tagInterracial LoveVixxen & Sam Ch. 03: Betrayal

Vixxen & Sam Ch. 03: Betrayal


The following story is fictional and involves descriptions of sex and might offend some people.

This is the sixth in a series of reader request stories, this one was inspired by a friend named Faerin, thank you for the idea :)

If you enjoy it, feel free to contact me with story ideas and maybe I can write something with your ideas. These stories need not include any of my recurring characters.

If you do not enjoy erotic stories involving more story than sex, I would suggest that you move along.


This is a story about a middle-aged black woman and her younger white boyfriend. This story takes place about two years into their relationship, where they have worked through many of the problems an interracial couple can encounter, and many of the regular relationship problems that are so often experienced.

This chapter takes place immediately following the events of Vixxen and Sam Ch. 02: Investors.

Vixxen and Sam returned to their routines when they got back to Texas. Sam devoted himself to work again, desperate to make a go of the massive contract in front of him, and Vixxen going back to working out and yoga. Vixxen was back into dance class a couple of nights a week, getting back into some classical dance and Rumba. It was an old hobby, one she had practiced for almost twenty years.

Vixxen understood the busy nature of his work. The late hours, the calls in the middle of the night, and checking his phone every time it vibrated looking for work emails. She did understand, but she didn't like it very much. He was gone all the time it seemed.

Sam was so busy that he did not know anything was wrong, having lived his life as an introvert being forced into occasional social activity. He truly cared for Vixxen, however, and he was sure that she would understand how busy he remained when the contract came in. It would change their lives forever.

He just needed time, the old guy, Bill, with whom he was working was very demanding. Everything had to work, and everything had to be perfect.

Vixxen did not see things in that way, she missed spending time with her boyfriend, the man she loved, the man she wondered if she could marry someday.

It had now been more a month since the last time she and Sam had sex, and Vixxen was feeling it. Vixxen had been with Nichole in New York, having learned that Nichole was at a minimum, bisexual, but she needed her man.

She started to wonder if Sam was getting sex on the side, as he seemed to have no interest at all in sex right then. Vixxen and Sam had agreed never to masturbate outside of the presence of the other, promising to stay involved with each other sexually. At this point, that wasn't working, it wasn't working at all.

Something had to change, Vixxen had long had a powerful appetite for sex, and it was at this point an unsatisfied hunger, one she needed to satisfy.

Vixxen started watching porn on her laptop again and started masturbating to it. She had long enjoyed the touch of her own fingers and the taste of her own fluids, and she fell back into her old ways of self-pleasure without any qualms. If her boyfriend didn't like it, he could fucking show up and do it himself.

Sam was working hard, harder than he probably ever had. He understood the possibilities of what was before them: the agreement with the New York IT firm was going to be in the millions per year. This was his big chance, it was his chance to prove everyone wrong about what he could become.

Sam knew that Vixxen was struggling with his workload. He was getting home late and he was mentally exhausted when he got home. This would just be for a short time in their lives, and he absolutely believed that, when the money started coming in, Vixxen would be more understanding.

While Sam tried to be understanding, Vixxen was complaining a lot more than he liked to hear, and she was spending her days working out and doing yoga. She was basically contributing nothing; where did she get off complaining?

Sam thought that arguing about his work schedule at this point was selfish on her part. Vixxen just didn't understand what it took to make it in business.

Over the next two weeks, there was a little more distance between Vixxen and Sam, and neither of them really noticed. Both were away from home for longer periods of time, and Vixxen stopped asking if he would be home for dinner, with both of them just starting to eat on their own without any discussion.

Sam's workload increased even more with deadlines from Bill's tech company on a staggering array of different fronts. Proof of concept on some elements, audits of his work and progress on requested changes. It was more than three people could do, Sam was alone on this, and it kept growing.

He had an employee, but his technician could not handle the project he was on, so he had the younger tech working with existing customers to keep the lights on while Sam worked on his new project.

