tagNovels and NovellasVixen On Top Ch. 02

Vixen On Top Ch. 02


The old Chevy rolled to a stop in front of the King's Ransom. Martyr reluctantly turned of the ignition; she sat in the car for a few minutes. "Damn these guys," she thought. "They know I don't like these fucking parties."

When Smitty retired, the shift threw a bash and every asshole in the party put the make on her. Even a couple of the female guards tried to get in her pants and she was not anxious to fend off a bunch of drunks again.

Marty took a few deep breaths and opened the car door. She resolved to leave if anything was said or done that she didn't like. "Besides, it's early in the morning. Surely they won't tie one at this hour."

Walking into the bar Marty saw that it was dark and quiet. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the pale light. Because she was still in uniform, the bartender, without a word, pointed to the room in the back of the place where private parties were sometimes held.

Marty could hear the music through the door as she got close. When she opened the door a little and looked in she heard one of the male voices call out, "Get in here. We got a party going in your honor and you're late."

She identified the voice as Turnbull, one of the night officers. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw him sitting on a stool. Walking toward him she wished she had refused the invitation.

"My treat baby. What are you having?" Turnbull asked.

"It's too early for me. I'll have coffee," Marty said.

She knew that one drink would lead to another, and another. And, she had a lot to get done.

Taking the coffee and returning to Turnbull, Marty said, "Thanks for the party. I wish you hadn't done it."

He smiled and nodded.

"Looks like everybody beat me here. Am I the last one?"

Again, he nodded.

Marty surveyed the crowd. There were about thirty people there, some strangers to her -- people who worked at the institution but who she never saw because they were stationed in far distant buildings. She was happy to see the ratio of men to women was about one to one. She had no idea how many of them might be married and she wondered if the wives and husbands knew their partners were at the party.

Many were half loaded by the time Marty got to the party. Some of the guards had teamed up with members of the opposite sex and were making out in the booths that lined the walls.

"Come on, Marty. Let's dance," a voice from behind her boomed. She looked around and was surprised to see the supervisor standing there.

"OK, Leo. Let's do it." She stepped up against him and they whirled onto the dance floor.

The song on the juke box was a slow, western piece and Leo pulled Marty even closer for the dance. As they moved together on the dance floor Marty could feel Leo's cock rising in his pants and pressing against her crotch. The heat was almost palpable coming from his loins. Marty felt herself responding to the man, even though she'd dust been laid a short time before. She wondered why she felt this way now because in the past when they were co-workers she never gave any thought to making it with Leo.

The dance ended and Leo led Marty to a booth. He ordered another drink and a cup of coffee for Marty.

"I wish you'd have a cool one with me. I'd kind of like to have you a tiny bit intoxicated."

"Well," Marty answered, "I would, it's just that I have so much to do today."

As they talked, Marty looked across the room and saw a scantily clad couple had entered through the back door. They were hired party entertainers.

The woman was tall, voluptuous and the only things she wore were tiny pasties and a G-string. The man, tall also, and heavily muscled, wore a G-string that barely covered the big cock Marty could see through the fabric.

"Wow, look at that," Leo said. His eyes glazed over as he watched the woman move around the room, dancing suggestively.

"Yeah..." Marty said. She stared at the sexy guy, wishing he would remove the tiny thing that covered his big cock.

No sooner had the thought passed from her mind than the couple stripped down to nothing.

"Wow," Leo said again. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Marty stared at the massive cock that swung between the dancer's legs. She scarcely noticed the woman and she completely forgot about Leo.

Marty felt heat and wetness between her legs, she felt her pants getting wet and wished she was home so she could masturbate. She realized, fully, that she had done without a man for too long. The first thought was using her hand and she didn't like thinking about that first instead of a man.

"Who's the party for?" the male dancer asked. The music had stopped and they were standing in the middle of the dance floor.

Everyone in the party shouted, "Marty. It's Marty." They all pointed to her and Marty felt her cheeks burning as she blushed. The sexy male dancer came toward her, his cock swaying back and forth.

