tagIncest/TabooVolley For Serve Ch. 03

Volley For Serve Ch. 03



"Don't let the bed bugs bite," I told my son after I kissed him goodnight. He and I have crossed the threshold of taboo, and I was still feeling horny from the effects of this day's incestuous acts. The bag of exotic toys from the porno shop got my attention, and I excitedly picked out the large black dildo and a small pocket rocket as my nightcap. I retreated to my bedroom, the place I call fantasy land. I undressed while admiring the dark brown, true veined, foot long phallus placed on my bed. My pussy was dripping from the expectation for my chosen, new ebony friend. I have this thing, this fixation for black cocks, especially big black cocks...I remember...

My husband was still away on business, and I was sitting on the living room floor playing with the boys, when my father entered thru the front door. He wasn't alone, as there were three black men with him. I thought maybe they were here to help my dad move something for him, because they all were large men.

My dad introduced us. "This is my daughter, guys, and these are my two grandsons." We exchanged greetings, and one of them said I reminded him of my mother.

"I'm sorry to hear of her passing," he said. They all gave us their condolences. Then he added, "This is just like the old days, when your wife just had the baby."

"This is that baby girl. Now she's eighteen and just like her mother was," my dad replied.

I was shocked with sudden recognition of these three men. They were in one of photos with my mom that I had found in my father's room. I started to get goose bumps recalling the picture showing their giant cocks and my mom's expression of orgasmic satisfaction. My father now brought them here for me! My dad explained that they were from back home and were passing thru. He asked if it would be all right if they stayed here overnight. This way they wouldn't have to pay for a room. I was aflutter with anticipation and it showed.

"Don't worry, honey, they are old friends," my father was saying and trying to relieve me.

"Of course, you're all welcome...My house is your house," I said with the reservation, "But, you will have to sleep here in the living room."

"Sleep?" one of them chuckled out. My dad said they probably would be up all night. "Up all night...for sure!" another exclaimed and they all laughed at his comment.

I brought up the subject of food to my dad. One of our guests said he would like to cook us a soul food banquet. He and my father then went to the store leaving me with the other two of them. I felt a little nervous now, particularly around the largest black man because he seemed to be their leader. He asked me if he could take a shower, and with a cordial smile I showed him to the bathroom.

I forgot he would need a clean towel. I was going to knock on the bathroom door with towel in hand, when I saw it was partially open. I could see him undressing via the mirror, although his back was toward me. I admired his black chiseled ass, before excusing myself and informing him that I had brought a fresh towel. He opened the door and was totally nude! I stood there frozen to move while starring at his ripped muscular physique. My eyes were fixed on his thick cock hanging over a large ball-sac between his legs. It was the biggest cock I have ever seen!

He removed the towel from my hand and gently took hold of my wrist. He controlled my open hand and was rubbing it on his cock. It started growing from my manipulated touch. I was trembling, as his hardening monster made my pussy wet too. He raised my initiated hand to my face. I could smell his musky scent, and my palm shined with his oil. I licked my hand tasting his tangy luster. After I wet my palm, he placed it back on his thickening shaft. He released his grip on my wrist, now that my compliant hand squeezed his big black cock and started stroking it.

He put his heavy hand on my shoulder pressing down on it, until I was kneeling before a hard and thick twelve inches of magnificent cock. I began whimpering while rubbing it all over my face, and at the same time, I was fondling his large balls. My lips kissed his bloated cock head, along with my tongue licking on his long shaft. He then grabbed me by the hair, and he shoved his big cock deep into my mouth. I looked up at him with my lips stretched wide open, and my throat stuffed with his mammoth mahogany log. He held my head using both of his hands on the cheeks of my face, while he pumped his swollen cock into my mouth. My wet pussy was soaking my pants as I rubbed on the crotch. I was moaning and gasping for air while being mouth-fucked with this big man's cock plunging into my face. He grunted as he came, and I swallowed all of his hot cum while sweetly looking up to his eyes. Then without a word spoken, he stepped into the shower leaving me quivering and still kneeling on the floor.

