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Voluntary Servitude


The auctioneer's gavel banged onto the podium like a rifle shot. "Sold to number 421 for one million four hundred thousand dollars."

What was sold? Me! I was sold to the highest bidder at the Voluntary Contract Services Auction in Burien, Washington. I had accepted the terms of servitude and now I was obligated for one year to someone I had never seen. The deal was, I got one hundred thousand cash up front. One hundred thousand if I successfully completed my contract commitment and a fifty thousand dollar 'virgin' bonus. The deal was done. The handler escorted me to SEA/TAC and put me on a private jet. I had no idea where I was going.

The jet departed Seattle air space and headed across the Olympic Peninsula and then out over the wide, blue Pacific. I sat and watched the endless miles of waves pass under the plane. Pretty soon I nodded off.

The cabin speaker jolted me out of my nap. "Please fasten your seat belt. We'll be landing in Honolulu in ten minutes."

So, Hawaii was the destination. It could have been worse. When we landed, another handler gathered me up and checked me into Halekulani hotel on Waikiki Beach. "We leave tomorrow morning. Do not leave the hotel." was the terse command.

I couldn't go anywhere anyway. The only clothes I had were on my back. I had to leave everything in Seattle. I stripped off my clothes and draped them over the furniture to air them out. I took a steaming hot shower. I stepped out of the shower and assessed myself in the full length mirror. Five foot one and an even one hundred pounds, firm tits, nice ass, I had to be some of the most expensive meat on the planet. My honey blond hair spilled over my shoulders and down almost to my waist.

At eighteen years of age, I had a bunch of money in the bank and was off on a year long adventure. When I graduated high school, college had no appeal for me. I had no job skills and so I was looking at a bleak future as somebody's wife, pumping out babies and getting fat. I answered an ad in the papers and wound up being interviewed by some people who seemed to be very much interested in me. Actually, I didn't care if they had my best interests at heart as long as they had the money. I took a physical and then opened a bank account where I installed my hundred and fifty grand.

I had no idea what my duties would entail, but I was sure I wouldn't return to Seattle a virgin. That was okay with me. Loosing it for a quarter of a million wasn't that bad. A lot of girls gave it away in the back seat of a car for nothing.

My home life had sucked. With three horny older brothers, I was lucky to escape with my hymen intact. Mama wasn't any help. She was drunk most of the time and I suspected my brothers were screwing her. Daddy had split when I was ten. I figured I'd never see any of them again. I didn't care. I swear I had no fear at all.

The handler rolled me out of the sack at seven the next morning. We had breakfast at the hotel and then we were off to the airport. The little jet hopped off the ground and soon Hawaii drifted out of sight over the horizon. Flying over the ocean is a boring way to go. After the first million waves, you really don't want to see any more. Once again, I nodded off. The attendant woke me up for lunch. I went right back to sleep after the meal.

"Please fasten your seat belt Miss Rawlins. We are landing," the attendant informed me.

I looked out the window and could tell it was almost nightfall. We must be thousands of miles from Hawaii, I thought. We landed in the middle of a jungle on an island. The limo that met us whisked me away to my new home. We drove down a jungle road for about ten minutes, arriving at a huge mansion on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I was escorted into the house by a large oriental woman.

"This is your room Rebecca. I'll have your clothes sent right in. My name is Jasmine, you may call me Jazz. I am your assistant and instructor."

"Please call me Becky," I answered.

She smiled and left me alone. The room was huge. I had a balcony overlooking the beach, my own bathroom, a sitting room and a large bedroom. Ah, the perks!

Jazz came back with a selection of clothing. I had been provided with everything from bikinis to formal wear. Everything, including the underwear, fit perfectly.

"Mr. James will be here in two weeks. I'll have to get you ready by then."

"Who is Mr. James?" I inquired.

"He is your master. He owns you."

That's when it dawned on me. This wasn't just some sort of lark vacation. I had sold myself. My body and mind were no longer my own and wouldn't be for a year! What if this guy turned out to be ninety years old? What if he was some troll? Suddenly I didn't feel so smart and smug.

Jazz saw the look of enlightenment come over me. "There is no way out honey. You really are a slave to Mr. James. You may as well just relax and let it all happen."

