tagNovels and NovellasVixen On Top Ch. 04

Vixen On Top Ch. 04


Marty drove, the next day, to the credit union she'd paid into during the time she worked for the department of corrections and surprised the teller when she handed her a withdrawal slip for all of her savings.

"Ma'am, are you sure want to close out the account?"

"Mmm. Today is a new beginning for me. I've been saving toward this day for a long time and I need all the money I have to get started."

The teller counted out Marty's savings in a pile of hundred dollar bills. When she finished Marty hand just over seven thousand dollars which she tucked into her purse.

With a smile and a thank you for the teller she walked out and stood beside the old Chevy she'd had to rely on. Marty took the key to the ignition and tossed in onto the dash board and walked away without looking back.

She walked four blocks to the nearest car dealer and entered the showroom. The shiny new cars all looked so nice; the smells of the brand new upholstery filled the show room with a clean kind of fragrance. Marty looked around at them and settled on a bright red convertible. As she headed over to look at it the salesman intercepted her.

"Hello Ma'am. Could I show you anything in particular?"

She looked around at the man and was taken almost as much by him as she was by the pretty little car.

"I saw that convertible and fell in love with it," Marty said. "Tell me I can afford it."

"It's not as expensive as you might think," he told her.

They stood beside the sexy little car and looked at the window sticker. The cost was well within her range.

"I can buy it," she squealed. "I have enough money to buy it and still have plenty left over."

"Before you decide for sure that you want it let's take a test drive," the salesman suggested.

As they sat in the car, waiting for the traffic to pass so they could pull out, the man turned to Marty and told her, "I'm Les. Junior sales manager."

"Hi, I'm Marty."

When the man smiled Marty was moved by the tender softness of his face. It was the face of a man who'd seen disappointment but was still driven by hope for the future. Marty knew the look well and she especially knew the feeling.

As they whizzed down the freeway, Les showing her the options and standard equipment on the car, Marty heard almost nothing he said. She tried to listen but Les was too much of a presence to allow her to concentrate on the car.

When he pulled into a coffee shop parking lot to let Marty drive Les showed the first real interest in Marty. "The car deserves a lovely lady like you to drive it."

She smiled at the compliment and thanked him. As she got out of the car her skirt slipped up over her knee and she noticed Les staring. She hesitated for a brief moment to let him gaze at the tender white flesh of her inner thigh. They stood at the back of the car for a couple of minutes, Les telling her about the gear shift and Marty watching him stare of the cleavage her blouse revealed. She also watched his dick push further forward in his pants. She definitely was having an effect on a man. She liked what she saw. Now, how to get her hands, mouth, or pussy on or around it.

When they got back into the car Marty suggested they wear their seat belts because she intended to put the little hot rod through it's paces.

"I don't want to lose you on one of the curves," she told Les.

They both buckled up and Les reached into Marty's lap and tugged at the belt as if he was trying to insure that she was strapped in snugly.

"I don't want you to fall out either," he said. She noticed his covered his crotch as he "relaxed". She had become a crotch cruiser. Was she about to become a cock hound?

When Marty popped the clutch and pressed the accelerator to the floor the little car's rear tired screamed and even smoked a little. She let up on the gas as she neared the exit onto the street.

"Hey. It's got punch hasn't it?"

"Yeah," Les said. He swallowed and made a gulping sound. "Drive carefully now."

When the traffic broke for a minute Marty repeated the take-off. She dropped the sift into first, popped the clutch and floored it again. The hot little car shot out onto the street and she maneuvered it easily.

When she approached the entrance to the freeway she explained to Les that she wanted to take it far enough out to see how it would handle in the hills.

"Sure," he said. "I want you to be sure before you make a commitment."

"I will be," Marty said, smiling.

For nearly half and hour she sped down the highway, passing everything in sight. In the near distance she saw the first of several very steep hills that she wanted to climb in the road test.

As they began to climb the car maintained it's speed easily and they didn't loose any momentum.

"I love it," Marty said. "It handles beautifully and I feel so comfortable in it."

"Why don't you pull into one of the roadside rest areas and let's talk business," Les suggested.

When Marty pulled off the highway she glided past all the other parked cars and stopped at the far end of the parking area. There were several trees there and she pulled the car around behind them.