I returned to the living room with the remnants of slippery cum still in my mouth. The other black man and my two year old were playing. He was holding and bouncing my giggling boy on his knee. I sat next to them on the couch and was leaning on the man's thigh, as I tickled the baby too. We were having fun, but I also became aware that my arm was draped over the man's muscular leg. His erotic scented body lotion and warmth were enticing me more. I was still hot from the bathroom blow-job, and now this man's bulge in his pants has captured my attention. I could see it rising, and I knew that my touch was stimulating a likely erection. My anxious hand was on his thigh massaging it, and we were both cognizant of the heated scenario that was developing between us. I had to momentarily stop this seduction before going any further, as I picked up the baby and put him in his playpen.

Upon returning, I knelt down between the black stud's legs. My hands were on his thighs and sliding up toward the huge bulging object of my desire. I touched his hard cock bringing a sharp intake of air into his lungs that came back out in an even pleasurable moan. I opened his pants and released his dark-skinned dick. It was long too, but not as thick as the other big cock that stuffed my throat while I knelt on the bathroom floor. I began a slow pumping on this ample tool now, and I was literally drooling for a taste. After just a few tantalizing strokes with my hands, I put my lips over his oozing purple cock head. I could feel it growing harder in my mouth, and that was exciting me more. I hungrily bobbed my head on his black snake, until it spit its venom down my throat. I swallowed all of his cum and licked up the last drop I had squeezed out with my hands.

My father and the other man then returned, and I helped out by "doin' some of the fixins'" in the kitchen. We all were having a good time and laughing, as the cook put on a funny hat and pretended to be a Cajun chef. I even learned some things about soul food cuisine.

Well, I certainly had everyone's attention, as they were complimenting my youthful appearance and effervescent personality. They were leading me on saying how pretty I am, and they hadn't seen a young white girl as hot as me for a long time. My father then asked me to put on a show for everyone.

"Show us a little skin," he encouraged.

I stood in the middle of our large kitchen, and my blood was surging thru me as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I also began moving my hips, like some exotic dancer, to the rhythmic beat provided by my enthusiastic onlookers, as they were drumming on the kitchen table. After removing my shirt and tossing it aside, I then in a slow, uneven and teasing manner pushed my pants down over my hips to the floor. I stepped out of them leaving with just my bra and panties. Reaching behind my back I unsnapped my bra, but I held the cups to my breasts. I gave a devious smile to my attentive audience.

"Yeah baby!" was chorused when I let my bra fall and exposed my boobs. My nipples were red and sticking out hard. I danced around the kitchen with a tempting twist of my hips in an undulating motion. My arms were raised with my hands swimming and combing thru my hair. I then slipped my hand down inside my panties. I purred like kitten as I rubbed my pussy, before a sly pulling of my red panty crotch to the side and giving them a sneak peek at my shaved twat.

"Look at that pretty pink pussy!" my dad reveled and was accompanied with appreciable "Oohs" from my exuberant fans.

Then with a slow rocking of my hips I pulled my panties down to my feet. I kicked them up into the air, and the men all jumped to catch them. The cook caught the frilly prize holding them high above his head, and he was playing keep-away with the other disappointed contestants. He sniffed them with a gloating grin on his face.

I was totally nude, and I caressed my breasts while circling my finger over my clit. I knew that I would come soon from all the prior activities, and now I am fucking my pussy in front of my father and his friends. My knees were getting weak, and I was panting while humping on my wet fingers. I cried out that I was coming, and I fell to my knees with both hands working on my climaxing pussy. They all whistled and clapped for my performance.

My father suggested I should reward the cook for catching my panties. "The prize should be a nice blow-job," he said. I was already on my knees in front of him. The cook then pulled down his zipper and hung out another big, beautiful, black cock for my sucking pleasure. I took him into my mouth, and I blew him right there, kneeling on linoleum, with the others cheering me on.

"Suck that big black dick!" my father yelled at me. "Make him come!"

"Shoot it all over her pretty face," the biggest black man said.

My slurping action resounded throughout the kitchen while blowing the cook's hard dick. He then grabbed my hair and pulled my sucking mouth from his cock. He wanted me to jerk him off and beg him for his cum.

"Oh please, give me your hot cum. Shoot it all over me...Please!" I begged and was stroking him as fast as I could. He mightily unloaded while hearing my pleas, and he began shooting a rapid run of his cum onto my face and into my open mouth. I would find out later that was just the appetizer.


