tagRomanceVoices in the Dark

Voices in the Dark


She swam towards the voices in the dark. They were laughing and making jokes about the disgusting state of the water. Disgusting because the drought had brought the water line down so low, nature was having a hard time cleaning itself.

There they were. She could make out their heads silhouetted against the distant lights on the other side of the lake. Big Dave was laughing at something Steve had said. They had stopped moving forward and were drifting on the two floats they had pilfered off the pier. They could both swim, but she knew she was a stronger swimmer than either of them. They weren't going to let go of the floats. They had their backs to her, and so far she hadn't made a noise to alert them that they were being stalked. There were no lights on the beach behind her that could alert them if they were to look in her direction. When she was about ten feet behind them she ducked below the surface and grabbed Big Dave's leg. She could hear him scream through the water. She then grabbed Steve's leg. His screams joined Big Dave's to shatter the serene quiet of the dark summer night.

She came to the surface giggling. The guys were still screaming and panting and flailing until they realized who it was giggling at them just a few feet away.

She continued to swim out towards the middle of the lake and was out of their view within a few strokes. They nervously called her name, asking where she was, fearing another sneak attack. After letting them worry for a few minutes, she slowly swam back to them. She grabbed a hold on Steve's float and let her right foot seek out and find his left leg.

Slowly she began to run her foot up and down, stopping only at his ankle and his shorts. Big Dave, who could barely see anything above the water line, much less below it, greatly suspected she wanted to be alone with Steve and graciously paddled toward the pier and out of sight.

Steve had been avoiding her, knowing that if he didn't, "it" might happen again; and since the first time was a one time occurrence, "it" couldn't happen again.

She was older. But THAT wasn't the problem. He'd known her since he was ten, but THAT wasn't the problem. He knew her whole family, but THAT wasn't the problem. They had been best friends since college. They knew each other's heartaches and fantasies. He'd seen her through her last heartbreak and she'd held his hand through his. They had always flirted, and she had even pressed a few times. She liked to see him squirm, and she knew he would always resist so it was just something she did for fun.

Then she made plans to go to Germany to see the guy who just a few months earlier had broken her heart. Suddenly, Steve realized he didn't want to share her.

The night before she left, he was determined to send her to Europe thinking of him, not the other guy. He planned to seduce her and make love to her and make her consider canceling her trip. But his plans were foiled by a well-laid surprise bon voyage party in her honor.

She took off for a romantic affair in Paris never knowing she had been so close to something special in her own backyard.

The first person she saw when she got back from Europe was Steve. She told him how wonderful her trip had been. She wanted to see if he cared. He smiled and said he was happy for her and took her out to celebrate her return.

They went to his favorite hangout. A dive in the foothills of Tennessee wher they serve drafts in tall frosty mugs and some soggy nachos on styrofoam plates. They talked and talked. Finally, they got around to the bon voyage party. She told him it was a huge surprise and he had done a great job keeping her occupied and in the dark. He listened, but he wouldn't look at her.

Then he turned and looked in her eyes and said, "I was going to make love to you that night." Without missing a beat she said, "Well why didn't you?" knowing full well there had been no time, but feeling she had to let him know she would have if he had tried.

They got quiet and finally started the long drive home back to Alabama. They kept talking in the little car, but both had just one thing on their minds.

All of the sudden he pulled off the road on a little dirt turnoff that led under a bridge next to a creek. He stripped off his seatbelt and nearly dived across the bucketseat on top of her and began kissing her. It was 90 degrees and the little Datsun didn't have air conditioning. They were sweating as they pulled at each other's clothes. It was about 8:00 pm, still plenty of sun on an August night in North Alabama.

Her shirt and her bra flew out the window as he kissed and sucked his way down to her large breasts.

She slid the seat back as far as it would go and laid the seat back, as she pulled off his shirt and tossed it in the back seat.

He pulled off her little shorts and panties together. Then somehow in the tangle of car, stick shift, assorted car trash and arms and legs, they both got naked and in a furious rush to have someone they both had wanted for a long time, they weren't putting a lot of time into feeling each other out, just getting to the main event.

She had one foot on the steering wheel and one on the mirror outside the window. He was kneeling in the floor in front her seat, when a pickup truck with a couple of fishers drove by and had a nice view of the proceedings. They honked and continued on their way, and Steve laughed and continued to reach a fever pitch.

When they both were spent, and had found their clothes, Steve felt a stupid need to qualify it.

"This was a nice one-time experience, but we are both adults and good friends, and this never has to happen again." If she hadn't been so upst, she would have been mad at him for laying his guilt on her. She got mad later at home by herself.

Now, they were at the lake. The whole trip there, he had been mentally avoiding the fact that they were spending a weekend together. Now as she rubbed his leg with her foot, he started to melt. He reached around her neck and untied her bathing suit top. He pulled and it came off without too much resistance. He laid it on the float. With both legs, beneath the float, he pulled her closer, the float separating them at the surface. She let go of the float and slid into the water pulling his shorts down his legs and off as she shot through the water. She swam to the top and deposited them on the float.

He reached for her bottoms and pulled them down her legs, also putting them on the float for safe keeping.

Then, as he held the float, he tried to draw her down low enough so he could enter her, but she couldn't keep her head above water. In between laughing and choking, she asked that they move to shallow water so she wouldn't drown.

As they reached waist deep, Steve let the float go and embraced her in a long kiss. His arms reached down her back and over her hips to her thighs and pulled her up off the bottom. She allowed herself to float perpendicular to his body. He slowly entered her and held her tight for a moment. Then slowly, he pushed her body away, then, just as slowly, pulled it close. She allowed herself to float. Not just her body, but also her mind. It was wonderful. She let her body take over, and his manipulation with his fingers each time he pulled her close, made her shake and shudder.. and finally cum, and he waited for her.

As they finished, he held her.

Then he started laughing. It was 2:00 am, pitch dark, no moon, they were naked, and their swimsuits had floated away somewhere out in the dark on that very large lake.

She looked around and spotted a shadow about 50 yards away, and swam off to retrieve their suits.

By the time they had dressed and reached the pier again, he was distant.

Damn men.

Steve sat on the opposite side of the pier talking to friends. She set on the edge dangling her feet in the water. The little group decided to take a boat ride. She declined. She was surprised when Steve also declined.

They watched the others go, then Steve got up and came and offered her his hand. He pulled her up and along the pier to the beach. She had no idea what was on his mind or where he was leading her. When she tried to ask, he would put a finger to her lips to quiet her. Finally she stopped asking.

When they were out of sight and hearing of the pier and cabin, he turned to her and kissed her. She enjoyed it, but was still upset about his actions on the pier. She tossed around the idea of stopping him, but she couldn't.

She let him pull off her shirt, then her sweat pants. He pulled off his shirt and laid it in the sand for her to lie on. She sat on it and lay back pulling him down with her.

There wasn't the magic there had been in the water. They rolled in the sand getting their sweaty bodies coated in the unforgiving grit of the lake beach. Sand was getting everywhere.

As he pulled back he said "my knees are hamburger," which caused her to laugh.

He pulled her up and they walked out to the water to rinse off the sand. In the shallows they started a slow petting and kissing. It only ended as they heard the group who had taken the boat out returning.

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