Voodoo Seduction


Krystal suddenly realized she may have let this seduction get out of hand already, even though she should have known and even did know that bringing a sexy, straight girl to a lesbian club could lead to almost anything. Tonight Janice was supposed to be her pet... and this eventuality risked that; she sure couldn't protest or even hang around if someone else won her in a raffle. Krystal had twice won a pet in a raffle, the most exciting being Governor Greene's own daughter. That had led to one of the wildest nights of her life when she'd ended up back at a sorority house and was allowed to lead a rather large lesbian orgy. It had been crazy fun, but she'd limped home covered in girl-cum and beer.

Sunshine finished with, "And the runner-up, well, she will be bound to the Sybian the rest of the night, blindfolded and well, who knows?"

"That isn't a punishment!" a few called out.

Janice's eyes went big. She would have to find a way to win! All four of these options were either outright humiliation or vague in their final intention. I don't even want to know what a pee cleaner is!

"Do you all understand?" Sunshine asked.

The other four said yes as Janice tried to process. Yet, her processing was short-lived as the vibrations started.

Krystal instantly moved the ice back to the voodoo doll's pussy, trying to do whatever it took to help Janice win.

Janice moaned the instant the buzzing began, instantly worried she wouldn't last long. Then just as instantly she felt that intense coldness return to her vagina... as if ice were being placed on her pussy. The sensations were contrasting and the coldness cooled (pun intended) her heated box.

Then for the next couple of minutes Janice tried to focus on bad thoughts: Gangnam Style, the time she'd seen her grandfather naked, steak (she was a vegetarian), and other things she hated.

Krystal watched intently, trying to avoid getting involved as much as she could and potentially blowing her voodoo secret... the ice was already a pretty extreme action.

Krystal saw one of the house pets, the sweet eighteen year old Jenny, and simply pointed to her pussy.

Jenny wordlessly moved in front of the gorgeous redhead, knelt down under her skimpy skirt and began licking.

Then the nun screamed, "Damn it," as she came.

Sunshine quipped, "Well I guess she'll be getting none," which got roars from the growing crowd.

Janice opened her eyes and was shocked to see so many people watching, and even more surprised to see not that Krystal was watching her, but that she had a girl on her knees licking her.

Krystal smiled at her best friend, as Janice shook her head and closed her eyes, unsure how she felt about seeing her friend being serviced by another woman. Oddly, her first feeling was one of betrayal and hurt. My best friend brings me to a lesbian club pretty much saying she's going to seduce me, with the implication that we'll become lovers and I'll never need a man again because we'll be so happy together. Now we've been here less than five minutes and instead of making me feel desirable she's with someone else!

As Janice considered the anomaly that she felt hurt because her platonic best friend wasn't hitting on her, she was startled when someone screamed.

Sunshine declared, "And it's ra-ra-ra-time for the bone."

Janice opened her eyes to see the elderly cheerleader getting off the Sybian. Her eyes went wide as she realized she was suddenly in the final three.

Krystal moaned as she watched Janice on the Sybian. She couldn't deny it was hot. She was also impressed with her control not to come. On the other hand, the combination of the wicked tongue of the teenager and watching her friend on the Sybian had Krystal's orgasm building quickly. So she pushed Jenny's head away and said, "That's enough for now."

"Yes, Mistress," Jenny nodded, disappointed, but understanding that her place here was to serve and obey.

Janice saw her friend push the girl away.... A girl who looked to be still in high school... she also very briefly saw her friend's pussy, which she'd seen in the past in changing rooms. Somehow this time was different, probably because this time her friend's cunt was glistening. She shook her head as she again felt a new feeling... curiosity. I wonder what Krystal would taste like...

This curiosity began to reawaken the burning fire once again as Janice imagined being the one in front of Krystal on her knees like she'd already been so many times for unappreciative men. This confused Janice even as the buzzing between her legs increased by a notch. Do I have sexual feelings for Krystal? After all this time refusing her advances, am I actually curious about trying to lick a pussy? Krystal's pussy?

Krystal noticed her friend's perplexed facial expression and wondered what she was thinking.

"Mother fucker," a voice screamed as the mid-forties nurse reached orgasm.

