Voyage of Discovery


He liked to tease her in public. A little pat on the bottom a little too hard knowing she would be shocked -- it stung, but he caressed her bum so gently that the pain was gone. But he had turned her on and he knew it. He grinned a lot when he knew he was shocking her....but loved it how much she embraced his wishes. He knew Tihana would do anything.

At dinner with another couple he made her go and remove her knickers.....she did. As he entertained the table, laughing and joking and pouring drink he had his hand rested between her legs. Her pussy was smooth now, and swollen, alert, reacting to every touch. It wasn't just the physical stimulation it was the mental fucking that worked the magic. As she sat at the table, not involved in the discussion, dipping in and out and laughing on cue, she concentrated on trying not to orgasm. The more she tried not to, the more she felt the urge too. The more she wriggled and grabbed his hand and tried to look cool, the more he grinned. She loved that.

When the time came to leave he was silent. The plane home was torture; He called her charlotte at home. Tihana had been left behind. Tihana came to visit sometimes at night...dressed for sex. But she left unfulfilled.

He took Tihana to Paris for a few days. They took up where they had left off. They went to a dance. But it was also an up market sex club. He encouraged her to kiss another woman, to feel her breasts. Tihana enjoyed it. It was mild, not serious, but another little moment of development.

At home, Tihana was not welcome. Charlotte was lonely. Needy. Missing affection. She had a fumble with a nice boy. Sex was uninspiring. Tihana again visited. Still she was not welcome. Charlotte went to a party. She had too much to drink and flopped down next to a girl friend who asked her what the problem was. She told her friend that young men didn't excite her and that she had been seeing an older guy but he didn't want to know....her friend kissed her. It was spontaneous. Her friend confessed she thought she had feelings for her. Charli, leaning on prior experience took the lead and made love to her. They were happy for 3 months. And then she started seeing a boy, leaving Charlotte alone.

Tihana eventually came to Charlotte's dad. She told him that she loved him and needed him. He told her that he needed her too. Tihana and Charlotte's dad made love that night at home for the first and only time.

They decided to move to the south of France to live together. For four years they lived in love, together. He worked Tuesday to Thursday and they were together the rest of the time. Tihana studied art, film, antiques. She made friends and hosted dinner parties.

He took her to darker places......he loved to see Tihana with another woman but she didn't want professional people. He taught her how to seduce and then set he lose at a club, under his watchful eye, to identify and seduce a woman.

Tihana became very skilled -- she had beauty and technique. Sometimes he watched, Sometimes he was allowed to play -- but Tihana did not like him touching another woman. So he respected that. Always after he fucked her very hard until she screamed with pleasure, often tying her up and spanking her, mixing pain and pleasure until she became uncontrollable with lust.

They had dinner in masks and Basques or ball gowns or cocktail dresses. Or he liked her to dress like a school girl from St Tinian's. He got inside her mind.

She was his totally. Until Tihana got pregnant.

The abortion followed. He left. The pretence was over. Reality. Same blood. Tragedy.

It took her a year to recover. Still in France she regained her confidence. There was no shortage of charming, rich, powerful men interested in her favours. She became a regular consort, accompanying people all over the world -- looking wonderful, taking in the culture, enjoying the prowess of men with power. Superficially happy and carefree, but a mask to hide her sadness, her depth.

Tihana never again saw him. Charlotte still sees her father. He re-married but is not happy. Charlotte's relationship with him is strained.

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