tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVoyage of the Istanbul Tigress Ch. 01

Voyage of the Istanbul Tigress Ch. 01


May 1799, Gibraltar

Katherine Abington, the Viscountess Dunsbrooke, the wife of the elderly Sir Henry Latham Abington of the Foreign Office, the most beautiful woman in the small English community in Gibraltor, was not happy. She rolled to the edge of the bed, letting the sheets drop down from her breasts, and made a dramatic, pouty sigh. Lieutenant Edward Hamilton ignored her. He had pulled on his breeches and was reaching for his shirt. He stopped for a moment, not to look back at the beautiful blonde Viscountess but to stare out the window at the rich blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

"You have made me very angry Edward," Katherine said with feigned displeasure.

"If His Majesty the King makes me a Duke I'll come back and fuck you with the proper cock of a peer," he said, still looking out at the sea.

"I like your cock the way it is. But I've heard those stories and you are not answering me."

Hamilton turned around. He sat on the edge of the bed, his shirt was on but not yet buttoned. He reached down for his boots but could resist a quick glance at her. She was blonde, with slight curls in hair that spilled down over her shoulders. She saw him watching her and lay back, sitting back against head board and casually letting her arms reach out to either side. His eyes fell to her breasts, now almost flattened against her. If he could change anything about her body he would make those larger. Or maybe not, it seemed to suit her. She casually brought a hand to her face then brushed it down over her breasts. He laughed. She knew he loved her nipples. They sat in the center of faint areolas and came erect at the faintest touch, and they tasted so good when his tongue flicked over her. Katherine had also twisted her hip, just slightly, bringing one smooth thigh over the other. That was all right. He had seen her cunt, and from very close up, and he did like her legs. She kept her pussy hair trimmed, a style taken from the most desirable French courtesans, or so she said, and only a faint line of blonde hair graced her mound. Katherine had insisted that she had her servant make sure her pussy was well cropped every morning, though Hamilton wasn't sure he believed that.

"I've heard stories about what it is like with the pirates," she said.

"Pirates? And which pirates would that be?"

"The Barbary Pirates, you silly man." She sat up and leaned against him, her breasts against his back. "You were just there! Do they really march their slaves into the city? You must tell me!"

"Yes, I was in Tunis. Just a few months ago. A fellow officer and I assisted them with a bit of a naval matter." He pulled his boots on. Hamilton and his friend Lieutenant James Wray had been sent with orders to help the Bey of Tunis develop more modern naval techniques. The Corsairs were pirates, but with the war against France now in its sixth year, England was not choosey about allies. The mission in Tunis was not, however, what they had expected. The two officers had been given a selection of beautiful sex slaves and informed that their task was to teach the women how to crew a small brig-sloop. Hamilton and Wray had managed to instruct them in basic sail handling, though nothing very complex, and the brig-sloop (which Massih Bey had named the Cunt and they re-christened the Rose) had sailed reasonably well on fair weather in the enclosed waters of the Lake of Tunis. There had been one day out in the Mediterranean itself, which had lead to a chase with pirates, but Hamilton didn't like to think of that. In the end the entire affair had just been part of a palace intrigue in Tunis, but Hamilton and Wray survived and had been rewarded by the Tunisian leaders.

"Did you see beautiful slaves?"

Hamilton turned to face her, his lips near hers. "In Tunis? Oh yes, I saw some beautiful slaves in Tunis."

"I've read about the pirates and slaves in French novels." Lady Dunsbrooke was very excited, with her arms around his neck. "In the Harem, the real Harem, the Sultan's Harem, they have only the most beautiful women in the world. They live in a special part of the Topkapi Palace, with servants of their own and baths and spices and silks to make them even more beautiful."

Hamilton laughed. "Is that what you read?"

"Yes! And then the Sultan takes his pick of the most beautiful maidens, he slowly walks along and looks at each one, and the one that is chosen is bathed and prettied up and then brought to his chambers while still naked. She is told to lie down on his bed and spread her arms and legs wide for him to see her, to see all of her."

"And these maidens all keep their virtue, of course."

"Silly man, those are English novels. In the French ones... oh... they do things! The Sultan ties the slave to the bed with cords made of the softest, whitest silk. He takes his time, leaning over to kiss her body, so gently, as he moves around the bed."

"That sounds like a fine story, Katherine." He touched her lightly. "I must be going to my ship."

"Is that what you were looking at out there? Your ship? Silly Edward! That window faces east, all those the ships are to the west."

"Yes, well..." Hamilton hesitated.

