Voodoo Seduction


Krystal took the voodoo doll and gently tapped the clit three times.

Janice was getting undressed when she suddenly felt pleasure tapping her clit. She moaned as she thought to herself she really needed to get laid if just the breeze in an air conditioned room was tickling her pussy.

Krystal wanted to devour Janice whole right then and there, but knew the slow teasing temptation would make it seem more like her friend's own idea, which was the approach that would lead not only to convincing her beautiful, insecure friend to have sex with her, but also to convert her, making this turn far more than just a wild, one night stand.

So Krystal waited a bit longer before gently exhaling warm moist air on the two nipples of the voodoo doll.

Janice got dressed, undeniably excited, especially when she felt warmness flowing over her very sensitive nipples, which instantly got erect. God, what was happening to her? She glanced at the strap-on cock, wondering if maybe a lesbian encounter was something worth experiencing at least once to see if she liked it. Krystal was beautiful and her promises were indeed tempting. But if you have sex even once with a person you can't go back, and she worried it would ruin their friendship. Having Krystal as a trusted friend was way more important than an orgasm. Krystal was her rock.

Krystal slipped the doll into her oversized purse, deciding that was enough teasing for the time being.

Janice finished getting dressed, looked in the mirror and smiled at how hot she looked and her first thought was I wish Mark could see me in this!' That was followed by Fuck him! Tonight I'm gonna get laid!

She headed to the kitchen and said, "So your plan is to get me laid tonight?"

"Something like that," Krystal responded, hoping to be the one doing the laying. She checked out her straight friend and had to give herself credit: she'd definitely picked a perfect outfit. Janice would be devoured by the hungry crowd at Le Chateau Club.

"And may I ask why you have a strap-on lying on your bed?" Janice asked playfully, feeling oddly flirty and horny.

"Never know when one of those may come in handy," Krystal replied, sensing that the voodoo doll teasing had aroused her sexy friend.

"You never give up, do you?" Janice shook her head.

Krystal shrugged as she finished her wine, "I'm only looking out for what's best for you."

Janice downed her third glass of wine too, her own liquid courage to be promiscuous tonight, "I bet you are." But behind her sarcasm, both ladies knew of Janice's underlying trust.

The taxi arrived and once they were heading for their destination, Krystal slyly moved her hand inside her purse and to the voodoo doll.

"Where are we going?" Janice asked.

"Le Chateau Club," Krystal revealed, deciding it was better to surprise her now rather than when they arrived.

"You're taking me to Le Chateau Club?" Janice asked, knowing this was a lesbian club.

"I didn't want you having to deal with assholes all night," Krystal answered, as her finger grazed the voodoo doll's pussy lips.

"Just cunts?" A tipsy and horny Janice questioned bluntly as she felt her pussy tingle.

"Well there will be some of those," Krystal smiled, wanting to slide a finger in the doll but resisting the temptation. Patience was a virtue, although today that would be tested.

"I hope you're not trying to get me into some lesbian action," Janice said, as she felt more teasing pleasure on her pussy lips.

Krystal kept just slightly grazing the pussy lips, knowing the longer she teased her best friend the more pliable she'd be later. She shrugged, "I won't force you into doing anything, but I won't stop you if you want to explore your long neglected sexuality."

"Long neglected?" Janice asked, even as she let out the slightest moan.

"Yes, you can't honestly tell me you haven't even the slightest curiosity about what it would be like to be with a woman," Krystal said, knowing 99 percent of women had considered it at some point, and the number of females crossing the line had never been higher... in 2017 being bi was suddenly the in thing.

"I didn't say that," Janice responded, confused at both her acquiescence as well as the odd pleasure she was experiencing down below... which was keeping her burning and rattled.

"Just keep an open mind..." Krystal smiled, before adding, as she gave three taps to the clit, "... and open legs."

"You're so bad," Janice said, even as she let out a load moan as something seemed to be tapping her clit.

"You okay?" Krystal asked, as she moved her hand away from the doll, seeing the lust and confusion on her pretty friend's face... noticing her gaze between her own legs, trying to comprehend how her pussy was being touched.

"Um, yeah," Janice nodded, looking down between her legs as if expecting to find a hand between them. "I must have downed that wine too quick."

