tagNovels and NovellasVivian Laaning Ch. 33

Vivian Laaning Ch. 33


Before they left Crowne Plaza, Vivian and Erica took breakfast at the hotel's café. Vivian had previously packed up her belongings in her car prior to reaching the Crowne Plaza for the commencement of the farewell fuck orgy. Consequently, they were on the road heading to Lydiaville immediately after leaving the hotel's restaurant.

During the trip they rehashed all the various sexual scenes that they had participated in throughout the orgy. They exchanged views on what they liked and what they did not. The latter item was practically non existent, as both of them were naturally sexually supercharged. Then about halfway into the trip Erica conveyed some startling information to Vivian:

"You know Vivian how I told you that I've faithfully charted my periods to determine my peak ovulation times in the month?"

"Yes I remember, what about it?"

"Well this weekend, according to my meticulous records and charts, it would suggest that I would be ovulating. Therefore, it was the optimum time of the month that I could get pregnant."

Vivian was now totally alarmed as she blurted out:

"Don't tell me that you took no birth control precautions? You're not that stupid!"

"Very true my smart sister, I'm not that stupid. Actually I don't think I consider myself stupid at all. But never mind all that, as I already indicated, I'm certainly very well informed of the particulars of my menstrual cycle. I deliberately chose not to get an IUD or a diaphragm for this weekend, nor will I go and get a prescription for the morning after pill, just in case."

Now Vivian was truly shocked as she uttered:

"But Erica, are you then deliberately trying to sabotage your marriage? I get that you're unhappy with Matt, but why are you going out of your way to try and make your marriage fail? Obviously, if you do become pregnant because of this weekend, your baby will be visibly biracial, so you can't pretend the child is Matt's as was your aim with your first pregnancy."

Erica outlined her thoughts precisely:

"The way I see it, is that my marriage is going downhill fast, because of my inability to getting pregnant. Up to now Matt has not been willing to seek fertility counseling or treatment. I can understand and even sympathize with his reluctance, but such attitude is not solving our marital difficulties.

"So if I do get a period despite the this weekend's fun, and therefore, obviously meaning I'm still not pregnant, I intend to confess to Matt of the sex I've had this weekend. I would then point out that perhaps, it might be me after all who is infertile despite my previous pregnancy at our wedding. That might have been a freak of nature that I did get pregnant that first time, and perhaps it might explain my miscarriage. In such eventuality, there would be legitimate reason to believe that only Matt has impregnated me so far."

Vivian now queried:

"But won't Matt be too angry by your confession of adultery to even contemplate proceeding with following through with your perceived solution to continue the marriage?"

Erica replied:

"Matt was fully aware of my slutty and whorish behavior when I was single, so that his eyes were wide open in this matter when we got married. Since he's not fucked me for the past two months, he must realize now that this kind of weekend was possible if not inevitable, if he continued to ignore me sexually.

"The point that I would drive home to him is that I haven't got pregnant even when fucking with strangers. So that it makes sense to find the root cause of my present apparent infertility. I can easily remind him, that I can be faithful as has been the case until this weekend."

"OK that's all well and good. But what are you going to do if you do indeed become pregnant?"

This question asked by Vivian did not contain a hint of the possibility of an abortion.

Erica answered:

"In such case I'll also confess all to Matt. My resulting pregnancy will obviously prove that I'm not infertile. The obvious conclusion is that if both of us are to have children of our own, we need to seek professional medical help. If he is willing to agree, I'd be willing to give up my child for adoption, if he insists."

"And what if he does not agree? What if he wants a divorce? What if he kicks you out?"

"I'll cross that bridge then, if that happens. I'm sure I'll survive. The material point is that I can't go on living like I've been doing for the past year."

Vivian sighed and asked:

"Oh Erica! Are you sure you're doing the right thing? Did you actually plan this right from the get go?"

Erica answered:

"I'm not sure of a fucking thing! I had initially decided to be fitted with an IUD for this weekend, but I changed my mind as I thought things through. Maybe I'm not doing the right thing, but I must do something before I go insane.

