tagIncest/TabooVoluptuous Aunt Diane Ch. 03

Voluptuous Aunt Diane Ch. 03


The ride home from the river was pretty uneventful. At one point, my Uncle Tim called, and listening to Aunt Diane lie to him about what we did that day was a little weird, but all it took was one glance at my aunt's enormous chest to make me forget about it.

When we arrived at my aunt's house, I started unloading our gear, and Aunt Diane went inside to get cleaned up. I got everything put away and entered the house, hoping this day of forbidden sex with my aunt would never end. I would not be disappointed.

Aunt Diane called from the bathroom, "Lock the door sweetie. I need your help in here."

I followed her instructions and entered the bathroom, where I had been rejected by Aunt Diane just a few weeks ago. Oh how times had changed.

As I walked in, Aunt Diane pulled open the shower curtain and revealed her completely naked body, lathered in soap. She was a living, breathing wet dream, with bubbles sliding down her glistening GG tits.

"Well, don't just stand there. Let's get you cleaned up," she said.

I stripped naked in about 1.5 seconds and stepped into the shower with Aunt Diane. She immediately embraced me and kissed me passionately. Her voluptuous, slippery body rubbed against mine exquisitely and my dick sprang to attention immediately. As our tongues danced together, she reached down and grabbed my dick, placing the head on her clitoris and rubbing up and down, as if it were her own personal dildo.

"Mmmm, I love the way I make you so hard so quick," she said.

Her massive tits were so beautiful hanging there in front of me, with water dripping down them, I could not resist worshiping them more. I buried my face in her deep cleavage and attempted to lick and suck every inch of her huge udders.

"Oh God, that feels so good," she moaned.

I then got down on my knees in the tub. Her breasts hung so low, I could still suck her long nipples from beneath. Aunt Diane lifted one leg on the side of the tub and pushed my face onto her pussy. "Clean me up you naughty boy," she demanded. I was only too happy to oblige. I licked her pussy like an animal, trying to slurp up all the water that fell from the shower head, down her voluptuous body, and through her pussy lips.

"Oh yes, clean my dirty ass too, so I can cum on your face," she screamed. I positioned myself directly under her and began licking from her pussy to her asshole, while I reached up and groped her pendulous tits. The pungent cocktail of her flowing pussy juices, the sweat from around her asshole, and the body wash was so delicious, I could have stayed there for hours, but it was only a matter of minutes before I could feel her voluptuous body begin to shake with another orgasm.

"Oh, you worship your auntie's sexy body, don't you baby," she said.

"Oh yes, Aunt Diane, I want you so bad all the time. I can't get enough of you," I replied.

"Well, let me reward you for your naughty deeds," she said as she lifted me up next to her. She then got on her knees and took my rigid cock in her mouth. I braced myself against the shower walls as she licked and sucked on my dick. Aunt Diane then released her mouth from my cock and began rubbing her wet melons up and down it, using her eraser size nipples to massage the head of my dick.

"That feels so good Aunt Diane," I moaned, as my knees began to buckle.

"I want you to fuck my big titties now," she said as she grabbed two handfuls of tit flesh and mashed my cock between them. My 7 inches almost completely disappeared in her cleavage as she instructed me to squirt more body wash on her chest. I began sliding my dick up and down in the large folds of her mammaries. The hot water from the shower and the lubrication of the body wash made the softness of her bosom feel like a wet pussy and it wasn't long before I was squirting cum all over Aunt Diane's face and neck. She gathered up some with her finger and sucked it into her mouth. "Mmm, your young cum tastes so good," she said.

After a few more minutes of cleaning each other up, we got out of the shower and sensually dried each other off, using towels and tongues.

Aunt Diane suddenly noticed the time and said "Oh my, we better get dressed. Katie will be getting home from school soon."So I reluctantly went into the living room and got dressed, still reeling from the day's events.