She was right. I had volunteered for this and had been well paid. As long as they didn't kill me or whack off something useful, I would survive and be okay. I was very tired so I lay down for a little nap. Jazz woke me up the next morning. She took me to a large dining room. I was served fresh fruit, bread with jam and hot coffee.

After breakfast Jazz took me on a tour. The main house was a vast structure with many rooms. There was an Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts and a nine hole golf course. The tour took all morning.

We had lunch outside on a large patio they called a 'lanai'. I couldn't complain about the food. Everything they served was excellent.

Jazz retrieved me following lunch. "Your training starts right now," said Jazz. "Take off all your clothes. I need to examine your thoroughly."

I stripped and stood nude and barefoot. She walked slowly around me, asking me to raise an arm or leg. Then she gathered up my old clothes. "Get into your exercise gear. I'll be back after I throw this stuff away."

I put on a pair of sweat pants and a tank top. As soon as she came back I asked, "Do I need shoes?"

"No, you are okay. Albert will be here in a moment to take you to the gym. You'll be alright as long as you do what he tells you to do."

Jazz left and soon Albert arrived. "My name is Albert but you may call me Al. Follow me please."

I followed Al to the gym. He stripped his shirt off as soon as we were inside. He was all muscle and sinew. I wondered how big his cock was and if he was going to use it on me. He led me through a series of floor exercises that were nothing to him but almost impossible for me.

'We'll have to work on your strength. Mr. James doesn't like weak women."

I spent most of the afternoon trying to build some muscles. Finally Jazz appeared and rescued me. "Albert tried to kill me," I whined.

"That's what they all say. You'll get used to it," Jazz chuckled.

I had a few hours off until supper. I spent most of the time contemplating my situation. I concluded that I was stuck here for better or worse. It certainly wasn't worse than home had been. Anyway, I didn't have a choice. I had signed up for this and now I would make the best of it. It could turn out to be pretty good.

I was watching from my balcony in the morning two weeks later when the limo pulled in. The chauffeur held the door and a big, big guy got out. He strode into the house and disappeared. Thirty minutes later Jazz appeared at my door.

"Mr. James will see you now. Just remember everything I've taught you and you'll be okay."

I was trembling as I followed her down the hall. She stopped at a massive door and knocked. "Come in," someone bellowed. She opened the door for me and I stepped in.

It was a huge bedroom suite, punctuated by a big round bed.

The big guy I had seen get out of the limo was sitting on a sofa drinking some kind of juice. "I am Ed James. You must be Rebecca."

"Yes sir," I quietly replied.

"Well, come over here and let's see what I've bought," he said with what sounded like an Australian accent.

I stood in front of him. He had sandy colored hair, neatly trimmed and combed. His shoulders were very wide tapering down to a slim waist. He looked like superman. "Take your clothes off," he ordered.

Following Jazz's instructions, I didn't hesitate, but stripped completely nude.

"Turn around."

I slowly turned all the way around and stopped, facing him. "You are a neat package. I don't see any blemishes, tattoos or piercings. Do you have any?"

"No sir."

He was wearing a dressing gown. I could see his hairy chest through the front slit. "Come sit by me and we'll talk a while."

I slid onto the sofa beside him and looked up into his steel grey eyes. I thought he was just simply magnificent.

"I understand you're a virgin," he softly spoke.

"Yes sir."

"You know that's not going to last, don't you?"

"Yes sir."

"Where did I buy you?"

"Seattle sir"

It never occurred to me that he might not know that.

He saw the puzzled look on my face and chuckled. "I have scouts looking for investments world wide. I never attend auctions myself. I would say that so far, it looks like my west coast agent has done a very good job."

"Thank you sir."

"How much actual experience do you have?"

"Well sir, I've kissed a few boys and even let one feel my tits but I haven't done anything really bad."

"We're gonna change that right away," he said. He stood up and let the dressing gown fall to the floor. He was nude underneath it. He faced me. His cock was much larger than my brothers'. It was circumcised and had an angry purple head. He held out his hand and pulled me up, leading me to the big circular bed. One of his hands squeezed both my butt cheeks at the same time. "You have a fine little ass," he remarked.

I watched as his cock swelled up to a massive size. "Will it fit into me sir?" I asked through trembling lips.

"Oh sure, if you are properly prepared and we have all afternoon to get you ready. We're not in a hurry. If it takes all day and all night, then so be it."