"Therefore, if I do get a period I will try Option 'A'. But if I miss two periods I'll consult a doctor in Madison, as I don't want any local gossip to circulate, at least not at the beginning. If then I'm pregnant I will try Option 'B'."

When they reached Lydiaville, Vivian dropped Erica off at Matt's family farm, wishing her good luck, before coming home to the Laaning farm. Her father had her set up for work on the farm as usual for the summer break. In June Vivian wrote her LSAT exam, and subsequently found out that she scored extremely high. That being the case, she was virtually guaranteed acceptance to any law school, so that entering her final year at UW, she knew she was going to Chicago the following year.

In late July, the shit hit the proverbial fan concerning Matt and Erica's marriage. Erica had missed two periods since the farewell fuck weekend, and a subsequent visit to a Madison gynecologist, confirmed that she was pregnant. A terrific confrontation ensued and the upshot of it was that Erica agreed to leave.

Erica consulted with her parents, and although not particularly sympathetic to her plight, they naturally helped. Since her brother, Paul had married some two years prior, and had even produced two children already, there was no convenient room for Erica at the main farmhouse. So her father advised she would have to bunk with Vivian until the latter returned to Madison for her final year at UW. Thereafter, Erica would have the barn's living premises to herself, until she was ready to start a new life or if she were to reconcile with her husband.

Vivian and Erica obviously had no issues with bunking together. Unbeknownst to their parents, they had on occasion indulged in sisterly lesbian sex, and they expected to engage in some more considering the circumstances. Besides that, Erica, was grateful to have Vivian around to confide in. Vivian was in no way judgmental like her parents or for that matter her brother Paul. So during the subsequent conversation with Vivian, Erica summed up the blowup with Matt as follows:

"I guess looking back on it, it was foolish of me to believe Option 'B' had a chance to succeed. It seems like, when all is said and done, my having fucked a black man or in this case three black men, was something beyond what Matt could tolerate.

"It's not that Matt is overly racist, but I could sense that my getting impregnated by a black man was a bitter humiliating pill for him to swallow. He was so infuriated by my confession, that he would not hear of my suggestions on how to go from here with our marriage. He demanded and insisted I leave the English farm."

Vivian asked:

"My God that's harsh, but I guess that was one of the reactions that could have been expected. So do you think your marriage is truly over? Is there no chance for a reconciliation?"

Erica replied:

"It does seem like my marriage is over without any hope for reconciliation. I've never seen Matt so angry. I could sense that he was close to losing it. In fact I was truly afraid he was going to beat me, so I quickly left without bothering to gather up even some of my clothes or belongings. I'm going to get Dad or Paul to do that, as I do not wish to confront Matt again."

Vivian then asked:

I know this has been so sudden for you to take it all in, but have you formulated a plan of what to do?"

Erica answered:

"Dad, of course has offered me work on the farm where he would pay me commensurate wages. However, I declined to take up his offer, since I can not see how I'll be able to get any bachelor farmer in our area to agree to marry me. Hell! I think even a farm worker, who has no hope of getting title to a farm, would have nothing but disdain for me. Even if someone is willing to overlook my slutty nature and whorish reputation, my having a biracial child, I think is an absolute deal breaker.

"So, I've decided I should become a waitress, and I'm hoping I'll get a job at 'Larry's Steakhouse' across the street from the Quality Inn in town. But after I give birth, I have a more elaborate goal. Since you're going to go to law school in Chicago next year in September, I want to, along with my baby of course, go with you and share an apartment together.

"Dad has agreed to advance me some money for such purpose. With my forthcoming waitress experience here in Lydiaville under my belt, I trust I'll be able to get a decent position in a good restaurant in Chicago. So I don't intend to become a financial burden to you, but if anything hopefully you'll save some monies too in sharing an apartment. So what do you say Vivian? Would that be OK with you?"

Without a moment's hesitation, Vivian replied:

"Oh my God Erica, that would be wonderful! Yes of course. If that's what you really want to do, then I would be pleased to share an apartment with you and my baby niece or nephew. I don't see us not getting along, since it's not like we hate each other. You might say the opposite is true."

