tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVoluptuous Sophie Bares All

Voluptuous Sophie Bares All


We last experienced Sophie that summer night when she was nude with us for the first time [see story: Introducing Voluptuous Sophie to Nudism].

My wife Keiko, myself, my daughter Melody and her friend Sara had convinced the shy Sophie to get nude with us at our house in Miami. After plenty of prodding, she got nude in the hot tub, then joined us for a nude streak across our back yard, which opens onto a canal, to visit our gay neighbors. Naked teasing ensued, which opened Sophie's eyes to a new and exciting lifestyle.

She seemed to have a good time that night, but we still weren't sure she would ever join us again. But to our surprise, she said yes to an invitation a couple weeks later. She would join us for an afternoon trip to one of our favorite clothing optional beach resorts. I was delighted of course, eagerly excited to see those big, perky tits on show during the daylight on a crowded beach.

Let me describe our inner circle of nudist/exhibitionists. My wife Keiko and I were in our early forties, and kept ourselves in excellent shape. We were definitely within good company as being part of the beautiful people crowd in south Florida. Keiko was a medical doctor and I owned an architectural firm. As for the good parts, I had a very nicely-shaped and large dick, while Keiko had that taught Asian skin beautifully accentuated by a pair of surgically-enhanced breasts that when on display in the free air caused every nearby dick to rise in appreciation.

My daughter Melody was a beauty in her own tan line free skin. Being Eurasian (half Asian, half European) she also turned plenty of heads. Being raised a nudist, combined with a rebellious streak, got her in a little trouble sometimes, as she delighted in parading around without clothes, constantly pushing the exhibitionist envelope. High school was bad enough, but when she graduated and turned eighteen the high jinks became ever more so creative. Luckily, she was very cute, worldly, and smart enough to avoid getting caught. The summer after high school though was when we promised to let her have her own breast-enhancement surgery, as she always felt inadequate with her barely A-cup nubs, as she called them.

Melody's BFF, Sara, seemed like a second daughter to us, as she spent most of her free time with us, naked herself of course. She sported an awesome body, with very shapely curves, medium-sized breasts, fair skin and long blond hair. Melody and Sara were definitely partners in crime, on a mission to get the world as naked as they were.

We owned a large house on a deep-water canal in tropical Miami. My 50-foot ocean cruiser was aptly named the S.S. Happy Place, which had been the scene of a few dozen first-time nudist encounters amongst friends and acquaintances over the years.

Our newest nudie friend, Sophie, was a psychologist and worked with my wife at the hospital. They had known each other for a few years, but only after Sophie had a bad break up with her boyfriend of five years, did Keiko invite her to our place with the intent to introduce her to our erotic exhibitionist lifestyle. Keiko sensed that Sophie was ready to try something new, and adventurous. Well, did we have an adventure for her.

Sophie was also very in touch with her sexual emotions, naturally moving like a cat and just exuding sexual energy. She was constantly flirting with the cute guys in the hospital and always quick with a sexual remark or undertone. She also had the looks to back up that prowess. Voluptuous described her perfectly. She had a beautiful face, with cascading blond hair. I estimated she was in her mid thirties, and just exuded sexual passion with the way she moved and expressed herself. Besides all that, her prominent weapon of mass distraction was her very large and perfectly-hung breasts. I couldn't wait to see them again after that first night, and now she was joining our gang for a nudie adventure.

The anticipation was killing me, but the special day finally arrived. It was a Saturday about midsummer, accompanied with the typical blistering heat of south Florida. We would be going to Playa Sol Natura, a beach resort a little over an hour drive south of Miami. The resort featured a medium-sized hotel whose peak had passed, but most people just visit the resort for the day. They had a nice beach, pool area, tiki bar, restaurant and a dozen or so shops. The beach area was well serviced by the attentive staff and included lots of activities. On a typical weekend day, there would be a few hundred people spread out on the sand or meandering through the hotel lobby and shops.

The Playa Sol Natura was a special resort though, as they openly tolerate nudity as long as people behave themselves. When the resort first opened almost two decades ago, they aggressively tried to keep beach goers from stripping completely, but after a while just gave in and let people be as free as they wanted. The resort now features a guarded gate and surrounding high foliage that keeps the peepers away. Our family has taken quite a few friends there over the years, as there's lots to do in a comfortable environment. I was excited to be taking Sophie there for her first public unveiling of her voluptuous assets.

