tagRomanceVow To My Princess

Vow To My Princess


Was she really perfect...? Yes. It's hard to believe, really, that In just over a year, I've gotten to know her as a friend, then a sister, and eventually... well, it all fell into place. Go ahead, call it cliché, but I couldn't be happier knowing that someone who originally fibbed about her name for her own security wound up being my, and I quote from Chobits, "someone just for me".

She was definitely a fairy tale princess. Loving to a fault, a beautiful sight to everyone who saw her and a winner of so many hearts, yet she still cares for everyone no matter what. What was missing? Being kidnapped and needing rescuing. There's literally no way to describe her except with "perfect", for sure.

Does that make me the one to fill the role of the captor, to have taken her from the world as my love? Whether it does or not, she's happy, and so am I. For months, since September, I've only been able to count about five hundred thousand cases of "I love you" from her. Lord knows how many times she's tried to prove it, and he knows how many times she's succeeded, too.

I really couldn't be... wait, that's a lie. I could be happier. See, between September and March, the relationship was everything but physically together. That made it trying, hard, almost annoying, and occasionally very stressful. But, wouldn't it be stupid if we couldn't last six months waiting to meet each other? If we couldn't last two years before an eternity, did we really deserve to tell each other that we loved one another? I could be happier. As of March, the relationship didn't need to be through long-distance medium. As of Spring Break, the first day of mine... Heaven met Earth.

The drive from north Indiana to mid Tennessee is about seven hours. And as I slept in for the first day of my long, much-needed break from work and school, I knew it somewhere in the back of my head that she was getting ready to come. That didn't interrupt my dreamless sleep, though... As she prepared for the long early-morning trip, I couldn't help but stay lazily snuggled into my blankets.

She knew what we agreed to. She knew she was supposed to call me when she left so I'd know where she was and how long to wait... She apparently decided she wanted to surprise me by showing up a lot sooner than expected. I know it was a romantic move and love it even now, but when I woke up at 10 in the morning, she was already four hours into the seven. That's when I finally grew worried and called. After two rings, I finally heard her soft voice on the other line.

"Hello, honey. I'm almost done packing, so... you caught me at a good time."

I let out a huge sigh of relief. "Okay... Take your time, alright, sweety? I don't want you to forget anything."

She giggled a bit and nodded, even if I couldn't see it. "Okay. I promise. I love you, my prince."

I couldn't help but smile and sink bank into the blankets, ready to fall out again. "I love you, too, princess. See you when you're here."

"Okay... Bye..." It was the kind of good-bye tone from her I knew meant she didn't want to hang up, but I didn't want her to drive talking if it wasn't needed. I didn't want to risk her.

What I didn't know is that, as I was talking to her, she was filling up her car's gas tank after a restroom break. With all the surprised I'd given her through the months upon months, this early visit was apparently her mischeviously sweet payback to me surprising her so many times. I didn't know it, though; I was expecting to see her face in seven hours. So, with my room organized and my clothes put on, I really had little to do.

What could take up seven hours? Not much, really, except work. And I had made sure I was off work for Spring Break. Games? They'd only keep me for a couple, the anticipation would overtake me. Storywriting? I can only think of her. Well... there really wasn't much. The closest I could get to anything that would take a while is starting a very old game over, knowing it would take a while and I forgot most of its secrets.

So, I decided on putting in Final Fantasy VII, despite having no way to save. It actually worked for a good while; I got to seeing the highway ride scene until I realized the world map was coming. With a sigh, I put away the rest of the scene and turned the game off. Two and a half hours down... Sheesh, how many to go? Games couldn't hold me forever.

I should have watched a movie or two. I know they would hold out for at least four hours, literally. I decided on something different. The Internet was where I first met Tia, so it would tide me over until she arrived... I hoped. I moderated a forum with a lot of other people, but all I really had to do was delete accidental double-posts due to recent server troubles.

So, home forum watched over, I moved on to where I felt myself more at home... Literotica. It was one of the few places I felt at home with about everyone about my dirtier side, at least for a forum. It was also one of the few spots where I could test my mettle of storywriting, as well as develop an appreciation for others' works. I loved the place, even if I wasn't gonna be a moderator any time soon.