"Or you're just excited about being the virgin cunt at an all-girls banquet," Krystal teased, knowing she would indeed be prey for the many hunters of the evening. 'You may be doing some table-hopping tonight. On your knees, she thought to herself.

"Krystal!" Janice gasped, even though her pussy was so wet and the idea of a group of hungry lesbian pussy munchers gathered around her was suddenly very intriguing. In theory! I'd never really go that far.

"Janice!" Krystal mimicked. "I have just three things to say in my defense: You're hot, you're hot, and you're very hot."

"So you think I'm hot?" Janice replied playfully, enjoying the receipt of a sincere compliment after the hurt of yet another break-up. In reality, Janice knew she was pretty, knew she had a good body and was fun. Yet she was also perceived by many as high maintenance, and her many failed relationships had made her insecure. She sucked cock and swallowed cum without getting anything in return, she took facials, had even worn cum on her face in public on a couple of occasions, she'd had public sex many times and she'd recently begun taking it in the ass and yet here she was single... again.

"You're utterly delicious and ready to be served up piping Hot," Krystal replied, her blunt innuendo not even remotely hidden.

"You're so bad," Janice replied, feeling her cheeks burn as her pussy did too. If Krystal weren't her best friend she might have been crossing that line tonight.

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way," Krystal retorted, quoting their favourite movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, especially favourite because she was often compared to the sexy fictional cartoon Jessica... Krystal was also statuesque and big breasted with flowing red hair and green eyes.

"Oh you're bad," Janice repeated, her blonde hair and blue eyes the opposite of her best friend, but equally beautiful.

"Fine," she agreed, "but I'm very, very good when I'm bad." She misquoted the columnist Karen D'Souza's long-ago description of Mae West, "When I was good I was very very good, But when I was bad I was better!"

"I just bet you are," Janice said, her tone flirty this time, knowing her best friend always seemed to have incredibly hot women around her, eager to go to bed with her.

"Trust me, girlfriend," Krystal replied, hoping her words were foreshadowing the evening, "One night of me eating your cunt and you'll be born again."

"As what, a lesbian?" Janice questioned, the idea of being eaten out beginning to sound very appealing! She'd completely forgotten the driver could hear the entire conversation. (Krystal hadn't, but she didn't care.)

"Being eaten out doesn't make you a lesbian, it doesn't even make you bi," Krystal pointed out. "It's no different from being eaten out by a guy, except that girls are way better at it; they understand the complexities of the female anatomy from the inside out."

"I guess," Janice nodded, actually realizing that was true. An orgasm is an orgasm... and if it was provided by an experienced woman who knew what she was doing, unlike the men she'd dated, then all the better.

"Even if I fuck that pussy of yours with my strap-on, that doesn't make you a lesbian," Krystal added. She was enjoying the opportunity to use such an aggressive approach. Today it didn't seem to be rattling her best friend the way it usually did. She glanced up to see the driver's stunned face, able to hear the entire wicked conversation. She smiled at him and winked.

"Really?" Not a lesbian?" Janice asked, recalling that big cock on her best friend's bed, much bigger than any of her boyfriends'.

"Sure," Krystal nodded, "plus, you'll be able to enjoy my cock with no worry of disease or getting pregnant."

"I guess I should just let you fuck me then," Janice said sarcastically.

Krystal heard the sarcasm but ignored it as she moved her hand back to the doll and grazed her finger over the pussy, "About time you listened to me."

"I was being sarcastic," Janice pointed out, although she moaned the response more than said it as she felt yet more bizarre pleasure in her pussy.

"You already seem revved up and ready," Krystal pointed out, giving one firm tap on the clit.

"Oh, God!" Janice gasped, an intense pleasure coursing through her as if an invisible finger had just tapped her clit.

"What's wrong?" An Academy Award winning Krystal asked, feigning concern and confusion.

"I-I-I don't know," Janice answered, thinking, There's a ghost or something in my pussy and I'm almost ready to come!

"Well, we're here," Krystal announced as if Janice were behaving perfectly naturally instead of moaning and squirming all over the seat, as the taxi pulled up to the club.

"I'm not sure I should go in there," Janice said, sensing she wasn't herself and her resistance to temptation very low. "I'm really afraid I might walk out as a lesbian."