Vixxen found plenty of ways to keep busy. She spent extra time at the gym, and in the dance studio where she taught yoga and trained in classical dance. Her time stripping for a living might be over, and the money that profession had provided was missed, but she still remained vigilant with her fitness.

Vixxen very rarely took part in social events. She pretended to be more of an extrovert when she taught yoga, and when she was with a partner for dance class, but otherwise she tended to keep to herself. This led to some loneliness.

She spent numerous nights alone in front of porn videos on her laptop, taking care of her own needs, but this had never been enough for her, and it wasn't enough now. Vixxen didn't always like people, but she did need human contact.


The wealthy older man who was working with Sam followed his progress quite closely, always pushing Sam on deadlines, and working with his own people to make sure the deadlines kept coming. Bill was determined to win Vixxen for himself, wanting a new plaything, having grown a bit tired of his young wife Nichole. It helped that he had a long-held attraction for black women, and sex with Vixxen had been the best he could ever remember having.

The first time that Bill sent Nichole to check on Sam's progress, it was a failure. Sam was too busy, and far too annoyed by Nichole not knowing anything about what he was doing, to bother with her much; he kept his head down and kept working.

Nichole had been sent to try to drive a gap between Vixxen and Sam and found that a large gap already existed. Given that they did not seem to be getting along very well, Nichole focused on Vixxen but found that her friend, and hopefully her lover, was not in good enough spirits to have much interest in her.

Nichole's hope was to win Vixxen for herself, having become quite infatuated with her on a recent trip to New York City. She spent a week in Texas, spending much of the time with Vixxen, trying to romance her beautiful friend. But something wasn't working, Vixxen did not respond well to her advances.

Nichole flew home, knowing her husband would be disappointed. She did not know why, but Vixxen seemed distracted, and also seemed frustrated with life in general, and maybe a little angry. She knew it had just been bad timing, but her husband was not going to understand.

Bill was not very understanding at all. "You had one job to do Nichole," The old man said, lecturing his wife. "To get a woman who likes women, who you fucked when she was here, to fuck you again. How hard can that possibly be?"

Bill knew that Nichole was a lesbian, and had only ever been with him for the money he had. It didn't bother him, it was a part of the sort of life that he enjoyed, and had been that way since he was a young man. All the women he had known wanted his money, and he could indulge himself as he saw fit for being as wealthy as he was.

Over the years Bill had used his wealth for a variety of perversions, which were only possible because of his massive bank account, as he found people would do just about anything for money.

He enjoyed the movie Disclosure, and made the same offer to married women quite often, although for smaller amounts of money. He found pleasure in convincing men to sell their wives into prostitution; it made it worthwhile to pay a hundred thousand dollars for one night of sex.

Bill enjoyed the game of seeing how cheaply he could fuck another man's wife and seeing how far he could take it.

He fucked other men's wives in front of them, often demanding an audience, keeping the husband in the room to watch Bill defile his wife. The old man would always cum in the wife's mouth, not looking for any paternity suits.

Sometimes he would get bored with fucking the wives himself and would try and humiliate the wives he purchased for the night in other ways. He would take the youngest and most attractive of the wives and pair them with older, obese men, sometimes more than one man; sometimes he would arrange interracial pairings.

Sometimes he would arrange for straight married women to be with other women, enjoying himself as he coerced them into delving into homosexuality.

When he found out his young wife to be was actually a lesbian, he rather looked forward to enjoying his time with her.

Bill sincerely enjoyed her discomfort with men. He engineered their relationship over the time they were together, ensuring that she was degraded with men quite often. Sometimes himself, often other men, sometimes numerous other men. He had his innocent 19-year-old wife sucking off men of every ethnicity he could arrange.

As much as he had enjoyed seeing his wife's discomfort with men during their time together, Bill now used Nichole's sexual preference and greed to motivate her in helping him with Vixxen.

