tagIncest/TabooVoyages of Discovery

Voyages of Discovery


Dawn twisted her face away from Jimmie's mashing lips and out-thrust tongue. He was attacking her, smothering her, and she disliked it intensely. She was in turmoil! He said he loved her, but he was trying to take her against her will - that was rape! She pushed her hands up against his hard chest and shoved him back hard. His back hit the steering wheel with a smack and he cried out in pain.

"Hey! That hurt!"

"Good! You are hurting me and I do not like it. I want to go home. Take me home now!"

She was really angry and he could see this clearly.

"Slut!" he muttered, as she pulled back close to the car door on her side. Huh! That stung, she thought, look who is being the bastard! She had not encouraged him as far as she knew. Yes, she was knock down gorgeous. She was the prettiest cheerleader on the team and her body was classic. Dawn, at eighteen and a senior in high school, was very mature, physically, for her age. Her face was beautiful, with large, well spaced, green eyes, soft, full lips, flawless white teeth and high cheek bones. Her lustrous auburn hair was naturally wavy and flowed with full body down below her shoulders, framing her long alabaster neck classically. Her rosy skin was flawless.

Her figure was "something to drool over", she had heard Jimmie say to his best friend, Sean. Naturally, her constant physical exercise as a cheerleader and a forward on the girl's varsity basketball team not only kept her in great shape, but also had tended to mold her body's development over the past few critical growth years. There were certain "swells" to her figure - the swell which thrust up from her chest to her breasts, firm round globes the size of grapefruits cut in half , with pointy soft-pink nipples, placed high on her pectorals. The swell of her narrow waist flaring out to beautifully proportioned graceful hips, then tapering down the tops of her thighs to gorgeous, long, well toned legs.

Yes, she knew she was very attractive to the boys, but she wasn't sure she was attracted to them. While she had developed wonderfully physically, her studies and after-school activities had tended to shield her social/sexual development with the opposite sex. Sure, she always went to the big parties and dances - she was popular and was always asked. But she didn't originate any of these activities.

It made no difference to Dawn that Jimmie was the quarterback on the football team, six foot three and really, quite handsome, with a beautifully toned body. His physical attributes really meant nothing special to her. She realized, as he drove her home, speeding and then thrusting hard on the brakes as they came to stop signs and red lights, that she had made a mistake agreeing to go out with him. He said they would just "hang out", but he did not take her any place where any of their mutual friends were, but immediately drove out of town to the local lover's lane.

Parking and turning off the car lights, he reached over to her roughly and tried to stick his tongue in her mouth. She was outraged and hurt. This was their first date and he was trying to rape her! Then, she got really mad.

When they got to her house, she opened the car door before he could say anything, and got out. She turned back and spat at him, "You think you can just do anything you want and that all the girls are just lusting for you to get in their pants. Well, you are dead wrong, Jimmie Fredericks. This is one girl who could care less about you and your phony popularity. Buzz off and don't ever ask me out again, until you publicly apologize!"

She stormed up to her front door. As she got nearer the front door of her house, her anger began to fade to sadness and then deeper to grief. By the time she opened the door, tears were rolling down her cheeks and she could barely see where she was going.

Dawn Lawson lived alone with her mother, Katie, in a modest two bedroom, one bath house, in an older part of town. Katie was eighteen herself when she had given birth to Dawn. The father was another student in her high school class, from a more well-to-do family. Unfortunately, he was very like Jimmie Fredericks and took no responsibility for what he had done. He went on to university out-of-town and his parents moved away before he graduated. Katie never saw him again. Her parents had supported her and encouraged her to complete her pregnancy. They were loving people and understanding of what had happened to their daughter. They helped Katie raise Dawn until Katie graduated and managed to find a good job, enabling her to support herself and her child. She moved away with her baby so that her parents would not have to be continually reminded of the situation. She also did not want Dawn to have to grow up in a community where everyone knew she was a "bastard." Still, Katie stayed in close communication with her parents and they did come on annual visits, which diminished in length over the years.

Katie named her baby "Dawn," because, to Katie, her baby represented a new day, a new beginning and she anticipated, a very happy one. And so far, that had proved to be true.

