tagIncest/TabooVoluptuous Aunt Diane Ch. 02

Voluptuous Aunt Diane Ch. 02


After the telephone company repair man left that day, Aunt Diane and I sat down together and agreed to never tell anyone what had happened between us. I was clearly upset that we were interrupted and anxious to continue our romantic encounter, but Aunt Diane said, "Maybe you should go, so I can clear my head. I really need to think about what just happened. Please don't be upset, it's not your fault." Reluctantly, I agreed to give my aunt some space and we hugged goodbye. Feeling her huge breasts press against my stomach was causing my cock to stir again, but this was definitely not the time to make another move, so I kissed her on the cheek and left.

After a couple of days of almost no contact with Aunt Diane, I returned to the city where I lived with my parents. Although only about an hour's drive away, the city was very different from the slow, quiet town my aunt lives in. I soon got busy preparing for my first semester of college, hanging out with friends, and chasing girls my own age. Aunt Diane was never completely off of my mind, though, and I really hoped our incident wouldn't change our relationship forever. About a month later, one week before I was scheduled to begin classes at the local university, I got a call from Aunt Diane. I was afraid there would be some tension or awkwardness between us, but she acted as though nothing had happened, and was her usual silly, flirtatious self on the phone. She said that they were planning another trip to the river and that I should join them one last time, before I got too busy with school. "Sounds like a plan to me", I told her and a couple of days later I was off to the country again.

On the drive to see Aunt Diane, my mind was working on overdrive. What was it going to be like around her now? Did she, god forbid, tell Uncle Tim? Who all was going to be at the river? All my concerns soon gave way to more pleasant thoughts, as I started to picture Aunt Diane in her bikini again. No matter what else happened, at least I was going to get to see those magnificent breasts, trying to bust out of her bathing suit.

It was mid-morning when I pulled up at my Aunt's house. Oddly, only her car was parked outside. It was a little strange that we were going to the river during the week like this, usually we went on the weekend, but in my nervousness and excitement on the phone with Aunt Diane, I never thought to ask why. I knocked on the door and heard Aunt Diane's voice from the back of the house yell, "It's open." When I walked in, I noticed her ice chest and chairs were stacked by the door, so I went ahead and loaded them into my truck.

I came back in at the same time Aunt Diane was coming out of her room. She gave me a big hug and said," I'm so excited about our trip today. I think I got everything we need." Feeling those huge breasts of hers smash against me already had my heart racing. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but I could see the strings of a bikini around her neck. I didn't think it was her normal swimsuit, but couldn't really tell with her shirt on, and didn't really think twice about it. I was going to get to see her in a bathing suit, didn't matter which.

"Who all's coming?" I asked.

"Looks like it's just me and you today stud" she answered.

I could barely contain my excitement upon hearing this. Although I had been to the river countless times with Aunt Diane, we had never gone just the two of us. My mind raced with the possibilities of what could happen between us with so little clothes on, and my dick started to grow with excitement. She must have noticed my reaction, because she said, "Don't look so surprised. Are you scared to spend a day with just your old Auntie?"

"Scared is definitely not the word" I replied.

Aunt Diane laughed and said, "Good, let's get going. I wanna go catch some of these good rays in my new bikini." I followed her out of the house with my tongue hanging out.

The ride to the river was pretty uneventful. We stopped at our usual gas station to pick up some drinks and then headed to a secluded sand bar on the river. At one point during the ride, Aunt Diane said, "Thanks again for coming with me today. There are probably a million other things a young man like your self could be up to on a beautiful summer day like this."

"You don't have to thank me. We're gonna have a blast" I answered, trying to hide my giddiness at spending a day alone with my aunt in a new bikini. She patted my thigh and left her hand there for a minute. I wondered if she noticed the bulge she was causing in my shorts, but I kept my eyes on the road.

When we turned off the blacktop, and started making our way through the woods, towards our favorite sand bar, Aunt Diane said, "Let's go to that other spot, further down. It's quieter there." Usually, I prefer to go to the bigger sand bar up river, because you see more canoeists, but even more privacy with my hot aunt in a bikini sounded good to me.

I pulled up at the sand bar and began unloading the chairs, ice chest, radio, etc. Aunt Diane took her beach chair out to the river's edge and began examining the sun for her best angle to lay out. "Wanna drink?" I called out.

"You know it" replied Aunt Diane. As I looked up to bring her a cup of wine, she was standing by her chair, pulling her shirt over her head. What I saw in those next few seconds, will forever be etched in my brain as the happiest moment of my young life. Underneath her shirt, Aunt Diane had on a tiny string bikini top, one that looked more appropriate for a C-cup 18 year old, than my 35 year old GG aunt. Her massive breasts were hanging low, the taught bikini strings fighting a losing battle against gravity. Her large nipples were clearly visible though the small thin patches of fabric that were her cups. They barely contained her large areolas. Aunt Diane then turned around, her round melons swaying back and forth with their momentum. She bent over and slid her shorts down, revealing a thong bikini bottom. All I could actually see of the panties was a small triangle at the top of her butt. The rest of the skimpy bottom was almost completely buried between her large ass cheeks.

