tagIncest/TabooVoyeured Daughter

Voyeured Daughter

byD. Elbee©

This is a work of fiction by D. Elbee.

She stepped from the elevated bath, first her feet, perfectly formed, slender, toes painted a soft pink, unblemished. Her ankles also slender and supporting her legs that were taut, beautifully shaped, but just muscular enough. Her thighs were rounded and again just muscular enough, no bouncing flab. Then, her sex, her pink slit barely visible between her legs and topped with a small straight line of dark brown hair that seemed to point downward to her prize. Her stomach was rounded but not fat, and her navel was prominent below her ribs. Her breasts, ah, yes, her breasts, smallish in size but beautifully round with nipples that seemed to emerge from an areola that rose like a beautiful cherry from the breast. They were so lavishly desirable, so wanton. Her dark brown hair surrounded her face and cascaded across her shoulders but in the back draped downward below her shoulders and sparkled in dark beauty. Her face like a cherub dotted with the droplets of water that remained from her bath. Her body glistened as she toweled the water from her soft skin then moved from view.

Dan rewound the tape and watched again, and again, and again. He would pause the color visual at certain points to dwell on her sex, on her legs, on her breasts. His cock was hard, so very hard from watching. He slid his slacks and jockey shorts below his knees as his hand wrapped around his needy erection. It felt like a steel rod, so hard, so wanting to be inside the sex he watched, the sex he desired. As he stroked up, then down, slowly, then faster, he imagined he was inside her, lying atop her, stroking inside her soft wet sex. "Oh, Ellen, Ellen", he groaned, "Daddy wants you, now!" His cock erupted spewing his semen against the screen of the television then dribbling across his hand. His eyes closed reveling in the glow of his orgasm and the dream of fucking his daughter.

He had placed the camera in the bathroom a few days ago and had watched his tapes since, but this had been the first time the placement had been perfect. The first time he had gained the best view of her body. He rewound it again and placed it in the black plastic box then tucked it into his desk drawer. He cleaned the evidence of his cum from the room and went to bed. Only a few feet away Ellen slept soundly not knowing of his voyeurism of her or of his want for her body. He would add another camera, this time in her bedroom. Yes, he would work on that tomorrow while she was out.

Ellen had come to live with him after her mother, his ex-wife, died. She was nearly 19 and would be attending college in the next term. She and Dan maintained a wonderful parent-child relationship after the divorce and he was always part of her life. He had dated, but none serious, mostly sex dates, a good dinner, a good fuck then send them home.

Ellen left with her friend Tracy for a Saturday shopping trip leaving Dan alone to place his second camera. He had bought this from one of those spy shops, a tiny camera that could be easily hidden and send the image directly to his computer. He tucked it neatly into an air vent then checked the placement. Perfect. He had a clear view of her room and in particular the area where she would dress.

The two girls returned in mid-afternoon carrying bags of bounty from the various shops. They laughed, acknowledged Dan, and then made their way to her room. "Dad, we're going to try on some of the things we bought. Be out soon." It was perfect, just perfect.

He moved to his study and flicked on his computer. The monitor glowed then filled with a picture of Ellen's room as he watched. The girls began removing garments from the bags, blouses, shorts, bikinis. Dan's cock began to grow at just the thought of seeing them change into the bikinis. He was soon rewarded as Ellen removed her t-shirt leaving him looking at her small white bra that was soon unhooked and cast aside. There were those pert breasts with the puffy nipples that he desired to taste. She reached inside the band of her shorts and whisked them down her legs sliding down the pink panties at the same time. He finally noticed that Tracy was sitting on the bed watching as Ellen stripped and then dressed in the red bikini. He was surprised as Tracy licked her lips when Ellen was naked but dismissed it.

Ellen twirled around looking at herself in the mirror from all angles. She patted her ass as if showing approval of her own body and moved closer to Tracy as her friend reached out to rub the red covered ass. Ellen stepped back and said something then Tracy rose and began to undress. Her body was a little heavier than Ellen but very lovely. Her breasts were small as well with very small pink nipples and seemed to set atop the round globes. Her waist was small and she too had a small line of brown hair pointing downward to her sex. She stepped into the blue bikini she had withdrawn from one bag and began to twirl, the same as Ellen had done, and reviewed herself in the mirror.

Dan's cock was now fully erect, pressing against his shorts in painful need of release. He made sure the door was closed then slid his shorts down and held his hard cock in his hand. The two girls were laughing and moving about the room apparently dancing in their scant apparel. Tracy reached for Ellen and pulled her close, pressing both sets of beautiful breasts together, and then kissed her. Ellen pulled away as if admonishing her friend for daring such an act.

Dan's cock was even harder, having seen his daughter approached in a lesbian embrace. Tracy rose and began removing the bikini, redressing in her t-shirt and shorts. He noticed that she had not bothered with the bra this time and her nipples were pressing against the white fabric as if needing to escape. He watched as she tucked her belongings into the shopping bags, turned again to Ellen and placed her hand against her cheek. She gathered her bags and left the room. Dan heard her pass by then the front door opening and closing.

