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This is meant to be a short essay aimed at other writers, writers who read, and readers who write (I put myself in this last class.) In it I plan to discuss the evolution of how I vote on other stories and ask how others vote, followed by some comments on comments about my, and other, stories.

My aim is to encourage some discussion on these subjects.


Part One: Voting

When I first discovered Literotica I immediately started reading all kinds of stories, I couldn't get enough. Within a short time I started voting. I am sorry to admit that I was harsh. Very harsh. I came up with a loose subjective system.

If there were spelling or grammar errors that I noticed I would only give a maximum of four, regardless of how much I liked the story. Too many errors would result in a maximum of three. I don't think I ever voted less than three. I saved Five for those stories that I really really really liked, that had no errors in spelling and grammar (that I spotted.)

Please note that this was all before I even thought about posting a story. This was a result of growing up in the Fifties and Sixties, where in school, regardless of the subject, spelling and penmanship counted towards the grade.

Then in early 2012 I actually posted a story. I didn't think it was that good, but I thought I would give it try. I was afraid to use my original log-in name, and I still can't figure out why, neither is more or less anonymous than the other, so I opened a second account and posted it. I don't think I've gone back to my original account since then. As I read through the actual approved story on lit I couldn't believe how dumb it sounded or how I missed some typos.

That's when I started changing how I vote. After several more stories I started voting completely differently. I realized how hard it is to actually catch my own typos and misspellings. And my word processor tries to complete words for me. I let it because it is easier, but have got caught out a few times when I let it use a different word that sounds like the word I want. Argghhh.

I suppose I should find an editor.

Now I vote a Five whenever I read a story that I enjoy and that didn't have enough errors to end that enjoyment. I let my enjoyment govern my voting, as well as how well written it is. If the plot makes a twist that I don't like, I still judge my vote on how well it was written.

So if I vote, I vote five. I leave my disappointment on plot twists to the comment section. If I can't give it a Five, I just don't vote. Kind of a version of what my mom used to say, “If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.”

How do you vote? Do you let personal feelings about the actual story, how it ended, how the plot didn't run to your taste etc, influence your vote? How do you think others should vote. Has writing your own stories changed how you vote?


Part Two: Comments

Do you, as writers, comment on other stories. If so, how do you comment – harsh emotional criticism, or reasoned supportive critique?

What are the worst comments you have gotten? How often do you delete comments?

I recently posted my first 'Loving Wive' story. I feel that I have a real perspective on a cheating wife, since my first wife, after fifteen years left me for another woman. It wasn't that bad a deal, I was relieved more than anything as I had been wanting to split up for some time, but by waiting 'till she left me, it made the settlement much better for me.

Back to my LW story. I actually got hate mail comments. I was used to some bad comments by Mr. Anonymous from a few Cross-dressing/femdom type stories. But this was really bad. I finally deleted the comments that talked about what a horrible or perverted person I was. One actually talked about Killing people. It was bad enough to read about how the husband should beat up the wife and throw her out.

But everyone has opinions, as long as someone talks about the story, and not me, I guess I'll let them stand. I don't think I ever got that personally vicious on any of my comments, if I did, I am so very very sorry.

So, what are your policies on deleting comments – letting them all stand, deleting some but not others, not allowing comments?

What are your methods of writing comments on other stories? Do you nit pick or offer criticism? Do you comment at all? Do you comment anonymously or with your regular ID?

This isn't a cry for help so much as a hope to generate some discussion with other writers, both the more experienced ones as well as those like me who are new at this. I also welcome comments from polite readers, especially those who use their Literotica ID.

OK, how many grammar and spelling errors did I make? And how dumb and pathetic is this essay?

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by Anonymous

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by KaereniSister10/15/17

I think the worst comment I received was and I quote, "Fuck you! You suck at writing." I reply I deleted and removed the option to be a anon poster. I have gotten a few good ones, some hate mail and manymore...

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