tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVocational College for Girls Ch. 03

Vocational College for Girls Ch. 03


The Vocational College for Girls is a detention center for young girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two. It is an alternative to prison for girls with minor or first time offences. The girls must attend college-accredited classes and perform community service by working in the small town as part of their punishment. Unfortunately for the girls, the institution is run by corrupt administrators that force the girls to wear skimpy little outfits in public while they work. This inspires men from miles around to visit the small town. The money these men spend accounts for most of the town's revenue. In return, the businesses give kickbacks to the teachers and staff of the VCG, which of course is not reported to the state.

Lisa is an eighteen-year-old brunette that was convicted of a crime she didn't commit. She dreads being a VCG Girl because her sweet and innocent appearance causes her to become a focal point of all the men in town. Lisa's five-foot two-inch petite body, medium sized breasts and angelic face makes her come across as an easy target for the playful torture and exploitation that the girls must endure as members of the institution.

Lisa was nervous about attending her first academic class. She'd heard that the sadistic teachers loved humiliating the VCG Girls by making them disrobe in front of everyone, including visitors! There were rumors that the teachers asked questions the VCG Girls couldn't possibly answer. When they answered incorrectly, the teachers punished the girls by forcing them to take their clothes off. Sometimes the punishment would go as far as bare ass spankings.

The female teachers were the worst offenders of this hideous practice. These women would invite their boyfriends, city officials or even high school boys to visit their class. The female teachers would then attempt to impress their guests by finding creative ways to make the girls take their clothes off, solely for the visitors' entertainment.

Miss Rundell is a semi-attractive woman, pushing forty years of age and employed by the VCG as a College Algebra teacher. Mr. Winters is the new head football coach at the local high school. Miss Rundell met Mr. Winters after his team won their game on Friday night. She was immediately attracted to Mr. Winters and hoped to see him again. When the coach mentioned that he wanted to reward some of his best players for winning the game, Miss Rundell seized the opportunity and asked Mr. Winters to bring the boys to the Vocational College for Girls and sit in on one of her classes.

Miss Rundell told Mr. Winters, "I can't think of a better reward for your young boys than to let them watch the VCG Girls attend class in their skimpy schoolgirl uniforms."

Mr. Winters, who was new in town, didn't know anything about the VCG and jokingly replied, "I think a better reward would be to let them watch the VCG Girls attend class without their skimpy schoolgirl uniforms!"

Mr. Winters was shocked when Miss Rundell winked at him and replied, "I think that can be arranged."

Miss Rundell was granted her wish of seeing Mr. Winters again when he showed up at the Vocational College for Girls with ten of his senior players. Lisa entered Miss Rundell's class and she was surprised to find a group of eighteen-year-old boys sitting in the front of the classroom. Then Lisa saw her new friend Debbie and sat in a desk next to her. Soon Miss Rundell entered the room and explained to the girls that there were visitors attending today's class. The older girls in the class heaved a sigh because they knew from experience that visitors in the classroom equated to nakedness in the classroom.

Debbie is a five-foot six-inch, raven-haired goddess with big, full breasts and model good looks. She is eighteen-years-old and she is also a new member of the VCG. Even though Debbie could stand to loose a pound or two, her nice round butt was a beautiful sight to behold.

Lisa turned to Debbie and asked, "Isn't it embarrassing to sit here with those boys staring at us?"

Debbie replied, "Of course it is, but you can't blame the boys for staring. We're not much older than they are and we're wearing uniforms that consist of thin white blouses with very short plaid pleated skirts. And to make things worse, the plunging necklines on these sleeveless blouses reveal a lot of cleavage."

Lisa added, "Especially for someone with boobs as big as yours!"

Debbie smiled at Lisa's comment and then said, "But on the bright side, we are wearing underwear."

Lisa said, "Maybe so, but the boys can probably see our lacey white bras right through the thin material that these blouses are made out of. And if we're not careful, the boys will get a glimpse of the see-through panties we're wearing under these extremely short skirts."

Debbie said, "I know what you mean. These skirts are so short that they barely cover our butts. I feel so self-conscious because if I bend over even the slightest bit, my underwear hangs out in back."

Lisa said, "I have to be extra careful. These skirts have a zipper up the back, but no other buttons or fasteners to hold them on. If the zipper falls down, then the skirt falls down and my zipper has a problem staying up. If that happens, these boys will get a good look at my skimpy panties."

Debbie laughed and said, "My skirt has the same problem and I've heard other girls complaining about it, too. I think the VCG administration designed these uniforms so that by the end of the school day, all we'll have on is our white socks and tennis shoes."

If Debbie knew what Miss Rundell had planned for the day's class activity, she wouldn't be laughing. By the end of the class period, she'd be lucky to possess her little white socks and tennis shoes. She'd be lucky to have on any clothes at all!

Miss Rundell announced to the class, "As a reward for their great football victory last Friday, we will play 'spank the wrong answer' for the boys."

The older girls groaned, but curious little Lisa asked, "How to you play 'spank the wrong answer'?"