He concentrated again on Ellen's room. She lay stretched on her bed, still in the bikini. She reached inside the tiny top and began rubbing her breasts and kneading the taut nipple then sat up, removed the top then untied the bands of the panty and pulled it away. Her naked body adorned the bed as she began stroking her flesh with her hands. Soon she was busily fingering and pressing into her sex until she reached an orgasm, her body rising from the bed in spasms, her legs flailing about as she brought about her need.

Dan had cum before she reached her climax, but the very sight, the very thought of her hands inside her sex began to regenerate him and he stroked his cock again. His second release was much less but still created a mess to be cleaned. He turned off the monitor but not before he made sure all visions of Ellen was being recorded.

They went out to dinner and watched television. No mention was made of Tracy by either and Dan kept his knowledge to himself. Monday came and so did his requirement to report for work. He left before Ellen had awakened. Ellen decided to make herself useful and clean the house, wash clothes, and be very domestic. She began in Dan's study knowing it would be dusty and in serious need of attention.

She dusted the furniture, vacuumed the carpet, and put away books and old papers. The small green light on the computer monitor blinked indicating it was on. She turned on the machine and began searching. It wasn't long before she found a file marked "Private". Once opening the file she sat back and screamed. There were the videos of her, bathing, dressing, being kissed by Tracy, masturbating. She felt violated by her own father but couldn't leave the sight before her as she became enamored by the captured images of her masturbating, having self sex right there on the screen. She noticed droplets on the monitor and on the carpet beneath the desk. It wasn't hard to realize what it was. Her father was masturbating while watching; he was having self sex with her images. She watched every video he had recorded then went to seek out the cameras. She left them, untouched, so her father could continue to watch. She became aroused at the thought and masturbated in her room in plain sight of the camera. "This is for you Dad", she thought to herself as she exploded in climax.

Over the next few days Dan was stricken by the openness Ellen was showing in the bath and her room. She was not hiding her body and was masturbating more often and in a way that let him see more of her sex. Her pink vagina opened to his eyes on the video as her fingers dipped inside and her hand rubbed her clit. He masturbated, nightly, perhaps more than once. He didn't notice the door open as he stroked his cock while watching the latest recording. He was getting near his release, moaning, "My Ellen. My baby. I love you. I'm cumming in you honey." His eyes were closed and his hand was clenched around his cock, stroking it moving ever closer to his orgasm.

Ellen reached out to touch her father's hand and his hard cock. Dan jerked around at the touch only to see Ellen standing beside him, naked, staring into his eyes. "Let me do that Dad." Dan was at the point of no return and he needed to cum. He moved his hand away and Ellen continued to stroke his erection. He stared at the beautiful breasts only inches away from his mouth but she leaned down, kissing him, pressing her tongue into his mouth, announcing her passion and her need for him.

He came, shooting his semen into the air, onto his legs, and on her hand. She held his cock as it began to soften but leaned father down licking his semen from her hand, then from his cockhead, taking his softness into her mouth and into her throat. He placed a hand on her breast and felt the hard round nipple against his palm, the other hand around her feeling the taut softness of her ass. He slid that hand until he was between her legs and could feel the wetness of her sex. He slid a finger easily inside and stroked her opening placing his thumb against her clit.

She stood in such a manner that he had to remove his hand from her sex. She took both his hands in hers. "Let's go somewhere else. OK?" Dan rose, stepping from his shorts as he moved toward the door. "Are you sure about this? I mean, I want you so very much, I love you so very much but you must be sure."

She led him down the hall toward his room. "I'm sure."

That night Dan entered her after tasting her sex and bringing her to more than one orgasm on his tongue. He lay atop her, sinking his need deeply inside her and spraying her inside with his semen. He took her a second time with her atop him so he could watch her and admire and feel her beautiful breasts. They slept. They slept a peaceful and tired sleep as lovers awakening to the feel of a naked body waiting for a touch. She took him in her mouth and brought him to full erection before once again straddling his body and riding him to climax. They showered together, returned to the bed, and he took her from behind, holding her taut beautiful ass as he plunged into orgasm.

She had her head on his shoulder, cuddled close against him, her naked softness pressed into him. "What do we do now?" Dan pondered her question. "Well, I don't think I can get up right now if that's what you mean." "No, Dad. I mean what do we do about us? Do I go back to my room and be your daughter or do I stay here and be your lover?"

Dan hadn't really thought that far. He hadn't gotten beyond the wonderful sex he had enjoyed with her. "What do you want?"

"That's not fair! I need to know what you want. I need to know how you want me in your life." She placed her hand against his cheek turning his face toward her. "Lover or daughter?"

"Yes" he answered.


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