Being a single mom had been a joyous experience for Katie. Struggling to make things go right, she had no time for anything but work and Dawn, but she reveled in it, especially the "Dawn" part. As Dawn grew, Katie's involvement with her grew - Katie became a "soccer mom" and loved it. She joined the local fitness club and tried to keep in such shape that Dawn could honestly feel good about how her mom looked. Katie was succeeding, too, because Dawn often commented about her "buff mom," smiling with affection as she said it.

As Dawn was very active in after-school activities, and was an excellent student, Katie felt a strong sense of pride in her daughter. She was totally devoted to her. As a result, she was extremely sensitive to Dawn's every emotion.

Dawn pushed open the front door and stumbled into their home, sobbing.

Katie, hearing the front door open from the living room where she had been reading a novel, jumped up and rushed to the entryway. She could sense immediately that Dawn was crying and reached out to her to hug her firmly to her.

"Oh, honey! What is wrong?"

"Boys!" Dawn sobbed, "They only want me for one thing!"

"Did he do anything to you? Did he hurt you?

"Mom, I would not let him, but he tried. He did not even want to talk. All he wanted to do was have sex. What am I? Some sort of toy or object?"

Katie guided Dawn over to the sofa in the living room and sat at the far end, pulling Dawn down across her lap, cradling Dawn's head against her breasts.

"Oh, my darling. Men can be so cruel when their glands are pumping out testosterone. And very thoughtless about the effects they are creating."

Katie was dressed only in her silk robe. She had showered about twenty minutes earlier, toweled off and put on her robe, pleasured by the feeling of the material as it slid over her taught body, hugging her lovely, up thrust breasts, tingling as it caressed her firm nipples. Then, she had gone into the living room to read a romantic novel while waiting up for Dawn to come home. Katie never did tie the robe shut.

Dawn had been gone for less than an hour. Some areas of Katie's body were still slightly damp from her shower and she was mildly aroused by some of the scenes painted by the author in the book she had been reading.

Katie held the softly sobbing Dawn in her arms, gently rocking her up and down, holding Dawn's face against her chest.

Katie's mind was racing. Have I not prepared my darling for this? Is her blessed innocence now her enemy? Something that can hurt more than it pleasures? Have I sheltered her from the cruel outside world more than I should have? She is certainly ready to face the world physically, but is she emotionally?

Gradually, Katie came back to present time and shock!

Katie felt extremely strong sensual sensations coursing through her body. Sensations which caused her whole body massive arousal. She felt flushed all over and knew her vagina was flowing with her juices. What was causing this?

She felt lips and a tongue caressing and pulling gently on her right nipple. Dawn was suckling!

Katie had not tied her robe and her naked breast had been pressed against Dawn's mouth as Katie rocked her gently in her arms.

At first, Katie's maternal instincts took over and allowed, indeed, demanded that Dawn continue. She caressed Dawn's hair and stroked down her back. Katie relaxed her grip on Dawn's head, but continued to rock up and down, softly murmuring to Dawn.

"Yes, my darling. Drink of your mother's milk. Grow big and strong." These were things she said when she had nursed Dawn as a baby. Now, instinctively, she was again taking up that protective role. And, as previously, she pulled the right nipple from Dawn's lips and placed her left nipple in her grasping mouth, balancing the feeding.

Katie cooed to Dawn, running her hand down over Dawn's lower back and caressing around her bottom, over the short shorts she was wearing. Dawn responded by twisting her hips around so that Katie's circular caress of Dawn's bottom was now pressing over Dawn's pubic area. Dawn placed her left hand over her mother's and pressed it firmly down on her sex and thrust her hips up, increasing the pressure on her mons. She moaned as she swirled her tongue around Katie's nipple and then pulled at it with her lips. Dawn pulled gently on Katie's hard, stiff nipple, with her teeth, then stroked it up and down with her lips, before opening her mouth wider to pull the areola of Katie's breast into her mouth, sucking hard, but not hurting. Katie was awed at Dawn's manipulation of her breast. She had no idea that Dawn would naturally do such a thing. It felt wonderful, exciting, - wrong!

Again, Katie's mind raced with turmoil. What am I allowing my daughter to do? What's happening here? Is this really what Dawn wants? Then, with a start, she realized that it was what she, Katie, wanted. She knew she had always dreaded the thought of her darling eventually leaving her and going off with some man to raise her own family. She knew that was what society expected, but it was not what she wanted. She wanted to be with Dawn forever. Was Dawn telling Katie she wanted the same thing?

