tagNovels and NovellasVixen On Top Ch. 03

Vixen On Top Ch. 03


After their sexual encounter Marty and the dancer had a drink. She still wore no clothing and he had none with him other than the little G-string he'd worn into the bar.

They had shared one another's bodies; they had sex and they satisfied each other's needs but they had not learned names. While Marty was fixing the drinks and reveling in the good feelings in her crotch that the fucking had given her, the dancer said, "Would you be interested in knowing who I am?"

Embarrassed for her lax manners, Marty turned to face the handsome stud. "Oh," she said. "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't even think to introduce myself."

"I know your name. At least everyone at the party called you Marty. My name is Bill. My friends call me Big Bill, I guess that's obvious." He rubbed his cock and retracted the foreskin. The both watched the action, Marty with growing interest, Bill with a growing cock. "Can I call you Marty?"

"Yes, in fact, you can call me anytime you want to," she said, laughing.

Bill shared the joke with her. "Maybe I could call you hot pants?" He stroked her cunt which should have been covered by something, it was just too tempting.

They sat on the floor, leaning against the couch, drinking the mixed drinks and talking. Marty told Bill about leaving her job and the new career she was beginning. She told him too about school and how she would graduate in a week. "I went without a lot of luxuries and even some necessities to get ahead. Now, I'm ready to start living."

Bill kissed Marty on the shoulder and caressed her arm. He spoke softly when he asked, "Can I spend the night with you?" He looked outside at the bright sunlight and laughed. "Well, the day and the night to follow maybe would be more appropriate."

"I'd love that," Marty answered. "We might not get any sleep but I'd certainly love to have you with me."

They polished off the drinks and Marty told Bill that she often took a dip in the pool before she tried to sleep. "I find it relaxes me."

"I'd love to join you but you saw what I wore," Bill cautioned her.

"You know, I have a bathing suit here that might fit you. It belonged to my ex-husband and it was among the things he left behind."

Bill tried the suit on and though it was terrible tight and very revealing Marty assured him it was good enough to use at the mobile home park. She wanted to see what the bulge would look like in a tight swim suit and how it would effect the neighbors. "Besides, I won't be living here after a few more days. I'm going to move into town so I don't care what these old farts think."

Bill stuffed his cock and balls down into the tight fitting bathing suit and wiggled it up around his waist. Marty sat and watched as he put on the too-tight suit. You could see everything, the shape of the head, the fat tube and the even bigger balls, each outlined. How sexy. "I bet when some of these folks see the bulge in your pants they'll have to unplug their pacemakers or risk having a short circuit."

They went out to the small pool and sure enough there were several older folks sitting around in the sun. They all gaped and stared openly at the hot looking couple. The men checked out Marty and the women lusted for Bill and the big tool showing through, the bathing suit.

When they got in the water Marty swam close to Bill and slipped her hand down into the bathing suit. She gripped Bill's cock, stroking it in longer and longer strokes as he grew. Her hand action made him erect. None of the other guests at the pool could see what she was doing cause they were close to the side of the pool.

"You're going make me hot and my stuff will poke out through the leg of this bathing suit. Or, I could take it off," Bill suggested.

"OK, I can take a hint," Marty said. "If you don't want me to touch you down there I won't."

"You know it's not that I don't like being touched by you, it's just that this bathing suit is too damned tight to get a hard on in it."

"Well, that's easy to fix. Let's go back to the house where you can take it off," Marty smirked.

"Yeah. Take it off. That's for me." Back inside the little trailer Bill struggled and tugged at the constricting trunks and managed to get them off. His cock was semi-erect and it swung in a wide arc before him. She liked that. She'd have the fun of getting him up and ready again.

"I can't get over the size of that thing," Marty sighed. "Magnificence is a word that comes to mind when I look at you. A kind of magnificent obsession... or it could become one."

Bill laid Marty out of the couch and asked, "So what do you think you are, chopped liver?"

"I don't know. It's been a long time since I had a man admire me for anything other than just pure lust. I like to be admired, of course, but I appreciate being evaluated as a person an not a piece of meat."

