tagIncest/TabooVolley For Serve Ch. 01

Volley For Serve Ch. 01



My husband is a chef at an exclusive restaurant, and I'm a stay at home mom. We married too young, being that I got pregnant with our first son at the naive age of sixteen. I've had two other boys since, but now I am not looking forward to having my thirty-eighth birthday this year. Although, I have been told that I look younger than my age. My auburn hair, trim figure and ample breasts still do get a second look now-a-days, and according to my witty husband, my skin still fits! Our two oldest sons are gone from the nest now, and that leaves the eighteen year old who has just started at a school near home and is staying with us. My youngest, Bill, has worked hard and received a volleyball scholarship, and we are thankful for that.

The twelve hour shifts that my husband works has left a void in our frequency of lovemaking. He also is not as interested anymore, and he doesn't seem to miss having sex as much as I do. I have been masturbating to supplement my needs. I probably play with myself everyday, and I enjoy it more than the speed sex with my spouse. He always was too short on time and size.

My eighteen year old is tall at six foot five inches and fit. Billy has shot up like a beanpole over the last four years. Until recently, he was still walking around the house in just his undies. I saw the lump in his shorts and can tell that his cock is quite large. Not seeing him naked since he was a child, I wondered as to the size of it now that he is older. I think maybe that I wondered a bit too much. His prominence has become the focus of my libidinous fantasies. I've tried to deny the incestuous temptations, but the truth is, I can't stop thinking about my son's cock. It is partly the cause of my habitual masturbation. I was too embarrassed to tell him, but I did mention to my husband that I felt the boy shouldn't be lounging around the house in his underwear anymore.

"Put some pants on," he told him, "You're making your mother horny."

"How dare you say such a thing! That's not it," I retorted in denial. "How would you like it if I did that?"

"We wouldn't care," my son said and laughed.

That weekend I thought that I would teach them a lesson. I surprised them by coming to the dinner table without my blouse on and with just my bra covering my breasts. My husband chuckled, but he had no comment. It was my son who, instead of thinking it was disgusting, said that I looked hot! His eyes were fixed on my tits causing my nipples to betray me and become erect from his stare. I had to leave and get properly dressed, but I must have made my point for he wore some pants after that episode.

I was flattered that he thought that I was sexy, and I wondered if he had stroked himself that day while thinking of my tits. Bill always did masturbate more than his brothers. I knew from doing their laundry that he must have jerked off several times a day, and he still is doing it that much. I'm amazed seeing the large stains at the amount of semen he ejaculates. I began fantasizing that I was watching him do it while I played with myself. I knew it wasn't right thinking of my son this way, but my pussy made me rationalize that it was just fantasy and nothing else.

My husband went to a seminar in Florida for three weeks with a few of his associates. They were in charge of setting up everything and staying until after completion. He invited me to fly down on one of the weekends. For the first time, I felt uncomfortable being in the house alone with my son.

On the morning after my husband had gone, I came down to the kitchen, and Billy was standing there in his underwear again. I didn't say anything about it because he was there first, and he probably thought that I was asleep in bed. He apologized and said that he would put something on, but I told him not to bother now. He was wearing skimpy designer briefs and the material was revealingly thin. I realized that I had missed seeing his scantily clad young body. His hard abs and cute butt was now a welcome sight. My husband was right; I was getting horny. My son's massive bulge was thrilling me like never before, and I could not take my eyes off the object of my desires.

I had a robe on, but underneath only my panties. I felt myself getting excited. His cock was making me wet, and I wanted to see if I could make that monster hard. My robe sash somehow loosened, and my breasts could be seen when I leaned forward to pour his orange juice. I pretended that I didn't know, while I was showing my tits and stiff nipples to my son. Then, as I sat across from him, my cleavage had his full attention. Bill now coyly stroked himself underneath the table.

I wanted to see my son's erect cock. I purposely pushed a spoon onto the floor, and I bent down to peep at his crotch. His cock was hard and sticking out above his briefs. The swollen purple head and three thick inches were exposed, as it stood at attention guarding his belly button. I was so shocked that I gasped out loud at the sight of his massive hard-on. He quickly put his hand over it, and he crouched to try to hide his erection as he rushed out of the room.