The time I took was well past thirty minutes. I didn't hear the vehicle approach, and as I was replying to the topics that caught my fancy, I heard my mom and dad talking. There was a third voice, very out of context. Tia...? I glanced at the clock. Four hours early... no way, I thought. That and the essay of a post I was halfway into writing was taking half my attention.

The moment it was done, I got up. I didn't want to run the risk of leaving Tia waiting, even if she had fibbed... Wait. When Tia lies, she's extremely obvious, because she knows it's wrong and doesn't like it. My gut, head, and heart all felt she was honest and only three hours into her trip, no matter how much they wanted her to be here.

Trusting her to be honest, I turned around and went back into my room, sitting down at my computer's seat and looking out at the driveway. My parents were certainly chatting a lot, so I was at least curious who the stranger was.

Tia: Honey?

I instantly jerked as the chat window came up on my computer. Messages, while she's on the road? And with that greeting? I was instantly worried that she got in an accident or lost, and my fingers flew around the keyboard.

Kikori: Tia? Are you okay? Are you lost? Tia: No, I'm fine... Just grabbing a bite to eat. There are railroad tracks near here... I wonder if it would be faster to ride down to you.

I completely ignored checking the fact that the main railroad leading south from where she lived wasn't near the road, and looked out at the tracks behind the house. While looking out, I started typing without looking at the computer.

Kikori: Not sure. I've wanted to try riding one, but I've never really heard about their speed.

It was at that moment I heard the faint, almost ringing sound of a computer from the hall leading to the living room. That got me curious, but what made my head snap was the cute, gentle voice that asked me from my doorframe, "Do you think I should have come faster, honey?"

My head snap. My eyes stared at the single most perfect woman I'd ever met. Her shoulders rose up to her head and she grinned, blushing at the knowledge that she had decieved me for my own benefit and actually being there to see me in person. It was a cute position until her arms opened, giving me the single most tempting sight I'd seen in my entire life.

Oh, well. What was I thinking, viewing her offering as poetry? I moved faster than I ever had in my life, literally bowling my chair over as I wound up wrapping my arms around her literally a tenth of a second later. Any other time, I'd be gentle... That hug consisted of a squeeze firm enough to risk popping a balloon, lifting her up and spinning like a dancer, and falling with her in my arms onto a well-made bed. The entire time, the only thing I could hear was her beautiful, pure laughter ringing in my ears.

My face buried in the silky hair she had, grown long by her own care specifically due to knowing I preferred long hair. I didn't care if I was a guy... happy tears are never wrong or sad to see. And they were a welcome feeling, knowing Tia had arrived safely, and early, just to be with me. "You're... you're really here!"

The laughter finally subsided to a giggle as she rolled herself onto her back, hugging my light frame over and removing my glasses so she could pull my head into her fluffy chest. Even if we were an 'online' couple until this moment, she knew exactly how to comfort me at any time, and being able to use her soft girls to shed my joy into brought me the closest I'd ever been to a heart attack of happiness.

Her hand rested on my head, stroking her nails softly over my scalp and between the locks as my joyous sobbing instantly subsided, taken over by pure relaxation and bliss. "You know I love you, sweetie. If I say I'm coming, I really am coming, because I love you enough to want to be with you... and so much more." She started blushing as she reflected on what "so much more" would mean in her head, as well as mine.

My arms wrapped up around her belly, giving her a soft squeeze as my eyes finally met hers up close. Pictures definitely didn't do her justice... She had a very cute baby face, and extremely soft blue eyes. Her smile, like her mouth, was small, but reflected her sweet nature perfectly.

Instinct drove me as I crawled up her body, wanting so badly to do too much at once... My Tia, my love who had saved herself for me, held back everything and every experience from so many men, was finally within my arms. My hand raised up and slid through her hair, very gently resting on her scalp as I whispered, "I love you", making sure my lips met hers right as the last sound was uttered.