Marty rolled off the couch and pulled Bill down onto the floor. She reached her hand into his crotch and stroked his cock to it's full hardness. She felt his entire body stiffen. Lying on her side, facing him, she asked, "Now?"

"Yes. Now."

Marty rolled over on top of Bill, she spread her legs and had one on each side of him. She backed her body downward until she felt the heat and rigidity of the big cock pressing against her cunt, her pussy lips folded over it, as if trying to pull the whole thing inside.

Marty shuddered when she felt the wondrous cock. Bill's cock was pulsing and throbbing. She wanted him to shove it deep into her pussy but she restrained herself and continued to toy with him. When she'd waited as long as she could, she thrust herself backward and impaled her sexy, slender body onto the throbbing spear.

Both of the sexy people, Marty and Bill, at the same time, gasped from the sheer pleasure of having coupled. The cock filled Marty completely and the pressure on her clit sent her into a frenzy of anxious humping up and down.

Bill lay on his back for their second fuck and felt the firm nipples of her ample tits brushing against his face. With each thrust onto and off of the big cock, Marty fell forward and backward and her boobs both touched all the surface of Bill's lips and chin.

When he opened his mouth and extended his tongue to tickle her tits Marty went wild.

She clawed at the carpet they lay on, she cried out with a wild sound and started gushing her precious sex fluids. Copious amounts of her lubricant poured out of the tight fit and leaked over Bill's cock and dribbled down over his balls.

"I'm going to make it. I'm there." She tried to make sense but the words were strangled and jumbled.

"Fuck me. Hard. Stuff my cock way up in you and make my nuts boil," Bill whispered hoarsely in her ear.

Marty was too far gone to hear him. She was launched into orbit, riding the blistering hot rocket of his cock.

The powerful spasms of her pussy, milking and squeezing Bill's cock made him start to cum too and together they achieved the ultimate.

He reached up and pressed his hands against her shoulders to hold her steady in her sexual thrashing about.

Bill's ass was bouncing up and down on the floor, driving his cock deep into Marty. She could feel the firmness, the incredible stiffness of his cock and the total fullness it caused.

Their orgasms occurred close enough together that it couldn't be said who really came first. What they were sure of though was that as each of them continued to cum, the other was carried along on the most wonderful ride a person can take.

They were supporting each other, physically and sexually. As Bill's cock arched and jerks, Marty's pussy spasmed and twitched, they needed and used each other.

Evening came at last and though they were both spent and needed to sleep, Marty had the presence of mind to realize that she'd had a wonderful day, sexual fulfillment and that she needed to be free of Bill. She sat up and looked down at the sexy guy laid out beside her. "Bill. I need my time and space. I have to take you home. You understand?"

"Hey. I do. Believe it or not, I was just laying here wondering how to ask you to let me go without any further commitment."

"How will we get you into your apartment? You don't have anything to wear?"

"If you'll loan me a towel I can wear that and I'll mail it back to you?"

Marty drove the handsomest, wildest, sexiest guy she'd ever had had across town.

She wished there could be a way to hold to handsome stud and enjoy the kind of sex they'd shared but she knew that he was too used to living on the wild side of life. She knew that a man like Bill would only lead to emotional pain.

"Will I hear from you?" he asked.

"I don't know. One thing you can be sure of is that I will never forget you or this wonderful day. You made a lot happen for me today."

They were silent for minute longer and Bill said, "I always wanted a woman like you. I know that my lifestyle is a threat to ladies and I definitely don't want to hurt anyone. I'm going to remember you too. Let's leave it at this: if you ever change your mind and think you'd like to see me again, call me. I'll send you my name and address and phone number when I return the towel."

They kissed, briefly, when Marty stopped to let Bill get out.

"Take care," he called to her as she drove away in the old clunker.

In the rear view mirror Marty saw Bill waving to her in the dying light of the day.

She was tired and needed to get to sleep.

At home, as she undressed to go to bed she noticed Bill's G-string lying on the coffee table. She picked it up and carried it with her to bed.

In the darkness, under the covers, Marty held the filmy cloth in her fist and fell asleep. The dreams that came to her that night were incredibly erotic and sensual, like the day had been.

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