Les was flustered and he was beginning to squirm around in the seat.

Marty released the seat belt and leaned back to catch her breath. She looked over at Les and noticed that his crotch was bulging beneath the seat belt. He apparently had been hard all the time. Her cockhound instincts took over. She stared pointedly, into his lap, which he tried to cover again.

"Maybe you'd better release the buckle," she said. "I don't want to be responsible for your discomfort."

Les blushed and pressed down on the button. The click was almost inaudible but the belt separated. Marty pulled one half of it toward herself and then let it hang over the seat. Les flexed a little and thanked her.

Knowing that Les desired her made Marty feel rather bold. She looked straight into Les' eyes and said, "How would you feel about me if I asked you to do something for me? Something real personal and private. Something that I really need and from the looks of that mound in your pants it's something you need too."

"Marty, I'd do just about anything for you right now. I can't help being so turned on. I guess it's just being near you that's making me hot," Les said softly.

Marty reached over to lay her hand on his lap and Les jumped like he'd been burned. "Feel good to have someone else's hand down there?"

"Oh, yeah. That feels real good," he said.

Marty began to rub his hard on through his pants. She was surprised at the firmness she felt there. She realized that Les was really turned on.

"May I?" she asked.

"Anything. You can do anything," he answered.

Marty turned a little in the seat and with both hands in Les' lap, she began to open his ants. She got the belt open, the snap pulled apart and the zipper pulled down.

"Raise up a little," she instructed.

Les lifted his ass off the seat and Marty pulled his pants down around his knees. "Oh..." she sighed, "very nice."

His cock, not really long or thick, was shaped just right. The shaft of his cock was the same diameter at the base as it was at the bottom of the head but there it flared out wide. He had a fairly thick patch of hair above the rigid cock and his balls were hairy too.

Marty fondled both his cock and his balls. Les closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the seat. He groaned slightly and wiggled his hips around.

Marty took her time. Her fingers gripped the cock and stroked it lightly. When the first dear drop of liquid formed at the end of Les' cock she leaned over and licked it up with her tongue. Les felt the wet warmth of her tongue and he sighed loudly.

"Do you want it?" she asked him. "Shall I go on?"

"Oh yes. Please don't stop," he implored her. "Give me head and I'll do it for you too."

Marty leaned down again and with her mouth open wide she engulfed Les' cock. He cried out with the incredible feeling of her mouth on his organ.

Her lips, tender yet firm; her tongue, wet and smooth; and her teeth lightly brushing his sex flesh made him weak. She lightly ran her lips over his cock until she was pressing her nose into the pubic hair, then, she closed her mouth down on his cock and sucked as she raised up and let the hard on slide through her lips. When she felt the wide head touch her lips she plunged her head down again.

"Oh yeah, good," he uttered. "Good."

Marty began to rotate her hand on the cock when her mouth was at the head. As she plunged downward and titillated him, she let go with her fingers and then replaced them again as she raised up. The up and down movements, the heat, the wetness, and the rotating fingers on Les' cock made him cry out again and again.

When Marty felt the first jerking and twitching of Les' cock, when she realized that he was close to cumming, she increased the tempo of her blow job and kept getting faster and faster until Les bawled out loud that he was going to shoot a wad into her mouth.

Marty gripped the cock firmly with her fingers and concentrated only on the sensitive head. She pumped her hand up and down and licked and slurped the swollen cock head.

Les was already beginning to dribble but when she changed her technique he flexed all the muscles in his body and started to spew his cum into Marty's mouth.

She continued sucking and jacking him off, swallowing each blast of his cum, groaning herself and letting Les know that she wanted him to empty his nuts into her mouth.

After all the time she'd been alone she had often thought of how much she would enjoy blowing a man and now that she had Les in her mouth she recalled just how much she had enjoyed oral sex.

At length Les began to whimper. He said, "Oh, stop. It's too sensitive. Don't suck it anymore."

Marty plunged downward one last time and then remained very still. Her left hand still held his balls and her mouth encased his still hard cock. They remained in that position for a long time so that he could simmer down.

