tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVocational College for Girls Ch. 01

Vocational College for Girls Ch. 01


In a small southern town, there exists an institution known as the Vocational College for Girls. VCG, as it is commonly called, is a detention center for young girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two. The school is an alternative to prison for girls with minor or first time offences.

It was Lisa's first day at VCG. She was a sweet little eighteen-year-old girl who was framed for a crime she didn't commit. Now she was sentenced to live at VCG until she reached the age of twenty-two. Rose, a heavy set, middle aged woman marched Lisa into the Dean's office and Lisa stood silently in front of Mr. Powers. Rose was Mr. Power's evil secretary.

Mr. Powers looked at Lisa and said, "You won't need those clothes anymore. We'll supply you with everything you need. Please remove everything you're wearing."

Lisa asked meekly, "Where should I go to take them off?"

Rose replied sternly, "Right here, now strip!"

There were tears in Lisa's eyes as she unsnapped her tight jeans and slid them down her legs, letting them fall to the floor. Next she slipped her T-shirt over her head leaving Lisa standing there in only a lacey see-through bra and a pair of matching thong panties. Lisa was very embarrassed as she brushed her shoulder length brunette hair out of her face.

The door to the office was wide open. As the janitor pushed a trash cart down the hallway, he stopped abruptly when he got a glimpse of Lisa. The man decided to empty the trashcans in the Dean's office. Mr. Powers chuckled because the janitor was moving very slowly as he dumped each trashcan into the trash cart. The janitor's eyes never left Lisa's scantly clad body. He could see Lisa's nice pink nipples poking through the lacy bra and her silky dark bush was visible beneath the skimpy panties. Lisa felt very self-conscious as she stood there in just her underwear.

Rose looked at Lisa and said, "What are you waiting for? You still need to remove your underwear."

Lisa whispered, "There's a man looking at me."

Rose said, "Too bad. Get those underwear off now!"

Lisa turned her back to the janitor, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. The janitor and Mr. Powers were treated to a view of Lisa's firm little butt. As the men continued to gaze at Lisa's bare buns, she unhooked her bra, slowly slid the straps down her arms and let the bra fall to the floor.

With Lisa's body now fully exposed, Rose instructed her to turn around. Her five foot, two inch body was now on display for the men. She was red faced with embarrassment as they stared at her neatly trimmed pussy hair and puffy pink nipples. Lisa's natural medium sized breasts stuck out prominently from her petite frame.

Rose picked up all of Lisa's clothes and handed them to the janitor. She instructed him to dispose of them, so he tossed the clothes into the trash cart and disappeared down the hallway. Rose went into a storeroom to get Lisa a school uniform while Mr. Powers explained rules at VCG.

Mr. Powers told Lisa that in addition to attending daily classes, she would also have to perform community service around town as part of the punishment for the crime that she was convicted of. The VCG uses the excuse that the college work program rehabilitates the girls so they can return to society with a marketable skill.

The truth is the community profits from the presence of the VCG girls at the businesses in the community because the girls are forced to wear their skimpy little school uniforms while they work. Men come from miles around to spend their money in the town so they can watch the VCG girls perform their community service in various states of undress. In return, the businesses pay a fee to the teachers and staff of VCG, which of coarse is not reported to the state. The men and women that teach at VCG love the arrangement because they make more money with the kickbacks than they would receive teaching at any other institution.

As naked young Lisa stood there nervously thinking about the nightmare that Mr. Powers had just described, Rose emerged from the storeroom empty handed. Rose said that there was nothing available in Lisa's size, so Mr. Powers asked Rose to stop by the School and Medical Uniform Shop and pick up a school uniform for Lisa. Rose replied that she would do it right away. Lisa's heart sank because she thought that she would have to stand there naked until Rose returned, but Lisa shrieked in horror when she discovered that Rose planned to take Lisa with her.

Lisa asked, "Aren't you going to get my clothes if you plan to take me out in public?"

Rose replied, "Its too late now. The janitor already took them away. Besides, you don't want to put those dirty things back on."

Lisa tried to cover her exposed breasts with her hands, but Rose grabbed Lisa's arms and cuffed her wrists behind her back.