"No one is going to turn you into a lesbian," Krystal reassured, even though that was exactly what the plan was... the no one in question being herself.

"I just don't feel like myself." What Janice did feel was dishevelled and undeniably horny.

"It's a full moon," Krystal pointed to the big bright moon. "It's time to let loose. I want to hear you howl tonight!"

Janice knew she'd never be able to argue herself away from this rationale professed by her never flappable friend. Maybe instead of debating theory, she should just go inside and see what happened. If she didn't like it, she could just walk away, and then she wouldn't need a reason. End of story. So she sighed and said, "Fine."

Krystal moved her hand away from the voodoo doll and got out of the taxi, giddy with anticipation... which was how she usually felt when she went on the hunt for cunt... although this time her prey was already selected before she even entered the ultimate hunting ground... the secretly famous Le Chateau Club where anything and everything could happen and always did.

As she watched her best friend get out of the taxi, her short skirt riding up to place her almost-naked ass in clear view as she did, Krystal pondered the many unique things she'd witnessed or been a part of at this wild and wicked lesbian club. As a long-time member, she happened to know it was secretly owned by the wildly popular Governor of Massachusetts who would very likely be a presidential candidate in the 2020 election.

This club had provided Krystal with many fond memories over the years:

-her first public orgasm had come on the tongue of a beautiful stranger who'd simply walked up to her cocktail table and given her a brief smile before crawling under the table and parting her legs. When she didn't protest, the surprising woman had gone to town bringing her to multiple orgasms. Meanwhile Krystal had been attempting to uphold her end of a conversation with her boss and use actual words instead of just gasps and moans. She must have passed some sort of test, as she learned when her boss took her home with her and first gave her a promotion, and then placed her hands on Krystal's shoulders, sending her down to provide her with multiple orgasms

-her first of many tastes of the exotic, best tasting pussy in the world, Big Rosie, a black Goddess who could come endless times and often had a line as long as fifteen eager cunt lickers waiting for their turn to taste pussy perfection

-watching a family of three generations of women form a four person daisy chain as the new 18-year-old learned the decades long family secret from her elder sister, her mother and her grandmother

-being eaten by a celebrity who will remain nameless, but is easily the most popular singer in the world. Every time she's dumped by a guy, she comes here and lets her submissive lesbian side out to play

-her delighted shock one time when she was invited to Governor Greene's suite and had the privilege of servicing the future President of America, as well as share a couple of hot young college cheerleaders

Yet Krystal had never brought her voodoo dolls to the club... until now.

"Hi Krystal, who's your guest?" Fiona the bouncer asked.

"My best friend Janice," Krystal answered, giving the butch lesbian bouncer a knowing look of intent.

Fiona looked Janice up and down with obvious admiration. Actually, strike the word 'looked'; 'leered' was more like it. She'd heard a lot about this long-sought-after prize from Krystal on a few occasions. Fiona asked, as she imagined having the straight girl bent over taking her massive strap-on, "Does she know the rules?"

"I haven't explained them yet." Krystal admitted.

"No cell phones, and what happens in the club stays in the club," Fiona clarified.

"Of course," Janice nodded, a little scared of this big butch woman. Fiona was easily 6' 2" and built like a linebacker. Except most linebackers didn't have huge, muscular boobs or wear a long, flowing black negligee. Or chains.

"And there are cameras everywhere," Fiona added.

"I understand," Janice agreed, even though she really didn't.

Krystal led Janice by the hand and into the club, expecting things to already be a little wild based on what time it was and that it was Halloween... she was correct.

Inside the entrance was a long marble hallway with open arches leading to various rooms or halls. The first arch led to a dance hall and immediately inside the entrance were four women, all on Sybians, with one Sybian still unattended.

Janice stared at the four very different women sitting astride the Sybians... a device she'd always wanted to purchase but at over a thousand dollars she instead bought a rabbit, and a wi-vibe, and a...