"Well the raffle will likely be raising someone's pulse," Sunshine joked, as she continued to play with the costumes' themes with her bad puns. "And then there were two. Ladies, do you want to see something fun?"

"Yes," many of the women replied.

"Then," Sunshine said, with a dramatic pause before she announced, "Rule change. The first one to come wins! Go!"

Janice heard the change and instantly began grinding on the machine, desperate to come, desperate to win.

Krystal quickly reached in her purse, slid her finger inside the voodoo doll and tapped the clit furiously as she watched her best friend fuck herself... her tits bouncing around.

And in seconds, Janice felt pleasure she didn't know existed. The buzzing was intense and somehow the machine found her g-spot... something no man had ever found.... Janice forgot she was in a contest, in a club, with many women watching as she babbled, "Oh God, fuck, fuck, oh God, fuck, fuck, yes!"

"We have a winner," Sunshine declared, as Janice came like gangbusters!

The machine stopped as the other finalist cursed, "Fuck!"

Sunshine reassured, "That's right dear, you'll be getting fucked all night."

People laughed, as Krystal came over to Janice and congratulated her, "You won!"

"I'm still coming," Janice replied, the orgasm never ending.

"So I see," Krystal laughed, as Sunshine came over.

"Here is your pass for Big Rosie and your hundred bucks," Sunshine said, handing Janice an envelope. "The Sybian will be delivered to your home; just talk to Angela. Or phone her tomorrow; her card's in the envelope too."

"Okay," Janice nodded, as Sunshine bent down slightly and kissed her. Janice was stunned at the kiss and how soft the lips were. After a pause she returned the kiss, loving the tenderness... the softness.

"Enjoy the rest of your night," Sunshine wished her when she broke the kiss after twenty seconds, which suddenly seemed way too short.

"T-t-thank you," Janice stammered.

Krystal assisted Janice off her new toy and asked, "Having fun?"

"Um, that was so embarrassing," Janice answered, the reality of what she'd just willingly done in front of a crowd of strangers coming full circle.

"You didn't look embarrassed," Krystal pointed out.

"I can't believe I did that," Janice responded.

"It was fucking hot," Krystal reassured.

"Because my girlfriend thinks I'm hot, hot, hot," Janice playfully flirted.

Krystal laughed as a waitress came up to them and said, "Your table is ready, Mistress Krystal."

"Mistress?" Janice asked, the term rather intriguing.

Krystal shrugged, "There's a hierarchy here."

"And where do I fit in?" Janice asked.

"At the moment you actually don't, since you still consider yourself a straight girl. But if you decide to join us on the other side, I believe you would be most comfortable in the role of submissive pet," Krystal answered, "but that remains to be seen, you could possibly be a switch," once they were at the table and sitting down.

"So I can't get someone to crawl between my legs and lick my cunt?" Janice asked bluntly, suddenly wanting her best friend between her legs.

Krystal was startled, "If you want that, certainly you can. All you have to do is find a submissive or a switch."

"What's a switch?" Janice asked curiously. She wasn't sure she wanted to eat a cunt yet, but she was really considering having her own cunt eaten.

"A woman who can be a Mistress or a submissive depending on her mood and who she's with," Krystal answered.

Although Krystal was definitely a Mistress 95% of the time, she'd really enjoyed the odd encounter where she'd been the submissive. Once she had served Carolyn Adams, the amazingly seductive beautiful owner of Elegance Stockings (read about her in the 2 Mistresses series); now there was a woman worth surrendering to! And when she was in college back at the beginning of her Sapphic journey, there'd been the black Goddess who'd seduced her and dominated her and helped her discover her destiny. Then there'd been the surprising and rewarding night at her mom's 45th birthday party when she'd gone on the hunt for her mother's best friend and ended up being the prey. She thoroughly enjoyed her life as a Mistress, but on the rare occasion when she encountered an impressive woman who had the balls (so to speak) to dominate her, she found her own total surrender absolutely thrilling!

"And what are you?" Janice asked.

"Why, do you want me to crawl between your legs and..." Krystal began when she was interrupted by a pretty woman with her skin dyed sky blue and wearing a Smurfette outfit.

"Can I buy the pass off of you?" Smurfette asked.

"Pardon?" Janice asked.

"The Big Rosie front of the line pass; can I buy it off of you?" Smurfette repeated.