My hand went inside my panties right there in the kitchen. I wanted to get myself off as soon as possible and probably many more times this day. I felt that I had better do my personal pleasuring in the bedroom. As I passed the bathroom on the way, I had noticed that the door was open a crack. I peeked in and saw my son sitting there, and he was stroking his cock with both of his hands. Bill's cock is so big! It looks to be at least eight inches long and very thick. It's twice the size of my husband's little dick.

My son pulled on his beautiful crimson staff for what seemed like an eternity. He was taking himself to the brink of orgasm, and then he would slap it to the palm of his hand. He smeared his pre-cum all over the bloated head of his fat cock.

"Lick it off," he whispered. "Now suck it!" His fantasy dominate role was turning me on more. "Keep sucking!" he demanded.

I wanted to...more than anything. My fingers were buried inside my wet pussy and teasing my g-spot. I was trying not to come yet, as my juices were streaming down my legs. Billy then took out a pair of my panties from the hamper. He sniffed and licked them while he pounded on his hard cock. His hand smacked down hard on his come filled balls with every stroke. My son then put my panties over his swollen horse cock while he ejaculated. His thick shaft was pulsating as he spurted repeatedly into them. I came too while watching him, and I'm sure that he heard me squeal. I just couldn't help myself.

I rushed to my bedroom and waited until he had finished in the bathroom. I then went back to get my come adorned panties. His plentiful load had soaked them, and I ran my fingers thru his still warm silky semen. I sucked on my slippery digits like they were coated with icing from a cake, and I loved the taste of his precious young cream. I never swallow for my husband, but I want to suck my son's magnificent cock for him and milk it dry.


My son would be at school later and afterward had a team practice. That whole morning I stayed in my bedroom and played with myself. The image of Billy's big cock and his slow stroking on it until he came in my panties had thrilled me. But, it was his dominate attitude that he exhibited while fantasizing that sent chills thru me. There was one other man who could manipulate me to perform for him; one other man who unleashed my suppressed sexual urges. That man was my own father.

When I first got pregnant my husband was still in culinary school. We lived with my parents after our Justice of the Peace wedding, and that was a bad time for my dad. My mother was diagnosed with cancer, and she passed away shortly after the birth of our first son. Dad helped me with the baby after that horrible cancer ordeal, and I grew much closer to him during the mourning period. The new baby now filled our lives with a feeling of hope for being. My husband then graduated and got an opportunity in the city where we now live. We had to move here, and my poor father was left totally alone.

I turned eighteen just after the birth of our second son. We were struggling financially and needed help. My husband and I decided to ask my father to come live with us. Dad was hesitant at first, but for me, he sold the house and moved in. He was happy to help with the boys.

My husband worked hard climbing the proverbial ladder, and he wasn't home most of the time. Father and I spent all of our days and evenings together. After we put the boys to bed, he and I would relax and chat while drinking a little wine. The subject of sex came up. He confided to me that his only relief now sexually was thru masturbation. I admitted that my husband's absence has caused me to do the same thing. I also complained of my spouse's shortcomings in both time and size.

As the days went by, my father and I started teasing each other. I quit wearing a bra, and I would open a button or two on my blouse giving him a peek throughout the day. He would squeeze his crotch, showing a large package, and he would tell me that he knew what I needed. We even joked about having to go to our rooms to play with ourselves.

Then one evening he was in his bathrobe sitting on the couch, and I was in my nightgown on the floor below him. We were watching the tube, when he said that he had bought a porno movie today and asked if it was alright to put it on. I never saw one before. The movie began showing a young girl with an older man. They both were lying naked on a bed, and the girl was stroking the man's huge cock.

"Look how big his cock is!" I exclaimed. "I wish my husband was hung like him."

I could see up my father's robe, and I noticed that his cock was expanding and crawling toward me. The erotic movie and seeing my dad's dick was getting me excited. He spread his legs slightly apart, and his thick cock filled the gap between them as it lurched in my direction. My pussy was getting moist, and I wanted to touch myself. "Well...I guess I'm going to have to go to my room now," I lightheartedly said.