Aunt Diane threw her shorts on her chair, faced me, and asked, "Well, you like?" I just stood there, with my mouth wide open and a tent in my shorts, unable to speak. "I thought so" laughed my aunt. "Get over here and rub some lotion on your old auntie."

Aunt Diane spread a towel over her chair and lay down on her stomach, facing the river. "I've got some lotion in my bag right there" she said. I walked over, glad that my aunt was facing the other way, therefore unable to see the huge erection in my shorts. I found her lotion and kneeled down next to her. Her large, round ass was right in front of me. Every time she moved, her ass cheeks would wobble back and forth. I was mesmerized.

"Where do you need some lotion?" I asked.

"All over my legs, my back, everywhere" she replied. I squirted some lotion on her back and she squirmed, causing her butt cheeks to go into a rhythmic dance again.

"Ooh, that's cold" she exclaimed. I started rubbing her back and she said, "Let's get these out the way", then untied her bikini top to let the straps fall to the side. I now could see the side of her right breast bulging out from under her, not to mention her practically bare ass, all six inches from me. My dick was throbbing and my heart was beating 100 mph as I continued rubbing her back. "Don't forget my legs", she said. I shuffled down to her legs, careful not to knock my hard on against her or her chair, and started rubbing her ankles with lotion. From this angle, I could see where the bottom of her thong emerged from her massive butt cheeks. The thong was so tight, I could make out her large camel toe. My mouth was drooling and I leaned further over her to get my face as close as possible to her butt. I worked my way up her legs to the back of her thighs and started giving her more of a massage than just applying the lotion.

"That feels so good. Keep massaging me sweetie, and don't forget about my butt" said Aunt Diane. I almost blew my load right then. I squirted more lotion on each butt cheek and started spreading it around. I could not believe the sight before me, much less the fact that I was groping my aunt's pretty much nude body. I leaned further over Aunt Diane's butt and really started massaging it. Aunt Diane moaned her approval. When I pulled her butt cheeks apart, I could see her thong barely covering her butt hole and spreading tightly over her pussy. It looked like the crotch of the thong was darkened slightly with Aunt Diane's sweet nectar.

"Oh, honey, you make me feel so good", said Aunt Diane. At this point, I was turned on more than I had ever been and was losing all self control. I leaned over and began kissing Aunt Diane's right butt cheek, as I massaged the left one deeply. With my other hand I had began rubbing her back, but concentrating more on her side, so that I was rubbing against the side of her breast every couple of seconds. "Keep going baby", Aunt Diane encouraged, as she began really squirming and moaning under my hands and mouth.

I was in a blinding state of arousal and could not be deterred, even if Aunt Diane had showed any sign of wanting to stop. I began rubbing her inner thighs, brushing her bikini covered pussy, with my left hand. I could definitely feel a sticky moistness covering her pussy and when I leaned in close, I could smell the musky aroma of my aunt's wet pussy and butt hole. My right hand had abandoned her back and was now kneading her giant breast. Aunt Diane rolled slightly to her left, so I could grab her entire breast and pinch her large nipple. I wanted to taste my aunt's wet pussy, but could not reach it with my tongue in my current position. When I leaned over to try, I noticed that I could see the edges of her asshole peaking from the sides of her narrow thong. I released her breast, pulled her right ass cheek to the side, and stuck my tongue right in her ass crack. I started lapping at her thong covered asshole as I rubbed her pussy harder with my left hand.

"Oh, you bad boy, what are you doing?" Aunt Diane cried.

"I want you so bad Aunt Diane. I've always wanted you" I said, and then renewed my assault on her ass and pussy.

"Then eat my ass you dirty boy, put your tongue in your aunt's dirty asshole" she screamed.

I grabbed her thong and ripped it down to her knees, as she lifted her ass into the air. I stood over her and smashed my face into her ass crack, hungrily licking from her pussy to her asshole over and over. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and jabbed it into and out of her puckered asshole. Aunt Diane was screaming in ecstasy as she reached around, grabbed the back of my head, and pushed my tongue deeper into her.

"Let me see that beautiful cock now!" she exclaimed. I pulled my shorts off and my rigid cock pointed right at her. Aunt Diane attacked it with her mouth, making loud slurping sounds and moaning in pleasure. I was in heaven, but did not want to stop tasting her wet pussy and ass. I kept trying to reach down and finger her, but was not in a good position. Aunt Diane released my cock for a second and said, "What's the matter dirty boy, you still want to taste your aunt's pussy?"

"Oh, yes auntie, I want to put my tongue back in you", I said.

