tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVoyeurism by Accident

Voyeurism by Accident


Tommy rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom to take his morning piss and put cold water on his eyes. He was still feeling the effects of drinking too much the night before but he was glad that he was not really hung over. He went back to his bedroom to put on workout shorts and a tee shirt. Checking the time he saw it was 10:00 AM and he had plenty of time before he had to get to work at the restaurant. As he started downstairs he spotted his younger sister Erin sitting on the family room floor playing a video game.

Erin was a pretty 18 year old with a cute figure. He loved looking at her and that morning her lovely legs were on display. She was wearing very short athletic shorts which were pressed against her vulva. Her legs were shapely with flawless soft skin and she had cute little breasts. That morning her nipples were poking through the top of her tee shirt. As he stared at her he wondered how could she be so pretty and desirable and be a lesbian.

He was just about to stop staring at her when a girlfriend of hers appeared in the family room. Instead he remained at the top of the landing and watched the two girls. The other girl named Robin was a year older than Erin and they had been friends for over a year. Robin was a little taller than Erin and she also had a nice slender figure. Tommy watched as Robin sat on the floor next to Erin and he listened to the brief conversation.

"I rang the bell but when you didn't answer I just let myself in. I knew you were home."

"Okay but don't mess me up. I am almost at the highest level in this game. I never got to this level before."

Tommy watched as Robin sat close to Erin so that their bare thighs were touching. Both girls were dressed similar wearing shorts, tees and knee high striped socks. Robin watched the TV screen as Erin played the game but she soon became impatient. Unbeknown to Tommy, Robin had come over for some loving. He watched as Robin dropped her hand to Erin's thigh and began to caress it. He was really interested now and he hoped that he would see some action.

Robin continued to stroke Erin's thigh getting closer and closer to her pubes. Erin didn't move away but she remained focused on the video game. Robin ran her hand over Erin's vulva and Tommy felt his cock twitch in his shorts. He ogled the two girls hoping that Robin would take things further and she did not disappoint him. Robin moved her hand higher and then she slipped it under the waistband of Erin's shorts. Erin never lost her concentration as she was determined to attain the highest level of the game.

Tommy could see Robin's hand moving inside Erin's shorts and he knew she was rubbing his sister's pussy. He had never seen two girls get it on before and he secretly prayed that they would. He also gasped aloud when Robin removed Erin's shorts and panties. He couldn't believe that Erin kept playing the game as Robin removed the clothes. Robin next ran her hand over Erin's pussy and Erin spread her legs wider to give her girlfriend access.

How can she keep playing that stupid game? Tommy thought to himself as he rubbed his cock through his shorts. Robin began to finger Erin's pussy with one finger and then she added a second. It was the first time Tommy had ever seen his sister's bare pussy and it was beautiful. If he was into incest he would go after it himself. Robin added a third finger and then a fourth as she rubbed Erin's clit and penetrated her womb. Erin's facial expressions told the story as she struggled with the stimulation and tried to focus on the video game.

"Oh Robin, please I'm so close."

"So close to what, are you going to cum?"

"I'm so close to winning this game, please!"

Tommy watched as Robin removed her fingers from his sister's pussy and licked them dry. He wished it had been his hand and that he would have got to taste her. Robin then removed her tee shirt and her pert tits stood out proudly. Geez, what great tits, Tommy whispered to himself. They were indeed lovely breasts, firm medium size with stiff nipples.

"Scoot up a little," Robin told Erin.

His sister moved away from the sofa and Robin moved in behind her. Robin lifted Erin's tee shirt up over breasts exposing them and then she fondled them lovingly. Tommy had never seen his sister's cute titties before and he loved looking at them. Robin continued the fondling the breasts as Erin continued on with the video game. Tommy wondered again; how could his sister concentrate on the video game while getting seduced. Robin slipped one hand back between Erin's legs and resumed finger fucking her pussy.

Erin's face was contorted as she struggled balancing the seduction and her desire to win the video game. Tommy saw Robin put four fingers in his sister's pussy and pick up the pace. As Robin tits pressed into Erin's back as she caressed Erin's breast and finger fucked her. Tommy could hardly stand it any longer so he dropped his shorts and freed his erection. He stroked in slowly as he watched the two lovely lesbians in action.