He then suggested, "Don't leave...we know what we both want to do...let's enjoy the movie and rub one off together, honey...let's just play a little."

I sat next to him, and he opened up his bathrobe exposing his cock. It was enormously thick and throbbing with his every heartbeat. It bounced up and down as it stretched and hardened, until it stood straight up. I rubbed my wet pussy inside of my panties, as I admired my father's cock which grew to be a proud erection of spectacular proportions.

"Do you like my big dick, honey, is this cock enough for you?" he asked.

"Oh yes, daddy, it's so big and beautiful," I told him.

"Take off your panties. I want to see your hot little pussy," he requested.

We watched each other masturbate and were stroking together in rhythm. His bombastic cock was swollen and seemed to grow even more as he pumped on it. My pussy was dripping and making a wet spot on the couch.

"Don't let yourself come yet," he told me. "Let's tease ourselves as long as we can." I told him that I can have an orgasm more than once when I finger myself. "Then do it, sweetie...let daddy watch you make yourself come," he excitedly said and was stroking his cock faster.

I put three of my fingers inside my hot pussy stretching it open. I loved fucking myself with him watching me. "Ooh daddy, I'm coming," I panted while humping on my fingers and climaxing in front of him.

He was now stroking his cock with both of his hands. "You are a hot little nymph," he delightedly said. "We are going to have so much fun. I'm going to have you do so many naughty things for daddy."

He knelt between my legs and watched as my wet fingers pleasured myself. I spread open my pussy for his viewing. He kissed my protruding clit and sucked on it. "Ooh, that feels so good," I panted, "Oh, lick it daddy...I'm going to come again!" I shouted out. I held his head to my creamy pussy, and I came hard from his expert diligent tongue. He then stood up in front of me and was squeezing his oozing cock. "I love your big cock," I told him. "If only you weren't my daddy..."

"You know...you owe your daddy one now...just kiss it for me, honey, show me how much you love it," he said. I kissed and licked the head of his cock savoring the taste of his teased out fluid. I put my mouth on it, and he held my head while he fucked my face. I was moaning and slobbering all over his long and thick shaft. His large balls filled my hand, and I could tell that they were ready to come soon.

"I'm going to come in your mouth, baby," he alerted, "Take it all...keep sucking...Oh yes, that's it!" he cried out while shooting a quick mouthful and a whole lot more of his hot come. I sucked and swallowed most of it down my throat, but some dripped off of my chin and onto my heaving breasts.

"Hmmn...Oh daddy, that was a good one," I told him while licking my lips. Then, wanting more of the same, I put his cock back in my mouth trying to keep it from going down.

"You love my big dick, don't you? I'll take care of your needs little girl," he promised me.

We all of a sudden heard my husband's car pull into the garage. My father shut off the movie and went to his room. I covered myself with a blanket on the couch. When my husband had entered, I asked how work was for him. He said that he had a long stressful day, and he needed to go to bed. Even though I was still horny and wanted fucked bad, I instead just said goodnight to him. I watched some more of the porno movie, and I fingered myself again while fantasizing about my dad's cock.

The next morning I gave my husband a quick hand-job in the bathroom and sent him off to work. He gave up long ago trying to get me to blow him. If he only knew how much I enjoyed sucking my dad's impressive cock, he would die. I was back in bed thinking about last night's incestuous affair, when my father knocked on my door. He had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel wrap around his waist. His cloaked masculinity immediately got me turned on. My father rubbed the towel over his semi-hard cock as he stood at the edge of my bed.

"Do you want this, baby," he tempted me.

"Yes daddy," I whimpered and pulled the towel from his body. I took his cock into my hands and stroked it. I kissed a trail down the thick shaft to his large pink balls, and I passionately sucked on each one. Then, with a long lick back up to the swollen head and a returning kiss, I started to blow him.

"I knew that you needed my cock, honey," he said."You love sucking me, don't you?" I shook my head while looking up at him with his cock touching the back of my throat. "Oh, you're so good...you're a natural, little girl," he pleasingly told me.

