Author's Note:

This is what happens when I attempt to write a short "flash" story. I feel sincere admiration for authors who can craft a well-formed tale in a few thousand words; I don't have that gift.

Readers should be warned this is an extremely graphic -- or graphically extreme -- story. If you have read my other stories, this one is darker. I was inspired to try my hand after reading some erotic horror anthologies, and the genre is not the one I usually practice. I've tried to attach appropriate story codes to warn off those who might be squicked, but proceed at your own risk. I sincerely hope that nobody still reading is clueless enough to think these activities are in any way condoned or legal in real life; this is fiction.

The genesis of this tale (pardon the pun) is a particularly interesting shower curtain that hangs in my bathroom. It has been repurposed, in somewhat modified form, in the story below. All other characters, places, and furnishings not incidental to the story are entirely the products of my imagination. Enjoy.


Lily inhaled deeply and held the breath, letting the clean air purge her body of stress. Releasing it, she turned and smiled at Adam. "I feel better already!"

He grinned at her exuberance. Although it was unseasonably warm, the car's heater was still working overtime to battle the cold air that was streaming in the open window and teasing his wife's dirty blonde tresses into disarray. "Worth waiting for?"

"God, yes! Two weeks alone, just the two of us!" Both of them young, and newly-employed, their honeymoon last summer had been a weekend in a local hotel. They were making up for it now, renting a cottage not too far from the beach. It was early in the season, before the spring break crush (and price increases) hit, and the weather was more than cooperating.

The cottage was enchanting, just like its picture on the web site. There were others, but nestled in among the trees and not too close, and the beach was just visible a quarter mile further down the narrow unpaved road. The managers, in the cottage next door, not so much.

"Wow," Adam commented, sotto voice, as they walked back to the car after checking in.

"Eew," you mean, Lily corrected him. She discreetly wiped her hand on her jeans. "He gives me the creeps."

Sam looked nice enough, toned and fit from working outdoors, with teeth white enough for Hollywood. He had a firm, professional handshake, but something about it hadn't felt right. And the look he'd given her! Lily was familiar with guys perving on her, but it wasn't that; Sam's dark eyes had felt like they were piercing deep inside her, stirring dusty corners of dark rooms within her soul.

"I hadn't noticed," Adam mused, and then yelped when Lily punched him.

"Go right on 'not noticing' -- both of them," she threatened, mostly joking.

Norma, Sam's wife -- or whatever, she didn't wear a ring -- was a slut. Her heavy-lidded eyes had undressed both of them. Norma's lacquered nails had traced Lily's palm when they'd shook hands, and lingered inappropriately long in Adam's grip. Her deep auburn hair had an alluring distressed look Lily couldn't have achieved if she'd tried, and she'd never seen somebody who could make a sundress and cardigan sweater seem suggestive -- until now. And Norma smelled like sex. Not semen, or sweat, or anything tangible, but... sex.

Lily took another breath of the clean outdoors to wipe away the taint, and shook herself. The important thing was that she and Adam could concentrate on each other. She was smiling again by the time they had the luggage out of the trunk and into the cottage.

The cottage was just as adorable on the inside. It consisted of a small front room with a fireplace that doubled as a living and eating area, a cramped but fully-equipped kitchen, and a bedroom in the back. The bedroom was nearly filled by the queen bed and a dresser, because a sizeable chunk of it had been sectioned off to provide a modern bathroom.

Since Lily was a fervent believer in the virtues of flush toilets relative to outhouses, she wasn't going to complain. Besides, they were going to be doing nothing except sleeping in the bedroom, anyway. Lily giggled. "Well, almost nothing!"

"What?" Adam asked, but was more than game when Lily pulled him onto the bed on top of her. They wriggled out of their jeans and made delicious love to each other right then and there.

Lily felt so decadent, letting Adam make love to her on top of the covers right in the middle of the day! Her orgasm felt extra intense, and she didn't push him away after he climaxed inside her, the way she usually did.

"I love you," Adam crooned, nuzzling her hair and snaking a hand beneath her flannel shirt to cup a breast.

"I love you, too," Lily sighed. She kissed Adam tenderly while extracting his hand before it could work its way under the cup of her bra. "But you came like a horse, you stud" -- the dirty language felt slightly naughty -- "and I'm going to leak all over the covers if I don't go clean up."