The dancer held out his hand to Marty. "Please," he said. "Dance with me." She shook her "no" until the man said, "Hey, come on lady. I've been paid to dance for you. I might as well dance with you."

Marty climbed out of the booth while the others all cheered. Walking in a daze, she went with him to the dance floor.

She longed to take his big cock in her hands and excite him; she wanted to experience that massive thing sliding into her cunt, fucking her.

The man scooped Marty up as if she were a child and sat her on his broad shoulders. Holding her there with his big hands on her thighs, he began to dance again. The second dance was as wildly sensual as the first and the music they danced to as a home made tape the couple brought with them. The naked lady played the recording, laughing with all the others at the bawdy lyrics.

When the number was over and he sat Marty on a stool she was perspiring and excited.

The man picked up his little G-string and pulled a tiny piece of paler out of the pouch. He handed Marty, first the paper, then the G-string. Straining in the dim light she saw that the paper had a phone number written on it.

Marty looked up at him and asked, "You want to date me? I? That it?"

"You got it. The date is personal -- not part of the entertainment."

"I could do with a private party. Want to come home with me?"

"I'd love to."

The man took back his little G-string, tried to stuff his semi-erect cock into it and finally gave up. "Lead the way lady."

Laughing, feeling odd with her bold actions in front of the others, Marty took the man's hand and led him out of the dance room. She was anxious to get the hunk home and get into bed with him.

They scurried through the open part of the bar, out into the parking lot. Other customers sitting at the bar turned, awed, and stared.

Marty unlocked the passenger door and let the man in. She ran around and climbed into the car and drove off before the others could follow. And, before she changed her mind.

In traffic, the man said, "You understand this is strictly between you and me. No business. Just pleasure."

"Yes. And let me tell you, I could do with some pleasure."

Marty was grateful none of her neighbors were out when she pulled in beside the little trailer.

The ran from the car to the door and then inside. She locked the door and turned to face the man she'd brought home.

He was already slipping out of the G-string again. "Come on lady: get naked."

Marty was out of her clothing in nothing flat and pressing herself against the incredibly handsome stud.

He turned her head up and lowered his lips to hers. While he kissed her, Marty's hands sought out the huge piece of meat he so proudly showed off.

When the kiss ended she tried to lead him into the bedroom but he insisted that she sit on the couch. He knelt in front of her and kissed both of her knees. Slowly, deliberately, he licked her thighs, working his way upward.

Marty scooted her ass close to the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide. She reached down with both hands and parted the lips of her cunt to give him free and easy access with his tongue.

The stud leaned his head forward and began to lap at Marty's snatch. The sudden, wonderful, glorious intrusion of his tongue in her pussy sent Marty into spasms.

Her voice was choked, her breathing came in gasps and gulps and she could hardly sit still as he licked her deeply.

Over and over the man's broad tongue slithered against the tender membranes of her cunt. He raised his face slightly and licked Marty's clit.

The first contact of his tongue on her little love button made her scream in joy and ecstasy. Knowing he'd found her secret, he concentrated on pleasing her by sucking as licking the clit. Amazingly, he found that it grew to incredible length and thickness.

Marty lifted her legs and let her body fall flat. Her intent was to spread her legs and her pussy as far apart as possible so that the man could delve all the way into her.

She wanted to tell him how good it felt but again, as with her earlier orgasm, the spasms came too quickly. The man's hot, slippery tongue on her clit caused her to plummet down a long corridor that was lined with relief and miracle.

The orgasm was deep, intent and bone rattling. She came with such powerful contractions that she lost her breath for a moment. When she was breathing normally, although heavily, she looked down and watched as his head moved up and down with each broad swipe of his tongue.

Marty held her legs with her hands and lifted her butt off the couch to better present her snatch to the man. He licked and licked and sliced at her until she was almost weak.

Serial orgasms and multiple orgasms were only known to Marty through books and magazine articles she'd read and not until she got turned on so by the handsome guy with the big dick did she ever experience one.

When the man finally stopped licking and caressing her clit with his tongue and lips he raised up and leaned across the couch to hug Marty. His big cock brushed against her pussy and excited her to new heights.