Both Erica and Vivian laughed at the subtle allusion to their past sisterly lesbian liaisons. Vivian then tackled another aspect of Erica's situation:

"Since you're now officially pregnant, are you intending to contact Khalil, Nigel and Rod to inform them of the possibility of their fatherhood status? I know that Rod gave you his phone number, when we were leaving the Crowne Plaza."

Erica replied:

"No of course not. As I see it, this would be totally unfair to them for me to advise them of my pregnancy. All three of them had been unaware of my existence until this orgy. It is true that neither one of them directly asked if I was on some form of birth control. Still it was absolutely reasonable for them to assume, I was on birth control especially, when I advised them that I was married, but that they need not concern themselves of my marital status. A fair interpretation of my remark would suggest that I was asserting that I was on some form of birth control.

"Now it would be one thing if I knew who was the father. That way the gentleman has time to think over his responsibilities and how much of an influence he wants in the child he had sired. In my case how do I approach them? Should I say to each of them that I'm pregnant and there's a thirty-three and a third per cent chance that you are the father? You won't know for sure until the baby is born. So will you hang around until then? And if you are the father will you support me and the baby?

"I don't think that kind of approach would fly. It is especially troubling in contemplating that the three of them would most likely have different reactions. No! It's solely 100% my responsibility for getting pregnant, and I'm prepared to live with consequences."

Vivian suggested:

"Now I'm not in law school yet, never mind being a lawyer, but I do know this, that every child is entitled both morally and legally some monetary support from its father. I've heard of a news story where a lesbian couple with a child conceived from artificial insemination went on welfare, and the government agency ordered child support payments from the sperm donor; or in other words the 'father'..

"And you know, that if Rod is the father he could easily afford the payments. Why $500 per month would be a drop in the bucket from his NFL salary, and that would sure go a long way to assist you financially. I understand that both Nigel and Khalil have gotten hired to good paying jobs. They might not be able to afford to pay that much but they surely could afford something, which would help you immensely."

"I don't know Vivian. I think the hassle involved in pursuing support payments is beyond what I'm prepared to undergo at this time. Since none of them know me at all, I'm sure the one who is the father will resent me and the baby forever for what in his mind is an unlucky expense for him. If I were to confront all of them now, then obviously each one of them will think it's not him, on the basis of odds. Each presumptive father would rely on the 2-1 odds in favor that it's not him.

"With such mind set, how can the one who proves to be the father will have formed any sincere loving attachment for my baby? No I don't see a good future that way. I've confidence in myself, that I'll be able to provide for my baby's needs adequately."

Vivian then answered:

"Well OK Erica, I can understand your reluctance, but still you ought to give it some serious thought, especially after the baby is born. Even if you do nothing, at least once I am a lawyer I can probably do something to better your circumstances at that time."

"I'll keep that in mind, and I'll always consult with you and heed your advice. Enough of this dreary talk. I've had enough drama for today. It's time for some fun and I have a surprise for you!"


"Yes! Although I left all my clothes and belongings at the English farm, when Matt in essence threw me out, I did manage to grab my special item. I had recently purchased this special paddle in case Matt did wish to revive our marriage in accordance to my Plan 'B'. See!"

Erica pulled out a double layered leather rounded spanking paddle with eight holes. There was a steel spring embed in the two pieces of leather sewn together, which provided for quite a sting. The holes would ensure that exotic markings would be left on the bruises and welts. Vivian was thrilled as she said:

"Oh wow! That sure is an awesome punishment tool!"

Erica continued her explanation:

"As I said, I bought this paddle for the possibility that Matt would forgive me. To seal the deal to fix our marriage, I would have let him spank me, as punishment for being a naughty girl that weekend in May. Since Matt is unavailable for this chore, then it falls on you, Vivian, to mete out the punishment I deserve. After all, I truly was a very naughty girl.

"Don't be gentle Vivian as I need a good spanking to absolve my sins. The holes in the paddle should leave pronounced marks on my bruises and welts, but only if you spank me forcefully. If you do a good job I should be unable to sit down for a week. And don't worry about my screams since we are too far away from the farmhouse to be overheard."