-a woman easily in her sixties and dressed in a cheerleader's outfit, but was clearly well off

-a petite Asian woman dressed as a nun

-a larger, big busted woman dressed as a Brownie which looked absolutely ridiculous, her massive breasts already out and bouncing around like basketballs

-a mid-forties black woman dressed as a nurse... the white stockings a strong contrast with her dark black skin

Krystal noticed her friend staring and moved her hand in her purse and quickly slid her finger between the pussy lips causing Janice to moan loudly.

Janice gasped hearing her own loud moan, feeling intense pleasure between her legs as she watched the four women on the fuck machines.

A female announcer dressed as a mummy, if you could count the few flimsy white strips remaining on her body as a costume, her tits completely out, her pussy also in clear view, "We're still looking for one more contestant."

Krystal quickly offered, "My friend volunteers."

"Krystal!" Janice gasped. Sure her pussy was on fire and she'd always wanted to ride a Sybian, but not in public and not in a lesbian club.

The female announcer walked over to Janice and asked, "What is your name?"

Janice glared at Krystal as she answered sheepishly, "Janice."

"First time here?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"You have a deer in the headlights look, so yes," the female announcer, Sunshine, acknowledged.

"I feel like a deer," Janice responded, already in way over her head... her submissive persona allowing this way out of character centre of attention moment to continue.

"Well, time to ride," Sunshine announced, giving a wink to Krystal, instantly knowing without being told that Janice was a spaghetti girl to be.

Janice stammered, "I-I-I don't know," as she looked back at Krystal for help.

"Go!" Krystal said, moving behind her and giving her a friendly push. "Have some fun! You only live once."

Janice didn't repeat her sarcastic 'fine', but she thought it as she walked over to the Sybian and looked at it.

Sunshine walked over to her, dropped down and quickly pulled the thong off the prey.

Janice was startled, but obediently lifted up her feet to assist with having her underwear removed before she decided 'fuck it', straddled the impressive fuck machine and lowered her rather fevered pussy onto it. She was horny and needed to come. She'd always wanted to ride such a machine.

"Oh," she moaned, as the toy slid easily inside her.

Sunshine said, "Now for the rules. The winner is the last one to come."

Upon hearing this, Krystal quickly waved over a waitress and requested a rum and coke, even as she fished an ice cube out of a glass on her tray.

The waitress, used to strange things happening, and having served Krystal, both with drinks and between her legs before, didn't question the order but hurried off.

Janice cursed to herself. She didn't imagine she'd last very long at all with whatever ghost or whatever that was causing her body to overstimulate.

Sunshine added, "And the winner will receive 100 dollars, a head of the line pass for Big Rosie and the Sybian they rode to victory."

Instantly Janice wanted to win! She had no idea what a line pass for Big Rosie was and the 100 bucks was cool, but keeping the Sybian was over a thousand dollar value... something she would never buy herself, because it was expensive and impractical, but a luxury item she nevertheless wanted.

Krystal moved the ice cube into her purse and between the doll's legs, trying to cool down the fevered pussy she'd been stimulating for the past couple of hours.

Janice's eyes went big when she felt a cold chill directly on her pussy lips. She looked down, wondering if the machine had a cool switch.

Sunshine added, "Of course, for every winner there are four losers. The first one to come will be tonight's pee cleaner."

Janice didn't know what that meant, but it didn't sound pleasant. One ex had wanted to give her a golden shower but she'd refused, although she wondered whether if Mark had asked, she would have done it... her desperation to keep a man was making her do lots of things she wouldn't have done five years ago.

"The second one to come will be the puppy tonight," Sunshine continued, waving a butt plug tail in the air.

Janice assumed that meant she'd be walking on all fours with a tail in her ass... something that would be rather humiliating.

Krystal smiled. Every night this year there'd been a puppy who crawled on all fours, butt plug tail in her ass, licking pussies and humping legs. It was something she had never had to do... although she'd had a few puppies lick her cunt and even more of them hump her legs. A couple of them had climbed way up her body and licked her ear... not in a seductive way but boisterously, with loud panting.

"The third one to come will be raffled off to a lucky winner and serve as their unconditional twelve hour pet," Sunshine revealed, this consequence seeming way worse than the last one for Janice. She rationalized that riding a Sybian was a fantasy come true (hopefully a pun), she may even be willing to let a lesbian here lick her, she was that horny, but the idea of licking another girl and doing who knew what else until well past dawn intimidated her.

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