Samantha, a four year VCG veteran replied, "You loose an article of clothing for each wrong answer and at the end of the game, the naked girls get spanked."

Lisa's heart sank when she heard the news, but the hearts of the boys started beating a hundred times a second. Then Miss Rundell added a new twist to the game that made the boys' hearts beat even faster.

Miss Rundell announced, "We have twenty girls and ten boys, so we'll divide up into two teams with ten girls on each team. The ten boys will have the pleasure of spanking the team of girls that looses all of their clothes first."

The game was yet to begin, but the expressions of excitement on the boys' faces were already causing the girls to blush. When Mr. Winters saw how happy his boys were, he winked at Miss Rundell and she smiled back at him. Apparently, Miss Rundell's method of attracting a man was effective.

Lisa and Debbie were assigned to the same team. Sarah, a tall blonde member of their team, was the first girl to step up to the blackboard. She reached for the chalk, but nervously dropped it on the floor. It rolled right in front of the boys and Sarah became flustered because she had to bend over to pick up the chalk. When she bent over, her short plaid skirt rode up in back, revealing her underwear to the boys. The boys were thrilled because they could see right through Sarah's skimpy panties. Sarah was so distracted by the boys that she couldn't concentrate on her work and got the problem wrong.

The girls were informed that two shoes counted as one item of clothing and everyone on the team was instructed to remove their tennis shoes. Lisa and Debbie found it very difficult to keep their legs together as they removed their shoes. The boys tried to sneak a peek between the girls' legs, hoping for a glimpse of the girls' see-through panties as the girls removed their shoes.

The first two girls from each team answered their questions incorrectly, so all of the girls in the classroom were now in their bare feet. Next it was Debbie's turn to step up to the chalkboard. The pressure was really on because the next wrong answer would cost her team their shirts. Debbie began working on her algebraic equation, but she was so distracted by the boys watching her that she came up with the wrong answer. All of the girls on her team began unbuttoning their blouses, but Miss Rundell forced Debbie to remain at the front of the room while she removed her top.

The boys were only a few feet away as Debbie began to unbutton her shirt. One by one the buttons popped open until the front of Debbie's shirt parted and the cleavage of her mammoth breasts was exposed to the boys. Then Debbie slipped her shirt all the way off and her lacy white bra was revealed to the boys' hungry eyes. The bra pushed Debbie's breasts together, creating a great deal of cleavage and her round pink nipples were visible under the thin lace material. Debbie returned to her seat and then watched the other team suffer the same fate as they lost their shirts, too.

Samantha was the next girl on Debbie and Lisa's team to step up to the chalkboard. She was blonde, but she wasn't dumb because she appeared to know what she was doing. Unfortunately for Sam, her skirt had the same zipper problem that plagued Debbie's skirt and Lisa's skirt. It was bad enough that Samantha was forced to stand up in front of the boys without a shirt on, but now the zipper on her skirt was sliding down, too.

The zipper in the back of Sam's skirt kept coming down, allowing her underwear to play peek-a-boo with the boys. Samantha's panties were so skimpy that her butt crack hung out above the waistband. Every time her zipper came down, her skirt came down, too. The skirt kept falling all the way down to the middle of her ass before she could pull it back up and fix the zipper. The boys loved the show Samantha was putting on because they could see her cute little butt crack hanging out of her transparent panties each time the skirt slipped down. However, Samantha stayed focused and answered the question correctly.

The other team lost their skirts on the next question and all of the girls on that team had to strip down to their underwear. Things were looking good for Debbie and Lisa because the other team lost their bras in the next round, but Debbie and Lisa were still wearing their skirts. The boys couldn't believe their good fortune. There were ten young girls sitting in across from them and all they had on were white see-through panties.

The girls were informed that they couldn't hide their tits, so the boys feasted their eyes on the ten sets of bare breasts on display right in front of them. The boys were also trying to look between the girls' legs at their transparent panties to determine which girls shaved, which girls trimmed and which girls had a full bush. The brunettes were at a disadvantage because their dark pussy hair was plainly visible under the thin white panties and this did not go unnoticed by the boys.

Then it became apparent to Lisa's team that the teacher was playing a role in the outcome of the game. Miss Rundell was giving the other team easy questions, while Lisa's team received hard questions. Lisa's team answered incorrectly in the next round and the girls were forced to stand up, unzip their skirts and let them drop to the floor while the boys watched. The girls still had their bras and panties on, but the game was getting intense.

In the next round, the other team answered correctly again, but Lisa and Debbie lost their bras. The girls were forced to stand up, unhooked their bras and slid the straps down their arms. The stares from the boys gave Lisa chills and her puffy pink nipples quickly hardened. Debbie's big firm breasts and pretty pink nipples were drawing a lot of attention from the boys. Even though Lisa's brunette bush was neatly trimmed, she knew the boys could see the shadow of her dark pussy hair through the thin white fabric of her panties. She looked over and noticed that the reddish-brown triangle of hair inside of Debbie's panties was visible, too.