Luckily, my little cousin Katie is only 6, and could not feel the sexual energy still in the air between Aunt Diane and I throughout the rest of that day. I left at one point, just to clear my head, and calm my hormones. Being around Aunt Diane without practically humping her leg, was becoming too difficult. It didn't help that she was wearing no bra again, around the house. Her beautiful melons were stretching a tight undershirt to its limits that evening. Her delicious, dark areolas were clearly visible through the white, cotton fabric.

It was a little after 7 p.m., by the time I made my way back to Aunt Diane's house that evening. Katie let me in, and I watched TV with her for a few minutes, while Aunt Diane talked on the phone is another room.

"Hey studly! I was hoping that was you I heard come in," Aunt Diane exclaimed as she entered the living room. "Can you watch Katie for a few? I gotta run to the store," she said.

"No problem," I replied.

"I'll pay you back later sweetie," Aunt Diane purred and then winked at me as she ran out the door.

It was about 9 o'clock that night before Aunt Diane and I were able to be alone together again. I had been patiently waiting in her bed, as she bathed Katie and put her to bed. I had also bathed and put on my finest cologne. My heart was racing and my dick was already throbbing in expectation of spending some more "quality" time with my aunt.

A few minutes after I had heard Katie's last pleas to stay up later, I heard her bedroom door shut and footsteps down the hall to the bathroom. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes, Aunt Diane entered the bedroom. She was an absolute vision, wearing a sheer negligee draped over her beautiful breasts and a lacey thong that struggled to wrap around her soft waist. Under the negligee, her huge tits were swaying back and forth as she eased her way to the side of the bed. "You look pleased", she said as she approached me. The smell of her intoxicating perfume filled the room and that, combined with the fact that all my blood was now pulsating into my hard cock, made me feel almost dizzy.

"You look amazing Aunt Diane", was all I managed to say, as I sat up and eagerly watched her sit on the bed next to me.

"Mmm, you smell delicious," she said. "And is this for me?" she asked, rubbing the tent my dick was making under the comforter.

"Oh yeah, I'm so hard for you, Aunt Diane. I can't believe how good you look," I said.

" I got this outfit years ago, but never get to wear it for anyone anymore," she pouted.

"You can wear it for me every night and every day, if it's up to me," I replied.

I could tell she was enjoying my attention and the more she rubbed on my dick through the blanket, the further her large nipples began to show through her sexy top. "Silly boy," she laughed.

I leaned in close and interrupted her giggles with a passionate kiss. She melted into my arms as the mood quickly switched from playfulness to lust. I reached under her negligee and gently caressed her huge melons as our tongues danced. My left hand began to trace a path down to her lace covered pussy.

"Not so fast mister," Aunt Diane said as she grabbed my curious hand. "I want you to show your Aunt what you do when you think about her." Aunt Diane pulled back the covers, revealing my engorged cock. She then settled herself across the bed from me and spread her legs, giving me a perfect view of her beautiful panties.

"I've noticed my dirty panties always seem to be tampered with in the hamper, when you're visiting. What have you been up to naughty boy?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry Aunt Diane. I didn't know you noticed. I can't help it. I was using your bathroom a while back and saw some of your sexy panties in the hamper," I replied. I was turning beet red as I realized that my private jack off sessions with Aunt Diane's panties were not so private anymore.

"Come on now, sweetie. It's been a lot more than one time, hasn't it?" Aunt Diane reached down and began rubbing her pussy through her panties, obviously enjoying the uncomfortable position I was in. "Tell me what you do with my panties."

"Umm, at first I just wanted to look at them, because they're so sexy. I get so hard thinking about how they were rubbing against your pussy all day." As I spoke I became more and more aroused. Our conversation was having the same effect on Aunt Diane, because I could see her rubbing her pussy faster and harder.