"Then lay down stud, your Aunt Diane's gonna sit on your face". I quickly complied and watched as she positioned herself over my mouth. From this angle, I could see her perfectly round ass cheeks sloped to her glistening, reddened pussy lips. Her pendulous breasts swayed to and fro above her slight belly, the large nipples pointing down at me. She lowered her beautiful pussy right on my mouth. My nose was buried in her asshole as my tongue was licking her pussy. I could feel her mammoth breasts on my stomach and she was devouring my dick. I could have died right then, with no regrets.

After a couple of minutes in this position, I could hold back no more and came all over my aunt's face. She swallowed about half of it, then sat up and began grinding her pussy and asshole on my face, until she came as well, covering my face with her sex juices.

As Aunt Diane looked down from her violent orgasm, she saw my 18 year old dick was still pointing high in the air, covered with her saliva. "I'm gonna fuck you now stud" she said. She stood up and repositioned herself over my dick, facing me.

"Oh God, yeah, Aunt Diane, put my dick in your pussy please!" I pleaded. She lowered her wet pussy slowly onto my erection, dropping her huge tits in my face at the same time. I attacked her breasts with my hands and started sucking her nipples as hard as I could as I felt her hot, steamy pussy engulf my dick.

"That feels so big!! So good!! Oh yeah, fuck your horny aunt" she yelled as began bouncing up and down on my cock, while smothering me with her huge melons. After a few seconds she screamed, "I'm already cumming again!!! YES!!! YES!! YES!!!" Aunt Diane was fucking my seven inches with wild abandon. I held on to her massive melons as she rode me.

Having gotten my initial orgasm out of the way, I was ready for some serious fucking. All those dreams of having my way with my aunt's voluptuous body were finally being fulfilled, and I was going to release all that pent up sexual energy into her pussy now. Aunt Diane collapsed on me, burying me under her tits. I could still feel her sloppy pussy spasming and squeezing my hard dick. I pushed her back up to a sitting position, grabbed her ass, and said, "I'm gonna fuck your wet pussy so hard Aunt Diane." I started lifting her up and then slamming her down on my dick, thrusting my ass up at the same time. The loud sounds of our bodies slapping together echoed over the river water. I grabbed her tit and put her whole areola in my mouth.

"Fuck me!!!" she screamed, as I impaled her over and over, slapping and grabbing her ass roughly. I then put my hand in her ass crack and found her tight little asshole. I put my middle finger knuckle deep in her asshole, and pulled her hard against me. She screamed in pleasure and began grinding her pussy against me, while I fingered her gooey asshole and sucked her tits.

It wasn't long before she was cumming again. This time I pulled her off my dick and slid her up my torso, until her pussy and ass were over my face again. "Oh, yeah, lick up all my cum you bad boy" she instructed. I lapped up her juices from her pussy and ass until she stopped shaking, then slid her back down off of me. I quickly stood up and shoved her head down onto the chair, pointing her ass in the air. I spread her round butt cheeks and stuck my tongue deep in her asshole again , and reached around and massaged her breasts.

"GOD, you're so bad!!" she screamed. I stood and pointed my dick at her puckered asshole. Slowly I pressed the tip of my dick against her asshole until the head slid in tightly. "Uggh!! That hurts so good. Fuck your aunt in the ass." I slowly obliged and began sliding my dick in and out of her asshole, a little deeper each time. Her asshole was so tight and what we were doing was so perverse and so forbidden, that I couldn't hold back any longer. I began pumping her ass full of cum until it began coming out around the sides of my dick.

"Aunt Diane, that was unbelievable" I said as I collapsed on a towel next to her chair.

Aunt Diane lay back on her chair and caught her breath. "Where'd you learn to fuck like that? I haven't cum that many times in 20 years" she said. She grabbed her bikini and ran into the river. "Last one in's a rotten egg" she yelled. I soon followed and after rinsing the sex from our bodies we just sat in each others arms, enjoying the nature scene around us and the afterglow of our multiple orgasms. The birds seemed louder than usual, like they were cheering for us after the show we just put on.

Sounds of paddles hitting the water and laughter interrupted our serene cuddling, as some canoeists approached from upriver. "Let's go home. Uncle Tim's away for two more days, and I'm not done with you yet, stud." I jumped up and started gathering my things as my now sore penis started to grow in excitement all over again.

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by amorone04/18/18

Awesome story

An amazing two chapters, thank you.
Your description is excellent. Well done.
Every young man's dream.

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by Anonymous11/17/17

Liked the story now want to tell mine. It happened when was 25 yrs old my aunt was 45 yrs old. Went visited her at her place knocked on her door there was no answer.walked in herd noise coming from hermore...

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by Anonymous08/21/17

Making your aunt cum like that you know she is wild.what makes it better is getting her pregnant and ruin her marriage.then moving in together sleping together fucking each other going on vacations swingmore...

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