"Do you really have to go to your ship? So soon?"

"I do. I must report to the frigate Ariadne today. I'm Third Lieutenant, in case you want to know the rank of the cock that just slid into your cunt."

"You men are all alike with your ships and horses and cannon, you go there and ignore all of...this."

He watched her slide on hand down towards her pussy. Hamilton leaned over and pushed her down on the bed, his hand slipping down around her breasts and then down farther, where he rested it on hers as she touched her mound.

"She is a very beautiful ship," he said. "With such fine lines, a well set rake to her masts, and with sails that spread wide for the wind."

Katherine spread her legs. He moved his hand under hers and slid it over her slit. "And you prefer this ship to me?"

"You won't hang me if I desert you."

She laughed, putting her hand on his and grinding it into her pussy. "Tell me about the pirates, Edward."

He pulled his hand away and stood up, ignoring her frown, and picked up his waist coat.

"Edward! Now tell me how the Sultan fucks his slaves."

"The Sultan is in Istanbul. I was in Tunis."

"Tell me how they fuck slaves in Tunis! Tell me how you fucked slaves."

"I'm start to think, Lady Dunsbrooke," said Hamilton with a smile, "that you let me into your chambers just to hear about the beautiful pleasure slaves of Tunis."

"You are right, Lieutenant Hamilton. Well...perhaps that was not the only reason. Now tell me!"

He picked up his waist coast, looked back at her. What the hell? He dropped it back down on the floor.

"Yes, Edward! You can go to your ship later."

"Do you want to hear about the slaves?" He said as he moved back to the bed. He climbed on top of her and pinned her arms down on the bed. "Newly captured slaves are first marched into the city. I saw this myself, long rows of young women, all naked or clutching to what little was left of their clothes. The slaves are brought from the quays, their chains clanking, as people stop and watch. Now, some of these people are just looking, while others, a few of them, look at the slaves and plan their bids, thinking of how much they have to spend, and what they can do with a pretty sex slave; they can bind her, they can make her suck cock, they can flog or spank her, and, of course, they can fuck her."

"Ooo... I like this. Tell me more!"

"The slaves are lined up inside the market, in an enclosed courtyard. Now only those men who have the means to actually buy are allowed close to these beauties. These men walk up and down the line of women. They stop. They look very carefully. Sometimes a man will reach out and touch a slave here and here and here," as he spoke he touched Katherine's lips, her nipples and then her pussy. "The frightened slaves have to let the men touch them, they must obey everything or they are punished by one of the overseers using a stinging whip made from a bull's penis."

"I have read about that!"

"When a man finds a women that makes his cock hard without lightening his wallet too much, he haggles with the merchant. Perhaps she is too much, though, and he will forget her forever as he moves to inspect another. Or perhaps, for a few silver coins, the slave is sold. She is his property, ready to be used and fucked in any way that pleases him."

"Mmm... oh yes, I want to hear more!"

"In the palace some slaves are stripped naked and put in cages. Small cages. Now, where I stayed in Tunis, each of the household slaves -- and they were all very pretty -- had to spend a few hours in these cages every week. Sometimes the slaves would just sit, but at other times, if I man happened by who was liked the look of one or more of these women, he would take them from the cages and use them in the Pearl Room."

"Were they golden cages?"

"Of course," Hamilton lied.

"And do they fuck them in the Pearl Room?"

"Eventually. First the slaves are bound, either to the wall or the ceiling or suspended from poles. The man will explore and touch the slave. He might spank her. He might strike her ass with a cane or even crack a whip across her bare back. Then, after all that, he would fuck her."

"Do that to me."

Hamilton sat up. "I only have the cock of a commoner, Madame."

"Fuck me again! Fuck me like a slave in the Pearl Room."

Hamilton looked around the room as he pulled his boots off. The house that Lady Dunsbrooke had was by no means the largest in Gibraltar, but it was very lavish in its detail. The bed had four large posts from which a delicate flowered silk canopy was hung. Hamilton reached for it and pulled down a long length of silk.

"Oh! Edward!"

Hamilton yanked the sheet from the bed, leaving her totally naked and exposed. He took hold of her arm and flipped her over onto her stomach and then pulled back her arms. He bound her wrists with the torn silk.

"You are a sex slave now, Katherine the sex slave," he said, "and you will call me master."

"Oh! Oh yes..."

He spanked her ass hard.

"Ahh! Oh yes, master, fuck me!"