"Hey, it's not our comforter," Adam laughed, even as he rolled off her. "Let somebody else do the laundry; we're on vacation!"

The first defect of the cottage struck Lily once she was standing, bottomless, in the bathroom. The huge picture window doubtless provided occupants of the large whirlpool tub a fine view of the scenic woods, but the only window treatment was a gauzy sheer. There didn't seem to be much difference between standing outside or standing in the glass-lined shower stall.

There was no way she was going to take a bath and sit in water with Adam's jizz floating around in it. Lily hurried through her shower, keeping her back to the window as much as possible and trying not to think about it.

Maybe it was well water or something, but Lily didn't feel clean when she emerged, although the soap smelled pretty and left her skin silky soft.

The other thing was the wallpaper in the bedroom. Lily noticed it that night, after they'd made love again. Adam was already asleep beside her, and she was lying on her back watching the play of shadows made by the faint illumination from the fireplace in the front room.

It was a busy pattern, in deep burgundy and gold, and she hadn't paid much attention during the day, thinking it was floral or paisley or something, and that she was glad it wasn't in her house. Like an optical illusion, something suddenly flipped in Lily's brain, and the pattern became something entirely different.

Maybe it was post-coital bliss. Lily lifted herself on one elbow and craned her head, but it still looked the same. She saw, as if from above, a couple fucking. The woman lay on her back, hair arrayed about her head like a corona, and her mouth wide open as if screaming in ecstasy. Her jutting breasts protruded just above her partner's head. His looming form obscured the rest of her body, but Lily knew his penis was buried within her. The image repeated over and over, covering the walls of the room.

It was dirty, and erotic, and Lily couldn't get it out of her head once she'd imagined it. Finally she rolled on her side and stared determinedly at Adam; it took forever for her to drift off.

It was still there in the morning, but Lily decided not to mention it. After breakfast, hoping the weather would hold, they donned shorts and light jackets, and set off to explore the beach.

The world belonged to them alone. Birds called from the trees, occasional squirrels looking for last fall's nuts crossed the road ahead of them, and it was easy to believe civilization did not exist. The sun filtered through the new greenery, calling them forward to where the barely audible waves shushed on the sand.

Hand in hand, Adam and Lily paced the dwindling road, now a path, until they reached an opening in the scrub growth and stepped out on the sandy dirt. For a moment it felt like they were adventurers laying eyes on a vista no human before them had seen.

"Oh, fuck!" A throaty exclamation destroyed the fantasy.

Perhaps fifteen yards to their right, Sam was fucking Norma. They were stark naked, and Norma lay back against a conveniently shaped tree trunk that allowed Sam to stand while pounding into her so forcefully the branches above them swayed with each thrust.

Lily didn't know if she'd made a noise or if some movement alerted him, but suddenly Sam turned his head and looked straight at them. He smiled broadly, never missing a stroke, while Lily blushed furiously, paralyzed by surprise.

Then Norma was looking their way too, licking her lips in a way Lily just knew was aimed at Adam.

Before either of them could react, Sam slapped Norma across the face, hard. Lily jumped at the sound, as did Adam, but Norma just looked up at Sam and started pulling on her nipples.

Thinking as one, Lily and Adam turned and fled back down the path. "What a slut," Lily said shakily after they'd gone a few hundred yards.

"Yeah, and on a public beach," Adam agreed, sounding as upset as she was. She noticed he had an erection, though.

After taking a long walk through the woods, taking care to stay well away from the beach, they returned to the cottage for lunch. Lily was just putting out the sandwich makings when a knock at the door interrupted them.

Adam opened the door to find Sam waiting on the porch.

"Hey, folks," Sam said, sounding diffident. His eyes looked anything but, and sought out Lily. "We just wanted to apologize for this morning."

Lily moved to join Adam so she could look out the doorway. Sam was clad only in a pair of worn jeans; they had the look of a pair that had gotten that way through use. His skin had a faint tinge that suggested he was flirting with sunburn, and his package looked like he had a loaf of bread shoved down there.

Disgusted with her thoughts, Lily raised her eyes. Norma was standing at the edge of the road, wearing a string bikini so skimpy she might as well as have been still naked. As she watched, Norma shifted her weight to the other hip, making her breasts sway slightly. Slut!

