tagNovels and NovellasVoyages of the St. Veronica Ch. 06

Voyages of the St. Veronica Ch. 06


Gentle Reader:

If you would kindly recall, I had just completed observing the event of the Chocolate Beauty's defiling by my First Officer, Jorge. While at first he had allowed himself to be trapped by the dusky female, he had later conquered her and controlled his rage, pleasing me.

Now moving towards my cabin once again, I vowed nothing would keep me from Fair Bitch, my goal. Although hearing my name called by another female voice, I did not let my path waver and soon quietly entered my cabin. The lamp had run out of fuel and thus the cabin dark. I lit a wall lamp near the door, and saw the reflections of the light in my lovely lady's eyes. Twin green flickers in the darkness led me to her side. My hands quickly freed her from the shackles, and soothed her wrists with a cooling balm.


"My Captain and Master has returned," she said in French. "I have heard your declaration to the crew of your abandonment of the gold and slaves; I must indeed be valued highly in your eyes, Sir."

"You have seen enough roughness and coarse treatment, Fair Bitch," I replied. "No more shall be seen while you sail on the 'St. Veronica'. Do you consider the words of your surrender to be yet valid?"

"Aye, my Captain, I do. Valid as a wedding vow taken at the altar. Your gentility and kind ways, even in the taking of the Dutch merchantman, prove to me that you are no Pirate in normal terms. I would on being introduced to you under other circumstances imagine you an educated gentleman, learned in Languages and History, perhaps, or Medicine." I opened a bottle of fine Italian wine, and brought some fine pewter goblets to pour it in. Some fresh bread and wine would revive my tired soul, and relax my Slave Companion. We shared it quietly for a few moments, enjoying the rich flavor of the white wine and the texture of the bread.

"Indeed your perceptions are correct, poppet. I have indeed studied, not just in Portugal, but also in Paris, London, and Rome. In Rome I learned religious ways, history, Latin, and Greek. In Paris, the way of the sword, medicine, and French. In London, gunnery, seamanship, navigation, Dutch, German, and English. But it was in Portugal, my birthplace, that I learned my most valuable lessons, Fair Bitch. There I learned deception, fraud, theft, and evil. There I faced those I should trust most and watched them destroy my innocence. There I met the end of blood family, and the beginning of Pirate family, by the Code!

"The Portuguese authorities hanged my parents because they were poor. They took me to the house of our local priest, and he beat me for lessons learned, whether well- or poorly-so. He gave me no clothing and little food; I was to beg and steal in the streets to meet my needs, as the Simony was rarely enough to meet his. And he took perverted pleasures on my body.

"Yes, my dear, I am an educated man. I killed the priest and took his gold. I tanned my skin darker, took his robes, shaved a tonsure atop my head, and begged passage to Rome. Study there and living expenses were free, and high grades got me into schools in Paris and London. Believed to be a wealthy priest, all doors were open to me.

"After five years of study, I had the knowledge I wished and yet more gold than with which I had started. Allowing my hair to grow and buying fine clothes, I managed to work out a way to steal this fine craft from her very building docks and crewed her with honest men upon whom the law had looked with scorn. All swore allegiance to me and to one another, in the manner of the physician's oath: First, do no harm. While we must steal to live, we do little except to women and wealthy bankers in London and elsewhere.

"Now you have heard my story as well, and we have supped. We should indeed continue your deflowering! My twitching cock has waited long enough to enter your beauty!"

Startled, she looked up from the cushion on the floor on which she sat. "Master? I have surrendered, body and soul. You may have me as you wish! Why do you put the tone in your voice of forcing and rape?"

Looking her in the eye, I said, "Fair Bitch, your surrender has indeed been received in words, yet not in deed. Until I experience such myself, I must consider you unwilling."

She stood a moment, and moved the pillow before where I rested in my chair. Kneeling, she shed the blanket she had adorned herself with to shield from the damp, bowed her head, and spoke almost too softly to hear, "What must I do to prove my surrender, Master and Captain?"

