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Voices in My Head


I sat down this evening to edit and submit some of my husband's stories. I pulled up his files, and sat and stared at them. They are stories of him, not me, how do I go about filling in the blanks?

{"Write for yourself."}

I heard this in my mind, clear as day. For a second, I froze, then I looked around fully expecting to see Ted Standing there. I glanced back at the screen before me, thinking for a second the sound came from the speakers.

{"Just write enough to let the reader's mind fill in the missing."}

I did jump at that one, it was clear in my mind, I heard it! Then I felt the touch, a tracing along my earlobe. The smell of him, masculine, a trace of the scent of the cigarettes he used, sneaking one or two a day right to the end, thinking I didn't know..

"What in the world?" I thought. I tried just a couple of times to look around the room, nothing. But then in my mind, Ted was here.

{"Go ahead, write this, write what I am doing."}

I started to type, his fingers brushed my cheek. Instantly, like always, like every time he touched me for over 30 years, my nipples became alert. I felt his fingers brush down my chest, cupping my small breast. My nipple erected into the palm of his hand. I sighed and allowed my body to surrender to him.

{"Tell them the sensation, leave some to their thoughts."}

Such sweet shock, such a flood of pleasure. I felt my body shudder at the feeling. I got up and walked across the room to the couch, I could sense him right behind me. I lay back, eyes closed, I dared not to open them or I would spoil the moment. I felt his tongue, the feeling flooded down my abdomen, I felt myself wetting in readiness.

Suddenly I was naked to the waist, then I felt my slacks and panties sliding down my hips, the weight of Ted's body replacing them.

{"Write in pictures, let the readers know what you feel"}

Ted always kept himself up on his hands, to keep from pressuring me, he was such a large strong man. This time he crushed me into the couch, what I always wanted him to do. But he was careful to not hurt me, he just became one with me.

Then I felt him enter me, big and strong, like always. I orgasmed in seconds, just like I nearly always do with him. No two motions were the same, the one unique thing about this man. It was impossible to ever be prepared for what he would do. I could only react to what he did do.

I felt him when he reached his peak, felt the wetness flooding inside me. I felt almost pain in my abdomen from the sheer strength of my excitement. The muscles rippled in involuntary wave after wave. He withdrew, I kept my eyes tightly closed, I knew if I opened them that I would be alone. I wanted to stay this way forever.

{This is just to let you know I love you!"}

I opened my eyes, I was alone. I looked down at myself, naked except for my open blouse. Just a dream, I felt the tears welling in my eyes.

Then I reached between my legs, and felt the extra wetness. I brought it to my lips, it was Ted.

There was no mistake. I looked at the leather of the couch, saw the stains there. I took a towel and wiped them up, like I had so many times before after joining with my man. I brought the towel to my nose, a mixture of my own desire and his..

Something he told me once popped into my head. He said, "Who knows what lives between the shadows in their room?"

I smiled to myself as I redressed and walked back to the computer. I now knew for sure, Ted would be there, somewhere, waiting for me when my time comes.

Suddenly I am no longer sad, I look at the Urn on my shelf that contains Ted's remains. I won't need his help to post his stories, I can do that now.

Everyone needs someone, I have no idea what my life will be like now that Ted is gone. But I do know what my life will be like when I am gone, I have a personal invitation!

Maybe, just maybe, I will get another visit.


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by Anonymous

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by patillie09/19/17


Wouldnlove to hear what ubhave been up to Lee!

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