"I said, it's no problem; right, Honey?" Adam repeated.

Lily shook herself and forced a sunny smile. "That's right. We were just -- surprised; that's all."

Sam smiled back, but Lily had the feeling it was at her rather than with her. "I completely understand. It's just early season; we've gotten used to having the place to ourselves. That'll change soon enough, I suppose." He shook his head regretfully. "In the meantime, you folks enjoy this marvelous weather. And if there's anything Norma or I can do to make your visit more enjoyable, just stop by anytime and ask."

"That's very kind; thanks again," Adam said.

He was so clueless. Lily fumed silently, knowing exactly what was being offered. She watched Norma raise her hand and wave, making her rack sway enticingly. The battle lines were drawn, then.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" Lily asked when Adam had closed the door.

"What? Of course," he said, looking confused. Probably he was still thinking of her.

Without giving herself time to think about it, Lily unzipped Adam's shorts and pulled them down. As she'd expected, he was partially erect already. She squatted and sucked the head of his organ into her mouth, trying to hide her distaste and reminding herself that there were lots of people who did oral sex.

"Jesus, Lily, what's with you?" Adam yelped. He made a token attempt to pull away from her, but got harder almost immediately. She'd gotten to him just in time.

Lily had never asked if another girl had done this for him before they'd met. She had no experience with giving head, but apparently the novelty of the experience was sufficient for Adam. Her tongue pushed at his organ, and she bobbed up and down on the first few inches, alternately sucking and blowing on it.

She'd already decided it was too degrading to let him cum in her mouth, but Adam caught her by surprise. Lily coughed on the first burst of sperm before pulling him out and directing the remainder of his spunk onto her T-shirt above her breasts. Hopefully that would be sexy enough for him!

The scent of sperm was heavy in her nostrils when they'd finished, but it was better than that slut's perfume. Lily wiped her mouth on the back of her hand while Adam fastened his shorts back in place.

"Wow," he said. "I guess they must have really gotten you worked up, huh?"

Lily forebore to argue and point out he was the one who'd been worked up. "Whatever. What do you want on your sandwich? Roast beef?"

"Um, Sure," Adam agreed. Men would eat anything put in front of them; that was part of the problem. "Ah, are you going to change?"

She looked up from the food. His scum was pretty viscous to start with, and soaking into the cotton; it wouldn't be going anywhere. "Why? Don't you like me this way?"

"Aaaaaaah," he prevaricated, trying to work out the safe response. "It's just... not you." Adam flashed a quick smile, happy to have found a good non-answer.

"Okay," she decided. He was thinking about her instead of Norma, which was the important part, and the smell was getting almost nauseating. "I'll be right back."

In the bedroom, Lily pulled the T-shirt over her head, taking care not to get any semen in her hair. She tossed it in the bathroom to deal with later, and then pulled a clean shirt from the dresser. Lily had the shirt over her head when she paused, thinking.

A moment later, she unfastened her bra and put it away. With the shirt in place, she stepped into the bathroom and checked the material. Her breasts were good, and didn't really need the support; the fabric was dark, and nothing showed. Satisfied, Lily returned to her husband.

Several days later they were at the beach again, after having checked to see they'd have it to themselves. The weather was holding, and they were wearing swimsuits and flip-flops. Lily had a pair of shorts on over her one-piece, and Adam was carrying some towels and sunblock. It looked perfect for basking.

"The chairs!" Adam exclaimed, smacking himself lightly in the forehead. The folding camp chairs were sitting on the porch of the cottage.

Lily shook her head. "Don't worry about it, Adam. We have the towels; we can just lie out, the sand will be soft."

"I don't know how you do that," Adam disagreed. "It drives me crazy. Look, just stay here and I'll run back for them -- it'll only be five minutes."

She honestly didn't care, but obviously it meant something to him. "Oh, okay. Just don't get lost; you hear me?"

Adam grinned. "I promise." He handed over the towels, gave Lily a kiss, and jogged back up the path.

Lily looked around. The beach was deserted; even the seagulls had found somewhere else to be. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the blue above fading into grey haze far in the distance beyond the gentle waves. Even the sand in front of her was free of tracks or debris larger than a shell.