He offered her a great deal of money and a divorce, allowing her to then lead her life as she saw fit without him, but with a lot of money. He knew Nichole was greedy enough to do as he wanted and would love little more than being able to live an openly lesbian and wealthy life.

Bill now added to what he had done in the past to degrade his young wife, by forcing her to suck his dick whenever they were in the same town, something he knew she disliked. He required her to swallow his cum each time, something he knew disgusted her, but he figured that her disgust would motivate her to help him to win over Vixxen quickly.

When Bill was finished with his lecture, things ended up as she thought they would, with her on her knees in front of her older husband. At her husband's insistence, Nichole took off her clothes and got on her knees between his legs.

Nichole was an amazing beauty, and when she was fully naked he sat before her and pulled out his dick for her. "You know what you have to do Nichole, get going."

Nichole knelt between his legs, closed her eyes and started sucking the old man's dick, knowing that at least he never really lasted very long, and hoped that someday soon she would never have to touch a cock again. Bill did not have a very large dick, so it was actually harder to suck than more normal or larger dicks. Bill's smaller size made it tough to keep her mouth closed on it.

Bill had never really enjoyed Nichole's blowjobs, as she wasn't actually very good at it. He was reminded that he might soon have Vixxen in her place, and he imagined the beautiful black woman's lips wrapped around his dick instead.

The old man closed his eyes and leaned back, remembering his time with Vixxen in Jamaica.

Soon Bill came in his wife's mouth, and his wife did as she was told and showed him his cum before swallowing it in disgust. "Next time do a better job, Nichole, we are on a time schedule here," Bill said to Nichole, rubbing his dick on her face as he spoke. "This needs to be resolved before Vixxen's boyfriend can finish the work he is doing."

Nichole started to get up, but Bill still had his hands on her head. "I mean it, Nichole, I can keep the fucking twerp busy but only for so long." He let her head go and she stood up, walking over to drink some water and try to get rid of the taste of cum. "I will have to go with you on your next trip to Texas I think."


The next day at work Sam got a call from Bill's assistant, who told him that Bill would be coming into town the next week with his team to help Sam to make better progress. Sam was pleased to have some help, but the last thing he needed was more pressure from the old man.

When Sam got home he was planning to let Vixxen know, but she wasn't home, so he sent her a text. "Home from work a bit earlier than normal, gonna be home soon babe?"

He got no reply for a while, finally getting Vixxen's response. "Dance class ran long, be home later."

Vixxen was never one to send long texts, but this was unfriendly, even for her. Sam knew that he was close to being finished with his project and that he would have a lot to make up for with his beautiful girlfriend when they finished and he got paid.

Vixxen was annoyed that he would dare ask her when she was getting home when he had been getting home after 9:00 pm for weeks. She made a point to stay after class and talk, and then to grab a snack on the way home. Nichole texted Vixxen and they went back and forth on text for about an hour while Vixxen sat in a local coffee bar.

Their texts were pleasant, and Vixxen was happy to hear that Bill and Nichole were coming to Texas. Nichole said that Bill was bringing a team to help Sam get moving on their project, and Vixxen welcomed Nichole's company for the week or so that she said they would spend in Texas.

Who knows, maybe Vixxen would get some action when Nichole came to town. It wasn't the action she wanted: sex with Sam, but she didn't know how that was going to happen right now anyway.

Vixxen had been hesitant to do anything with Nichole on her last visit, sensing that something was off with her, hoping to stay out of any marital problems she might be having. Now she was frustrated enough not to care too much about that.


Nichole was packing for the trip a couple of days later when Bill approached her with a sour look on his face. He shared his plan with Nichole, and she did not like it.

"You are not to have any sort of sex with Vixxen while you are there Nichole," Bill told her very sternly. "I will have people watching over you. You can tease, kiss, touch her, but the clothing stays on. I just want you to get her going, but not to give her any release."

'What the hell Bill?" Nichole responded angrily. "Why exactly am I going then?"

"You are going for her boyfriend Nichole, for Sam," Bill said with a big smile. "You are going to tease both of them, and I want both of them horny. But your job is to get Sam into bed with you."