Dawn moved back to Katie's right breast and began her manipulations of that nipple as she had done on Katie's left breast. Katie's left arm pulled Dawn more firmly, but not hard against her breast.

Katie lifted her hand off Dawn's mons and unzipped Dawn's shorts. Then she slid her fingers under Dawn's panties and thrust down over her pubic area. Dawn's pussy was shaved! And was soaking wet! When did she shave her pussy? Or did someone else do it for her? Katie's mind was racing. Well, I must admit I like the feel of it, thought Katie, smiling to herself.

Dawn lifted her hips and pulled her shorts and panties off with one motion, leaving her lower body naked to her mother's probing fingers. Dawn spread her legs wider to give Katie full access to her sex.

It was now clear to Katie that this is what Dawn wanted, too. Katie proceeded with making love to her daughter with a clear conscience, accepting fully her daughter's efforts to make love to her, in return. They were not just mother and daughter anymore. They were lovers, now!

"Oh, Mom! I love you so much! I want to make you as happy as you make me," Dawn said softly, as she began to trace her tongue around Katie's breast, laving in ever expanding circles until she stopped at the bottom of her breast and tentatively began to move her tongue down over Katie's firm tummy to the indentation of her belly button. Dawn thrust her tongue in and wiggled it back and forth and around and around.

Katie's body was being wracked with unbelievable pleasure. The fantastic sensations were coming from Dawn's tongue, traveling swiftly to Katie's pelvic area and then pulsing strongly out from there to every part of her body. Katie knew she was building to a mind-blowing orgasm, something she had not done, aided by another, ever.

As Dawn's tongue left Katie's navel and began to drift gently downward, Katie instinctively shifted her body so that she was lying under Dawn with her back against the arm of the sofa and her legs spread under Dawn's face. Katie continued to stroke Dawn's hair, but now she could not reach Dawn's labia. Dawn rolled over so that she was poised between Katie's spread legs allowing her to continue to lave her tongue down through Katie's pubic hair to the top of her cunt lips. Dawn's fingers stroked over Katie's mons, gently probing and spreading her labia, kneading the outer lips to the side, exposing her dark pink, glistening inner lips.

Dawn pulled back slightly to take in the sight of Katie's beauty. She could see the silky entrance to her vagina and the fluid sparkling as it oozed out of her. Dawn recognized that she looked much the same as she had viewed herself there with a mirror while masturbating.

Dawn stroked her fingers from Katie's labia outward, spreading across her inner thighs, spreading them further apart.

Katie's head was thrown back and moving from side to side as her chest heaved deeply with her every breath. She was pinching her nipples and kneading her breasts. Katie moaned loudly.

"Oh, my darling, Dawn. Make love to me. Taste me. Oh, God, Dawn darling, you make me feel so good!"

As Katie was saying this, Dawn's tongue was tracing up and down very softly over each of her mother's outer labia. Dawn drew Katie's juices flowing from her vagina up from the bottom of her slit upward with each stroke of her tongue, tasting it and loving it.

"Mom, you are really sweet, I mean your juices - you really taste good. I could do this all night!" she giggled, renewing her lapping of Katie's wide-spread pussy.

Dawn continued to run her fingertips over her mom's inner thighs, with strokes flowing from her labia outward to the tops of her thighs. At the same time, Dawn's tongue continued its ministrations of Katie's labia. Katie could feel her tummy muscles contracting and relaxing rhythmically with Dawn's tongue and finger strokes.

The tension in Katie's body was building to a fever pitch and she knew she was building to an extremely intense orgasm.

Fortunately, Dawn continued exactly what she had been doing - she did not change anything as she sensed her mother's arousal soaring to her ministrations. Dawn was a natural. She sensed instinctively what created pleasure and continued that, without change or interruption, until she achieved the effect she sought. She knew her mom had given up any sexual activity of any kind while she was raising Dawn - she had given herself totally to providing Dawn with a solid upbringing, without misemotion, avoiding hurt and pain whenever possible, but not to the detriment of Dawn's ability to handle such.

