tagNovels and NovellasVoyages of the St. Veronica Ch. 05

Voyages of the St. Veronica Ch. 05


Our tale continues.

Walking to my cabin, and further delights with my Bitch, I noticed Jorge's door ajar and peeked within. My eyes widened in surprise: the beautiful captive had overpowered my First officer, binding him in the hanging chains and gagging him as well! She was swinging on his back with a short whip, and appeared to be enjoying it: her nipples were hard and her nether lips swollen.

She stopped for a moment, reaching around his hips to stroke his rampant cock. At once he responded, moving his hips in time with her motions. The sleek beauty allowed it only a moment, then her hand slid down to squeeze his balls, earning her his screams.

Moving back to whipping distance, she stroked his muscular ass, making it dance and jiggle in answer. His moan was pitiful and I truly considered rescuing him, but chose to hold back as a lesson. She proved her versatility, switching the whip to her other hand to ease the beating of his other side. Again, after perhaps ten minutes, she rubbed against him to tease, stimulated him, then once again squeezed his jewels. He screamed louder this time.

Stepping around his front side, she stood on a small stool and rubbed her tits against his face, using her fingers to transfer her sweat and pussy juices to his moustache. When she finished, the juice was running down to his lips, and he was again moaning with excitement. The cruel wench laughed with delight, stepped off the stool, and stropped the whip on his hard cock while staring into his eyes. Her fingers ventured to her love button, and she watched the tears of frustration fall from his eyes while she flagrantly frigged herself before him.

He watched (as did I) while the strumpet slowly stroked her clit, moving her rubbing fingers up and down her steaming slit. Her lips were swollen and puffy, purple with the blood which engorged them. She dropped the whip, and used both hands to bring herself to a tremendous climax. Collapsing against Jorge, she reached up and released him from his chains.

"Enough playing now, handsome man! Throw me upon the bed and take me roughly, fuck my cunt, my ass, my mouth, as you will. I am yours!"

Jorge had pulled the gag from his mouth, and his long tongue licked the juices from his upper lip. "I did not tell you that you could whip me, cunt, only to tease and excite me!"

She looked at him from under half lowered eyelids. "And is not the First Officer teased and excited?"

He shook his head quickly, as though to clear a foggy brain. "You are a temptress and siren! I will teach you the proper behaviors of a sex servant!"

Picking up the whip from the floor, he pushed her down upon the bed, and began to wildly whip her. She did not try to avoid the blows, but only protected her face.

At this point, my blue eyes blazed with anger. I will not abide abuse! Rising to enter the room and stop him, I watched as he suddenly controlled himself. He knelt on the bunk, raising and spreading her knees until they bracketed her chocolate breasts. Again he stared into her eyes, this time in control. She whispered, "YES!", and he pushed home between the wet lips. Keeping eyes locked, their hands roamed each other's bodies, teasing and caressing.

With that, the two lovers fell into nature's oldest dance, the beast with two backs. Their overwhelming excitement did not allow either to last, and they soon peaked at lungs' full volume, crashing to sleep in mid-embrace... mid-kiss.

I walked into the room on cat's feet, slipping to bunkside. Gently, gradually, her hands were slipped within the shackles there and locked in.

Walking again to my door, I anticipated the embraces of my Sweet Bitch.

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