Unwillingly, Lily found her gaze drawn to the tree on her right. It felt stupid to just stand there, and it was only a tree. Fruit of some kind, she guessed. She slowly walked over to it. The wood was gnarled and polished smooth by decades of exposure to wind and sand... and other things, apparently.

She imagined leaning there, balanced in place, while Adam inserted himself in her. Lily snorted; she'd probably fall off.

"It's more comfortable than it looks," Norma spoke up beside her, startling Lily so much that she dropped the towels and sunblock. "Oh, I didn't mean to startle you!"

"I'm fine," muttered Lily, who knelt to retrieve her belongings. She looked sideways at Norma, who was wearing her sluttish bikini; the redhead had a pair of camp chairs leaning against one long leg. "Did you see Adam?"

"No," replied Norma, who extended Lily a hand up; the blonde ignored it. "Sam told me the two of you were coming down, and I saw you'd left the chairs, so I brought them out. I came on the forest path; it's less boring than the road."

Lily smiled. "Thanks. I guess he'll be along in a few minutes, then." Norma's presence bothered her, but it was better than the alternative -- that the redhead and Adam could have been alone together.

"Can I help you with the sunblock? You gotta be careful of the sun," Norma asked, seeing the lotion.

"No!" Lily yelped, before hurriedly moderating her tone. "I put some on back at the cottage." Just the thought of Norma touching her raised goose bumps. The slut would want to rub her everywhere; her fingers would drift along the edges of Lily's suit, forcing their way along her breasts, across the curve of her ass, between her legs. She'd try to put them inside Lily, and maybe--

"Can I use some, then?"

Lily felt she needed to reestablish some civility after her outburst. "Sure." Unwillingly, she added, "It looks like you're a little late for your butt." Norma had turned around to lean the chairs against the tree, revealing angry red flesh surrounding the scrap of fabric that was pulling into her crack.

"Oh, that?" Norma laughed, and then shocked Lily by pulling the ties and slinging the bottom over a branch. "That's not sunburn. Sam tanned me something awful yesterday." She rubbed a generous amount of lotion on her buns, wiping her oily hand down her crack and between her legs before turning around.

Feeling stunned, Lily stared at the other woman's crotch. Of course, it was completely bare; she couldn't have worn the bikini otherwise. It looked a little reddened too, if nothing like her backside. Still, the way Norma casually stood there and rubbed herself was unbelievable. Lily blinked, sure she'd seen a finger disappear for a moment.

Norma pushed up her top, revealing her breasts, and Lily couldn't hold back a gasp. "Those are bite marks!"

"Oh, yeah, sometimes Sam likes it rough," the redhead sighed dreamily, massaging lotion onto herself with both hands until her nipples popped erect. She opened her eyes again and amplified, "Me, too. Here, can you hold this?" Norma held out the bottle to Lily.

Now she felt like she couldn't walk away. Instead, the blonde stood there while Norma kicked up a leg against the tree, further exposing herself, and worked both hands down the length of her leg. Did the slut have no shame? Lily wordlessly held out the bottle and watched as the process was repeated with the other leg.

The ordeal wasn't over. "Can you put some on my back?" Norma asked, turning away from Lily and pulling her hair forward over one shoulder. Her skin was decorated with several long marks that might have come from fingernails. "Please?" she repeated, when she sensed Lily was hesitating.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Lily squirted some sunblock into her palm and gingerly started smoothing it across Norma's back.

"I'm not going to break, you know."

Stung, Lily rubbed harder. Trying not to think about Sam hitting Norma. About the skin she was touching, covered with sweat, shifting against sheets as Norma pulled her legs wider, sluttishly offering herself to Sam -- or whomever stood over her. She froze.

"Thanks," Norma said, oblivious to her thoughts. "Are you like that in bed, too? A little china doll? 'Eek eek eek.'" She giggled. "Lily, trust me on this; men are animals -- they like it more forceful once in a while." Before Lily could process the insult, the other woman reached around and whacked her on the ass.

"How dare you!" Lily snapped, and then slapped Norma across the face. The impact of her oily hand sounded like a branch breaking, making her think she'd gone too far. She trembled, wanting to run but afraid to turn her back to her opponent.

"Like that," Norma agreed, running her tongue over her lips to taste for blood and then smiling. "And don't try to tell me you didn't like it," she smirked, eyes dropping to Lily's chest.

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