I was relieved that he didn't just jump on me and ram it in. I wanted a good first time experience and he sounded like he did too.

"Have you ever sucked a cock Becky?"

"No sir, but I've seen some pornos and read about it. I'll try it." I reached shyly out and grasped his dick. My fingers didn't come close to going around it. A little drop of precum drizzled out of the tip. I licked it off and kissed his cock. I sucked the head into my mouth. It tasted good and I knew I would want lots more of this. I sucked hard on it. I tried to swallow it, but it was way too big to get it all into my mouth. I slid his pole in and out of my mouth as fast as I could, sucking all the while.

"Damn, that is fantastic!" he remarked. "Are you sure you've never done this before?"

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, "I've only seen it done in porno movies." I went right back to sucking him.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth. I felt empty. "Now it's my turn," he said. "Open your legs."

I spread my legs and he gazed at my virgin pussy, something very few people had seen. He parted my labia with his thumbs. "You have a beautiful pussy. I'm gonna eat it!" he said and dove between my quivering thighs. He kissed my pussy and then licked it from bottom to top. I almost came right then. I felt him ram his tongue into me. God, it felt so damned good. My pussy was leaking juice; I could feel it running down the crack of my ass. He stopped licking and sucked my clit in between his lips and rapidly tongued it. I almost levitated off the bed. Nothing had ever felt this good. He kept torturing my clit while I writhed and moaned on his bed.

I felt my climax building deep in my center. "Oooh Gggggoddd! I'm gonna cum!" I screamed. He just kept licking my clit. I exploded like an atomic bomb. I wriggled and writhed under his sweet ministrations. He stopped licking me.

"Are you ready my dear?" he asked.

My pussy was wet and tingling in anticipation. I wanted his cock and I wanted it immediately. "Yes, yes do it now! I want to feel you inside me!" I yelped.

He slid up my body, completely covering me. I felt his cock head at my entrance. He mopped up my pussy juice with it, rubbing my clit, making me quiver. He pushed against my super tight vagina. Suddenly his cock popped into me breaking my hymen and causing some mild pain, but not enough for me to want to stop. "Put it all the way in," I whispered. He complied, splitting my newly opened pussy and filling me with new sensations I had only read about. I knew then that I was his slut for sure.

"Are you alright my dear?" he asked sweetly.

"I've never been more right. Fuck me hard and long. I want all of you!"

His cock was sliding in and out of me at an ever increasing rate. The faster he pumped, the better it felt. Another orgasm overwhelmed me. I shook and trembled on his driving member. I drove my hips into him as hard as I could. His strokes started to become erratic. His cock swelled up and got longer. He squirted me full of his love potion. "Please leave it in," I begged. It felt all warm and squishy and good.

He rolled over so that I was on top of him. "Damn, what a fine piece of ass you are. I could do this every day forever!" he exclaimed.

"It was my first time. I'll try to get better sir."

"I don't think it gets any better than that!" His big strong arms held me in a close embrace. His cock was still in me.

I tried massaging his cock back to life with my pussy muscles. I had read about the technique on my friend's computer. I couldn't believe it! It was working! It started to swell within me. I looked at him and he smiled. "That's a neat little trick. Handy too. Now you, fuck me!"

I slid up and down his hardened pole, jamming him further and further into me. I thought it might hurt to gobble all of him up with my hungry pussy but even when I bottomed him out against my cervix, it just felt good. "I'm gonna fuck you to death," I grinned at him.

"Go for it!" he answered.

I wiggled my twat as fast as I could, trying to produce a vibrating effect. I tried to squash his dick with my pussy.

"Oh Jesus! You are killing me!" he moaned and thrust up hard into my cunt.

"I warned you!" I gasped.

I felt my next orgasm as it overwhelmed my center and spread throughout my sweating body. "OOO Oooooo, Pump me faster! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I panted.

He pumped me hard and I came on his throbbing member. He never slowed down. I kept cumming and cumming. He grabbed my hips and thrust me up and down on his rigid pole. He gave one last giant thrust and once again squirted the contents of his balls into me.

I collapsed on top of him, a quivering mass of sexually sated woman flesh. His big arms hugged me to him. His cock shrank and slipped out followed by copious amounts of fuck fluid. I felt him shudder and saw his eyes close. He snored lightly, so I went to sleep too. I don't know how long I slept, but I could feel his manhood rising between my legs when I woke up. I smiled down at him and kissed him, tongues intertwining. He felt so good, so big, so strong. He moved me over beside him and played with my tits.

