bySusan McK©

It had been nearly six months since it happened. Six long lonely months filled with a lot of tears, a lot of anger and a lot of bitterness.

Six months since her husbands Christmas party when she, Vivienne, like the dutiful wife she had been, had offered to collect him when the party was finished and bring him home, to save him the inconvenience of having to collect his car the next morning. But she had got the time wrong and had arrived about half an hour earlier than she was expected, so she had gone inside to let him know she had arrived.

She was surprised when she couldn't find him at first. The room was full of mostly drunken people, dancing, laughing and talking and obviously enjoying the Christmas atmosphere. Why she didn't just wait outside in the car she will never know, but for some reason she decided to look in the rest of the hotel for him. A door on the far side of the dance floor was open and she noticed one or two people using it so she walked through it into the gardens outside.

It was cold and she was on the verge of going back in when she heard voices and giggling from around the corner. Curiousity got the better of her and she walked around quietly.

Six months later the sight she encountered is still vivid in her mind. Her husband, Colin, had his hands on the waist of their friend Jenny, who worked with him, and was married to one of his best friends. She had her back against the wall, the straps and top of her dress had been rolled down and Colin was sucking furiously on her rather small breasts. As he sucked, her hand was inside his pants tugging at his obvious excitement.

Vivienne stood, frozen to the spot, and it was only when Jenny opened her eyes and noticed her, that she moved, turning and running back through the hotel to her car.

Their separation had been swift, she spent Christmas with her mother and had lived there until moving into her own apartment two months ago. Money, thankfully, had never been a problem and served to smooth over some potentially difficult differences quite quickly. Colin was remorseful and was content to literally pay for his indiscretion. Vivienne spared nothing in decorating and furnishing her new apartment at his expense.

Her pain was added to by the knowledge that Jenny had left her husband for Colin and was now living in their house. Maybe she was blind, she often thought. Maybe she should have seen the signs, realised that their marriage was dull and that Colin was restless. But she hadn't, had accepted her life as it was and was now paying the price.

It was time to look to the future and to start her new life alone.

After the initial trauma she had tried to get on with her life and was thankful to her friends for their support. They included her where possible in their social lives, inviting her out regularly.

Vivienne had taken up some of their offers and had relaxed on a few occasions and enjoyed herself. She was surprised by the attention men gave her on realising she was unattached and had turned down a few offers of dates. More to her surprise were the suggestive comments and offers from some married male friends, all of which she quickly brushed off.

Only once in the six months had she let any man get close to her. It was about two months ago now, just after she had moved into her new apartment. She had been at a dinner party in a friends and the obligatory single man who had been there gave her a lift home. He was also seperated and quite nice and Vivienne assumed that the polite thing to do was to offer him a coffee after he left her home.

He accepted and they sat on her new leather couch, drinking coffee and chatting. When he made a move to kiss her, she felt comfortable with it and let him take her in his arms as the kiss developed. It felt nice, made her feel attractive again and she was enjoying the kiss of another man for the first time in 16 years. As they kissed his hand moved over her silk blouse until it came to rest on her breast and she felt his hand gently squeeze and fondle it. Her nipple hardened instantly and his fingers moved over it.

Vivienne realised that she was not ready for this yet and that things were moving too fast for her,so she excused herself and went to the bathroom to compose herself. When she returned, he was lying back on the couch, smiling and completely naked, his hand stroking his erect cock.

Two minutes later he was back in his car, half-dressed, having been thrown out of the apartment by Vivienne. She resented being taken for granted, resented the assumption that because she was seperated she was willing to have sex at every opportunity.

She lay in bed that night, angry with him, angry with Colin, angry with men but also acutely aware of the sensations his touch had created and of the lack of passion that existed in her life and had done for so long in her marriage. In a way she felt naive and foolish and realised that she no longer had the security of a marriage to support her.She knew that she would have to change and adapt to her regained single status.

As she lay alone she touched her breasts wondering how it would have felt for him to touch her, to feel his mouth on them. She wondered had he been aroused by their kissing and had she caused him to become erect. The picture of him on her couch was vivid, his erection proud and large, bigger than Colin's she thought. For the first time in a long time she found herself wondering how it would have been to touch and how it would have felt sliding into her pussy.

So two months on, here was was, 6 months since she left her husband, preparing to go to her tennis club dinner dance. Hardly the social event of the year but a chance to go out, relax and enjoy herself with her friends.

She checked herself out as she put on her evening dress, a deep blue strappy number. It was quite tight on her, emphasing the curves of her bum but also showing off her legs from just above the knee. It was shaped at the front, encasing her 36c breasts in the velvet material and revealing a respectable amount of cleavage, she thought. At 39 she tried to keep fit so she was in good shape she felt, and tonight she had her black hair tied back from her face.

In her mind she had put Colin in the past and this represented her starting afresh, proud of who she was and how she looked.

A short while later she stepped out of the taxi at the tennis club and headed inside.

The room was full of familiar faces and she mixed, chatting with friends and drinking glasses of white wine as she did so. Virtually everybody there were married couples and she was reminded of her own situation, missing the company of a man to make her feel like everybody else.

Even Gwen, shy and quiet and single seemed to have a date with her this evening - and a good looking one at that. The dinner was good. Vivienne shared a table with 4 married couples, all friends of hers and she enjoyed their company and the wine.

After dinner the music started and Vivienne danced with a number of her friends husbands. But as the night developed she felt lonely again, watching husbands and wifes together having fun.