"Almost there, I'm almost there," Erin cried out.

Tommy heard the bells and music go off on the TV as Erin conquered the video game. As the music played Erin's eyes rolled and she screamed out as she achieved a massive orgasm. Her body shook and her legs trembled as her juices flowed and coated Robin's fingers. Adding to Erin's orgasmic high was the fact that she had simultaneously achieved the highest level in the video game. Erin leaned back into Robin who caressed Erin's breasts as she came back to earth.

He was still jerking off slowly watching the two girls and he wondered if he would see anything else. As it turned out it would sometime before Tommy left his vantage point. Robin lifted the tee shirt all the way off of Erin's body and only the striped socks remained on her lovely petite body. Robin turned Erin toward her and they kissed deeply with their breasts pressing together. It was another first for Tommy as he had never seen two girls kiss passionately before. Erin's hands were now on Robin's naked breasts. She fondled them and tweaked the erect nipples as Robin did the same to her.

Erin dropped her mouth to Robin's breasts and spent several minutes kissing and sucking them. Next she reached for Robin's shorts and pulled them along with the panties down and off her legs. Now both girls were naked except for the striped socks, pink stripes for Erin and blue for Robin. To Tommy they looked incredibly sex wearing on the knee high socks. Erin parted Robin's legs and crawled between them. She lowered her mouth between Robin's legs and kissed the inner thighs. Robin caressed Erin's head and ran her fingers through the curly hair.

Tommy watched in amazement as his sister made love to another girl. Erin eventually worked her way to Robin's pussy and began eating her girlfriend. Robin had her head back and her eyes closed as Erin licked and sucked her clit. Tommy picked up the pace stroking his cock and he knew that he would shoot at any minute. He watched intently as Erin inserted her fingers in Robin's pussy and continued to eat the lovely lesbian. Erin quickly found Robin's g-spot and it didn't take long after that before Robin climaxed. Her body lifted off the floor and she held Erin's head tightly to her vulva as she screamed in ecstasy.

"Oh, I'm cumming, yes, yes."

Erin stayed fastened to Robin's pussy obviously drinking in every drop of love juice. Robin reached down for her lover and pulled her up to kiss her. Tommy watched intently as Robin tasted herself on Erin's lips. His release snuck up on his and he ejaculated shooting several streams onto the hardwood floor. He stroked his cock milking it dry but he still stayed hard. He watched as Robin moved Erin into another position/

Erin was on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest. Robin held onto the back of Erin's legs as she lowered her mouth to Erin's pussy. Robin went to town licking the sweet cunt and plunging her tongue into it. Erin's legs were then hooked by Robin's arms as she reached around for Erin's tits. Tommy watched as the girls went at it and not tenderly this time. It was raw sex and he saw all sorts of contortions in his sister's face. Robin was not going to let up until Erin came again and cum Erin did. Her body twisted and turned and she cried out in passion.

"Like that?" Robin asked.

"Unbelievable, I loved it".

"Your turn again," Robin stated.

Erin moved toward Robin out of desire to pleasure her yet again. Erin moved her head down and repeated what she had done so often. The tip of her tongue parted Robin's pussy and Erin felt her lover respond and shudder. Robin's hips rocked and she pushed her pelvis against the tip of Erin's tongue. She kept her legs wide and out of the way as she opened herself to Erin's hot searching tongue. With her feet planted on either side of Erin, Robin clenched her hands as she pushed her hips up to meet Erin's face. Robin was hot and her body squirmed as her hips gyrated in an attempt to match Erin's dexterous tongue.

Erin parted and separated Robin's puffy, glistening labia and then licked Robin slowly along her pussy down to her ass and back again. Erin circled her tongue teasing Robin and then licked over her perineum. Robin's pussy lips were soft beneath Erin's tongue and then Erin opened up Robin's hood using the tip of her tongue and delicately teased the stiffening, hardening clit out as it poked out from beneath its hood. Erin's tongue made long sweeps all the way from Robin's ass, over the flesh and back to the soft wet mushy opening of her pussy to the tingling throbbing clit.

Erin quickened the motion of her tongue and played Robin's sex like an instrument. Erin moved her hands around to Robin's firm ass cheeks and placed a moist finger against the puckered nether hole. Erin smiled as she gently increased the pressure of her finger on Robin's anus and it yielded as it accepted the tip of Erin's finger and gripped it tightly. Erin then fingered Robin's asshole as her tongue continued its circular motion and lapped at the engorged clit. Robin's body writhed under Erin's three pronged attack.