"So, I like to jack off on them and feel them on my dick. It's almost like rubbing my dick on your pussy. Especially when they're dirty, because I can smell your pussy and ass on them." The dirtier I talked, the faster Aunt Diane rubbed her pussy. I could see the fabric covering her pussy darken with her juices.

"Show me how you rub on your dick," she said.

I began rubbing up and down my dick as I continued, "I love the way your dirty panties smell so much, I even lick them. I try to lick and suck your juices off of them while I jack off."

Aunt Diane's eyes rolled back in her head as I said this, and her voluptuous body began to shake with orgasm. "You bad boy," she screamed as she attacked her pussy with her hand.

The view I had of Aunt Diane's huge tits swaying back and forth under her sheer nightie and her wet panties getting abused by her hand was sending me to the brink of orgasm as well, but before I could cum, Aunt Diane pulled her thong off and stood up in front of me. She was still panting from her orgasm and I could now see her red and swollen pussy, in all its glory, right in front of my face.

"Show your Auntie how much you like her dirty panties" she said. Aunt Diane thrust her sopping thong into my face. I stuck out my tongue and tried to suck all her fresh juices out of the crotch as she rubbed her panties all over my face. I felt her remove my pumping fist from my dick and then seconds later, I felt the unmistakable hot, gooey, wetness of her pussy slide onto my dick. Aunt Diane began riding me while trying to shove her wet thong completely in my mouth.

" Is this what you dreamed of you naughty boy? Suck my panties clean while I fuck you," she said.

I was in ecstasy. I reached out and grabbed two handfuls of soft tit flesh and began meeting her thrusts with my own. The smell of her mucky ass and pussy filled my nostrils, as I tried to breath with her dirty panties filling my mouth.

I began moaning as my dick squirted cum into Aunt Diane. Upon sensing my orgasm, she stood and ripped the thong out of my mouth, replacing it with her swollen pussy. Aunt Diane smashed her crotch against my face, pinning my head between her large thighs and the headboard of the bed.

"Now, you got the real thing baby. Show me how god you can suck it," she said as she fucked my face.

I could taste my own cum dripping out of her pussy as I grabbed a hold of her bulbous ass cheeks and stuck my tongue out as far as I could.

"I'm gonna cum on your face," Diane screamed. I could feel her knees buckle and her weight crash on to my face, causing me to slide down flat on my back on the bed. As she shook with orgasm, I found her beautiful asshole and I began sticking my tongue as deep into it as I could. It seemed like she came for 5 minutes straight, rubbing her soaked asshole on my tongue and her pussy on my nose and face.

Aunt Diane collapsed backwards onto the bed, exhausted from her prolonged orgasm. "Oh my God, I've never cum that hard. What the.."

I interrupted my aunt by sliding my pulsating erection into her gasping mouth. Her face sitting cum fest had left me extremely horny and in need of immediate satisfaction. As she lay back, trying to recover, I turned to my side and began fucking her mouth with wild abandon. I grabbed her thighs and dove right back into her sloppy pussy, licking all her juices from her pussy lips and ass crack. Now it was my turn to take control.

"Mmm, mmm," is all I could hear as Aunt Diane tried to slow my relentless assault and catch her breath. I denied her feeble attempts to push me back by grabbing the back of her head with my left hand and thrusting my dick harder down her throat. With my right hand, I reached around her thigh and inserted one, then two fingers into her asshole, savagely eating her pussy all the while.

After I couple of more minutes, I felt Aunt Diane's fleshy thighs tighten around my neck. She was nearing yet another orgasm and the gasping and choking sounds I could hear coming from below, were making me cum too. I pumped a huge load down her throat as she locked my head into her swollen pussy, seeping cunt juice all over my face.

Filthy and exhausted, we both walked silently in to the bathroom and prepared a long hot bath together. Hardly a word was spoken. We both just basked in our sexual highs and there was a mutual feeling that this relationship was too good to end anytime soon.

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Amazing story

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Well written with great descriptive work. Well done.

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love to meet her and help suck her out

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