Rose explained, "Eventually, we'll give you a tracking bracelet so you can't leave town, but for now I'll have to put you in handcuffs."

Lisa was mortified. She was now completely naked and powerless to hide her nudity. With Lisa's arms secured behind her back, her breasts and pussy were out in the open for everyone to see! This was definitely the worst day of Lisa's young life.

Little Lisa's firm breasts bounced freely as Rose marched her to a convertible in the parking lot. The asphalt was hot on Lisa's bare feet as Rose fumbled with the car keys. Finally Rose opened the door and Lisa slid into the passenger seat.

Rose asked, "It’s a little warm today. Do you mind if I put the top down?"

Lisa protested, "Of course I mind. I'm naked!"

Rose said, "Well that's unfortunate, but I think we'll be more comfortable with the top down."

Rose put the convertible top down and started the engine. With Lisa's bare body on display, Rose pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the street. They pulled up next to a bus at a stoplight. As Rose sat patiently waiting for the light to change, Lisa looked up to find several pair of eyes staring down at her. With her wrists in handcuffs behind her back, Lisa could do nothing to hide her nudity. She knew that her breasts and pussy were in plain view of the people on the bus. Finally the light change and they were on their way again.

As they drove down Main Street, Rose asked Lisa why she was sent to the detention school. Lisa told Rose that a cop stopped her for doing 45 in a 35 mile-an-hour zone. The cop told Lisa that she could get out of the ticket if she would strip naked in front of him. Lisa replied that it would be a cold day in hell before that fat, bald headed cop would see her naked. With that remark, the cop pulled a bag of cocaine out of his pocket and placed it in Lisa's purse, then arrested her for drug possession. Lisa was convicted and sentenced to four years at VCG.

Rose started to laugh and said, "Because you wouldn't take your clothes off for one man, you're now forced to take them off for everyone. That's very ironic!"

Lisa retorted, "I'm glad you find it amusing."

As they pulled into a parking lot, Lisa asked, "What are we doing here?"

Rose replied, "We're going to the uniform store."

Lisa added, "But this is a mall!"

Rose said, "That's right. The store is in the middle of the mall."

Lisa was getting a little nervous and stated, "Surely you don't expect me to walk through the mall. I don't have any clothes on. Everyone will be staring at me!"

Rose replied, "Why yes, that is a problem. All the boys will be looking at your perky breasts, tight buns and pretty pussy hair. Guess what? I don’t care. Let’s go!"

Rose led Lisa into the mall. Lisa didn't want to put up a fight because that would only draw more attention to her nakedness. As Lisa walked across the cold tile floor, she was glad to see that there weren't many people there. However, there were enough people present to turn her face three shades of red. As she walked, her bare breasts bounced up and down. Little Lisa passed an old man and his wife. The man had a big smile on his face as he studied Lisa's naked body. The man's wife just stood there with a disgusted look on her face.

As Rose and Lisa stepped onto the escalator, a man hurried out of the Jewelry Store and got on right behind them. Lisa was mortified because she knew her bare ass was right at eye level for the man to observe. Then they passed a camera store and Lisa saw a couple of flashes go off.

Lisa said, "Oh great. Now someone has nude photos of me."

Lisa couldn't have been happier when they finally made it to the uniform store. She was given a pair of skimpy white see-through panties and a short white cotton dress with the VCG symbol on one of the short sleeves. Lisa was forced to put the uniform on in the middle of the store. There was a crowd of guys watching in the doorway as Lisa bent over and slid the tiny panties up her legs. Then she quickly put the little dress on, which buttoned all the way down the front. Even with the top button fastened, the dress still showed plenty of cleavage.

As Lisa looked in the mirror, she noticed that the dress was so short it barely covered her ass. She could also see her puffy pink nipples beneath the thin white cotton material. Luckily, the crowd was beginning to disperse.

Lisa said sternly, "I need a bra with this dress."

Rose chuckled, "A bra? Honey, your lucky you get to wear panties!"

As Lisa walked out of the store, her panties peeked out from underneath the short dress. She was still getting stared at, but she felt much better after being paraded around naked in public all morning. Lisa was going to have to get used to the skimpy outfit. She was going to be wearing it for the next three years.

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