He spanked her again and again, then pressed his palm to her warm ass. His left hand held on to her wrists, holding them tight against the small of her back, as his right hand moved down between her legs and the tips of his fingers slid over the soft folds of her cunt. She was very wet.

"On your back, slave," he said as he pulled off his shirt. The ripped canopy on her wrists came loose as she rolled over, so he took the strip of fabric and rolled it lengthwise to make it a bit stronger. Walking around above her, pulled her hands above her head and tied her wrists to iron work of the headboard.

"Are you going to inspect your pleasure slave now, master?" she said, breathing hard.

"Don't speak unless you are asked a direct question, slave." He reached up and pulled down more of the canopy. With this he tied her left ankle to one of the bed posts. She looked at him, eyes wide with lust, her unbound right leg sliding up and down in anticipation.

He unbuttoned his breeches and climbed on top of her, holding her right leg up so that her thigh pressed tightly against. His cock slid in easily. He fucked her hard. Katherine bucked her hips and pulled on the silk holding her wrists and left ankle.

Hamilton kissed along her neck as he took her. "If you don't please me slave then I will take you to the market and sell you."

"Oh!!" She moaned at his words, her hips slamming up into his. The silk binding her to the upper bedpost parted, although her wrists remained loosely bound. She wrapped them around his neck as his cum, once again, filled her cunt.

Hamilton rolled off her. "Slaves suck the cock of the men who fuck them."

"I read that too!"

Her left ankle was still bound to the bed post, and her wrists remained tied together, but she managed to wriggle over to where his cock waited. Hamilton felt her lips and tongue on his shaft as she sucked and licked.

He pulled back and fixed his breeches.

"Untie me!" she squealed.

The bonds were not very tight so he only smiled as he put on his shirt, buttoned it carefully, then took his waist coat and jacket. He picked up his cocked hat, resting it smartly under his arm.

"Untie me, silly man!" She looked around her bed, the canopy in shreds, and then noticed a few smudges of dirt around her legs. "You didn't take off your boots!"

"Good day, Lady Dunsbrooke," he said with a bow. "Should I send for your maid before leaving?"

"Oh! You wouldn't dare!" Then with a playful expression she whispered, "ask for Rachel."

Hamilton thought a moment and then went to the door, opening it slightly. He saw a servant passing by, a young woman with dark hair and a pretty face. "Excuse me, Lady Dunsbrooke would like some assistance from Rachel."

"I am Rachel, sir. Rachel Palmer."

"Ah, what good fortune. If you would, please, step inside."

"Yes, sir." The servant said. She stepped into the room and came to a complete halt when she saw her mistress, naked with one leg tied to a bed post and her wrists still bound.

Hamilton stepped behind Rachel, his hands on her shoulders. He whispered, "I believe Lady Dunsbrooke needs something more substantial in the way of bonds."

The servant looked back for a moment and then nodded. She stepped to a closet, and produced, fairly quickly, several long sections of lace from a corset. She held them out for him.

"Oh, she is most efficient, Lady Dunsbrooke," Hamilton said.

"She will need a spanking later, I think," Katherine said with a laugh.

The servant blushed, still holding the laces out. Hamilton again stepped behind her, this time kissing her neck.

"Oh, sir.... please... I..."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"I... I... whatever you wish, sir. I have these laces for you."

"Indeed you do. Now, if you would be so kind as to take them over to Lady Dunsbrooke and secure her wrists to the headboard. Tie them, tightly. I don't want her to slip her bonds again." He patted Rachel's ass. "Go on. You won't get in trouble for this."

"Yes, sir."

Rachel walked over to the bed. She stood there, frozen until Katherine placed her wrists up. The servant removed the torn section of canopy and replaced it with a lace, wrapping it around several times and securing it with a large bow. Rachel then stepped around the outside of the bed and used a second lace to bind Katherine's wrists tightly to the iron work in the center of the headboard. Katherine's left ankle was still loosely tied to a bedpost. Without waiting for more instructions the young woman quickly moved to the other end and tied both of Katherine's ankles, each to a different bedpost, leaving Lady Dunsbrooke naked and bound in an inverted-Y.

"Excellent work, Miss Palmer!" Hamilton said.

"Thank you, sir," she said quietly.

He pressed his hands to her chest. Rachel blushed and tried to speak, but Hamilton leaned down and kissed her.

"Rachel has hidden talents," Katherine said. She pulled on the bonds much harder than she had with the torn canopy, her hips twisting back and forth rhythmically.

"I agree. I'd like to see more of those hidden talents. Rachel, I would like you to take off your dress."