She slipped away quietly, intending to catch a taxi outside. As she walked through the car park a voice stopped her. It was Gwen's date, standing by a car, offering her a lift, if he was going her way. The night had turned cold, so she accepted and got into the car beside him.

He introduced himself as Gerry, not in fact Gwens date, but her brother, back home on holiday from abroad. In the short journey home they chatted.

Outside her apartment she hesitated, but then invited him in for coffee or a drink. He accepted politely and once inside he opened a bottle of wine as she used the bathroom.

They sat together and chatted. Vivienne found herself attracted to this man and found they had a lot in common. He too was separated and they compared notes on loneliness, betrayal and deceit and found themselves laughing about it.

When he kissed her, her head spun, from the wine or maybe something else and she responded to the softness of his lips and his probing tongue.

He held her and they kissed for what semed like ages, until he excused himself and went to the bathroom.

Vivienne walked around the room, trying to compose herself and gather her thoughts. She was standing by the window, looking out at the lights across the city when he returned.

He stood behind her, gently kissed her neck and stroked her arm. She remained still, enjoying his touch on her shoulders and arms and his soft kisses on her bare flesh.

When his hands moved, down her back, to move over her bottom, gently kneading and caressing her through her dress she remained still but did not move to stop him.

He leaned forward, turned her face, and their lips met, this time with more force, and with more passion. As they kissed she felt her dress sliding upwards and then his hands on her bare thighs and touching her through the thin material of her panties.

In her ear he whispered to her that she was beautiful and that he wanted to make love to her. She froze, realising what was happening, but also conscious of the exquisite sensation of his hand moving onto her bare bum under her panties.

He kissed her lips again then moved against her, letting her feel his hardness pushing through his trousers.

She moaned softly then louder as his finger slide over the lips of her pussy.

She whispered to him to be gentle with her - that it had been so long for her.

Her mind was racing, the sensation of his hands on her skin overtaking her. But she realised that she wanted him, needed him and was ready to have another man enter her where only Colin had been before.

They kissed again, then she felt him pushing her forward gently. Unsure what he was doing, she nearly lost her balance and reached out to catch the windowsill in front of her.

She felt him move her panties aside and then she moaned as his naked erection brushed against the white cheeks of her bum. He was guiding it with his hand and she felt it sliding over her wet lips and into her black bush of hair.

She moaned again, then told him to stop teasing her, that she wanted it deep inside her.

He moved it back slowly until it rested against her wet pussy then with a slight adjustment of his hips he slid inside her.

She moaned with pleasure. Colin had never taken her this way and she imagined how they looked, her bent over with her big white bottom up in the air as this man she had only just met slid in and out of her.

The picture of them together turned her on even more but the sensation of once again having a man inside her was exquisite.

Gerry was moving faster, pumping deep inside her and she responded, moving to meet his strokes. his hands were on her bum, squeezing as his pace quickened.

He was moaning out loud and then she felt him thrust deep deep inside her, then pull right out and cry out as she felt his hot cum shooting on to her bum.

They remained together, silent, until she stood up and pulled her dress back down and returned to the couch. To her surprise he was embarrassed. He explained it had been quite a while for him too and that he had lost control. He thanked her, told her she was beautiful and kissed her again.

This was progress she thought, as his tongue explored her mouth again - Colin would have been sound asleep by now, she giggled to herself. And Colin would certainly not have been exploring under her dress as Gerry was now she thought, as she opened her legs slightly to allow him better access.

Minutes later she had kicked off panties and this strange man was on his knees in front of her, her dress up to her waist as his mouth sought out her clitoris.

She moaned and writhed as his tongue flicked between her legs then groaned with pleasure as he slid 2 fingers inside her.

His mouth felt so good, so persistent. It had been so long since any man had done this to her. Vivienne lay back, let her sensations wash over her until with a deep throaty sigh she let herself go and her body spasmed as she orgasmed.

Gerry remained where he was, kissing her thighs as she relaxed and regained control.

They both went to the kitchen, poured a glass of water each and held each other once more.

Gerry took her hand, led her to her bedroom. They stopped at the end of the bed and kissed once more. He slipped off his shirt and trousers and stood naked before her, tanned and fit his penis limp but thicker than she expected.

He unzipped her dress, pulled it over her head and stepped back to look at her. Her breasts felt heavy and he reached out to lightly touch her erect nipples.

They moved on to the bed. She lay on her side and watched as he moved to brush his penis against her breasts. She watched, enthralled as like her nipples, his penis swelled and hardened as he touched her until fully erect it pushed against her soft ripe breasts.

He lay back then, pulled her gently on to him until his cock was pushing against her pussy once more.

She reached down, guided him with her hand until she felt him pushing up into her. She felt in control, told him she wanted him to make love to her, to come deep inside her.

As he started to move she held her breasts out to him in her hands, inviting his mouth to suck on them.

They moved together in rhythm. His hardness sliding in and out of her slick wet pussy as his mouth sucked and devoured her heavy breasts.

She had no idea how long it lasted but she felt her pleasure building gradually over such a long time. Closer and closer she got, her breathing deeper, gasping and moaning.

Then with one shuddering thrust he put her over the edge - the pain of the past six months pushed away - as his cock felt ever bigger inside her. She screamed out as she came, his teeth biting into her nipples, his hands pulling at the cheeks of her bum as he pulled her right down on to him and she felt his seed erupting inside her.

Half an hour later they still lay there, him inside her, her body raw and tingling. She rolled off him. watched him as he slept.

Six months was a long time she thought - but wasn't it worth it, she smiled.

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