"Oh god, take me, take me!" Robin cried, as the penetration of the fingers combined with her clit lapped, licked, sucked and sent her over the edge.

Erin didn't let up as she pressed her fingers deeper into Robin's pussy and asshole. Erin mouth sucked relentlessly on Robin's clit as Robin's body spasmed and contracted around the probing fingers. Robin's gasps turned to screams as her body exploded in a thunderous climax. Erin continued her assault on Robin's body until she felt her lover's body tense yet again as a second orgasm swept through Robin's body.

"Oh my God, oh fuck, you did miss this didn't you?" Robin gasped as she stroked Erin silky hair and added in a sexy voice, "I certainly missed it."

Erin slowed her ministrations as she let Robin recover from the peak of her climax. Erin felt Robin's body relax as it moved to a post orgasmic state. The fingers slipped from Robin's holes causing her to shudder and gasp as they were replaced with the cool air. Erin stood up and the two beautiful naked lovers embraced and kissed deeply. They made quite a picture as the blonde and brunette locked in an embrace.

"I have a surprise for you but," Robin said with a smile and patted her lover on her shapely bottom.

Tommy was still stroking his cock as it had never gone soft. He never expected to be so turned on being a voyeur but then again the two girls were something else. Robin stood up and went to her tote bag. She produced a dildo that made Erin's eyes grow to the size of saucers. She watched as Robin put on a leather harness around her waist with a triangle of leather that covered her pussy. Erin gasped when Robin attached it to the harness and the imposing dildo bobbed before her. It was flesh colored and very life like with veins, ridges and even a pair of balls. It was easily 12 inches long and so thick that Erin doubted she could get her fingers around it.

"This is my surprise, like it?" Robin asked with a smirk.

"It's huge, my God!"

Robin smiled and knelt again between Erin's legs. When she lifted her lover's legs to her shoulders Erin suddenly seemed to realize what the Robin was about to do.

"No! Wait, it's too big," Erin's words were cut off as Robin grasped the big cock and rubbed the head up and down Erin's soaking slit.

Once the head was coated in Erin's juices Robin positioned it at Erin's entrance. Robin held it with both hands to keep it stiff and on target as the heavy latex would bend rather than penetrate otherwise. Erin groaned when she felt the head nestle at her opening. She had never counted on this and part of her mind wanted to say stop, but her pussy wanted something in it in a way Erin had never felt. The urgent demands of her body overruled her mind and she clenched her fists tightly in anticipation of it hurting.

"Relax," Robin cooed.

Tommy was in awe of what he was about to witness. He had never seen anything like it. The fake cock looked so damn real that it looked like it belonged to Robin. He picked up the pace stroking his cock as he was sure that he would cum again watching the two girls.

Erin nodded her head and took a deep breath as Robin pressed forward slowly with her hips and Erin felt the head slip into her. It was very wide and Robin slowed her forward progress. Erin felt the muscles at the entrance to her pussy clench and fight to keep the intruder out. Robin however kept up the slow steady pressure and Erin felt her muscles begin to give way as the head of the massive phallus entered. It stretched her open in a way she could never have imagined. For a fleeting moment Erin wondered if she would be injured, but the thought was driven from her mind as the head slipped past the wall of constricting muscle and her inner lips closed upon the thick shaft.

Erin felt full to the point of her pussy splitting open but it also tingled, itched and created an intense desire within her body. Robin proved to be a very thoughtful lover as she let Erin adjust to the big cock before she slowly pressed forward again. The blunt head of the dildo slid deeper into Erin and forced her inner channel to expand. Erin gasped and Robin instantly stopped. Erin felt positively stuffed and when she opened her eyes to gaze down her body, she was shocked to see that barely two inches of the fake cock had entered her. Robin began to slowly rock her hips but she was careful not to thrust forward as yet. Robin moved in an even motion that withdrew a few inches of the big cock and then pushed it back in. Erin's body jerked as if she was intermittently touched with electricity.