Try as I might, my eyes couldn't stay open. I couldn't see Tia's eyes open and start sparkling in happiness as our lips sealed, heads tilting a bit for the first embrace to be planted and locked together with waves of warmth and tingles down our bodies. I felt a hand raise up and cup around my cheek, stroking gently as the tiniest of moans was squeaked out. My mouth started opening, hers with mine... Our tongues were brushing together, stroking slow circles around each others'.

My lips finally closed, sealing against our tongues until they parted, letting me pull back to smile down at the happiest face I'd ever seen Tia shine. "How was that for a first kiss?" She giggled again and started blushing... I don't know why, but almost anything would start turning her face red, which just made her all the cuter to me. "It was amazing, and definitely worth waiting for."

I smiled and started looking at her from top to bottom, and back again. Her frame was indeed what she called a 'reverse triangle', though I doubted that was the actual name for it. Her shoulders were a bit broader than a normal girl's, and her chest was enormous (40G last time she checked her bra size). As you went down, her belly wasn't near as plump as above her stomach, and her waist was tiny by the same comparison; it made me wonder her exact measurements.

Seeing the body in person, chest bobbing from each breath she took and eyes staring at mine as I looked around, was satisfying and fulfilling all on its own, even before anything past the first kiss was done. I felt numb with warmth as I lowered myself down and hugged her in such a way that her head tucked under mine, allowing me to shelter her in my arms like we'd longed for so many times.

I kissed the top of her head before tucking my cheek against it, rubbing softly in a feline manner. To my delight, I heard a gentle purr coming from Tia, a well-rolled 'r' that pronounced her affection. I smiled more and returned the purring sound, letting my lungs drain before taking in a breath to speak. "Still want to stick to the plan, or is this nice enough?"

The 'plan' was to spend a couple days at the house so Tia could well acquaint herself with my parents before spending a couple more at a nearby, extravagent hotel to be alone. We weren't going to be bad, really, just alone enough to not have distractions. I smiled at locking eyes with Tia as she looked up to mine. The rest of the world didn't exist right then... only her face.

"Although being like this is amazing, I really like your parents, and want to do this right." The answer didn't disappoint me, really. Whether in the hotel or not, what we were allowed to do with each other was already planned out and the same; it just changed how much we were able to do.

That didn't stop her stay from being extremely fun. To us, the online part of our love was supposed to entail acting exactly like we did in real life... The only thing that was different, really, was that my long hair kept getting in the way for a couple seconds when we tried to kiss. Nothing else was different, and the amount of affection was always extremely high... exactly like the two of us liked it.

Two days of affection, baking, games, and fun later, Tia finally got to know my family and agreed to go into the privacy of a very nice hotel room. No distractions. The only sound we could hear while in the room was from the water fixture outside, spraying a geyser-like show for anyone who wanted to watch. It was pleasant to look out the window and watch the water blast up to the third floor's height... At least it was, until I was tackled from behind and curled up next to.

"Haha!" I reached around and wrapped around Tia, kissing Tia's head softly in multiple spots before she looked up for me to embrace her lips again. Our hands found each others' to lace our fingers together as our tongues twined as well. I slowly coaxed her tongue into my mouth, smiling playfully as I sealed my lips around it to suckle on her tongue softly, drawing it bit by bit into my mouth while my tongue rubbed up against it until I let go with a grin. "I'm sure it felt odd, but good?"

She smiled with an enormous blush, nodding. "Very... But I thought it was the girl that did that to the guy's tongue to tease him."

It worked like a charm. I put my lips to hers, brushing them together as I whispered, "Let's find out." She squeaked in happy surprise as my lips sealed against hers again, slipping my tongue between her lips. She slowly closed her mouth around my tongue and drew on it, like a baby to a bottle. My eyes closed and I felt the feeling of warmth building against my tongue as it was tugged and pulled into her mouth with each suckle... If it were capable, I'm sure my tongue would have exploded in an orgasm multiple times.

Tia kept sucking, unsure of when to stop and not keeping track of time. I smiled as I saw it turn to one minute, then two... And eventually I pulled back and kissed her sweetly before saying with a chuckle, "That was great. You must have enjoyed it to go so long."