Hamilton just smiled. Rachel nodded and then began to remove her gown and various layers of undergarments. She stood with her head down and hands at her side. She had blue eyes, almost as bright as Katherine's, and the soft curves of her lithe body seemed to convey an innocence.

"You're very pretty, Rachel." Hamilton said.

"She is!" Katherine shouted. "I'm sure you would never have noticed Edward, being so busy with ships and sails, but all of my servant girls are pretty things." Katherine laughed.

"Thank you, sir. Thank you, mistress."

Hamilton walked around Rachel, his hands on her breast. Her teased nipples quickly swelled erect.

"I am starting to feel neglected, Edward," Katherine said. She still pulled on her bounds, twisting her wrists back and forth, but Rachel Palmer had tied them very well.

"We can't have that. Now Rachel, I want you to help the Lady Dunsbrooke."

"Yes, sir," she said quietly. "Shall I release her, sir?"

"Not yet, oh no, not yet. I want you to lay down on the bed, lay down on her body, but inverted." He whispered to Rachel, "put your tongue to her pussy and let Katherine lick yours."

"I... I don't think I could do that, sir."

Hamilton walked across the room. He looked about and found a hair brush. Stepping back to the naked servant he tapped it lightly against her ass.

"I have confidence in you, Rachel."

Rachel just stood there, looking at her bound mistress, until Hamilton smacked the brush hard against her ass.

"Ah! Sir!" Rachel protested.

Hamilton spanked her with the brush again and again. "I want you on that bed. Are you going to do as I say?"

"I... I... ah! Ow, sir!" Rachel stammered and then yelped as he kept spanking her. "Yes! Yes, sir. Please! I will do it, sir."

Hamilton smiled as Rachel slowly made her way to the bed. She pushed her hair back and then laid down, on top of her mistress, putting her tongue on Katherine's pussy as she pressed her own cunt into place. Katherine leaned up -- she was already moaning -- and let her tongue dart inside Rachel.

Hamilton watched for moment, as each woman began to press her tongue to the other's clit, their bodies moving together to the rhythm of soft moans. He took his hat and slipped out of the room. Neither woman noticed.

Hamilton left via the backstairs. Katherine Abington, the Lady Dunsbrooke, had a wild reputation, and deservedly so, but it still would not do for a simple naval Lieutenant to walk out her front door. On the stairs he saw a short, dark haired woman. Katherine was right, all her servant girls were pretty, although Hamilton had, of course, noticed that. Hamilton bowed to the young woman as he passed. She looked mortified in embarrassment. He couldn't help laughing, though he regretting it at once.

Hamilton stepped outside into a short alley and placed his cocked hat firmly in place, in the newer fore-and-aft style. The Rock was in front of him, the Mediterranean on his left. He went right.

The window in Katherine's bed chamber did not look over the harbor, she was right about that. The harbor was on the western side of the slim peninsula of Gibraltar and he had, instead, been looking towards the east. During their mission to Tunis James Wray had taken to a young English woman who had been captured by the Corsairs and sold as a sex slave. Wray, like Hamilton, had taken liberties with many of the women available to them, but Wray had grown especially fond of his Ann. At the conclusion of their stay Ann had been given to Wray as a reward. The pair were now on a ship bound for England. Whether Wray would marry her or not Hamilton did not know. He wasn't sure Wray knew either.

Hamilton tried to force all thoughts of Tunis from his mind. It seemed foolish to think on that after being with such a beautiful woman and playing such games with her servant. Katherine Abington was a woman whose beauty matched her outrageous lifestyle of parties and sex. It all seemed more French than English and yet, her charm, as well as her title and money, somehow kept her from being shunned at court. He had no idea why she had taken an interest in him, and he really didn't care. Yet, as beautiful as Katherine Abington was, and as hard he tried not to, his thoughts were elsewhere, on another woman, one he had met in Tunis.

Nasira bint Evranaki was one of the Kocek Kapikulu, a female Janissary, charged with protecting the late Massih Bey of Tunis. Nasira had saved Hamilton's life. She had in fact saved the entire Tunisian brig-sloop with its crew of female slaves from falling into the hands of renegade pirates. Yet not even that was foremost in his thoughts. Hamilton knew that he could have insisted that Nasira come with him when he left Tunis. He could have demanded her as his reward, as Wray had asked for Ann. But Hamilton had not done that. Nasira wasn't English like Wray's freed slave, and so what would she do in England while he was at sea? That would not have been fair to her. And he had known that as much as he longed for her, Nasira couldn't return with him.

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