My tenting pantaloons must have guided her; she gently spread my legs after lowering my loose garment. Undoing my clout beneath, she moved her still-red lips to my stiff manhood and began to work. "Wait!" I stopped her. "You said you were a convent girl, and inexperienced in the ways of the flesh. How do you know the method of what you do?"

"The Sisters who taught us were not chaste, neither were the slaves on my father's plantation... now was he, for that matter. At school, we chanced to see, as we did among the slaves. I was forced to watch by my father, however. He thought the skill to be a needed one by a future wife. Frequently he had me demonstrate on Sugar Cane or bananas so he was certain I knew; he then bragged of my education to likely suitors."

"I like this excuse for a man less and less as days progress and your story is told, Fair Bitch. Who did the demonstrating on your father?"

"Any female slave unlucky enough to be pretty," she answered. "And if she was married, her husband was forced to watch. Father had him tied to a post in the room, and stripped him off so he could laugh at the man's erection at watching his wife's humiliation. He said that proved the slaves were animals and did not deserve humane treatment. Sometimes if the woman did not please him well, he would have the woman whipped before her man, then forced to service him again with her husband's cock forced deep within her bowels and a candle in her cunt. The flames would sear his balls and ass as he cornholed his wife, and father would have his release over the pain they suffered."

"And yet he calls himself a man," I said. "How say you of your father?"

"I call him less than a slave; an animal or lower!" she responded, her tone heated and full of anger. "Should he come for me on the Barque we are to meet, I ask you to shoot on sight. If he would send the ransom rather, hang his representative (for he acts the pimp for him also) and sell the ship for profit. I'll NOT be returning to his plantation while he lives!"

The flame fair flashed from her twin emerald eyes, and, though full of tears, I saw them to be anger and not fear or sadness. The flush of blood due to her emotion turned her pink from noggin to nipple, and her breathing increased with the feelings. I bent to her face, and gently stroked her cheek while lowering my voice to nearly a whisper.

"Lady Marie," I shocked her with the use of her name, "never had I any intention of returning you under whatever circumstances. You are a fine beauty and wise beyond your years, though damaged by your father. Should the situation arise, you may pull the trigger or trip the noose if you wish. I'll not allow you to return to that island of disgrace and perversity unless we do it together and under arms to exterminate the vermin which control it.

"Now, does the memory of those wicked acts detract from the act you are about to do?"

"Master, it only increases my desire, and I am shamed by my body flowing with excitement at the telling," she answered.

"We will together choose a new name, one of your liking and mine, my Beauty. Until then, test the training you have received upon my anxious loins!" Immediately she bent forward to her task, extending her tongue to start languid licks running the length of my throbbing member. Feeling the response, she continued, twining her taster around the circumference of my tool. Continued licking seemed to make it grow yet more, and she shaped her mouth to an "O" while beginning to bob her head.

My hands flowed through her red hair, steering and guiding her head to where I wished it. Soon she began to move my cock into her throat, and I could feel the lovely tightness as well as the ongoing licking. She had learned to take short breaths between throat penetrations, and suffered no shortness of breath or discomfort that I could see. Her actions pleasured me greatly, making my heart pound, and my breath come in short pants as well. I felt myself finally about to bathe her tonsils in my seed, when she pulled up and left only the head in her mouth. My shooting flowed long and heavy, for such it always was when delayed as this. I saw her spill none, and lick her lips clean before cleaning my manhood and returning it to my clothing. Reaching for her wine, she drank deeply.

"Did my Master enjoy taking my oral virginity?" she inquired, saucily.

While the satisfaction on my face must have already informed her of my upcoming response, I did respond in a way I knew she would enjoy. Lifting her to my lap, I kissed her deeply, massaging her back and buttocks with both hands. She rested her head upon my shoulder, and cuddled closely as would a kitten. Feeling her chilled skin, I pulled the abandoned blanket close about her, while leaving her open to my caresses.

"Have you wish to climax, Fair One?" I asked her. "Your attentions and skills have pleased me greatly."

"If Master wishes," she answered. Master did so wish, and she soon shook the windows in their frames with her cries of pleasure. And again, and yet again.

We fell asleep so, she from sexual satiation, I from the pleasures of a truly profitable day.

(Next: the Barque returns)

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