Her face lit up like a light as she hid it into my chest. I started stroking through her hair gently as she seamed to squeak "No, I... well, yes, it was fun, but... Oh!" She gave up trying to explain that she enjoyed pleasing me but just didn't know when to stop, which I knew was the case.

My arms wrapped around her and I gave her a happy squeeze. "It's okay, I understand. I love you, sweetheart." Her face tilted up and smiled at mine, but I didn't give her a chance to respond... My lips were already sealed to hers again, and my hand was stroking softly over her cheek as her hand slid through my hair, only adding to the soft embrace.

It wasn't until she started stroking my hair that I went limp in comfort and slid down, led by her hand into her breasts again to relax. "Tee hee... I love you, too, honey. And that wasn't very nice." Her tone was humored, which I knew meant she wasn't actually upset a bit. The thought made me smile as I meowed, luring giggles out of her until our arms wrapped around each other for us to cuddle as long as we could stand.

How long we could stand wound up being until I heard her stomach growl, which made me realize I'd skipped breakfast. I opened my eyes and looked up at hers. "We need food."

Tia's cheeks tinted, since she knew I worried about her and not eating enough a lot of the time. "Okay... I'm not that hungry, but I'll eat if you want me to... It'll be our first real meal together."

"Hehe... Sounds good." I crawled off and poked around for a room service menu. We eventually agreed that we'd get a large, seafood meal with a salad on the side. At the last second, she asked me to add a glass of wine. I looked curiously at her as I set the phone down. "You know I can't drink."

She smiled and looked away for a second, embarassed, until her eyes caught mine again. "I'll pay for it, hun... I just wanted to be able to have a bit of a drink with a few meals here." I smiled and nodded, trusting her as I gave her a happy squeeze. She burst into laughter and we fell back on the bed, content to just kiss and stay attached to each other until the knock finally came on the door.

I'll never forget what happened afterward... The single best meal I'd ever bought. We went to the table in the corner, me taking the steak and potatoe while Tia munched her way slowly through the salad. I couldn't help but be curious if she always drank so much wine, though, since it was all she had to drink. She caught me watching her and smiled sheepishly. "I don't wanna steal your drink."

... She's never slurred her words before. "Are you drunk?"

No matter how intoxicated she may have been, she was still conscious enough to blush again. "Oh, no... I've had too much, I shouldn't drink any more." She pushed the bottle away a bit, and accidentally hard enough that it fell off the table. I caught it out of pure instinct, tilted on its side to a good splash got out before I could right the bottle and set it back. "Sorry!"

I smiled and shook my head... No matter what, she was always cute. As she sat shaking her head, trying to get rid of the intoxication, I couldn't help but watch her chest jiggle in the same manner. I decided to kill three birds with one stone as I stuck the cork back in the bottle, even knowing it probably wasn't how to properly deal with it.

My hand cupped over Tia's face once it stop shaking, and she looked up at me. I smiled and reached for her shoulders, tugging back a tiny bit to motion her up and back with me. "Come on, hun. They'll take care of the cleaning, and we shouldn't waste time together." I crawled backwards on the bed, tugging her with me until she curled upin my lap to lie still, not wanting to make another mistake from the wine's effects.

I started taking my shirt off, knowing she was used to that... What made her look up, though, was me unbuttoning her blouse to explose her bra, revealing the prominent bulges of her nipples. Lowering myself to kiss her softly, sealing our lips together, I wrapped my arms around her and unclipped her bra, tugging it gently away.

She broke the kiss with a gasp. "You want to see them now?" She didn't bother to hide them, just probably didn't expect me to go for her body like this.

I pecked her lips gently and smiled, staring at her eyes. "Yes. I want to see all of you, and feel... Tipsy or not, you're still Tia, which makes me want to take you all the way." I nuzzled into her so she was on her back and smiled, staring down at her topless for the very first time. They truly were enormous, and very well rounded. The nipples were pushing out, begging for attention.... And soon I was lowering myself down to give it, kissing each one in turn before licking at them with another raving hunger.

"A—ah! Honey... Wow, it's... so much better than I expected!" Her hand raised to my head, latching me to a breast as I kept lapping and kissing the nipple almost ravenously as she pressed my face into the softness further and further.

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