We had a fabulous dinner, I should say feast, and I spent the next couple of hours in my bedroom. The boys and I had our bath together, and I was getting them ready for bed. I kept thinking about the earlier erotic episodes and was excited about what is to come. Three big cocks and my dad too had me delirious with the possibilities. Those dirty thoughts and my trusty finger were teasing my pussy, when my dad entered and saw me playing with myself.

"Hi baby," was soft spoken not to wake the boys. "I see you are at it again. I know you can't help it, honey. You're just like your mother was; a polite country lady in the living room, but a real city whore in the bedroom. I loved that in her. She was a woman with extraordinary sexual needs, and like her you have a special pussy. It makes you want to do so many naughty things to satisfy it, doesn't it?" I nodded my head with pouting lips. He continued while massaging my breasts, "Right now, you're thinking about those big black cocks. Your hot pussy wants those men to put their big cocks inside it and make you come."

"My pussy wants to come so much, Daddy. It needs them," I told him as I added another finger inside me.

"I know, baby," he acknowledged while putting his hand on top of mine and pushing my fingers deeper inside my cunt. "Your pussy will make you do anything it takes to please it. Whatever we want you to do, you're going to do it, aren't you?"

"Oh Daddy, please fuck me. I can't stand this any longer. Yes, I'll do anything you ask. Help me. I want to feel your cock inside me now. Please, I promise I'll be good, and as bad as I can be," I begged to my father while pulling at his belt. "Give your little girl what she needs first, a good loving, then she'll do what you and your friends want all night long. Do that for me, please," I made the deal with my devilish father, as he took off his clothes.

He knelt between my open legs, and my father lifted my thighs planting a kiss on my wet pussy. I love the way he sucks on my clit, and his warm flat tongue laps the juices from my slit. My dad is the best at eating my pussy, but truly it needs to feel his big cock inside it now. He had taken me close to orgasm with his teasing licks, while I begged for him to make me come. I could see he was purposely not letting me get my wish.

"My friends like you, sweetheart," he said now rubbing his hard cock on my clitoris. "I know you'll be the hot little cunt they want you to be, honey. I love you very much, and I just want you to have the best for your needs."

"Dad...You are all I need. My pussy is so hot and I want you. Put your cock inside me...Please fuck me," I pleaded while pulling him to me.

"Maybe I can do it for just a little bit, a nice starter orgasm, honey. Don't you think for one minute that I would leave my little girl needing something I can give her," my dad said, as he started sliding his cock inside me. My dad's thick cock was hitting every sensitive spot in my pussy. His method of long slow strokes with a series of jabs on my g-spot were making it hard not to come. I knew if I let go my dad would stop. It was maddening for both of us, and soon one would lose this battle. I started shaking in orgasm which also pushed my father off the same euphoric cliff. He tried to pull out of me, but I wrapped my arms and legs tight around him. My father had no choice and came inside me. I too climaxed with us panting and locked together in orgasmic bliss. I wanted more.

"Don't stop yet, Daddy, let's keep fucking," I said still humping and hugging him.

"Save your horny self for our guests, honey. They want to fuck you with their big dicks," he advised.

"I want them to do it to me all night long," I said and set him free with further expectations.

"They will, honey, I promise. They know what you need and they're safe too. You can have their cum putting out the fire inside your hot pussy, as much of it as you want, sweetie. All you need to do is what your daddy and the other men tell you, that's all. You promised me you would. Do things that will satisfy your demanding pussy, understand?"

"Yes Daddy, I understand," I said and surrendered with not knowing what could be in store for me. "I'll do what you want."

My father kissed me and said again that he loved me, as he walked my nude body to my lovers for tonight. All night, I had hoped and asked for. The living room was dark, except for the TV screen casting a dim lighting effect. There was a movie playing that showed a girl lying on a table with her arms and legs spread and tied. A large fake cock attached to a machine was positioned in front of her pussy.

Two of my dad's black friends, whom I have affectionately named Cooky and Slim, came to me and started caressing my body. Their four hands were feeling me up all over in a comfortable reassuring way. Mr. Big, I call him, was sitting in a chair like some ceremonious chief watching them. My father had a camera and started filming us. Cooky took hold of my hands, pulled them to my back and cuffed my wrists together. They eased me down on my knees facing Mr. Big.