"I may have to keep you," he whispered.

"Okay," I chirped.

I grabbed his cock and squeezed it. It twitched in my hand. I looked at the little eye staring at me. I couldn't help it. I bent over and started sucking his cock. It was still flaccid but I sucked it anyway. In its softened state, I could get all of it in my mouth. I felt the tip of it brushing the back of my throat. It started to swell within my mouth. The longer it got, the more I swallowed. I kept my nose planted solidly in his pubic hairs. It got bigger and bigger. Soon it was sliding down my throat. I pumped my head up and down on him keeping as much of him in my throat as possible. I was so happy! I was deep throating him on only my second try at sucking cock!

"Oh God," he moaned.

I felt his cock swell inside my mouth and he shot a gallon of his sweet cum down my throat. I gulped and swallowed, spilling not a drop. When it softened again I let it slip out of my mouth.

"Christ! You're not only the best piece of ass I ever had, you've got to be the world's best cocksucker too! You're just a natural born sex machine!"

He was rubbing my head like a doggy. His big fingers slipped around my neck and pulled me to him. I slithered up his body and rubbed my tits on his chest. He kissed me again, playing with my tongue, sucking it, caressing it. One of his fingers played with my pussy. "How do you feel Becky?"

"My throat is sore and my pussy is sore. But it was worth it. I love your cock. I want it all the time." I had turned into his willing sex slave. I liked my new role.

I started at his eyes and sloppily kissed and licked him letting my tongue slide down his huge body. I licked him everywhere. Soon his sweat was replaced with my saliva. I couldn't get enough.

He returned my licking and sucking. I felt his mouth engulf my foot. I could feel his tongue sliding between my toes. My pussy was getting wet again. By the time he changed feet, I was writhing and moaning. Suddenly my body jerked and contorted as an unexpected orgasm shook me. I looked at him and he was smiling.

He looked into my eyes and kissed me lightly on the lips. "I bought you to share with my pals and business acquaintances, but I'm gonna keep you all for me. I'll buy another girl for them. You are too good to share with anyone."

It was nice to learn that I was a good piece of ass. I would try to get better for him. I snuggled closer to him. It had crossed my mind that I might be some kind of house slut. I was greatly relieved to know that I would have to fuck only Ed James.

"I'm going to arrange some special schooling for you. I think you have great potential and I intend to develop it. I'm leaving tomorrow but I'll be back in a week or so. The staff has already been warned that you are off limits to them. Don't let any of them fuck you. You are mine and mine alone."

He picked me up and carried me to his shower. The stinging needles of water felt great and I couldn't let go of him. I had my mouth firmly attached to one of his nipples. I could feel him swaying. His big fingers were playing with my pussy. Finally we let go of each other and I started washing his massive body. I scrubbed him thoroughly and then rinsed him. His soapy hands roved over my body, cleansing every crevice and pore. He poked a finger into my ass and I wriggled and moaned.

"We'll save that for later," he remarked.

"Okay. That's a cherry too," I informed him.

"You are going to be lots of fun. Every time I come home, I want you in my bed. I may even take you with me on some trips. Just remember you belong to me!"

We rubbed each other dry and went back to the bedroom. I noticed that the bed covers had been changed. He hopped up on the bed and patted the covers beside him. I hopped up beside him and grabbed his arm.

Looking down on me he said, "If you need anything at all while I'm gone, Jazz will get it for you. I'll have her get you a passport. You are a special little lady and you deserve special treatment."

"I can't think of anything I need except refills on my birth control pills. I'm really happy here and I love being with you. You made my first time extra special. I'm so lucky to be your little slave girl."

"I'm leaving early in the morning. You will sleep with me tonight. I'll be gone about a week. When I get back, you can try to kill me again."

"I'll try to think of a few new tricks to insure your demise," I grinned.

We got dressed and went out to the lanai for lunch. Lunch started with a shrimp salad and toast points. Lobster and chilled cracked crab appeared. I had never tried any of this, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found that I loved it! By the time lunch was over I was no longer thinking of a one year contract completion. I was thinking about something a lot more permanent than that.

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