My fingers were inside me and fucking my wet pussy. He didn't last long, and my orgasm came fast too. I felt his cock swell in my mouth just before he spurted in his hot cream. My father smiled while patting my cheek and thanking me, he then just turned away and walked out. He had me orally pleasure him again on my knees in the kitchen after we had lunch. I was his little cum-slut, and I loved making him happy.

My dad went out that afternoon leaving me so horny. I thought of the porno movie, but it wasn't where I had left it last night. I went to my dad's room to look for it. My father was quite an athlete in his younger days, as I was impressed looking at his sport's memorabilia hanging on his walls. He still is a very fit and attractive man. I was frustrated at not finding the movie, but I did happen upon a box of old photos. I had to sit down because I was going to faint from what I saw.

They were instant photos of my mother in sexually provocative poses. Some were depicting her tied up and gagged. Her tits were bursting from restraints, and her nipples were swollen with clamps on them. Other photos exemplified her using large toys, and she always had a look of sexual bliss in all of them. I saw her with other men, two or more, but not my dad. I knew that he was taking the pictures. One photo was captured just as two big cocked black men were coming on my mom's face. She was coming too, judging by her orgasmic expression, while sitting on a third thick black cock inside of her pussy. There was a picture with her arms and legs tied to the bed. She had a humungous dildo sticking in her cunt, and six guys with giant cocks in their hands were posed around her. She was covered with come and smiling. I came twice playing with myself while looking at the perverted yet erotic photos. My mother was a sex slave for my dad. I realized that I have instinctively inherited her submissive ways, and I wanted to satisfy my father's every desire too.

I was getting dinner ready, when my husband unexpectedly came home hours earlier than usual that evening. He announced that he would be going out of town for a few days, and he would be leaving early in the morning. My father then returned shortly thereafter, and he had two other men with him. Dad was surprised at seeing my husband home, and he nervously asked if they could watch the game tonight at our house. My husband wasn't into sports, but told them that they were welcome to stay. He also told my dad about leaving town, and then my obliging spouse went to our bedroom.

The game had started with my dad and the two men watching in the living room. I put the boys to bed, and after I had my bath, joined the three of them for the game wearing my bathrobe. They moved and made room for me on the couch between my father and a nice looking man slightly younger than my dad. The other man was huge, and I wondered if he was an ex-football player.

My dad put his hand on my knee causing my robe to fall and exposing one of my legs. He slowly moved his hand up my thigh. The other men could see his intentional stimulating actions, and they also saw me timidly spread my legs open encouraging my father's advances. My panties were showing now that his hand was on my inner thigh and only inches away from my wet pussy. I was breathing hard and shivering. He finally touched my hot cunt, and he slowly rubbed it in front of the others. I could see the large lumps in their pants as they watched.

"Honey, your pussy is so hot. Take off your panties," my father whispered.

I was worried about my husband staying in the bedroom, but passion overcame my fears as I opened up my robe and took off my panties. They pulled their pants down to their ankles, and I now could see their big throbbing hard cocks.

My father fingered my pussy, while I played with his cock and the man next to me. The ex-football player had the biggest dick, and he stood in front of us stroking it in my face. I was in a trance watching him. My father then put his hand on the back of my head, and he lightly nudged it toward the large man's dick.

"Suck it for him, honey, he needs you to," he said.

Dad pumped my head on the man's big dick holding me by my hair. Visions of my mother in the photos replayed thru my mind, as I sucked this stranger's cock and jacked off the others. I had an orgasm when the cock in my mouth erupted. I swallowed all of his come, before my father held my head up and made me open my mouth to show them that I did.

"Now, blow him too," my father then ordered still gripping my hair and pushing my head down onto the other man's hard cock. It wasn't very long before I started to have another orgasm, as I now willingly bobbed my head on this man's long cock and was slurping away. My dad's incendiary fingering had me on fire too. I was shaking when I came again, as I sucked off and swallowed the come from another stranger's cock.

"That's my good girl," my father pleased me by saying.

"Thank you, daddy, I better go to bed now," I said and kissed him goodnight. It was like a dream I was having, but I knew that I was my dad's little sex slave. It didn't matter who else that he wanted to have participate in his deviate dominating exercises.

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