"It's not for sale," Krystal answered for her friend, as she glanced upstairs and saw at least eight woman in line at the moment and there was no way Janice could leave here without tasting pussy perfection.

"I'll give you a hundred bucks," Smurfette countered.

Janice was baffled.

"No sale," Krystal repeated, before adding, "now please leave us alone."

"Two hundred," Smurfette upped the ante, desperate to taste Big Rosie but knowing she had to be home in an hour to drive the babysitter home.

"No," Krystal repeated, although she was impressed by the tenacity. "But if you want, you can crawl under this table and eat the second best tasting twat here."

"Whatever," Smurfette sighed, walking away and going to the line as (remembering the rules) she surreptitiously pulled out her phone to text her babysitter with the hope she could stay here longer.

As Krystal opened her mouth to make another joke, Janice unexpectedly leaned in and kissed her.

Krystal was shocked by the sudden turn of events.

Janice didn't know why she did it... just that she had to. At first she was afraid she'd made an unforgiveable mistake and was very tentative until Krystal kissed her back and greatly relieved, she could start breathing again.

Krystal was surprised, stunned even; this she hadn't predicted! Yet she wasn't going to allow it to go to waste. Sure the seduction wasn't going as planned, they often didn't, but she returned the kiss, giddy with excitement that this could be something real... she hadn't even used the voodoo doll to get Janice to make the first move.

Janice couldn't explain it, but now that Krystal had welcomed her impulsive move, this felt so right. Maybe it was the crazy Sybian experience. Maybe it was the devastating break-up with Mark. Maybe it was years of Krystal's tempting descriptions of same sex intimacy. Maybe it was a mixture of all the above... but again, this felt so right.

The kiss was tender.

The kiss was intimate.

The kiss slowly shifted to more urgent as Krystal slid her tongue in her best friend's mouth.

Janice mirrored her friend's actions as she slid her tongue inside Krystal's mouth.

Tongues explored.

Hands moved under the table.

Krystal's fingers found Janice's sopping wet cunt.

Janice's fingers found Krystal's very wet panties. Janice broke the kiss and questioned, "Why are you wearing panties?"

Krystal countered with an offer, "Excellent question. Why don't you crawl under the table and take them off for me?"

"Is that an order?" Janice asked, willing to do it, but only if ordered to, afraid of the responsibility for such a decision.

"Definitely," Krystal nodded, as her finger slid inside Janice. She pumped the pussy for a few seconds as Janice moaned loudly. "Now be a good pet and do as you're told."

Janice couldn't believe she was going to do this.

Krystal couldn't believe how suddenly this had all transpired.

Janice looked around to see things had gotten crazier during her brief few minutes of kissing. The blindfolded girl on the Sybian was bouncing on it while two girls sucked on her tits; the puppy was under a table assumedly licking a chubby Wilma Flintstone, her fluffy white tail being what identified her; and an older woman was bent over a table being fisted by a much younger woman. This last made Janice's eyes go big.

Krystal explained, "The young girl doing the fisting is Governor Greene's daughter. The woman being fisted is a mother of seven and the wife of a minister."

"No way!" Janice said, staring in awe at the wicked sight.

"Now stop watching the others and get yourself involved," Krystal said, "Your midnight snack has been marinating all night."

Janice feigned shock, "Krystal, after all these years of keeping me at arms' distance you don't finally want me to lick your pussy do you? You could have said something!"

Krystal smiled and played the role of sweet, overwhelmed innocent for a moment, "Yes, you irresistible vamp; you've finally won me over; your persistence has worn down my resistance; be still, my heart." Then changing roles: "Now get busy eating my gash. It's going to be a mainstay of your diet from now on."

"I can't believe I'm about to do this," Janice said, staring at her beautiful best friend, the deer in the headlights look returning.

"I can't believe it's taken this long," Krystal replied, confident this was only the beginning of something special. "Now hurry up, my cunt is on fire."

"Yes, Mistress," Janice said, the words flowing so naturally off her tongue.

Krystal's whole body warmed at those two simple words and watched as her straight best friend did the unthinkable. Without any manipulation, she willingly... even eagerly... slid under the table.

Janice couldn't believe she was doing this... not only crossing the invisible line Krystal had been beckoning her towards for so many years... but doing it at a club where others could watch her do it. Yet her lust, her curiosity and her need to please, all controlled her as she parted her best friend's nylon clad legs.