The movie had progressed and the fucking machine was now at work. It had begun a slow pushing of the large dildo in and out of the vulnerable girl's pussy. She squirmed against her restraints that tied her down on a cold slab alone with this heartless pumping machine.

I was being serviced by the two black studs with their long cocks rubbing over my face. I licked them like fudgsicle treats with chocolate balls while they teased me with my hands cuffed behind my back. They each let me blow them alternating in turn for my slurping action. I sucked on Slim's long cock, while my nipples were Cooky pinched and played with. He rubbed my pussy entering one of his long fingers inside me.

"Oh man, she is real wet down here," Cooky stated. "I think there is cum in this little pussy."

"That could only mean one thing," Mr. Big said, "Daddy has been fucking his little girl." He leaned forward in his chair, then cupping my chin in his large hand and squeezing my face asked, "Did you have sex with your daddy? Don't you lie to me."

"Yes," I answered. He light slapped my cheek with a hideous grin on his face, before lowering his hand to pull and twist on my nipple.

"You couldn't help yourself and touched your father's cock. You did jack him off, didn't you?" He asked with a taunting squeeze, an almost fluffing now of my tits. I again answered yes. He reached to the side of his chair lifting up a back massage vibrator attached to a broom stick. He turned on the humming massage wand with its vibrating ball shaped end. Mr. Big sat back in his chair holding the long handled toy and ran it up my thigh to my dripping pussy. Cooky and Slim continued teasing me with their cocks hitting my face. I was licking and sucking them in between answers to Mr. Big's interrogation.

"Did you suck on your daddy's cock for him? I bet you swallow like a cum hungry slut too." Mr. Big asked holding the vibrating wand to my cunt. Slim pulled his cock from my mouth, so I could answer.

"Yes," I panted, "I swallowed for him too." I was starting to shake from the pleasure I was receiving from the buzzing ball on my accessible pussy.

"That wasn't enough, you had to go and fuck your own daddy to satisfy this hot little cunt, didn't you?" He asked with an ambitious pushing of the toy and rubbing it hard on my pussy. It was making me quiver and moan with Cooky's cock now stuffed in my mouth. "You wanted his cum inside your pussy, and that's what you got; a cunt full of your father's cum."

"Yes, I love feeling his cum shooting inside me." I gasped as he was making me come from the vibrations.

"Now you want fucked by all of us. You need to have your cunt overflowing with our cum," he said and knew by my wide open eyes that he had total submission to do whatever he wanted.

"Oh fuck! I'm coming all over this thing!" I screamed while on my knees and climaxing. "Yes, fuck me!" My pussy started quaking into orgasm from the effective make-shift toy.

A loud scream synchronous with mine came from the television. The tied down girl was shaking in an uncontrollable orgasmic spasm from the relentless pumping and fucking machine. She had transpired into a constant coming mode now, while the heartless machine rapidly jack-hammered her juicing cunt. The table was drenched with her cum puddle dripping off the side. The girl in the movie and me writhed in orgasm, as I came too while watching her body wrench within her binds. She collapsed with total satisfaction, but the machine kept on drilling her squirting pussy. The movie ended with her losing consciousness.

Cooky helped me stand, while Slim laid down on the floor with his long cock sticking straight up. I straddled his legs, and Cooky eased me down over Slim's perpendicular shaft. My wet pussy was engulfing his hard purple prick. I began bouncing on him taking his full length with my ass cheeks smacking on his belly.

Mr. Big stood in front of me and lowered his chartreuse silk boxers. His magnificent cock was graced by a leather harness with fake diamond studs. It was secured tight around the base of his giant cock and circling his inflated balls. His cock is so thick with blood surging veins sticking out like vines clinging on a giant sequoia. He held up his cock, and I sucked it while riding hard on Slim's penetrating plumb rod. I came quick, while getting it with both of these men working me over, with my hands cuffed behind my back. Slim then held my hips and bounced me hard and fast with my creamy cunt juicing over his cock. I could feel his spurting load blasting off inside my pussy making me shudder and come again with him. I muffled a scream on Mr. Big's cock while shaking during orgasm.

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