Sophie arrived at our house mid morning as planned so we could drive down together. Sara bounded down the hall and answered the door when our guest arrived. Sophie was slightly taken aback when she was greeted by a nubile, and fully naked, teenager who couldn't care less if she was seen by somebody passing on the street. Sophie soon found Keiko and I, naked, getting ready and reluctantly slipping on some thin cover-ups for our drive down to the resort.

Sophie questioned our choice of clothes, as Keiko wore a thin, skimpy summer dress and I pulled on a pair of nearly see through white shorts. Keiko's dress was short and barely covered her perky D-cups, no doubt likely to expose a nipple with the slightest breeze. She also of course didn't wear any panties under the dress, exposing the goods in a breeze or if she reached up.

Keiko explained to Sophie that an "unexpected" flash in public was part of the fun, revealing that grocery stores were our preferred venue. Sophie just sighed, and contemplated what she was getting into. Keiko offered Sophie one of her other skimpy dresses for the car trip down, but she declined, staying with her frumpy t-shirt and shorts with bikini underneath.

Keiko, Sophie and myself were soon on our way. Melody and Sara said they would drive themselves and meet us at the resort later, as they had to pick up a couple of their friends who would be joining us for the day. I was secretly hoping that these friends would be a couple of Melody's new sorority girls, their nubile college bodies all naked and oiled for our viewing pleasure. My dick twitched in anticipation, but I didn't let on.

On the way down, we explained to Sophie what she could expect and what the etiquette was for being nude with total strangers. Being the worldly sort, she already had the general idea. I only had that single night a few weeks ago to size up her personality, but Keiko had worked with her over many years, so had a better insight into how she would react under new and stressful situations.

On multiple occasions over the years, Keiko had told me about her admiration for her friend Sophie, and how she always exuded confidence and poise in situations that would normally break even the heartiest souls. Keiko knew that I would just adore Sophie once I met her, but since she was in a serious relationship all those years, Keiko purposely kept her away from our nudist lair for fear of any complications. Because Keiko could sense that the incredibly lustful Sophie could easily get caught up in the lifestyle if she was ever introduced to it. But now that she was single and ready to try new things, Keiko jumped at the chance to bring Sophie into the fold, much to the welcome delight of us all.

On the drive down to Playa Sol Natura, much of the trip was on the freeway. I was driving the SUV, with Sophie behind me and Keiko in the front passenger seat. Sophie didn't say anything at first, but eventually couldn't ignore the fact that Keiko had let her sun dress slip down, exposing her bare chest to anybody driving by with a higher cab. Keiko just laughed it off and admitted to the thrill it gives her to be seen. Sophie just rolled her eyes and gave up questioning our motives.

But that's my sexy wife, always drawing a crowd. It's probably a tossup as to who is getting the bigger thrill, my hot Asian wife or the lucky voyeur who just happened to be at the right place and right time. She really pushes the exhibitionist envelope, taking every opportunity to surprise a nearby stranger, man or woman. She has the smarts, confidence and especially the body to pull it off when other, less-experienced exhibitionists would probably get in a lot of trouble. She is full-blooded Korean, so is about a size 0 with long flowing raven hair and a supermodel's face. You'd never know she had just turned 40, because that tight Asian skin combined with a very active exercise routine makes her look easily 15 years younger.

After having our daughter, she decided to get a boob job. They are large C-cups in size, and although a little oversized for her frame, complement her style beautifully. She sports a luscious, petite, and still very tight, pussy that of course hasn't had a pubic hair since she was a teen. She has a flat pubic bone and a high vulva opening, so when she stands upright her slit is very prominent, much to the delight of any wanton soul who is the recipient of her exhibitionist games. She still gets me hard by just standing there.

My daughter, Melody, was brought up with nude people all around her, so was extremely comfortable without clothes. Although, sometimes too comfortable. There were plenty of instances when our exhibitionist daughter walked off our boat, fully nude, when we tied up at the marina for gas or supplies. Neither Keiko nor I realized what had happened until we suddenly saw our naked daughter walking down the dock towards us, returning from the marina complex. Luckily we were in the Keys, so nobody really cared.