With infinite patience and care Robin worked the big dildo into Erin's quivering pussy. Robin's eyes were glued to Erin's cunt as she watched the pink lips settle around the fake shaft and see the sticky wetness coating the shaft when she withdrew. Erin felt her inner muscles give way as the huge phallus finally came to rest with only an inch still outside Erin's pink lips. Erin was totally lost in ecstasy as she could felt the huge cock head resting in a place where nothing had ever touched before. Her inner muscles involuntarily spasmed around the big dildo and Erin thoroughly believed she could feel each and every vein or ridge in her pussy. It was the largest dildo Erin had ever had in her pussy.

Robin slowly withdrew her cock and then stabbed it back in. She went slowly and gently at first allowing Erin to get used to it and then she really went to town on her. Erin's hips began to thrust back to meet Robin's. With that reaction Robin wrapped her arms around Erin's thighs and held her tight as she lengthened the strokes and picked up the tempo. Robin pounded Erin's sweet pussy with long powerful strokes.

"Oh yeah fuck me Robin. Fuck me with your big dick. Fuck me hard," Erin cried out.

The huge dildo stretched and filled her as never before. Each stroke produced tiny sounds in her throat that escaped as whimpers and little cries of passion mixed in with her ragged breathing. Robin was still fucking her slowly, but it was unlike anything she had ever done before. Robin's hips rolled upwards with each thrust driving the dildo deeply into Erin as it made constant contact with her clit. Pleasure ripped through Erin's body as she tossed her head from side to side and gripped the bed sheet when her orgasm rocked her body. Robin never slowed down but actually picked up the pace and drove in with more and more force until Erin collapsed in orgasmic bliss. The first orgasm was still rippling though her consciousness when a second even more shattering peak arrived. Erin cried out and her back arched until only her shoulder blades were touching the floor.

Without warning Erin's pussy spasmed and her inner muscles clenched the heavy thick shaft as this orgasm was beyond the scope of any orgasm that she had ever had. Robin withdrew the huge cock with an obscene popping sound and then crawled up next to Erin and lay down on her side with her head propped up on her hand. She smiled down at Erin and playfully kissed her.

"God, you're a great fuck Robin," Erin said in a weak voice as she raised her head and looked down on her new lover's face and then with a slight tremor she added, "That was incredible, absolutely incredible."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Enjoyed it, I didn't want it to end."

"It doesn't have to end," Robin said as she reached down grasped the thick dildo and slapped it against Erin's creamy thigh, "We can go all day, if you like."

Erin giggled and said, "You could kill someone with that thing,"

"Would you like to be orgasmed to death?" Robin asked.

"Maybe later but right now I need to rest," giggled Erin.

Tommy watched as the two lovers lay next to each other and stroked each other's body. Erin had just cum like never before but she was not quite ready for another round. Erin cuddled up in Robin's arms. Robin looked down on her and smiled at her lover. Robin eased herself out of Erin's arms and stood up quietly with the big dildo dangling between her legs. Robin reached down and playfully stroked the large rubber cock. She unsnapped it and licked it clean of Erin's juices. Robin removed the harness and showed Erin how to put it on. Erin was exhausted and remained on her back as Robin attached the dildo to the harness.

Robin then straddled Erin and lowered her pussy onto the thick rubber cock. Erin remained motionless as Robin fucked herself on the dildo. Erin did reach up and fondled Robin's breasts as they made love again. All this was too much for Tommy who ejaculated a second time shooting an equally big load on the floor. He squeezed his cock dry and returned to his room giving the girls more time before he made his presences known.

Robin orgasmed again and collapsed on top of Erin who caressed her lover's body. It was minutes before the two girls separated and lay next to each other on the family room floor. They were resting side by side when they heard noises upstairs. Robin looked at Erin questionably.

"Oh shit, my brother must be home. I thought he was gone."

The two girls could hardly keep from giggling as they gathered up their clothes and dashed into the kitchen. Erin was laughing as she ran with the dildo bobbing in front of her. She removed the dildo and harness and Robin rinsed it off and stowed it in her tote bag. The two girls got dressed and Erin got them something to drink. They were both seated at the kitchen table when Tommy came down stairs. He entered the kitchen and greeted his sister and lover as if he was seeing them for the first time.

"Tommy, this is my friend Robin."

"Nice to see you Robin," he said giving Robin a knowing glance that she picked up on right away.

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