"Sam?" Nichole responded. "I was with Sam in Jamaica, we didn't really click, I am not sure he would want me like that."

"Well that is what you are there to do Nichole," Bill replied. "I plan to use it to get Vixxen away from her boyfriend. I expect you to get him interested, and to have sex with him. A lot of sex."

Bill could see Nichole's displeasure, she was kneeling in front of her luggage with a frown on her face. She was tired of dick, she just wanted to be with Vixxen. How long would she have to put up with cock to get what she wanted? She just wanted to live her life as she saw fit, openly gay, no more men.

As he had every day recently, Bill came and sat in front of her. Nichole was not surprised; he had his dick out for her. "We are close to the end Nichole," Bill said to his wife, in a friendly tone. "Get this done for me, and no more of this, no more of Sam, you can dyke out to your heart's content."

"Asshole," Nichole thought to herself. Was there any part of this old man that was not offensive to her other than his money? She took his dick into her hands and started stroking it. "Not too much longer now," she thought as she started to give the old man a blowjob. Soon she would never have to do this again, that would make it worth it, it would make everything worth it.

Soon she was back in her bathroom rinsing her mouth out, she had done this often recently. She had never swallowed cum before she married Bill, tasting it numerous times when guys came in her mouth, but spitting it out every time.

Since marrying this old pervert she had swallowed cum far more often than she ever thought would be possible. Her husband demanded it often, then he demanded it of her with his friends and colleagues. It was gross and she was ready to never do it again.

Later that night Bill considered how he might most effectively reach Vixxen. There had been a lot of women over the years, and he could afford the highest caliber of escorts and strippers that existed, but he desired more.

He wanted Vixxen on his arm, and in his bed. He wanted to have her as his wife. Bill longed for that which he could not buy, and he had run into very little he could not buy over the decades.

The beautiful black woman he craved was different, or at least seemed to be, from any woman he had known. She was stunning to look at, with a toned and muscular body which would be the envy of younger women, but it was more than just her body.

Vixxen seemed to be completely uninhibited with sex. When he was with her in Jamaica, she had no hesitation or reservations about sex. She seemed to be very good at every element of sex which they tried. She swallowed his cum as if it were a tasty dessert, and she looked beautiful doing every part of it. But it was more than the sex as well.

Bill had long held fantasies involving black women, dating back to his youth just before and during the civil rights movement. He had found many black women to be of great beauty, however, race relations and his family's views on interracial relationships were such that he never really pursued anything serious. But it wasn't even just his lust for women of color.

In the one night that he shared with her, he found Vixxen to be engaging, funny, and bright. Also, she differed from many women in that, when they agreed to swing that night, she fucked Bill without inhibition, as if he was the only man in her life.

She had remained engaged with him, looking into his eyes most of the night, holding him tightly and treating his cum as if it were an expensive dessert. Not many women did this with him: he could not remember any in recent memory.

And beyond that, he remembered that even after Vixxen found out how wealthy he was, she made no effort to throw herself at him, to attach herself to him for his money long term.

Their night ended and she went back to her boyfriend and that was that. She seemed not to be terribly interested in his money, and that was something new to Bill. Everyone he knew wanted his money. His ex-wives, his kids, his grandkids, his friends, pretty much everyone he met.

Life has a way of closing you off when you are wealthy. And with a net worth in the hundreds of millions, Bill was very closed off. He tended to look at anyone he knew in terms of their value to him. How much did they cost, how much did they return?

Two ex-wives and soon a third were a financial drain, even with prenuptial agreements. He had fathered a boy and two girls, who were grown and long since out of college, but they remained costly. He had five grandchildren, of varying ages, the oldest of which would be graduating high school very soon. He would probably be expected to pay for their college as well.

He could afford it of course, but that was not the point. His investment gains and interest were more than enough for all of his expenses and all of his family's, but he just wished that they could get by under their own steam.

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