She hadn't forgotten about the giant cock while he was eating her out and making her cum over and over but she had been unable to tear herself away from him. His oral sex was too good to stop in the middle of the process and tell him she wanted to fuck.

"I want to feel that big cock of your inside of me. I want you to fuck me," she told him.

"First I want you to play with it," he answered her. "I'm a show off, remember. I like to show off my body and my equipment and I love it when I can find a woman who will admire me."

Marty squirmed around and got off the couch. The man stretched out full length on the couch while she was getting up. He spread his arms up above his head and separated his legs. His cock was firm, full, dripping a little pre-cum already. It lay against his belly, quivering a little.

Marty took hold of the big organ greedily and found that her fingers would not go all the way around it. She placed her ands one beside the other, the way a baseball player holds a bat and discovered that a good three inches still remained exposed.

"Stroke it," the man said. "Rub it up and down."

Marty began to move her hands on the big cock, watching, fascinated as the skin hooded the flared head, then slipped back to expose the brightly engorged glans.

Marty had never seen a cock so big before. Not even in the ladies magazines that she liked to read had there ever been a photo of anything like this.

"Will you fuck me?" she asked. "That's what I want."

"I'll do anything you want," he told her. "How about if you dust climb on now, in this position?"

She straddled the sexy dude, holding his cock as she maneuvered into position, and then tried to lower herself onto the big cock.

Seeing that the fit was too tight without Marty using her hands, the dancer reached up and delicately spread the lips of her pussy apart. In that way, the head fitted easily and then as Marty let her weight go downward, the cock slipped in. Tight, full and very hot, it filled her love canal fully and made her squeal with sexual arousal and delight.

"Does it feel good? How do you like my big cock in there?"

"Oh, my God, yes it feels good. I never had it like this. Never," she answered. Marty and the male dancer interlocked their fingers and he helped her brace herself and maintain her balance while she rocked back and forth on the giant rod. Sweat ran in rivulets down Marty's body and dripped on the man. He was wet, too, with his own sweat.

His cock was dribbling pre-cum when Marty sat on it and her own twat was dripping lubricating liquids when she plugged into the man. Together they created loud squishy sounds which briefly reminded her of Mitch back at the prison.

Her thoughts were not long away from the hunk who lay beneath her though because he started to thrust upward which each of Marty's downward pushes. Their fucking rhythm had been set and they couldn't break the pace. It was too good.

"Oh, oh, oh..." Marty gasped each time the big cock shoved into her. More than just the exquisite full feeling, she was being excited by the muscular ridge on the man's pelvis and the contact with the sensitive little clit.

"I'm close. I'm close," she said over and over.

"Yeah. I'm gonna cum too," he replied. They griped each other's hands tightly and fucked aster and faster. His cock had stretched her cunt to such incredible dimensions that she was feeling it all through her body.

The man came first. His big cock rocketed about inside of her. Thrusting and jabbing and delighting her. The spasms and pounding contractions of her own pussy met with his orgasm and together they rushed into sexual fulfillment.

The cries that filled the room were loud and abandoned. The couch squeaked and shook behind their efforts but it held up.

When Marty began to simmer down she opened her eyes and looked down at the man. She cocked her head to one side and watched closely the expressions on his face, wondering what was happening with him.

"Raise up. Hurry, raise up," he told her. Marty pulled herself free of the massive organ as fast and she could, spilling their combined sexual juices onto him. "Watch this," he told her.

And, while Marty watched, the man took hold of his cock with both hands and began to stroke. He lay there, completely naked, and jacked himself off for her amusement.

He spurted long white strands of cum high into the air. Ropes of cum looped around and fell back onto his naked flesh striping him with pearly strands of juices.

"My God," Marty gasped. "It's the most perfect cock in the world."

The man didn't answer for a time because he will still hand fucking himself but when he finished up he smiled at Marty and asked, "Did I already wish you a happy future?"

"Mmmm," she answered, nuzzling his chest with her cheek.

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