Melody took most of her features from her mother, and looked very Asian, but her tall stature and freckles were definitely from my Irish side. She had long legs and beautiful, shiny black hair down past her butt. There's no doubt she leaves plenty of stiff dicks in her wake.

Melody's sex education started pretty early, fueled by all the naked bodies around. She was a curious one growing up, and asked plenty of questions. Keiko and I are always open to her curiosity and did what we could to raise a well-adjusted young lady.

Speaking of Melody, as Keiko, Sophie and I were on our drive down to the Playa Sol Natura resort, Melody and her friend Sara were picking up their friends on the way down to the resort. Melody talked Sara into a little exhibitionist game while at their friend's house. They were to meet two guys, Sara's freshman friend, Nick, and his best bud Richard. Sara barely knew Nick, and had only met Richard briefly, but she assured Melody that Richard was really buff, and that her pussy was wet at the thought of seeing them both on a nude beach. The boys hadn't seen either girl naked yet, but they heard the stories and agreed give the nude beach thing a try.

When the girls entered Richards's house, wearing frumpy t-shirts and shorts, the two boys were ready, but still obviously a little nervous. Neither of them had done the nudist thing before, or even been naked around their family. Also in the house were Richard's 35-ish step mom and younger step siblings, boy and girl twins who were seven years younger.

The group talked for awhile, as Richard's step mom had plenty of questions about the clothing-optional resort. I guess Melody and Sara were pretty convincing, as Richard's step mom seemed to drop her guard and even thought about trying it herself someday. Melody saw the opportunity, and demanded one condition before they could head off. She said that if the boys really wanted to see her and Sara naked bad enough that they had to strip right then and there, in full view of Richard's step mom and siblings.

After the shock subsided a little, the boys seemed to be willing, but only if Richard's step mom was OK with it. She reluctantly caved, although still slightly concerned about her twins, who didn't seem to care either way. So the boys hesitantly stripped down, of course embarrassed when exposing their rapidly growing dicks in front of their family. Melody and Sara flashed each other wicked grins, as they ogled two very muscular guys, each sporting decent-sized dicks that needed some attention.

The entire room stood in silence for a good while. The tension was finally broken when the rambunctious twins blurted that they wanted to join the party too, as they were uncomfortably hot from playing outside all morning and thought that getting naked seemed like a good idea.

They didn't even wait for the OK from their mother, and just stripped naked within a few seconds, vowing to stay that way for the rest of the day. Their step mom just shook her head, knowing better than to fight it, and retired to the kitchen. Satisfied, Melody directed the gang to head out, giving the boys the opportunity to get dressed again. But surprisingly, just as the four were heading out the front door, they heard Richard's step mom call out. Everybody turned their attention towards her, as she walked out of the kitchen into the living room, as naked as her twins.

She wished the group a good day at the beach, practically pushing Richard and Nick out the door, breaking the stare they both had on her shapely curves and large, pendulous tits. She promised they could have a longer look when they return that evening, as she vowed to give the family nudity thing a try.

Sophie was a tad nervous when we arrived at the gate to the resort, as her usual chatty personality became very quiet. But she pressed on, determined to overcome her fear of public nudity. The silence was broken when Keiko and I heard a muffled gasp from the back seat when we entered the crowded parking lot. Sophie was experiencing her first encounter with nude people in a public place, when she spied a middle-aged couple walking from their car butt-naked to the world and being totally casual about it. A few encouraging words from Keiko and I settled her down a bit.

I pull into a parking spot on the far end of the parking lot, away from the general mass of cars, so as to give Sophie a little breathing room. Sophie was the first out of the car, no doubt needing some fresh air. She was once again shocked to see Keiko exiting the car already nude and me wearing just my T-shirt. We answered her quip by revealing that both of us had stripped out of our clothes some time ago on the freeway, and enjoyed the thrill of giving any curious voyeurs a show if they were in a good position see into our front seat.

We kidded Sophie that on the way home she had to join us in our nude driving games. She insisted that she wouldn't, but Keiko and I knew that by the end of the day we would convince her to partake in some form of exhibitionism.