Katie's head was thrashing from side to side and she was moaning continuously while thrusting her hips up with each stroke of Dawn's tongue upward, trying to press Dawn's tongue onto her clitoris. Katie's hands were pulling at Dawn's head, trying to pull her tightly against her mons. But, Dawn, from her own experience, knew that clitoral stimulation was not a requirement for her mom to cum, given the intensity of other stimulation, and chose to save that joy for another time. Dawn knew this was, after all, just the beginning and she wanted to string out their fun together all she could.

The pitch of Katie's moaning was climbing rapidly and getting louder and louder. Soon she screamed and her whole body stiffened and then shivered violently. Her eyes rolled up in her head and her breathing was loud and ragged. Dawn noted that juices were flowing copiously out of Katie's vagina. She wasn't squirting, but Dawn knew that ultimately, she'd make that happen, too. There was plenty of time.

Dawn had raised her head to look at her mother as she climaxed. Dawn was somewhat in awe at the intensity of it, knowing that even greater heights would be achieved.

Katie slowly relaxed and her moaning ceased, replaced with deep breathing and a smile spread broadly across her face.

"Oh, Baby. That felt sooooo goooooood!!! I have never experienced anything like that before." Katie wondered how much of Dawn's action had been instinctive and, hmmmm, she mused, has someone been teaching her things. . .

Suddenly, something Dawn had said a couple of days ago stuck out in Katie's mind. It had seemed odd to her at the time, but she had not pursued it.

Dawn had said that the mom of her best friend, Lauren, was more than just a "mom" to Lauren., that they did things together which the average mom and daughter did not do. At the time, Katie was busy loading the dishwasher with the day's dishes and was looking for the spare box of washer powder, because the box under the sink had very little left in it, not really enough to get the load there clean. Her mind had quickly left off what Dawn had said while she tried to remember where she had put the extra box of dishwashing powder.

But now, Dawn's words came flooding back into her consciousness. As she thought about Lauren and her mom, Maggie, images of Maggie came to the fore. Her real name was Margaret, but everyone called her Maggie. Of course, Katie and Maggie knew each other. After all, both their daughters were involved in many of the same activities and they were best friends. And Katie knew that Maggie was also a single mom. Katie had always thought that common denominator had attracted the two girls to each other to some extent.

Maggie was also a member of the same fitness club that Katie belonged to. Katie often saw her there, and now, recalled that she often found Maggie watching her as she exercised, especially during the part of her aerobic routine when she stretched her legs widely apart and rotating her hips, thrust out her pelvis and then her butt, swinging her hips in a circle. Sometimes Maggie looked away when Katie caught her staring, but every so often, Maggie just smiled, ran her tongue over her lips and continued to watch Katie from across the room. Katie would smile back, drop her eyes, and just continue with her exercising.

Now, as Katie recalled Maggie running her tongue over her lips and smiling at her, she flushed and a tingle of excitement and recognition flowed through her.

She remembered a time, oh, about ten days ago, when Maggie had come into the shower room just after Katie had turned the water on and was adjusting the temperature. Katie recalled that she had remarked to herself that Maggie had a beautiful body, well-toned, with gorgeous firm breasts, perky nipples and a shaved pussy. She shaved her pussy! Katie had been a bit surprised to note that at the time, but quickly looked away so Maggie wouldn't see her surprised stare.

Katie was rubbing her body down with her shower gel. She turned away from Maggie and bent over with her legs slightly parted, and began to apply the gel to her calves, one after the other. She ran her hands up over her knees and around her thighs to her pussy, rubbing with her fingers up and down her slit a few times. It surely felt good, she thought, surprised to find she was slightly aroused. Continuing, she ran her fingers around her hips and between the cheeks of her bottom. As she did this, she happened to glance over at Maggie. Maggie was just standing there with the water pouring over her shoulders, watching Katie's every move. She seemed to be squirming a little. At the time, Katie thought the temperature of Maggie's shower was too cold and that explained her squirming as she adjusted the hot water at just that moment. Now, Katie had other ideas about why Maggie was squirming.

As Katie applied the gel to her breasts, running her fingers around them, cupping them, squeezing them and finally pulling on her nipples, she again noticed Maggie surreptitiously observing her while Maggie applied soap to her own breasts and pussy. Maggie seemed to be paying more attention to what Katie was doing than to what she was doing.

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