Krystal lifted up her ass and allowed Janice to pull down her very soiled panties.

Janice tugged the panties down and off and then moved between her legs... already smelling the scent of an excited woman... a scent that drew her in even more. Under the tablecloth it was dark, but she leaned forward, extended her tongue and licked.

Krystal moaned as her greatest fantasy became a reality... Janice was licking her pussy, "There you go, my pet."

The term my pet turned Janice on, just like being called a slut by a man did. Although she'd never licked a pussy before, she found it similar to a cock. That made no sense in theory, but still. Each was unique, each told you if you were doing a good job and each promised a tasty treat at the end. She was determined to please Krystal... to be as good a cunt licker as she was a cock sucker... and she was a great cock sucker.

Maybe it was the excitement of the fantasy coming true, maybe it was the situation, but Krystal's orgasm built quickly as she was impressed with her friend's virgin pussy pleasing tongue. She moaned, "That's it, my pet, worship my cunt with that wicked tongue."

Janice loved the encouragement. She loved to hear moans, she loved to know she was making someone happy. She moved to her friend's clit, hoping that focusing her attention on Krystal's button would get her off. She was curious if pussy cum tasted even stronger than pussy wetness. She was curious if Krystal was a squirter like she was. She was curious what it would feel like to have female cum coating her face instead of sticky warm male cum.

Krystal could feel the inevitable rising like lava from a volcano about to erupt. She grabbed the back of Janice's head, pulled her deeper into her fiery wetness and began to grind on her face... closing her eyes, panting like that puppy over there.

Janice lapped. Janice tugged. Janice licked.

Krystal ground her pussy up and down.

Then Krystal let go of Janice's head and came... her cum flooding out of her.

Janice felt the wetness splatter on her face... noticing it wasn't warm like male cum, but it was exponentially more tasty. She lapped hungrily, knowing Krystal had been right... one lick and she was forever changed. She knew without a doubt she was no longer straight. She wouldn't know for a few days that she was actually a complete lesbian... that Mark would be the last male cock ever to penetrate her (although she would carry Krystal's and her baby a couple years later... satisfying her mother's need for grandchildren and their own desire to have a child) ... although she would have dozens of toy cocks fuck her. But that's another story. Instead she kept licking, not thinking ahead but just savouring the creamy cum of now, enjoying the reward for a job well done.

Krystal enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm, of the successful seduction of her best friend, and the intensity of euphoria.

Janice didn't move out from under the table until Krystal said, "Come back up here, beautiful."

Janice smiled at the compliment that meant so much more than the earlier 'you're hot' because of the context.

But moving back up, Janice wasn't sure what to say. It hadn't been awkward being under the table, but being back up here face to face, it suddenly was. What do I say now? 'I love you?' 'Lick my face clean you dirty slut?' (Likely not.) 'I'll be your slave forever Mistress?' (Possibly.) What do I say? Is there even an etiquette for a situation like this?

Krystal came to her rescue with a gentle smile, "So, did you enjoy eating my pussy?"

"Wasn't it obvious?" Janice asked, happy that Krystal had broken the ice.

"Oh it definitely was," Krystal smiled. "But I want to hear you say it."

"Say what?" Janice asked, before going all in, "That I loved eating your pussy, that you were right, or that my own pussy is on fire? They're all true."

Krystal caught the eye of a cute blonde passing by and curled a finger. The blonde nodded and walked over to them. "Want a teenager to eat you out?"

"Is she legal? Janice asked.

"Jessica's eighteen, by a couple of months," Krystal answered, having used her on her eighteenth birthday here when her mother and aunts had brought her here as a surprise and to introduce her into a longstanding family tradition. No daisy chains for this one, Jessica's relatives just loaned her to lots of their friends, promising her lots more fun when they got her home. With no more than a credit card between them in possessions, they all climbed into a taxi totally naked (they'd arrived that way too), and somehow got home without being arrested. Krystal was amused at the idea that this was a family-friendly establishment.

"Jessica, get under the table and eat my cunt," Janice ordered the girl, trying out the idea of being a switch.

"Yes, ma'am," the pretty blonde nodded, loving to taste new pussy.

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