I started pulling our gear out of the back of the SUV while Keiko and Sophie chatted girl stuff out of ear shot. Keiko explained that most people strip naked in the parking lot and leave their clothes in the car, one less thing to keep track of at the resort. Sophie was very reluctant to strip right away, defending her desire to ease into it and questioning the clothing-optional status of the resort. Keiko explained that it was indeed clothing-optional, but why would anybody even go the resort if they didn't intend to go naked. There were much better resorts than this place if you didn't want to go naked.

Keiko knew that she needed to awaken her friend's seductive side, as Sophie's loins often won over her rational side. She reminded Sophie that there were lots of beautiful, naked men walking around with their gorgeous dicks swinging in the breeze, and that no doubt more than a few of them would grow much bigger at the sight of her sexy, voluptuous body prancing down the beach or sauntering through the shops.

Sophie was soon starting to relax and coyly imagining the voyeuristic scene Keiko was planting in her head. The tide was turning, and Sophie was starting to relax, accepting that she needed to muster plenty of courage and determination if she was ever going to overcome her fear. But at least she wasn't going at this alone; she had a couple experts to guide her along.

Keiko needed to seal the deal and take Sophie past her point of no return. This maneuver was well-practiced within our nudie gang, and it rarely failed. During this whole conversation, Sophie could not see me at the back of the SUV, where I was busying myself with all the beach stuff. But Keiko had a full view of me, watching my dick grow harder as I listened in on the girl's conversation, beside myself with anticipation that Sophie would be nude again, proudly swinging those wonderful tits for all to enjoy.

Keiko called me over and ceremoniously presented my engorged member to Sophie's alluring gaze, instructing her to reach out and grab it with gusto. She hesitated, but after receiving silent permission to fondle a married man's cock, she tentatively reached out with both hands and totally engulfed both my shaft and balls. It was a wondrous feeling, but eclipsed by the triumphant realization that from this point on, permission was reciprocated towards fondling her body parts!

That most definitely was the turning point for Sophie, as her expression of trepidation was quickly replaced with a confident, sexy smile. A sense of relief washed over her as she realized that she could actually do this public nudist thing and to actually embrace it instead of fearing it. Being a practicing psychologist, she knew the process well and had the skills to overcome it with ease. Without another word from any of us, Sophie methodically began removing her T-shirt, shorts and then finally a very skimpy bikini.

She didn't even hide behind the car while she removed her clothes, acting as if she strips in parking lots all the time, without a care if some stranger saw her. Upon completion of her task, Keiko gave her a big hug, which of course smashed each pair of D-cups into each other, much to my delight. Let the games begin!!!

Then, I gave her a big hug, immensely enjoying the erotic feeling of her succulent globes pressed against my chest and ramming my hard dick into her crotch with wanton abandon. Writhing my hips and flexing my dick using well-honed muscles, my purple-headed monster found its target, sliding into the fleshy triangle between her tightly clenched thighs, tickling her clit with my well-defined little helmet. Under the accepting watchful eyes of my beautiful wife, and a young couple one row over. Sophie was getting her first taste of erotic nudism; that playful gray area between hard-core sex and platonic nudism. A place where sexual teasing abounds while staying just shy of outright lewdness.

Sophie quickly pulled back from my embrace once she felt that bolt of lightning emanate from her pussy, overwhelming the pleasure center of her brain. She rocked back slightly, frozen with ecstasy and staring intently at my rock-hard dick. But once gaining back her composure, she flashed a wicked smile, suggestive of some sexually devious thoughts racing through her pretty head. Then she nervously gazed around the immediate area, thinking she was for sure in some kind of trouble, she realized there was an actual audience looking our way.

The twenty-something couple who were in the next row had just arrived and like us were gathering their beach gear from an open trunk. They were already naked, and upon gaining our attention, performed a little dry hump themselves, with the young girl bending over while her buff guy took a few mock thrusts from behind. They laughed at their mimicry and gathered their gear. Sophie, pleasantly relieved that our little vertical hump incident was actually enjoyed by total strangers, pirouetted on her toes to offer the couple a full frontal view of her juggling tits and waved in appreciation.

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