Vivian's eyes lit up, as if the truth were to be told, she was very eager to spank Erica. It was not a malicious desire on her part, but rather Vivian viewed the spanking as exciting foreplay which should lead to incredible sisterly lesbian sex. For cautionary purposes she did ask:

"OK then! What is your safe word? And how many spanking strokes do you want me to whack?"

"My safe word is 'twenty-seven'. That is how many smacks I'm prepared to endure, one for each birthday of my life. I intend not to utter my safe word any sooner then that, and to avoid any mistakes I shall count aloud after each wallop. All I ask is that you do not administer a new blow until I've counted out loud, and acknowledged the previous swat."

With the rules of engagement for the spanking established, both sisters summarily undressed to total nudity. Erica got on the bed and placed a side of her head on a pillow next to the headboard, leaving her arms splayed out. She brought her knees forward so that her body formed a forty-five degree angle to the mattress. In this way her ass and back of her thighs became readily available targets for the spanking.

Vivian took position standing on the floor perpendicular to Erica's body on the bed. By this stance Vivian was able to direct a wide swinging arc to hit Erica's ass or thighs. The velocity and the traveled distance of the swings increased the force exerted on Erica's rump and thighs. The pain was brutal, as Vivian utilized full measure of her strength in administering each swat.

Erica screamed at each and every blow received. Her harrowing shrieks left no doubt as to the excruciatingly agony of pain she was experiencing. Still she gritted her teeth at every blow, and announced each count in grim determination, while exhibiting no wavering of tone or pitch in her voice.

As for Vivian she was stoical in her role as the mistress of pain. In her own mind she knew she should have been aghast by the very physical pain she was inflicting on Erica. But even more disturbing to her subconscious mind was the realization that she was experiencing no remorse. In fact, subsequently when she had the time to contemplate, she had to consciously admit that she was actually deriving great pleasure in spanking her sister.

During the latter stages in the spanking, Erica's ass cheeks were constantly quivering. It was obviously an involuntary reaction, but nonetheless, it was an absolute erotic sight that was a powerful stimulant to Vivian's senses. As a result, she came to an exquisite orgasm when delivering the penultimate stroke of the paddle. However, before she could feel a pang of guilt for her pleasure, she spotted a very noticeable stain that had accumulated on the bed sheet directly underneath Erica's elevated mons veneris. The realization that her sister had achieved an orgasm, while enduring a Marquis de Sade type of torture, momentarily spared Vivian's mind of remorse for her contribution to Erica's torment.

When the punishment was finally over, the after effects were most pronounced. Vivian remained standing, while perspiration was oozing out of her skin pores as a result of her exertions. Her body was trembling as she was catching her breath while she was panting heavily. She was totally exhausted since she had exercised her own maximum force on each blow that she had struck. There had been no let up.

The stressful effects of the spanking on Vivian vis à vis the misery Erica endured was nominal in contrast. Erica's ass and the back of her thighs were a total mess. Ugly fiery red welts crisscrossed her ass and thighs. The holes of the spanking paddle imprinted their shape on the calluses and blisters providing a spectacular visual evidence of the beating. There had been some bleeding which quickly clotted to form river like lines in between the raised wales. The skin color of her ass and back of her thighs developed into a vibrant rosy red mixed in with purple and yellow stains. It was truly an excitingly erotic vision to behold.

As the pain administered by Vivian was brutal throughout, Erica had fully screamed at the top of her lungs after each smack of the paddle. When she reached to count of 'twenty-seven' she started crying uncontrollably after that last scream. Her sobbing was so distressing that it would touch the coldest heart.

Vivian did not possess a cold heart, but during the spanking her mind was in a continuous sexual stupor. Her mind blocked out Erica's screams, and so she was oblivious to Erica's audible stress. Instead the intensity of her sexual euphoria continued to increase until she climaxed on the penultimate strike. After the spanking concluded, and she regained her breath from her exertion, she began to consciously comprehend the full extent of the physical havoc she had rendered on her sister.

Hearing and seeing Erica sob so prodigiously, caused Vivian to cringe and break out crying herself. She was totally mortified by the cruelty she had visited upon her sister. She wailed:

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