been satisfied with three duds; as long they had cocks was enough to satisfy her for this special weekend. Since they were not duds, but genuine studs, she had no cause to complain, and her overall joy was not contained. Thoughts of her husband never entered her mind throughout the orgy weekend.

In the next scenario, Vivian decided to enlighten the three black studs about 'buttery sperm'. As the circumstances were different from the 'buttery sperm' ingested at 'The Forest", she suggested a different variance. By toss of coins it was designated that Khalil was to he the centerpiece on the bed and each sister was going to give him head in unison; both of them would be at right angles to Khalil's supine body. The Koeninger brothers were then assigned to sodomize the Laaning sisters while standing up; Rod was to do Vivian, while Nigel had Erica.

In accordance to Vivian's preparations and instructions, two bowls containing slabs of butter were fetched from the fridge in the suite. Erica and Vivian smeared layer upon layer of cold butter along Khalil's penis. He shivered from the cold feeling, but his cock nevertheless enlarged under the continued stroking by the sisters. Once the sisters were satisfied that a sufficient amount of butter had been applied they started sucking on his cock. They took turns deep throating him alternating with sucking on his balls. They applied some extra coatings of butter periodically throughout the double fellatio, until all the butter was used up.

In the meantime, each of the Koeninger brothers shoved several slabs of butter into the rectums of their respective partner in the sodomy. For good measure they buttered the cracks of their partner's ass as well and generously lubricated their own cocks with the remaining slabs of butter. Then they plunged their cocks into their partners' asses and started the sodomy.

Both Vivian and Erica were grunting and squeaking after each stroke of cock in their rectums. Each sister had different pitches in their voices. Erica's was high, almost little girlish like, but nevertheless sexy as all hell. Vivian's was low, husky and sultry, and definitely sexy as all hell as well. However during this coitus their grunts and squeaks were indistinguishable from each other. The sameness in their sexual vocalization impassioned the three black studs to a higher degree of ecstasy than what they had normally experienced in love making.

The skills both Vivian and Erica had acquired while delivering exquisite fellatio surpassed anything the three black studs had previously encountered. Thus despite having already climaxed three times previously, nonetheless, Khalil, ejaculated as quickly as he would have, had this blow job been his first after having undergone an extensive period of sexual anticipation.

Vivian's mouth was on his cock when Khalil first started spurting. After receiving three furious blasts of cum, Vivian passed his cock to Erica, who was able to capture the remainder of his load without spilling a drop. Erica thoroughly licked Khalil's cock clean. Then she released his cock from her mouth, as she raised herself over Khalil's torso bracing herself up by planting her palms on the bed. Vivian did likewise, and in this manner the girls started kissing each other.

Khalil was fascinated by what he was seeing. Vivian and Erica were having their asses furiously pounded by the Koeninger brothers, but they seemed to be oblivious of this, except for emitting an occasional squeak. Instead they were concentrating on a most intense passionate kissing, which obviously included swapping of his cum. At one point Khalil saw Erica's lips grab a hold of what seemed like half of Vivian's tongue. Then Erica's lips moved backwards on Vivian's tongue to presumably sweep up any remaining sperm.

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