Now all the girls were down to their skimpy little panties and the next wrong answer would result in a spanking from the boys. Unfortunately for Lisa, it was her turn to step up to the chalkboard. Even though most of the girls in the classroom were attractive, the boys felt that Lisa's team was comprised of the best looking girls, so the boys were really hoping that Lisa would get her problem wrong.

Lisa was standing only a few feet away from the boys as she began writing on the chalkboard. The boys had a close up view of her medium sized natural breasts, which wobbled a little as she reached up high and wrote on the board. There wasn't much of a mystery as to what was under Lisa's see-through panties. The boys had a bird's eye view of the neatly trimmed brunette bush beneath Lisa's barely-there underwear. The transparent panties also made the crack of Lisa's ass just as easy to see as her dark pussy hair. The intense stares from the boys made Lisa so nervous that her hand was shaking. She tried her best, but when she finished, the teacher told her that it was wrong.

The boys were ecstatic as little Lisa turned around and reluctantly slid the skimpy panties down her slender legs. Her smooth firm butt was pointed right at the boys and one of the football players reached out and gently ran his finger up and down Lisa's sensitive butt crack. Lisa stepped away from him, but she turned around and handed her panties to the boy. Like an immature teenager, he held the panties up to his nose and sniffed them, while the other boys looked on and laughed.

The rest of the girls on Lisa's team removed their underwear and then they came up to the front of the room to face the boys. There were ten naked girls standing right in front of the ten young boys. All of the boys sat there and examined the exposed breasts and bare beavers that were only a couple of feet away from them. The guy that Debbie was standing in front of bent down to get a good look at her fully exposed raven-haired bush and there was nothing that she could do about it.

One at a time, each girl had to lie across a boy's lap and receive ten whacks on her bare ass. The girls were mortified enough to be naked in front of a room full of boys, but to get spanked by the boys was even more humiliating. However, the boys found the experience very exciting. When Lisa laid across her punisher, she could feel his erection pressing against her mid section.

Smack, smack, smack! Lisa moaned as the boy's hand slapped Lisa's bare ass. When he was finished, Lisa stood up and tried to look behind her to see the red marks on her butt cheeks. Debbie walked over and started to caress Lisa's fine ass in an attempt to soothe her discomfort. Everyone, including Miss Rundell and Mr. Winters, seemed to enjoy the display of sensitivity and love between Lisa and Debbie. Debbie continued to glide her soft hand across Lisa's firm young butt until Lisa felt better.

Debbie was next to get spanked and the bold young man had fun with Debbie's exquisite round butt. He would spank Debbie's ass, then softly caress it in an attempt to mock the measures that Debbie took to console Lisa. He even gently tickled Debbie's sensitive butt crack, but Debbie reached back and pushed his hand away. Since everyone seemed to enjoy the boy's actions, Miss Rundell stood up and instructed Debbie not to resist the young boy's advances.

Debbie was forced to helplessly lie there as the boy softly ran his fingers up and down her butt crack while everyone in the room looked on. The gentle touch of the boy's fingers drove Debbie crazy. She squirmed around on the boy's lap in response to the feeling of having her butt crack tickled. In the process of squirming around, the boy became erect because Debbie's squirming motion on his lap was actually massaging his hard penis through his pants. However, the motion wasn't enough to give the boy an orgasm, so when Debbie's punishment was completed, he was left with a tent pole in his pants. The sight of the big bulge in the boy's pants drew laughter from the girls in the class.

Finally all of the spankings were completed and the twenty girls were forced to stand in a line. Each girl had to hug every one of the ten boys as they filed out of the room. Ten of the girls were completely naked while the other ten girls were still wearing their skimpy see-through white panties. However, all of the girls had a topless pair of breasts to press against the teenaged boys as the boys received their hugs.

In the process of receiving their hugs, the boys fondled the girls' breasts, tweaked the girls' nipples and caressed the girls' bare butts. Some of the boys even ran their fingers through the girls' exposed pussy hair before moving on to the next girl. The VCG Girls knew that retaliation against the boys would result in more punishment, so they were forced to accept the boys' behavior.

After the boys left, Lisa became embarrassed again. She'd given her underwear away to one of the boys, but she'd forgotten that she had to go to work after the class ended. Lisa would have to go to work without any panties on under her short skirt. Then she really got flustered when she remembered what today's assignment was. Lisa was given the task of cleaning the storefront windows on Main Street. That meant climbing a ladder to reach the tall windows and to make matters worse, it was a windy day!

Usually, the worst part about window washing for the girls was getting their thin white blouses and flimsy see-through bras all wet. It caused the girls to display their pink puffy nipples and nice firm titties to the men. However, today was going to be even worse for Lisa. She started to get really nervous when she imagined all the men looking up her short skirt to see her naked ass and bare beaver. Lisa knew the men would watch as she climbed the ladder above them on the busy street as her super short skirt blew in the wind. It was going to be a long afternoon for little Lisa, but a happy one for the men around her.

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