Almost five minutes passed before Les tapped Marty on the back with his hand. When she opened her eyes and looked up at him he said, "My turn. Now I get to do you."

Marty reluctantly gave up the cock. She raised her head slowly and let it slip from her mouth. She licked her lips and told Les, "That was good. I like that kind of sex."

"You must enjoy getting oral sex as much as you do giving it. I like eating pussy and I know you are going to like what I do for you."

Les tugged his pants back up and got out of the car. He went around to the driver's side and opened the door. He knelt on the ground beside the seat and told Marty, "Turn around here. Put your legs outside."

As she turned in the seat she pulled her skirt up and presented Les with a view of her pussy, covered only with flimsy panties. She braced herself with her arms behind her on the seat.

Les reached for the panties and pulled them off. He removed Marty's shoes too and then he lifted her legs high and wide.

The gentle breeze felt good to Marty as it blew on her snatch.

Les leaned into the V of her crotch and began to kiss the hot, sensitive flesh of her thighs and above her cunt. He rested Marty's heels on his shoulders and with her fully exposed that way he reached into her crotch and parted the puffy, wet, hot vulva. He kissed her clit and felt it stir and become firm. He opened his mouth and let his tongue snake out to slither over the love button.

He parted the lips of her cunt a little further and began to wiggle his tongue in her, touching the hot flesh and strong it with his lips and tongue.

Les blew his breath into her pussy gently and felt Marty quiver. He took a deep breath and pressed his face against her pussy firmly and extended his tongue again. He shook his head from side to side quickly and teased her with the tongue thrashing inside of her pussy.

Marty groaned, much the way Les had, and hiked her butt a little more off the seat to better get him access to her crotch. She wanted his tongue deep.

Les maneuvered his hands around to brace Marty. He held her hips and lifted her upward. And, Marty, trying to facilitate the head job, spread her legs as far apart as she could get them.

Les stuck his tongue into her again, he pursed his lips and pressed them against the hot flesh and began to hum loudly. The subtle vibrations made Marty almost delirious.

She tried to tell him how good it felt but the words would not form. She shook herself from side to side to try to enhance Les' efforts. As she moved from left to right, he moved in the opposite direction and by their coordinated movements his tongue and lips brushed her pussy faster and faster.

Marty tried to tell Les that she was about to cum but still she could not talk. She needn't have worried however. Les knew from the volume of lubricating fluids that poured from her snatch that she was about to cum. He could tell by the change in the fragrances of her pussy that she was close.

Marty's eyes were closed, her teeth were clamped together, her skin was shiny with a light sheen of perspiration, and her cunt lips were swelling slightly.

Her breathing was coming in gasps and she was moaning as Les lapped at her. Over and over his tongue slithered into her, swirled around brushing the tender membranes and then slurping upward to caress Marty's clit.

When the orgasm hit her she went limp at first and then her body began to stiffen and tremble. She shook from her shoulders all the way down to her feet.

When Les felt the first spasms and quaking in her pussy her pressed his face harder against her and held his breath while he ate her out.

The juices that Marty produced were slippery and copious. She coated Les' face; she cried out finally and then collapsed backward on the seat of the car.

Les raised himself slightly, gulped in air, and then plunged his face into her snatch for one last go at it.

He caused Marty's orgasm to be extended even beyond what she thought she could tolerate. On and on he carried her along by rubbing his tongue into her, touching ail the hot spots and then slurping up to caress the clitoris.

At last Marty went limp and he knew she was through. Les raised him face a little, breathed in refreshing air, and started to lick her inner thighs again.

When Marty could talk she said, "My God, I never came like that before. Never. That was so good."

Les raised up higher and then leaned in to lay his head on Marty tummy. He hugged her with his arms and sighed with her.

Much later, after they'd composed themselves, Marty got the car started and they headed back into town.

"I want this car," she said. "When we get back I want you to draw up the papers."

"OK, lady. You got it." He smiled at Marty and asked, "Can I deliver the papers and the car to you at home?"

"Oh, I'd love that. Could you come by around seven this evening?"

"Seven it is," he said. Les laid his hand on Marty's knee and added, "What can I bring? Wine? Champagne?"

"Bring the car and the title or registration. I'll have the drinks ready when you get there."

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